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Adcash Review 2022: #1 Advertising Platform to Make $$$

If you want to become a pioneer and a market leader believing in quality rather than quantity then Adcash is one big asset to your company. Here is in-depth Adcash review with its features and how i can help you maximum your ads revenue from your websites with most relevant ads.

It is one big platform that can be used to engage immense traffic and make your company vibrant. Ad provides a high quality inventory network with a quick to respond expert staff that assists you at every stage, overcoming all the obstacles that has restrained you in achieving what you had aspired for.

What is AdCash ?

Adcash review

Adcash is a globally renowned advertising platform established in 2007 and headquartered in Tallin, Estoni.

It delivers advertising content to millions across the world which enhances the traffic and converts into more profit. Adcash delivers incredible solutions to over 200+ million users every day and has its clients spread in more than 249 countries and regions around the world. It has 5.2 million conversions per month and more than 750 thousand apps are installed every month. This makes Adcash a pioneer advertising agency.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, Adcash has the powerful digital marketing tools that give access to reach users, monetize traffic and exposure to a world full of opportunities. Creating an account with Adcash is as simple as making lemonade and in a moment will be ready to run your first campaign. Its smart predictive technology helps to display ads that are relevant to the viewers which ultimately results in higher revenue.

By choosing Adcash many renowned companies in the world have gained atleast 100% increase in the conversions by decreasing CPA. Some of the companies that partnered with Adcash and earned success are Alibaba, Easy Voyage, Ubisoft and Innogames.


It uses leading edge technology with 950 thousand + lines of code, 152 tech savvy developers and 200+ database queries per MS.

Adcash Features & Key Benefits

Predictive Algorithms: The in-house techies with relevant experience have developed a predictive algorithm that analyzes all the historical data, collects it and predicts which ad should be displayed at that particular instant. This ensures that your audiences will stick to the ads as it is relevant to them, resulting in maximum traffic.

Reach Estimation: By using AdApt engine with state of the art technology, the advertisers can measure the total number of people exposed to their campaign before launching so there is accurate delivery with best optimizations.

Adblock Prevention: Due to maximum number of ads being blocked, the revenue losses are higher for the publishers. To maximize the revenue it is utmost important that the ads should not be blocked. AdApt engines helps the publishers to display ads even if the Adblock is enabled.

Fraud Detection: By using high tech security tracking solutions,  the fraud detection system continuously monitors suspicious activities on our network and if any such harmful activity is noticed then the anti fraud team immediately blocks it & also bans the publishers resulting a safer experience for the advertisers.

Malware Detection: The smart AdApt engine protects their network by continuously monitoring for viruses, malwares or any kind of un-ethical software or files and instantly intimates to the team of experts who then takes care of these issues without creating any obstacle in your campaign.

Adcash is programmatic: No worries if you are using an XML or JSON feed; Adcash network is ready to support you.

Hyper Granular Targeting: If you want to reach out to a specific group of audiences or a part of a town then AdApt engine makes it possible with ease and elegance.

Device Fingerprinting: If a user disables all the cookies then the fingerprinting solution helps in gathering all the information at bay allowing advertisers to target specific devices.

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Adcash for Advertisers:

The Adcash advertising platform enables you to reach anywhere and anyone across the world by managing desktop, mobile, in app and video campaigns in a user friendly manner. The advertising platform helps you to target relevant audiences by going digital. Some features are:

  • Geotargeting: This feature helps you to target people in every corner of the city and parts of town in any country.
  • Device Targeting: This allows to you target specific list of devices.
  • Language Targeting: It doesn’t matter which language a website is up of. You can select the language of the sites where you want your campaign to be displayed.
  • Browser Targeting: From a wide range of browsers you can choose any one including, IE, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Keyword targeting: Target a comprehensive list of keywords pertaining to sites that contain only keywords relevant to your campaign.
  • OS Targeting: Target any mobile and desktop operating systems including Windows and Linux.
  • Retargeting: Those who have already visited your site can be retargeted again by using pixels technology.
  • Frequency Capping: This ensures that your ads are not over exposed to your audiences.
  • Weekly Distribution: You can select the number of days on which you want your campaign to be displayed.
  • Pricing: The Adcash platform for advertisers starts from as low as $100. Anyone from small businesses to brand agencies can use their digital advertising to promote their products.
  • Instant reporting: You can monitor your campaigns on real time basis and make intuitive decisions
  • Different Ads model: Paying is easy depending upon your campaign like Cost per click (CPC), Cost per mile (CPM), Cost per View (CPV), Cost per action (CPA) and Cost per lead (CPL). This means you can pay on a single click to every time a lead is generated by your campaign.
  • Superior Support: The dedicated team of experts is ready to make the platform easy to use and support you in resolving all your issues.

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Why Choose Adcash?

Adcash provides an extremely powerful yet simple platform for advertisers and publishers to create launch and monitor their campaigns with ease.

The payment method is convenient for everyone so you can pay via Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire transfer and Auto recurring payments.


With so many payment options, you are relieved as your payments will never be stuck and enjoy hassle free monetization. It supports all formats whether a desktop, a mobile app or in app. So give it a try.. 🙂

Lets conclude:

Whatever you taste is, Adcash is ready to serve you a delicious and quality platform which enhances earnings for publishers and maximizes the profit at its peak for advertisers. With so many brands trusting Adcash, it is worth working with them and so should you.

So choose Adcash and add enormous cash into your account! Happy Blogging.


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