Searching for CRM for small businesses can be a difficult task in itself as most CRM focuses on the big businesses and are functional for small businesses. Well, this is where 20Nine can turn out to be a game changer for your management and other related operations. In this 20Nine review, we’ll look forward to all the key features and services it delivers, along with the pricing plans. In addition to that, we’ll also get along with some excellent deals that can help you save some extra bucks on 20Nine plans.

As someone who owns a small business, management of all the operations in a good manner can help make things better in terms of scaling up. These well-managed operations can help in better ROI and other similar operations. As an overview, ✅20Nine can help you manage multiple aspects like sales, marketing, recruitment, CV management and much more. Now that we are all done with this overview on how 20Nine can help you, its time to move along with an in-depth analysis of what 20Nine can help you with, along with the pricing plans, connections, etc.

20Nine Review: Is 20Nine #1 CRM for Small Businesses?

20Nine is a CRM primarily focused on small businesses and can help manage a team of 0-500 members. By using CRM, small businesses can automate processes like creating and updating customer records, sending invoices, tracking orders, and more. They can also use CRM to analyze data and create meaningful reports that help them improve their customer relationships over time.

One of the key benefits of using a CRM system is that it allows companies to track their customers’ contact information more effectively. Well, this is where 20Nine has taken things a bit further as it not only focuses on customer relationship management but also helps in marketing, sales, document management, CV management, recruitment, and much more.

One of the major reasons that have made 20Nine an excellent choice is its accessibility, along with managing multiple parameters for business. Regarding the accessibility part, the 20Nine is available on both Android and iOS, which can be an excellent way to manage things on the go. Now, if we focus on the multiple parameters that are delivered by 20Nine, it can work as Contact CRM, Sales CRM, Document Management,  CV Management and much more. It is worth mentioning that 20Nine starts its service at the cost of just $2.90 per person.

Since we are now done with the overview, let’s get started with the features that are delivered by 20Nine:

Contact CRM

As I have already mentioned above, 20Nine performs a Contact CRM as well; as a result, it can help in managing all the contacts for you and your team members in a single place. 20Nine can help keep track of all your company’s contacts and clients at a single location. Get all phone calls recorded automatically, sorted and searched for to locate the relevant business connections.

Add the connection package and connect new clients from LinkedIn or through web forms to get all emails logged or send personalized mass emails. The 20NINE phonebook replaces your spreadsheets with a smart and accessible phone book application in itself. In addition to all this, 20Nine also helps manage calls as 20Nine’s Contact CRM collects your colleagues’ contacts and manages them based on name, type of contact, and the caller’s company.

Sales CRM

Managing sales effectively and efficiently can help move your way around better ROI and leads. The Sales CRM offers multiple process types, including 4 different options:

  • Stages with automatic probability
  • Stage-based process with manual probability
  • Checklist process with Automatic Progress
  • Checklist process with manual probability

20Nine Sales CRM can also help by giving control over daily, weekly, and monthly actions; you can also focus on the short-term and long-term focus points while giving access to easy-to-use CRM logic. This way, you can focus on sales in a more efficient and effective manner.

Marketing CRM

Marketing can be considered one of the important parameters for business, and managing all your marketing aspects at the same place can be really helpful. 20Nine gives access to send personalized mass emails with Office 365 or Gmail on 20Nine. These operations, as a result, can help in better conversion and leads since you have access to all the contacts in a single place; regular emails can help create warm sales leads.

Recruitment CRM

As stated above, 20Nine can also help manage your recruitment-related operations. In addition to all this, you can manage all your candidates in one place and set up different hiring procedures for different lines of work. Add your prospects to a hiring pipeline and drag & drop them through various hiring phases to save time once you have a winner; others will be automatically turned down once you have a winner to save you time. You can also manage your candidate list while importing the data from LinkedIn; this data can be later helpful in sending personal mass emails resulting in a streamlined recruitment process.

