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An advertising network with more than 3 billion+ monthly visits and 220 Geos is something not every advertising network can achieve easily. Adport is among those few ad networks that have set some high standards along with some excellent features and perks that can be a game changer in your publishing or advertising operations.

In this review, we’ll look forward to all the crucial key factors that make Adport standalone advertising and monetizing network among many.

Adport focuses on various aspects for both advertisers and publishers; in this age of rapid digital transformation, Adport has adopted to a great extent compared to others. It offers some excellent services for earning through multi-format, including push notifications, popups, In-page push, direct links, interstitials and rich media. As an overview, Adport offers mobile and desktop performance in different ways, such as webmasters, advertisers, agencies, affiliates, and ad networks.

Now that we have got a small brief on what Adport is and what it offers, let’s get started with an in-depth review of how using Adport can help in monetizing you as an advertiser or publisher. In addition to that, we’ll also be looking forward to what makes Adport an excellent choice for advertisers in terms of advertising; basically, a complete analysis of what features are offered and how they can help you overall.

Detailed Adport Review: Ad Formats Offered by

As I have already mentioned before, Adport offers some excellent services that can be a game changer for your advertising and monetizing practices. You can also make your way around Adport for a number of reasons, and we’ll be looking forward to them in the next sections; now, getting back to ad formats, offers multiple ad formats making it a good-to-go option for advertisers and publishers. The ad formats offered by Adport are as follows:

Push Notification: Push notifications are basically clickable notifications that are delivered to mobile and desktop users that have opted-in for push notifications; you can also make your way around high CTRs as these push notifications are delivered to users that have given prior consent to certain website or apps, this, as a result, can be helpful for better conversions overall, and it can be said that push notifications can be considered as one of the main factors for high reach overall.

Pop/On Click Notification: Pop and on-click notifications can be an excellent way to get better reach on the ads running. In addition to all this, the pop ads show up automatically on a whole new tab when your recipient clicks a site object, resulting in high user engagement and top revenue. As advertisements, they appear during your recipient’s browsing session and display the website you are advertising, which can be a top income generator with 100% fulfillment at all times.

In-Page Push Notification: Push adverts on a webpage are a new, user-friendly method for advertisers to connect with their audiences. This new format looks like a traditional push notification but does not require subscription permissions and lets your notices appear alongside relevant website content (directly on publishers’ websites), where they are most likely to be found. This in-page format is suitable for all OS, devices, and browsers (including iOS). Therefore, getting more in-page push notifications can be an excellent choice to move on with for better leads and reach.

Smartlinks: For advertisers and publishers, Smartlink can be an excellent thing overall as it can help deliver the best offers. Smartlink chooses the best offer for each user from the traffic you drive automatically and intelligently. You can place it on images, text links or hide it under a button. You can also combine it with other formats such as push or pop-unders. Basically, Smartlinks can be an excellent thing overall when it comes to advertising.

Interstitial: An interstitial ad covers the interface of an app or website and is a full-screen or overlay ad that is usually shown at natural transition points in the flow of the app or website, such as between activities or during the break between levels in a game. When an ad is shown, the user can either click on it and continue to its destination or close it and return to the app or website. You may select between classic or scratch formats as an advertiser.

So, no doubt that Adport offers some excellent rich media ads for advertising operations; in addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that the ad formats mentioned above are available for all devices, including the desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Now, if we look after Adport, it offers some excellent services for advertisers and publishers targeting mobile user groups. Below mentioned are some of the rich media options that are offered by for mobile users:

Caskets: Casket ads expand from the bottom of the site and then collapse to stay in place at the bottom of the site. The pre-defined skins used in caskets can be an excellent way to reach more audience and make things better in terms of reach and leads generations.

Puncher: Another rich ad option that is worth mentioning is the Puncher; it is basically comprised of two images that are seen in the bottom ads, and they seem to appear on the page until the user interacts with them. Along with pre-defined skins, the chances of ad interaction increase, making the content shareable and interactive.

Spinners: Spinners are dynamic ads that offer 2 different images in a single way. In addition to that, these types of rich ads are basically seen in the lower right corner. Spinners can be a great way to showcase two different dynamic ads or deals in a single place, and with the help of pre-designed skins, you can reach a bigger customer base while making it interactive and sharable.

Tripod: As the name suggests, the Tripod comprises three different images, and this can be an excellent way to make way around different offers to be presented to the audience. Similar to the other ads that are mentioned above, Tripod is also seen on the bottom of the screen and is only available on mobile.

Now that we are done with the ad formats and everything, its time to take a look at the perks of using from both advertisers’ and publishers’ POVs.

How can Advertisers Use – Start Running Your Branding!

Adport for Advertisers offers some excellent features and services for advertisers, and below mentioned are some of the key features that make an excellent choice overall.

Global Coverage: One of the key features that make Adport an excellent choice is its global coverage; offers more than 220 Geos with a huge subscriber list along with different categories making marketing and advertising operations more targeted.

Filtered Targeting Options: Adport offers different options for targeting; these filtered targeting options include targeting by geos, region, devices, carriers, OS version, etc.

