If you want to become a pioneer and a market leader believing in quality rather than quantity then Adcash is one big asset to your company. Here is in-depth Adcash review with its features and how i can help you maximum your ads revenue from your websites with most relevant ads.

It is one big platform that can be used to engage immense traffic and make your company vibrant. The ad provides a high-quality inventory network with a quick-to-respond expert staff that assists you at every stage, overcoming all the obstacles that have restrained you from achieving what you had aspired for.

Detailed Adcash Review | Adcash Benefits for Publishers

Adcash review
Founded in2007
Supported ModelCPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI
Supported LanguagesMultiple languages
ReportingReal-time dashboard
Live Publishers1,637
Minimum TrafficNone
Employee Count51-200
Payment MethodSkrill, Bank wire transfer,  Payoneer, Bitcoin, PayPal Webmoney.

Adcash is a globally renowned online advertising platform established in 2007 and headquartered in Tallin, Estoni.

It delivers advertising content to millions worldwide, enhancing traffic and converting it into more profit. Adcash delivers incredible solutions to over 200+ million users daily and has its clients spread in more than 249 countries and regions worldwide. It has 5.2 million conversions per month, and more than 750 thousand apps are installed every month. This makes Adcash a pioneer advertising agency.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, Adcash has powerful digital marketing tools that give access to reach users and monetize traffic and exposure to a world full of opportunities. Creating an account with Adcash is as simple as making lemonade, and in a moment will be ready to run your first campaign. Its smart predictive technology helps display ads relevant to the viewers, ultimately resulting in higher revenue. It is an ad platform that is focused on mainstream traffic.

By choosing Adcash, many renowned companies worldwide have gained atleast a 100% increase in conversions by decreasing CPA. Some companies that partnered with Adcash and earned success are Alibaba, Easy Voyage, Ubisoft and Innogames.


It uses leading-edge technology with 950 thousand + lines of code, 152 tech-savvy developers and 200+ database queries per MS.

Adcash Features & Key Benefits for Websites Owners

Predictive Algorithms: The in-house techies with relevant experience have developed a predictive algorithm that analyzes all the historical data, collects it and predicts which ad should be displayed at that particular instant. This ensures that your audiences will stick to the ads as it is relevant to them, resulting in maximum traffic.

Reach Estimation: By using the AdApt engine with state-of-the-art technology, the advertisers can measure the total number of people exposed to their campaign before launching, so there is accurate delivery with the best optimizations.

Adblock Prevention: Due to a maximum number of ads being blocked, the revenue losses are higher for the publishers. To maximize the revenue, it is of utmost importance that the ads should not be blocked. AdApt engines help the publishers to display ads even if the Adblock is enabled.

Fraud Detection: By using high-tech security tracking solutions, the fraud detection system continuously monitors suspicious activities on our network, and if any such harmful activity is noticed, then the anti-fraud team immediately blocks it & also bans the publishers resulting in a safer experience for the advertisers.

Malware Detection: The smart AdApt engine protects their network by continuously monitoring for viruses, malware or any kind of unethical software or files and instantly intimates to the team of experts who then takes care of these issues without creating any obstacle in your campaign.

Adcash is Programmatic: No worries if you are using an XML or JSON feed; the Adcash network is ready to support you.

Hyper Granular Targeting: If you want to reach out to a specific group of audiences or a part of a town, then the AdApt engine makes it possible with ease and elegance.

Device Fingerprinting: If a user disables all the cookies, then the fingerprinting solution helps in gathering all the information at bay allowing advertisers to target specific devices.

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Adcash for Advertisers | Grow your audience with performance-driven ad campaigns

The Adcash advertising platform enables you to reach anywhere and anyone across the world by managing desktop, mobile, in-app and video campaigns in a user-friendly manner. The advertising platform helps you to target relevant audiences by going digital. Some features are:

  • Geotargeting: This feature helps you to target people in every corner of the city and parts of town in any country.
  • Device Targeting: This allows you to target a specific list of devices.
  • Language Targeting: It doesn’t matter which language a website is up of. You can select the language of the sites where you want your campaign to be displayed.
  • Browser Targeting: From a wide range of browsers, you can choose anyone, including IE, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Keyword Targeting: Target a comprehensive list of keywords pertaining to sites that contain only keywords relevant to your campaign.
  • OS Targeting: Target any mobile and desktop operating systems, including Windows and Linux.
  • Retargeting: Those who have already visited your site can be retargeted again by using pixels technology.
  • Frequency Capping: This ensures that your ads are not over-exposed to your audiences.
  • Weekly Distribution: You can select the number of days on which you want your campaign to be displayed.
  • Pricing: The Adcash platform for advertisers starts from as low as $100. Anyone from small businesses to brand agencies can use their digital advertising to promote their products.
  • Instant Reporting: You can monitor your campaigns on a real-time basis and make intuitive decisions
  • Different Ads model: Paying is easy depending on your campaigns, like Cost per click (CPC), Cost per mile (CPM), Cost per View (CPV), Cost per action (CPA) and Cost per lead (CPL). This means you can pay with a single click every time a lead is generated by your campaign.
  • Superior Support: The dedicated team of experts is ready to make the platform easy to use and support you in resolving all your issues.