  • Other additional features offered by 20Nine include:
    • E-Signing
    • Documents
    • CV Management

Connections Offered by 20Nine

One of the major factors that make 20Nine an excellent choice overall is its connectivity across different platforms for business management. 20Nine offers connections across different platforms, including:

  • LinkedIn: 20Nine offers this feature to import and categorize any person & company from LinkedIn.
  • Office365: 20Nine offers this excellent connectivity with Office365; this, as a result, can help in effortlessly syncing emails, calendars and documents in a single place.
  • Google Workspace: Similar to what was offered by Office365,  20Nine also offers some excellent features for a number of syncing emails, calendars and documents as it was offered in Google Workspace. You can also get along with the 20Nine Gmail Panel to manage things better.
  • Microsoft teams: 20Nine also connects with the Microsoft team, which can help you in managing calls and dials along with Group shortcuts and much more. 
  • WordPress: You can also integrate 20Nine with WordPress to perform your business operations along with WordPress Contact 7 forms; this, as a result, gives better chances for high customization and other operations as well.
  • Fortnox: The Fortnox connection can help make things better for invoicing and billing; it is worth mentioning that you, 20Nine is an authorized integration partner of Fortnox.

20Nine Knowledge Base: How to use 20Nine CRM?

20Nine offers some excellent features for business that can help in better management of different operations, but that doesn’t stop here. Just in case you are new to this whole CRM ecosystem,  20Nine offers this excellent section named “Knowledge base”, the section gives you access to different things such as Instructions on how to use 20Nine CRM, Videos, Webinars, Blogs and Customize to fit option.

The customize to fit option enables you to customize different important parameters under categorization, processes, user experience, pre-defined values and much more. This way, you can make your way around making things that are most suitable for you. If we look after some of the industries that can use 20Nine include:

  • Insurance Industry
  • Legal
  • Car/Vehicle Dealers
  • Consultants
  • SaaS
  • Finance and Investment Industry

Since 20Nine offers some excellent features in terms of customization, 20Nine can be a good-to-go choice for small business owners.

20Nine Pricing Plan: Get a 14-day Free Trial of 20Nine CRM

20Nine offers 2 different plans for businesses; in addition to that e-signing option is also available. Below mentioned are the 20Nine Pricing Plans:

  • 29: The 29 Plan costs around $2.90/user and offers some excellent services for Managing company and contact directories, along with other key features like meetings and reminders,  Call lists, Pipelines, Reports & Diagrams, categorization, advanced searching and much more.
  • 29:One: The 29:One pricing plan costs around $12.90/user on a monthly basis. In addition to all this, you can also make your way connections to Office365, LinkedIn LeadClipper, Google Workspace, OneDrive/GoogleDrive/Dropbox, Mailchimp, Fortnox ERP and much more.
  • E-signing: In addition to the plans mentioned above, 20Nine also offers this e-signing feature for users, which costs around $1.90/signed document. 

✅Does 20Nine offer any free trial?

Yes, 20Nine offers a 14-day free trial for both of its pricing plans, including 29 and 29:One Plans. You can choose any of these plans and pricing plans to explore the features offered by 20Nine.

✅What is 20Nine?

20Nine is a CRM that offers multiple features and tools for effective and efficient management of different parameters, including Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, and much more. In addition to that, 20Nine also offers a 14-day free trial making it a popular option among small businesses.

✅Is 20Nine the best CRM for small businesses?

Yes, 20Nine can be an excellent choice for small businesses that can help manage a team of 0-500 members in a single place. In addition to that, 20Nine can help you manage all these different aspects at a starting price of $2.90/user on a monthly basis.

✅Can 20Nine help me with the recruitment process?

Yes, 20Nine can be an excellent choice for businesses in terms of recruitment. 20Nine offers its services across parameters like CV management and recruiting. 20Nine also offers a LinkedIn connection option as well along with LeadClipper making things even better in terms of analysis and later performing a more streamlined recruitment process.

Conclusion: Is 20Nine the Best CRM for Small Businesses?

Yes, 20Nine can be an excellent choice for small businesses in order to manage different aspects of your business operations, including marketing, sales, CV management, recruiting, and much more. In addition to all this, what even makes things better is its connectivity with multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Office365, Microsoft Teams, WordPress, Fortnox, etc.

Another major reason behind 20Nine’s popularity among Small businesses is its availability across different devices, as it offers its app on both iOS and Android. This way, all your management operations can be managed in a single place. As a bottom line, it can be said that 20Nine can be an excellent choice for management across different parameters, along with budget-friendly pricing plans being available.

Just in case you are not aware of how to use 20Nine, you get access to the knowledge base that lets you make your way around Instructions, Webinars, Blogs, Videos and much more; so it won’t be wrong to say that 20Nine CRM is a good choice for businesses with a team ranging from 0-500 members.

Hopefully, this ✅20Nine review has cleared some of the common doubts and queries that you might be getting on your way.

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