Top 5 CPA Affiliate Networks in the world 2018

CPA Affiliate Networks are getting widely popular nowadays. Daily a new CPA network is born with some extra innovative offers to lure publishers.

Maximum bloggers have started to implement Affiliate marketing on their blog over Google adsense and traditional display ads methods. Almost all internet marketers know the potential of Content locking, CPA and affiliate marketing and hence CPA industry is growing in rocket speed.

Here we are with Top 5 CPA Affiliate network list which are best for all world traffic and rated best among all pro bloggers.

There are more than  thousands of legit CPA networks  and every network is having some different unique benefit which can’t be compared in this blog post hence we are only reviewing the Best 5 CPA Affiliate Networks which will enable you to make real money from your Traffic easily

What is CPA Affiliate network?

CPA stands for cost per action which means you will be paid commission or incentives when some product or service gets purchased from your affiliate (Referral) link. There is another term called “CPL” which stands for cost per lead, so when a user fills a form or compete any survey or download some app from you affiliate link you will be paid commission. Let’s see in details .

Affifliate n ateiowks

CPA networks are scattered over the web and some famous networks are  Peerfly, Maxbounty, GlobalWideMedia, admitad, shareASale, etc…  These networks have thousands of offers form al the country and have good payout. As these famous networks are direct contact between advertisers hence you get more pay-out per lead or action.

What is CPA (Cost per action)?

Cost per action simply means, you have to sell some product or service by promoting it on your blog, social media, emails through your affiliate link and when the sale or subscription happens you get paid a commission which is decided by the advertiser for different products.

For Example
I am promoting fiverr services by writing its review on my blog, and when anyone buys any service from Fiverr from my link, I will be paid $14 commissions for the sale happened.

What is CPL (cost per lead)?

Cost per lead is mainly used in content locking. Many smart bloggers share some premium stuff with their readers for free like Game cheats, Premium eBooks, etc. and instead of giving its direct download link to their users the embed their download link in CPL networks, so when a user tries to download he/she have to complete small survey or offer and in this case the author earns money by just providing free download of premium Stuff.

CPL networks have also increased in last 2 years. Daily a new CPL network or you may call it PPD (pay per download) site is born. PPD sites usually provide content locking solution with attractive design landing pages for locking your content and the offers are automatically displayed to the user depending on their country so one can earn hug revenue via PPD methods. I will write another post for guiding you how to earn money from Pay per download sites with in-depth tutorial.

Best 5 CPA Affiliate Networks 2018 Updated List

Top 5 CPA Affiliate Networks in the world

You may register account with these CPA Affiliate Networks as they are most authentic, they are bigger company, they sponsor maximum of affiliate networking events and conferences and pay their publishers on time without any single delay.

Getting approved in some of the companies is hard as they require lots of prods and experience to get you in their network but if you are already working with some affiliate networks now and earning a decent amount then it’s quite easy to get approved.
1: PeerFly

Peerfly ranks the best among all affiliate networks and always comes in top list. With wide range of offers, early pay-out, Friendly affiliate manager support, custom domain names for tracking and lot more is offered by Peerfly.

Peerfly is a CPA + CPL networks which have lots of offers from all the countries. I am personally using it and they have maximum number of offers from every country You can earn from lead based as well as sale based offers.

Peerfly user interface is easy and I like it the most, All the offers, banners, tos, links are well arranged in neat and clean manner. Different offers have different payment terms which is set by the advertiser.

They have top advertisers like Dell, target, Disney, Apple, best buy, etc. Maximum of offers in Peerfly have NET 15 payment methods. You may also get payments in NET7 deepening on your conversations.


The minimum payment amount on Peerfly is $50 and they pay by PayPal, Payoneer, check, Wire and ACH direct deposit. Peerfly is owned by Avlo media Inc. with in house tracking systems, they are having lots of affiliate managers who give personal attentions to affiliates.

2: admitad

admitad is a Cost Per Action based network that delivers all your advertising needs. admitad offers reliable sources of sales and publishers with new business models to ensure monetization of traffic. Established in Germany in 2009 (Launched in 2010), currently it is present globally.

It has its own  innovative in-house platform, premium payments on request starting from $20$, a variety of modern tools and globally known brands!


admitad key features & benefits: 

Web address:

  • Weekly payments, premium payments on request;
  • User-friendly interface and an easy sign-up process
  • The main segments: finance, mobile, e-commerce, travel, online games;
  • Minimum payout is $20.
  • Fast decision-making and centralized organizational structure
  • Forms of payment: PayPal, e-payments and wire transfer.
  • Main technical advantages: antifraud technologies, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, cross-device tracking, in-house platform;
  • Business model: admitad does not take fees and provides its affiliates with regularly renewed statistics and analytics.
  • Territorial coverage: network with global presence, TOP brands and multiple GEOs worldwide.

admitad has worldwide traffic and works with international offers. Currently it supports over 1300 affiliate programs and over 550000 publishers trust the company.

