Top 3 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins 2018 – Updated List

Blogging is incomplete without SEO. Days are gone when people just use to publish content and get traffic without any extra efforts

Now every smart kid in the planet is thinking to launch a blog to earn money, hence competition is till extent. Here are the most used updated Premium WordPress SEO plugins for 2018 which really works.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in hiring a SEO expert it is better to get a robotic Premium WordPress SEO plugins which works on autopilot and drives tons of traffic towards your WordPress blog.

Premium WordPress SEO Plugins – Updated

Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

If you are still frustrated in blogging because of low traffic then its the time to change your strategies. Please remember older SEO tricks and strategies doesn’t work at all now. Google wants only natural and high quality content on their first page. No unethical SEO practices gonna work.

Do we really need wordpress plugins fro SEO??

Apart from off page optimization, link building & social media optimization, On page SEO optimization plays very important role in boosting your rankings. Noways It is not possible to rank without better on page SEO.

How does On-Page SEO Works:

Google is smart enough than what we think, You will not able to rank higher on google without proper on page SEO, or if you over optimization it, your site will be penalized.

Pro bloggers & serious internet marketers have strategies & secret researched technique for on page SEO. Hence we need a expert SEO plugin which takes care of all ON page seo including optimization keywords, long tail keywords, meta tags, etc etc..

When you have proper ON page SEO plugin and you are writng great quality content then you do not need any other marketing software as this would be enough to rank best on your keywords.

So taking a step ahead in simplifying search engine optimization for WordPress, the following top 3 plugins are the best to drive traffic without doing anything. It is like an seo expert with you. Most of the pro bloggers and internet marketers including me use one of these seo plugins to supercharge WordPress blog seo.

Let’s see what does premium plugins provide as compared with the free one.

The free plugins which are widely available will always have limited resource and will just provide you limited SEO which is not just enough to rank on first page of google.

1: SEOPressor (My favorite)

I use SEOPressor personally on my two high traffic blogs and I could proudly say that SEOPressor is secret for so much traffic on my blogs. The innovative SEOPressor plugin made by Danial Tan (seo expert) is #1 premium WordPress seo plugins used by thousands pro blogs and companies.
SEOPressor does all On-Page SEO including keyword targetting, density, headings & meta, social graph and LSI keywords.
Its unique system related keyword by our content and add it i n WordPress post, this helps to drive tons of traffic.

SEOPressor uses Use Perfect Keyword Decoration To Entice Google l, the revolutionary seo plugin have hundreds if feature to save your time in doing manually SEO. It complies with all the policy of Google web spam team , hence making it best ethical SEO plugin.

SEOPressor features

Extra Free Features SEOPressor provides

Everything can’t be free in this world, as said the free plugins are for limited usage. To drive traffic on your blog beyond your imagination I will recommend you going with any premium plugins as I have personally seen the difference between free and pain one in my blogging career.

SEOPressor just costs $47 for Lifetime, which you can make in a day with its powerful seo for your WordPress site. The plugin comes with 60 Days No Questions asked money back guarantee.

I and many Save up to 4 Hours everyday, thanks to SEOPressor Connect

2: Easy WP SEO

Another ultimate SEO plugin which comes in budget, the slogan of the plugin says “don’t ever think to run your WordPress site without Easy WP SEO. The plugin focuses on ON PAGE SEO and has numerous of features as compared to other plugins

Easy WP SEO plugin just comes in $17 which is very cheaper rate however it provides a lot of functionality which is worth thousand dollars. The plugin just flat out does a better job helping you optimize your WordPress site’s posts and pages for Google and the other search engines. WAY better! This is developed by  Bryan which is an pro affiliate marketer and SEO, It is available on Warriorforum or you can go this link to buy this Easy WP SEO plugin or check its features.

3: Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

Another new innovative premium WP SEO plugin developed by codecanyon with all latest SEO updated features and great support in a cost effective price. This Premium SEO Pack plugin just costs $39 with tons of features more then any plugin. To be honest i have not personally used this plugin but my friends and other bloggers are happy with it an hopefully I will buy it for my new blog soon.

Premium SEO plugin by Codecanyon includes ON-page optimization, SERP tracking, link builder, seo friendly images, local seo, page speed insights and many many more. As per the reviews of real customers on the plugin official site, users are really impressed with the innovative plugin which will lessen your seo burden till 90%.

Conclusion :

These were the best Premium WordPress SEO plugins for 2018.  I have been using SEOpressor on my most of the blogs and just love it. Other two are also worth giving a try as you will be never regretted investing your little bucks in it as they will surely give you a lot of results.

There are so many other paid seo plugins for wordpress also available but I do not recommend other as i think they are not worth nor they can compete the above mentioned for now. So start using the best Premium WordPress SEO plugin for better on-page SEO strategy.

Are you using any Premium SEO plugin on your Blog? I will be glad to known its results and what are your opinion on this Segment, Do share your views via comments section below and Happy Blogging!

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