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Adcash Payment Terms & Methods | Adcash Payment Proof

In Adcash, it is easier to receive payments. With a variety of payment methods to choose from, you can always be sure that your preferred type of payment and currency is available. You can also opt to be paid out in Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency.

Payment MethodsPayPal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Payoneer, Webmoney, Bitcoin.
Payment Terms30 Days after initial payout request (Net-30)
Minimum Payout Threshold25 USD/EUR

Following are the steps which you need to follow in order to request a Payment:

Step 1: First, Log in to your account on the Adcash dashboard and go to the Payment request in the Wallet section.

Step 2: There, you have to select the payment method.

Step 3: After you have made the request, the approximate payment date will be shown to you.

Step 4: You will be notified via email after you get the payment.

If you cannot request payment for a particular month, there are chances that your balance is lower than the required threshold, or you have already placed a request. To activate auto-billing on your account, click on the ‘Activate auto-billing‘ option under the Payment Request tab. If in case, your payment is rejected, that could be because of an invalid account, incomplete or incorrect payment data, and incorrect and incomplete personal information. If your request is rejected, you can contact Adcash.

Adcash generally does not charge any fees when processing a Publishers’ transaction. However, each payment provider may have its own service fees. If you would like more information on specific charges, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them directly for more information. With Adcash, you also get a dedicated Publisher Manager to help you monetize your website or blog with third-party ads. Together they will help you identify which of your campaigns are the most successful, track their performance on a daily basis, and analyze the data gathered to help make your advertising more effective.

With their expertise, they have helped companies all across the world and also a wide range of publishers’ queries and given them relevant tips and guidance so that they can optimize their ads. They are experienced and well-equipped to help publishers of all kinds.

What are the Onsite Ad Formats Provided by Adcash?

Pop-Under Ad format

Adcash has been a leader in pop-under ads for over 13 years. This highly converting ad format is bringing incredible results for advertisers and high revenue generation for publishers. The good thing with pop-up advertising is that they do have a huge potential for advertisers by which they can increase awareness and brand engagement for their campaigns. Also, publishers can maximize their overall revenue boost with pop-under advertising as it offers higher CTC.

These ads can appear over active browsing windows, which means they happen to be less intrusive as you’re targeting your audience. They allow you to engage with different groups of people on your site, so that’s an even more significant benefit.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are an effective way for advertisers to gain a high level of engagement with their content and an opportunity for publishers to earn significant revenue. It gives advertisers the chance to drive more clicks while giving publishers the potential to increase revenue by increasing ad impressions.

In-Page Push

Adcash also provides you with the In-Page Push, which is also a leading ad format and also the step that would guide you to the traditional Push Notification. These alerts are well-targeted and engaging without being intrusive to the end user. It also does not take any space on a publisher’s site and gives an opportunity to the publishers to monetize further.

Native Ads

The Native ads, also known as sponsored content, are also provided by Adcash. It is an effective way by which advertisers can promote products and content. This ad format blends seamlessly with its surroundings and generates a high conversion rate.

Banner Ads

Here as well, Adcash provides numerous types of traditional display banner ads, which include rectangles, leaderboards and skyscrapers. These ads are versatile and also deliver higher engagement for both publishers and advertisers.

How can You Create Advanced Campaigns on Adcash?

Next in my Adcash advertiser review, I will guide the steps that are needed to be followed in order to create an Advanced Campaign:

Step 1: Click on “Create a Campaign” from the top right side of your Home page.

Adcash Reviews

Step 2: You have to name your campaign and select which countries, regions or cities you wish to target by clicking on the General Information tab.

Adcash Review - Campaign

Step 3: Here, you need to choose your Ad targeting option where you can see it in the Targeting Tab. You get four targeting categories: Supply, Content, Device, and Connection. Each primary category has different subcategories. Also, note that the more targeting rules you apply to your campaign, the less traffic will be available for it.

Step 4: You can upload your creatives according to the desired ad format type. You can also decide where your creatives will link to. You can add your creatives with a simple drag and drop function. After you are done with this, their summary will appear below.

Step 5: In the Budget Tab, you need to select your weekly distribution, budget, bid, and capping. The Adcash advertiser platform offers you 3 campaign bidding types: CPC, CPM, and CPA Target. You can select the option you want for your campaign to continue.

