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admitad Review : The Best CPA Network with highest paying Affiliate Programs

If you are looking to earn by monetizing your traffic then you need a premium affiliate network that provides quality and reliable tools to monetize your traffic effectively and make huge money by collaborating with international brands.

It should be proactive and well-organised with easy to use interface and most importantly, payments should be made on time.

Just like riding a bicycle without necessary balance is a disaster, same way, choosing a wrong affiliate network could result in malaise. If you are a publisher then you need an affiliate network that could convert your traffic into money with their inventory and tools.

Here is an in-depth admitad Review with detailed analysis and how it can help you to boost your affiliate income by 200%.

admitad review: Premium CPA Affiliate Network

admitad review

admitad is one such affiliate network that provides enhanced features and tools to monetise your traffic and build a strong customer relationship.

How it started:

It started providing affiliate services since 2010 with a small office comprising of a small team f 10 employees and gradually grew as one of the most trusted affiliate networks with more than 100 employees working in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Germany and India too.

Till now it has over 534,949 publishers around the world that have successfully attracted customers to the advertiser’s website by utilising admitad’s traffic resources and tools. It has partnerships with many big brands such as, AliExpress, MakemyTrip, Koovs, and many more industry leaders.

Through Cost-Per-Action programs both the advertisers and the publishers can optimize the marketing campaigns thereby making profit and increasing the revenue.

admitad features for publishers:

What makes admitad the most lovable is its full gamut of tools created to bring out the best CPA marketing practices and not to forget, it is open to listening your valuable suggestions and ideas.

#1. Deeplink Generator

By utilizing this tool you can generate enormous affiliate links which in turn will direct your visitors to the advertisers purchase page or main page.

#2. Coupons & Deals

We all know the benefits of coupons & deals and how coupons can boost affiliate sales by 500%. This tool on admitad publisher platform, helps you showcase brand products with heavy discounts on your own website. You need to use CMS/XML uploading to for coupon processing.

#3. Rotating Ads

It’s a rotating banner that smartly shuffles the banners and automatically selects the one that is best suitable to your website niche. It rotates only the banners that are most prominent resulting in higher efficiency.

#4. Enhanced Link Checker

While adding a sub-Id or deeplink there are possibility of errors made by the publisher. This creates a mishap and you may lose commissions. To avoid these errors, link checker helps you keep a track on all the links so you get your desired conversion.

#5. Post-Back URL

This tool gives impulsive access to all the clicks and statistics forwarded to your system. So if you running your own affiliate network, You can use allowed offers to your aff. network and promote it via your publishers.

You can choose from 20 parameters such as Program ID, Ad Space ID, Sub-ID and the other 17 parameters. To automate this process you need to respond for effective changes.

#6. Custom Tracking Domain

Just like you have a car parking space, similarly you can park your domain thereby replacing the standard affiliate links with the domain names of your choices. This enables your better tracking and your visitors can not know that you are using admitad affiliate links in back-end.

#7. admit API

This feature helps you interface your own apps for monitoring and analyzing the statistics and resources.

#8. Product Feeds

This tool lets you get information updated from the advertiser such as feedback and product descriptions that includes name, price, image etc. So you can use it to get more conversions on CPA campaigns.

Extra Publisher Tools:

  • Sub Id to track each offer for various traffic sources
  • admitAd mobile app for Android & iOS for complete management
  • Chrome Extensions for easy deep-link search & optimization
  • Cookie checker to recover upto 20% if lost cookies

admitad’s technologies for publishers:

admitAd is a premium CPA Affiliate network which deals in various affiliate sales & leads optimization. with their state of art technologies, It helps publishers to increase their revenue as their are widest range of Advertisers on admitAd platform for numerous of Geo's.

The payment options are flexible so everyone gets their own piece of cake.

  • CPA (Cost per acquisition or Cost per sale): This pricing model is very popular for eCommerce business wherein payments are made only for the sales/acquisitions. Publisher gets a percentage of the goods purchased or a fixed price per sale.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead): In this model the publisher gets a fixed price paid only when the leads are generated. A lead means a consumer has shown interest in the advertiser’s offer.
  • CPI (Cost per Install): In this model, the publisher gets paid when a consumer downloads and install Apps on their phones.
  • CPC (Cost per click): When a user clicks on a link or a banner then for every click the publisher gets a fixed price paid by the advertiser.
  • CPM (Cost per Mille): This model is also known as Cost per thousand as for every thousand impressions the publisher gets paid a fixed price for banner advertisement.

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All these models have been prepared taking into consideration that the publishers get paid for their hard work and are not bullied. This strengthens their relationship with the publishers and gain more trust from them.

How to start with admitad?

If you are a publisher and want to attract interested customers to the advertiser’s website then you need to follow 5 simple steps that would lead to tranquillity and calmness.

  •  Sign up as an individual or legal entity.
  • Verify your Ad space (your website or app by placing code or via domain)
  • Select advertisers by joining affiliate programs
  • Utilize different advertising resources such as animated banners, links, deals, Ads, etc..
  • For every single Conversion, lead or install on the advertiser’s link,you will get paid and will receive your money in your account via PayPal, wire transfer or WebMoney.

Why to Choose admitad?


There are many CPA affiliate networks in the market but admitad is the most prominent of them all. The extensive set of tools makes it the most lovable for many advertisers and publishers. These gamuts of tools are limitless and can be used to boost your conversion rate and increase the efficiency.

More than 1300 affiliate programs  & advertisers are available so you can make the most out of it. As a publisher you can earn more with these programs having their own bonus systems.

To build a strong relationship with the publishers it offers a dedicated account manager to resolve all their issues so you could focus more on expanding your affiliate business and feel tranquility under difficult circumstances.

Enhanced support for publishers:

This representative will help you in negotiating with advertisers and provide comparative solutions to all the hurdles that may arise. It offers a platform wherein a publisher can directly chalk out the terms with the advertisers and decide whether to continue in future advertising campaigns.

This interaction between a publisher and an advertiser is possible following the events like admitad expert and admitad lounge.

It provides crystal clear statistics in a useful and logical manner. These statistics in the form of reports can be exported to Excel. The new business models lets the publishers monetize traffic and attain pinnacle in the market.

Final Words

admitad offers high conversion rate that no other affiliate network presently offers. The exclusive set of tools provides insights about the statistics that will definitely boost your revenue. Working with admitad as a publisher or an advertiser is easy and requires only 4 simple steps to harvest a bumper crop of traffic.

The deals are attractive and one can seriously make a lot of money by monetizing traffic. It offers an international platform to work with the globally renowned brands with the strongest Geo by volume in the US, Russia, Western Europe, the UK and India.

You will get exposure to different companies in segments like Apparels, digital appliances, furniture and household products,  sportswi, software, travel and many more.

After using admitad you will surely admit that it is the best CPA affiliate network to monetize your traffic. See you in the next post, till then stay blessed & happy blogging.

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