  • Global corporate events for admitad publishers
  • Free and on-time statistical and analytical reports available for all publishers
  • Friendly and multi-language support.


admitad prefers to support you during the entire CPA marketing journey. The network develops every publisher and helps every affiliate to grow within admitad network and increase his or her revenues with us.

It’s time to raise the bar and get the payouts you know you deserve – admitad is always open to help you to gain and grow a successful business!

3: CPALead

CPALEAD is world’s largest incentive CPA network having more than 2000+ offers. They invented content locking first which is now used by all major affiliate Networks. They have highest payout rates in the industry and have invented lot of tools for publishers such as custom landing pages, pre-built Niches to promote, etc..

CPALEAD is used by people all over the world and they have maximum number of users and traffic. They love their publishers by sending them free gifts, goodies and inviting them to grand party every year.

CPELAD is my favorite and I am using it since 2013. They have never done late in any single payment till now. The company has ranked as one of the top affiliate network in the world by mThink and recognized as one America’s top 40 fastest growing companies by INC 500  .

They pay weekly for mobile apps and websites with minimum payment of  $10 in NET 30, NET 15, weekly and even early payment  by request. They pay through Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)


CPALEAD offers high quality lead generation, Exclusive offer inventory, mobile app installs and offers for all countries with 100% fill rates.

4: MaxBounty

MaxBounty is another highly popular CPA Affiliate network for Pro internet marketers who earn more than 5000$ per month. To be honest its quite hard to get approved on MaxBounty as they have lots of requirements and only approved selected users who are making huge revenue already.

MaxBounty is not for new comers in affiliate marketing. It’s simply the most reliable network I have been a part of so far as they pay on time every week.

They have their In-house tracking system and have more than 1000+ offers from CPA, CPL and CPS. The company is offering performance based affiliate marketing since 2004 and ensures both sides of performance marketing spectrum should be treated equally.  They have been rated #1 since years by top industry professionals.


MaxBounty has minimum payment of $50 and pays weekly and NET-15 for first month. Payment methods on MaxBounty are: Check, wire, Payoneer, PayPal and ACH. They are also offering $1000 bonus to new affiliates, Once your account is approved, Contact your AM (Affiliate manager) to know more about this promotion.

5: GlobalWideMedia

Global Wide Media formerly known as Never Blue has helped shape the performance marketing industry by delivering high quality traffic on global level through display, social media, email, search, etc. Global Wide Media offers great support, have premium offers and is most trusted network by publishers over the globe.

GlobalWideMedia logo

Like MaxBounty getting approved is a tough process and they only want serious people who is not only register but gives them traffic and makes money.

GlobalWidemedia have more than 1600 offers and have lots of affiliate managers who help each affiliate by giving personal attentions. Their user interface is excellent and have tons of    offers for every geo.


Minimum pay-out is $100 and methods are PayPal, Check Wire and ACH Direct deposit for many countries. Global Wide media is great choice for affiliate marketers who wills to make more than 1000$ per month as they only need serious publishers.

How to get higher payout for your affiliate offers:

We all work for money and better payout is we all need. If you are promoting a offer and you think you deserves better rates..

At fist you need to check other cpa affiliate networks for the same offer, if you are getting a good payout don;’t just switch your traffic to another network but contact your affiliate manager and tell that you are getting higher rate on another network, They will surely increase rates for you.

This is the simplest way to get desired. payouts, But keep in mind that unless you don’t promote and convert your campaigns in good numbers, You won;t be entertained to negotiate payouts.

 Affiliate Marketing events 2017-2018

Affiliate marketing can not be just learned virtually. You need to attend trade shows, Listen to top Affiliate Ninja’s attend conference to boost up your productive level..

Here are the list of some Top Affiliate conferences held each year.

I attend almost 4-5 conferences each year to get updates about this industry, meet industry friends, learn optimization techniques, get new affiliate programs and offers.

Most of the affiliate Networks like Adcombo, CPALead, A4d, etc host their own events each year. Subscriber their blog to get news on those events.

There are hundred of other affiliate marketing events which takes place every year but i have listed only some popular events which you shall attend.

Bottom Line:

We have shared above top 5 CPA Affiliate Networks which have the maximum number of offers, Pays on time and most important they are top rated by Pro-bloggers around the globe..

These are the premium Affiliate networks which is door for your successful affiliate marketing journey. You can implement offers matching your niche and start earning. There are lots of ways to get traffic on Affiliate websites

You may read my article: Top 5 Ways to Kick-start affiliate marketing journey.

Have you tried any of these CPA Affiliate networks before? I am curious to know your views and experience on CPA networks as this is very exciting industry with lot of potential in upcoming years.  If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask me in comments below and stay tuned with BloggingEclipse for more exciting blogging guides &  tips.


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