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AdsBridge Review: Affiliate Tracker with Endless Features

Tracking your affiliate campaigns is essential if you want to succeed in this industry. If you don't know which ads are top converting, You can't make money…

Affiliate Marketing is all about tracking, analyzing and optimizing.

You must be working with multiple affiliate networks and brands. Imagine if you are running a campaigns 24/7 and its not converting at all. How will you know?

If you are able to track your campaigns and conversions accurately then you have done 80% of your affiliate marketing hard work. There are so many affiliate tracking software in the market today. Finding the right one is daunting and full of confusion.

You might even end up buying any tracking solution without knowing the needs or whether it is helpful or not. Choosing the wrong tracker with bogus features will waste your money resulting in bad output.

To save your money and time, We are here with AdsBridge Review comparing its features and plans. This article will help you decide the importance of affiliate tracking software and whether AdsBridge is your destination for an excellent insight tool.

AdsBridge – All in one affiliate tracking Software?

AdsBridge Review

AdsBridge is an exclusive tracking tool that offers a single platform to track, manage, analyze, optimize and monetize your affiliate campaigns in a smart way.

So we can say that in affiliate marketing an affiliate tracker works as a bridge between you and the traffic.

AdsBridge has 4+ years of experience in the affiliate industry which is not much to impress everyone but above that, it delivers top-notch features. It ensures to boost your ROI and give your hands on everything that you need in a compelling tracking software. It has 7+ data centers powered by AWS that ensure the fastest redirects.

With high-end servers that are flexible and scalable, traffic is delivered through the shortest routes with click loss being the lowest.

With a global coverage across 160+ countries, AdsBridge has become the unbreakable bridge for many marketers and media buyers providing the highest technology services with uptime support when needed. At one click you can reach 100+ networks integrated within the tracking software.

Why Choose AdsBridge?

AdsBridge Review: Affiliate Tracker with Endless Features 3

AdsBridge is an all in one affiliate software which helps track, manage, analyze, optimize, and monetize your affiliate campaigns via one single platform. Its USP is an in-built landing page editor with HTML and visual editor that lets you quickly edit and replicate landing p[ages in minutes.

If you are willing to get effectiveness in managing your affiliate tracking activities then this is the place that brings to light what you need.

All premium features are offered to everyone and not biased only based on pricing. This is one compelling reason to prove how AdsBridge increases the profitability of your business.

Every affiliate's dream is to keep a track of all the activities and face the challenges with heads up. AdsBridge leads from the front to face any kind of challenges expected from a fantastic tracker.

It’s not easy to make a choice on selecting good affiliate tracking software but AdsBridge provides a set of competitive tools that you can’t say no to. All the functionalities meet the modern ways of tracking that every affiliate is in search of. By choosing AdsBridge you can monitor your traffic quality directly and optimize it as per your need.

Set of tools offered with any plan includes:

Do you want to switch from your existing tracking service provider to AdsBridge? It’s absolutely free with no hidden charges. Not just free transfer but you are eligible for a 50% discount on any plan for the first month. For any complicated settings which you find to be exhausting, your affiliate manager at AdsBridge will guide you for a successful setup.

You get a 14 days free trial to start your journey without any pain on spending from your pocket. Get access to all the functions absolutely free for 14 days and make your decision to continue your affiliate tracking journey after that.

Features offered by AdsBridge

AdsBridge offers a set of tools that are ready to face any challenges required by an affiliate for effective tracking software. Take a look at the features incorporated in any subscription plan.

#1. Completely Cloud based

AdsBridge is completely hosted on the cloud and hence you do not need to host any of the files on your servers. The complete infrastructure is hosted on AWS making it blazing fast all the time and stable. Redirects are pretty fast on AB.

#2. Real-time Statistics

The main characteristic feature of any tracking software is to collect the data and represent it in the form of statistics that could be graphical or tabular. AdsBridge shows statistics in real-time with options to edit the reports or filter using any parameter. It allows you to view the reports in different time zones and also helps you in making decisions on upgrading your performance.

AdsBridge statistics has 4 sections viz. global report, conversion report, edit conversion, and manage reports.

#3. Conversion report

This report is helpful in checking the complete report for conversions of each campaign. Information from the postback link that is placed on your affiliate network can also be checked.

Global Report: In this users can view reports for all the campaigns, affiliate networks, offers, traffic sources, and landing pages by marking the checkboxes and setting the filters on a panel on the right-hand side of the dashboard. After viewing the reports you can download it in CSV format.

