Top 5 ways to Generate virtual credit card online for Web Hosting purchase

Are you facing problems in purchase a good web hosting because you are not having credit card?

Many web hosting providers only accept credit card payments and hence it becomes a headache for those who are not having credit cards.

Here are the top 5 methods to generate virtual credit card online instantly for any of global purchases.

This article is exclusively crafted for guiding you the easiest way for generating credit card virtually without owing a physical credit card.

For generating virtual credit card with the given methods below, you don’t need to hold a good credit score nor your credit history affects this process.

Numerous of web hosting providers and SEO products only accept payments via PayPal & credit cards because credit allows easy recurring payments for  renewal and for many Indian bloggers who are not eligible for credit card are frustrated to buy best web hosting in deals & other products.

Generate virtual credit card online for Web Hosting purchase


Here we are with latest sure shot method which enables you to make virtual  credit card or  virtual debit card online with an ease in seconds.

You should have a bank account or a physical  debit card to generate a virtual  credit card for online shopping use.

Virtual credit card are totally safe for online use and it gets expire after one time use, so you can be assured as it will not deduct any amount later. Before we proceed towards the top 5 virtual credit cards lets see some benefits for the same.

Benefits of using Virtual Credit cards online:

  • You are always safe, real credit card or bank account details are never shared with the merchant
  • You may set desired limit of virtual credit card, So merchant can not charge beyond the limit.
  • You may block the card anytime online and generate another with different card number
  • Mostly virtual card is issued by VISA which is accepted globally across all merchants.
  • Merchants can’t renew or charge you next month or next year automatically as your virtual card gets blocked after first purchase.
  • No personal identification is disclosed using virtual credit or virtual debit cards.

How to generate virtual credit card online:

There are numerous of authentic websites and apps which helps you to do so without any worry.

In India there are more than 10 digital wallet apps which provide you instant visa credit card generated virtually by adding money to the app wallet. but there are some companies like EntroPay which works from all parts  of the world.

EntroPay EntroPay
EntroPay is one of the best and oldest website which only deals in generating virtual credit card by VISA. EntroPay is registered VISA partner for instant virtual credit card.

EntroPay Virtual Credit card

EntroPay gives you an easy, safe way to pay online in the form of a Prepaid Virtual Visa Card.  the benefits using Entropay is that it is safe, it is prepaid hence no need for overcharging and it is virtual with instant card deliver on your screen as soon as you generate.

The EntroPay prepaid virtual visa credit card works globally as an credit card but only you knows that it is an victual credit card. To enable the prepaid VCC fro Entropay you need to create an instant account first online on

Then you need load money on EntroPay from your bank account or another debit or credit card which is again totally secure. All major cards are accepted on EntroPay

After  the funds are being added into EntroPay account, you can genre ate virtual visa  card and use it anywhere online or on the phone where ‘VISA’ is accepted.

Spectro Card Spectro Card
Spectro is an UK based company offering prepaid Mastercard which is generated virtually online without any paperwork.

SpectroCard allows you to generate your virtual MasterCard instantly in Less than a minute and use it anywhere globally online where mastercard is accepted.

At first you need to create an account on Spectrocard and then add money to your account for using its virtual prepaid MasterCard.

Funds can be added with cash, bank transfers, debit and credit cards, PaySafeCard, SOFORT, PerfectMoney, OKPay, Payeer and other payment methods.

The best thing is after depositing funds in your Spectrocard account, you can order multiple virtual credit cards without any complicated verification. The virtual MasterCard works everywhere online including Amazon, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc..

EcoPayz EcoPayz
Get peace of mind with one use Ecovirtual Card. The ecoVirtualcard is a one-use payment card that works directly with your ecoAccount so you can securely pay for goods online and over the phone, without displaying your real credit card.

EcoVirtual credit card

You can purchase Eco virtual card instantly without any credit checks and no bank account is required to get your EcoVirtual credit card.

EcoVirtual prepaid card is powered by MasterCard. The card is delivered instantly when you open a free account on Ecopayz.

EcoVirtual card is totally safe as it gets expires after one use so it cannot be lost or stolen. it is accepted worldwide online and over the phone.

Note: There is €1.80 fee for activation on of tour EcoCard.

To use Ecovirtual card, open a new ecoAccount or login to your existing account, Fund the account with any balance you require and start spending with your prepaid virtual credit card immediately.

OkPay offers a lot of payment services including cross border cash transfer, online banking, digital wallets and Payment gateway services for businesses around the globe.

OKPay offers Convenient digital wallet which enables you to manage your finance with your OKPay personal account. ON their Digital wallet, you get OKPay payment card which is not limited to a virtual card but also gives you ability to withdraw cash from ATM’s

It a prepaid credit card which works globally on all websites. OKPay wallet offers a lot of features which includes you can keep multiple currencies within one wallet, You may send money, request money, exchange currencies and automate payments.

You can open as many as e-wallets on OKPay and get numerous virtual credit card for web hosting payments. Every OKpay wallet works independently within one account and has individual bank details for wire transfers so that you can fund a particular wallet by bank easily

FreeCharge Go MasterCard (Only for India) FreeCharge Go MasterCard (Only for India) is very popular mobile wallet & utility bill payment application in India. As an Mobile wallet Freecharge also offers easy virtual credit card powered by Yes Bank.

FreeeCharge Go Mastercard

The Freecharge Go MasterCard is easiest way to generate virtual credit card for all Indian bloggers and webmasters. Just you need to download Freecharge app on your smartphone, create an account with Indian mobile number & email address and you are done.

You may fund your Freecharge account by Credit cards, debit cards and other online payment options.

Download Freecharge Go MasterCard App

freecharge Go MasterCard works globally as a credit card and there is no issuance or transactions fees at all using Freecharge Go MasterCard.

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Wrapping it Up

We have listed the top 5 ways to create virtual credit card for web hosting & SEO tools purchases. A lot of Indian bloggers and students who don’t have credit card can not purchase a good web hosting and hence I thought to write this article for helping you to buy the best web hosting or any product from global online market without owning a credit card.

If you face any issues or need more help, feel free to ask your questions via comment section below and stay tuned with Blgggingerclipse foe more such tutorials.


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