There are numerous of things to start & maintain a blog. To make your blog even more better you will need certain tools & resources in your blogging career.

To ease your blogging life and lessen your burden we thought to made this resources page on this blog where we will share all the essential resources which we use and you would require for your blog to become popular.

Blogging Resources

This page might be long as  we have listed all the tools  & services form domains & hosting to wordpress themes & plugins, We will update this page on regular basis so all the resources mentioned on this page are the best and top rated.

Many new bloggers asks me about web hosting & blogging tools i am using for this blog and hence i have decided to share some of my exclusive internet marketing tools which have enabled my Blogging life much easier & faster. I will suggest you to use these obliging tools & assets to be successful in blogging & internet marketing.

Domains are most important for youre blog branding and it is better to register your domains with the registrar which is cost effective, reliable and most authentic in the industry. I choose Godaddy & NameCheap for registering domains.

  • Godaddy : This is the right place to buy domains & web hosting as Godaddy is the biggest Domain registrar in the world and provides maximum discount on domains.


  • NameCheap: my another favorite registrar for registering domains, As they also provides high savings discounts on lot of domains and easy registrations.
Web hosting
I love to use Managed WordPress hosting for blogging as it is far more better than shared hosting plans. I am using WordPress hosting from Godaddy, Znetlive and bluehost as honestly these are the best companies and provides the best, fastest web hosting in cost effective pricing.

  • Godaddy WP Hosting : This is fastest Wp hosting with high performance servers. In a running promotion Godaddy is offering managed WordPress hosting in just $1 per month along with free domain name. Hence this is most cost effective WP hosting deal for all king of bloggers


  • Znetlive: Another favorite & cost effective WP hosting which i am using for my several blogs. ZnetLive WP hosting comes with SSD storage. unlimited bandiwdth & the best rated technical WP Support. They also provide business emails free and lots of resources. It costs just $2.6 per month (including discount coupon) and allows you to host 3 domains with one free .website domain included.
  • Bluehost: This brand is officially recommended by since 2005 for better WordPress hosting experience. Bluehost hosting is little expensive then above both but it has its own quality & performance and that is only the reason they are hosting more than 2 million websites on their server.
SEO Plugins (WordPress)
  • SEOPressor: The #1 WordPress Premium SEO Plugins which saves your thousands of dollars on SEO. SEOPressor is like an SEO Specialist beside you, It automates your all ON page SEO work and will also guide you for LSI keywords inside WordPress dashboard.


  • Easy WP SEO: Another ultimate SEO plugin which comes in budget, the slogan of the plugin says “don’t ever think to run your WordPress site without Easy WP SEO. The plugin focuses on ON PAGE SEO and has numerous of features as compared to other plugins
Content Writing tools
  • EMV tool: Checks the emotional marketing value of Blog title. The higher the score the better the Blog wil perform on Social media.
  • TweakBiz Title Generator: A comprehensive title generator with lots of options. If you are not able to select best SEO Optimized title for your blog, use TweakBiz title generator..
Keyword Research Tools
  • Long Tail Pro: The best long tail keyword research tool which lets you to find thousands of profitable keywords in seconds and how much competition analysis with lots of features.


  • SEMRush: Without proper keyword knowledge, its tough to rank in SERP nowadays. SEMRush is the best keyword research tool wichy helps you to find your competitor keywords in a ease of mouse click also it tells you the CPC of keyword trend with detailed report.
Disclaimer: Every product on this page has been linked to its source, Some of the links are affiliate links so that if you make a purchase through these link, we will get commission. This does not mean that this blog is total affiliate blog as we only recommend Blogging tools which we have personally used and tested and are beneficial for our readers.