Multiple Creative in Push Ads: Adport also offers to perform A/B testing, which can be helpful in order to make things better in terms of tried & tested formulas, whichever set of targeted filters feel the best; you can make your way around that, this way a better analysis of everything can be performed.

Automated Ad Optimization: Adport also offers this excellent feature for ad optimization, which can be really helpful in a number of ways for advertisers; automated ad optimization can help in saving time and effort while expanding the reach and leads generation.

Anti-Fraud Protection: In addition to all the perks that are mentioned above, the anti-fraud protection by Adport can help in safe practices being performed for advertising. The anti-fraud protection by Adport includes manual and automatic bot filtering developed internally in the firewall.

Multiple Formats Available: As already stated above, Adport offers multiple ad formats that can be used for multiple operations. These multiple ad formats can be optimized on the basis of audience group, device and geos, this way, you will be able to get along with the ad format which is best suitable for your operations.

How can Publishers Take Advantage of – Start Monetizing Your Audience!

Adport for Publishers

Adport offers some excellent perks for publishers as well; some of them are mentioned below:

High Revenue Share: If we compare Adport to most of the advertising and monetizing networks offered, Adport offers up to 85% revenue share, making it an excellent choice among advertisers. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that offers one of the highest commission shares in the market.

Easy Integration and Onboarding: Unlike most of the advertising networks available in the market, Adport offers different ad formats with easy integration and onboarding. 

Transparency: Well, the Adport admin panel lets you get along with revenue while managing them in real-time without any hassle. This, as a result, can help in managing everything at a better level using real-time data and transparency.

Monetizing Every User: Well, Adport also focuses on monetizing every single user while obtaining high eCPM in order to increase overall income.

Multiple Payment Options Available: Adport offers a whole wide range of payment methods, including Credit card, Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Paxum, therefore making it an excellent choice among publishers.

Top FAQ on Adport Review

What is Adport?

Adport is the best self-serve advertising and monetization platform specially designed for advertisers and publishers. This ad network provides 360º monetization solutions to all its publishers and high-quality traffic to its advertisers. Adport allows you to target audience by geos, region, carriers, devices, OS versions and more.

Why should I go for Adport ad network?

Publishers and advertisers are frustrated with the high cost of advertising, low-quality advertisements, and unclear revenue earnings. Adport offers a solution to these problems by providing a safe and transparent ad network where publishers can increase their traffic earnings. Advertisers can also enjoy high-quality traffic that has been verified by click-through rates, conversion rates, and user engagement. Adport enables advertisers to set up their campaigns in less time and gives complete insights into their performance. At the time, Adport helps publishers to monetize their traffic and gain a high eCPM for earning maximum income.

What are ad formats supported by Adport?

Following is the list of ad formats that Adport supports:
1. Push notifications
2. Pop-under/ Onclick
3. In-Page Push
4. Smartlink
5. Interstitial
6. Rich media

What are the payment methods supported by Adport?

Adport has a minimum payment threshold of $50. You will get paid when you hit the minimum payment requirement, which is $50. Adport support many payment options, including credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Paxum, etc.

Is Adport the best Google Adsense alternative?

Yes, we can say that Adport is a reliable Google Adsense alternative. There are many people who might pick Google Adsense because of its Google Tag feature. But on the other hand, Adport is the suitable ad network that you should consider as an alternative to Google Adsense. Recently Adport released two more ad formats that are Interstitial and Rich Media ad formats. Adport gives publishers more monetization possibilities that help them make good revenue.

Adport Facebook Group

Adport Facebook Group

Conclusion: Adport Review 2024 – Is Adport worth it?

Adport can be an excellent choice for advertisers and publishers in terms of advertising and monetizing. If we look after the ad formats offered by it, there is no doubt that Adport can be helpful in getting a better reach and conversions. The ad formats like push, pop/onclick, in-page push, smartlinks, and interstitial can help in delivering the best to advertisers and publishers for what they need.

In addition to all that, what gained my attention was rich media options for targeting mobile users, as you can explore sections like casket, puncher, spinner and tripod for better advertising. Another real deal offered by Adport is its commission, as you can get up to 85% rev share, which is comparatively higher than other networks and platforms.

Adport advertising and monetizing platform have a monthly visit of 3 billion+; in addition to all that, Adport has got around 300+ publishers, 500+ advertisers, 220 geo-locations available and more than 3.5K campaigns running. So, as a bottom line, it can be said that Adport can be an excellent choice for advertisers and publishers.

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Adport Review 
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Adport is the best ad network for both advertisers and publishers. It offers many useful features that allow advertisers to scale their campaigns fast and publishers to make more profit by monetizing their traffic. As we all know, it is quite challenging to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. With Adport, advertisers can increase their revenue by up to 200% with ads that get delivered in the right context and with greater precision. At the same time, publisher’s will get the opportunity to earn big with multiple formats and personalized and dynamic ads offered by Adport.

  •  Fast & easy setup.
  •  It supports various ad formats.
  •  Anti-fraud protection.
  •  Excellent customer support.
  •  It supports various payment options.


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