Weekly Distribution: 24/7 or custom

You can also choose to run your campaign 24/7 or on a custom schedule to take advantage of peak times.

Adcash Features of Publishers | Monetize Your Website Traffic

The Adcash Publisher panel will ensure that you are always ahead, even if you are in the game or starting afresh. You can sign up to the dashboard with a few clicks, which will give you instant access to a host of tools and features that will make monetizing your website traffic easier. 

The Adcash Control Panel is intuitive and easy to understand, but you can take help from the support offered, which can help you better. You can find where to go to create new ad units, reports and also other information that you require. In the home tab, you can run down to the fundamental current numbers and reports. In the statistics, you can get current money and more details. 

You can also have detailed reporting from the Adcash publisher platform. You can have different real-time statistics in the Reports section. Further, you can also set up a report which gets emailed to you regularly. You can also have a single detailed report for a specific time window sent to your email. Adcash publisher platform is designed to help you generate automatic returns from your web and also from mobile audiences. This would further help you to boost your revenue and simplify the overall process.  

Publishers can look forward to getting the following features: 

  • They can get high fill rates by which publishers can monetize ad impressions more efficiently. 
  • They can also get the State-of-the-art anti-Adblock technology by which they can bypass ad blockers and boost their revenue. 
  • They instantly get code for the top 6 performing ad formats, as mentioned earlier in the review. 
  • Variety of ultra-fast payouts options.
  • They can track their earnings in real-time with deeper reporting and live statistics. 
Auto-Tag (For Publishers) | Is it helpful?

This ad type provided by Adcash is a 3-in-1 solution and is considered the future of website monetization! It contains the top 3 converting ad formats: In-Page Push, Pop-Under, and Interstitial, all housed in one easy-to-integrate tag. Let’s have a deeper insight into this unique feature provided by Ad-cash. 

As mentioned earlier, it is designed to redefine the online advertising network. With this feature, you can: 

  • You can integrate and run three of the industry’s top ad formats and that too from a single line of code. 
  • You can also maximize the end-user experience by showing them only the most engaging/relevant ads. 
  • You can increase overall onsite revenue. 
  • You can cut the testing time by half with these 3 winning ad combos. 

Even publishers and bloggers can get greater control over their onsite experience. This Autotag feature is also being regarded, and the publishers can shit and regulate it on their panel Monetization goals and boost their UX and earning. 

How to Sign Up for Adcash? | Easy Straightforward Method

Now in my Adcash ad network review, I will guide you on how you can sign up easily with Adcash. Even if you are a seasoned publisher or an advertiser just starting off, the Adcash platform can adjust itself along its parameters to your unique requirements and level of experience. To sign up in Adcash is quite a simple and straightforward process.

Step 1: First, head on to the Adcash.com.

Step 2: Then click on Register now, which you can find in the top right corner.

Step 3: Also, provide your valid email id and password.

Step 4: Then, choose your currency. Be careful that it cannot be changed later. 

Step 5: After that, you have to select the account type – Advertiser or Publisher. 

You will also be asked to enable 2FA before continuing as they believe that security is their topmost concern. You just have to answer simple questions and wait until your account is reviewed and opened. Their site is a multi-language site and does not support any inappropriate content like violence and pornography. Always make sure that you do follow the user Policy/Terms & Conditions before signing on as a publisher.

Adcash CPM Rates: Do they offer industry-leading prices?

Mainstream Traffic

Adcash MainstreamPopunder CPMBanner CPM

Why to Choose Adcash? | Dollar Making Machine

Adcash provides an extremely powerful yet simple platform for advertisers and publishers to create, launch and monitor their campaigns easily. And in my Adcash publisher review, I certainly found this tool to be really very helpful for both advertisers and publishers as well. The payment method is convenient for everyone, so you can pay via PayoneerPayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire transfer and Auto recurring payments.

With so many payment options, you are relieved that your payments will never be stuck and enjoy hassle-free monetization. It supports all formats, whether desktop, mobile, or app. So give it a try.

Adcash Terms & Conditions

Publishers can serve ads to all types of traffic from several countries, with only a few conditions.

  • Sites that contain content related to the sale of weapons, tobacco, or any sort of illegal content cannot be monetized via Adcash. 
  • Then, if you can have an account that has a balance of 10 USD/EUR is archived and blocked if the owner of it does not take any action within 90 days. 
  • Also, if your account is inactive for 150, you would be charged 10% of their balance or 10 USD/EUR every month. 
  • Adcash only allows monetizing websites that are informative, and doorway SEO pages are not monetized via this ad network. 

 Adcash Support Team for Publishers & Advertisers 

They do have a worldwide presence with offices in Estonia, Bulgaria and Spain, and the company does take pride in providing excellent customer support. They have a tailored customer service team to give you advice on how to monetize your online traffic. Their support team is truly global and speaks a multitude of languages to avoid miscommunication by leveraging the recipient’s language. Plus, I found that all the Adcash reviews are positive as far as their support is concerned. 

Adcash Referral Program – Earn extra revenue!!

With Adcash’s referral program, publishers can earn 5% of the lifetime revenue of their referrals on the platform. This is a good way for publishers to get more traffic to their website or generate sales from new marketers who have never heard about Adcash before. You need to have an Adcash publisher account, and after you sign in, you can find the program under the Referral Tab in the menu. 

If you use the Referral Program, you have to accept the Referral Program Agreement. 

You just have to share your personal referral URL and invite publishers to monetize their website traffic with Adcash. After your referrals signup through your personal referral URL and start getting revenue, you will start earning a 5% commission on their monthly earnings. This commission would be paid monthly until the refereed publishers are active and working with Adcash. 

The referral program is only valid for new publishers who have not used Adcash services before. And it is important that the referred customer does use your personal referral URL to sign up. 

FAQ related to Adcash Review

What is Adcash?

Adcash is a popular ad network that has become very advanced over the past few years and is used by multiple publishers worldwide. It provides dedicated account managers for publishers in order to ensure they are getting the most out of the platform, but now it has evolved into a self-serve online advertising platform where publishers can handle all aspects of their advertising campaigns.

What is the Adcash minimum Payout?

The Adcash minimum payment is $/€25, and they offer a NET 30-day payment term after the end of each month. For example, earnings from January will be paid out in February.
What are the Adcash Payment methods? 
Adcash payment methods include: 
1 PayPal
2. Bitcoin 
3. Bank Transfer 
4. Payoneer
5. Skrill

What are the ad formats offered by Adcash?

Adcash offers some of the popular ad formats of publishers that include: In-Page Push, Pop-Under, Interstitial, Native Ads, and Display Ads.

How much does Adcash Pay?

The CPM rates offered by Adcash for good converting traffic can be around $1 to $2 for Tier 1 traffic. Those in Tier 2 and Tire 3 can expect the rates to be around 10 cents to 30 cents, respectively.

What are the Adcash requirements for publishers?

Well, as discussed in our Adcash review, there is, as such, no minimum traffic requirement for publishers. Also, this platform is available in many languages. But they don’t allow adult or mature content, i.e., pornography, hate speech, harassment, excessive profanity, cracking/hacking content. Also, content that promotes the sale of products from endangered or threatened species or any illegal items.

Is there any referral program by Adcash?

As described in my Adcash review, they do have a Referral Program where the publishers can earn 5% of the lifetime revenue of their referrals on the platform. That’s quite a generous offer by Adcash where all the new users whom the publisher refers to if they sign up and start earning, out of their earning, the publisher would get 5% of their income which is some great news for publishers.

What is the minimum payout in Adcash?

So as a publisher, when I reviewed Adcash, I found that the minimum payout is 25 USD/EUR, which the publishers can request payment between the 1st and 10th of every month. You will receive payment after meeting all the necessary conditions if your balance is greater than the minimum threshold, 25 USD/EUR.

Adcash Facebook Group

Adcash Facebook Group

Adcash on Twitter

Conclusion: Adcash Review 2024 | Is it the best monetizing Ad network?

Well, that does bring us to the end of my honest Adcash review. I found that the overall setup of their service seems to have a fair balance between publishers and advertisers without having either side be at an overwhelming disadvantage. Adcash is a unique and innovative platform that allows publishers to get paid for displaying ads on their websites. At the same time, advertisers will generate solid ROI from the sales/clicks/conversions generated from onsite traffic. It is a perfect platform for advertisers to control their advertising on the publisher’s websites and display the appropriate ads at the right time.

Whatever your taste is, Adcash is ready to serve you a delicious and quality platform that enhances earnings for publishers and maximizes the profit at its peak for advertisers. With so many brands trusting Adcash, it is worth working with them.

So choose Adcash and add enormous cash into your account! Happy Monetizing.

Adcash Review 2024: #1 Advertising Platform to Make $$$ 1
Adcash Review
0out of 10

Adcash is a global advertising platform that provides a comprehensive range of services for publishers, advertisers, ad networks and media buyers. Adcash offers a trustworthy, global solution with access to the highest quality of traffic and inventory. With Adcash, you can increase the visibility of your website or business in the industry. Adcash has powerful optimization technology that offers digital advertising tools to your business. If you are an advertiser, then sign up on Adcash and advertise your business efficiently. If you are a publisher, then monetize your site with Adcash.

  •  Wide variety of Ad formats to choose from
  •  You get all types of traffic
  •  Multiple payment options
  •  Anti-Adblock solutions
  •  No additional processing charges
  •  Good customer support 


  •  Referral program is missing for publishers 
  •  CPM rates are lower compared to others

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