#4. Edit Conversion

The two features included in this section are upload conversion and update conversion. With upload conversion, you can upload conversions by entering Click ID manually. If your conversions weren’t tracked by pixels and did not reach the AdsBridge system then this might be helpful.

Later you can check the stats for the upload conversions that were missed. If your conversion comes with incorrect payout then by using an updated conversion feature you can edit the conversion and fix it. This way you can easily update the conversion and get payouts just by loading the correct payout values.

#5. Manage Reports

With this feature, you can create your own report template by deciding the checkboxes once and then later choosing it from the drop-down menu. This saves your time and speeds up the process of displaying the stats data.

To monetize your traffic effectively you need to customize reports with the required filters and get complete statistics in real-time.

#6. Anti-fraud Detection

This feature from AdsBridge detects fraudulent activities like clicks, visits or conversions in real-time. This is simply artificial intelligence. Other trackers only follow a single metric for fraud activities whereas AB follows several metrics and when all the other metrics show high chances of fraud only then it counts the activity as a fraud.

AdsBridge checks the following metrics for fraudulent activities:

Frequent events, data-centered, unknown time zone, misleading language, unrecognized devices, fast clickers, library robots, unrecognized user agents, without referrer, and outdated operating system. The anti-fraud system is needed due to quality analysis done by 10 metrics, saves your time on manually analyzing traffic on each parameter, no additional tools are required as you get TDS, tracker and anti-fraud at one place, bot setting based on filter delivers exact information.

#7. Unlimited custom domains

Asbridge allows you to hose unlimited custom domains so you can use multiple domains for different campaigns. Paid ads on google and Facebook most of the time, block landing pages by domains, So you can use different domains easily. It also offers SSL on all custom domains.

#8. Referrer Hide

This is indeed the best option and common between other affiliate trackers. By protecting referral parameters or by using meta-refresh, You can run N number of ads and PPC campaigns, and your referral parameters of google or FB won't be passed to your final money page. It is keeping you, safe form advertisers.

#9. Multi-User Access

Automation conversion Caps: While most of the affiliate networks have a cap on each affiliate campaign, so it does not cross advertisers' maximum budget. However, when promoting some traffic sources does not have a capping facility. Hence Adsbridege helps you to edit the cap of each campaign, So once the target is reached, it will stop automatically or divert traffic to another offer.

AdsBridge Traffic Monetization

This is a new feature in Adsbridge that does automatization of the traffic distribution process (Smartlink). It's an effective way of monetization with improved profitability, time-saving searching for the best offer. Traffic monetization or smart clink can be set in just one click. Try it out

YouTube video

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Plans & Pricing

AdsBridge plans are cost-effective and you can save up to 15% off on annual plans. They offer four plans Starter, Professional, Advanced and Business.

AdsBridge Review: Affiliate Tracker with Endless Features 4

Payment methods supported are MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, American Express, PayPal, Web Money, epayments and JCB.

Starter Plan starts at $29/mo. if billed monthly and $299/year if billed annually. This plan offers 100,000 visits per month, free clicks and conversions, $0.07 over limit 1K visits and core functions for tracking campaigns.

The most popular is the Professional plan that bills $80/mo. or $899/year. With this plan you get 1,000,000 visits per month, free clicks and conversions, $0.04 over limit 1K visits, Smartlink, Dedicated account manager, unlimited domains and SSL, unlimited landing page editor.

Adsbridge Free trial

Adsbridge FAQ

Which Affiliate Networks are directly supported by Adsbridge?

Most of the top Networks like Adcombo, Leadbit, bitter strawberry, clickdealer, MaxBounty, and over 100+ networks are directly integrated. Custom affiliates networks can be easily integrated using global or offer postback/pixels

Does Adsbridge help in PPC Campaigns?

Yes, Adsbridge is built for tracking and optimizing PPC campaigns of Google, Facebook, etc on a click? You can add any traffic source. It also gives conversion tracking on google Ads.

Can it filter unwanted traffic?

With Adsbridge you can conduct A/B tests of campaigns, filter bot traffic and view all possible information about your traffic.

Final Words

I hope this AdsBridge Review helped you to understand all its features in a better way. The service is worth a try and it's cost-effective in other affiliate trackers in the market. The affiliate industry is full of trackers and intelligence tools. Hence it's better to stick with the smart one which not only costs less but also offers competitive features

Affiliate marketing is incomplete without Affiliate trackers. If you want to scale your earnings in this industry by media buying or PPC, a Tracker is a must to manage, optimize, and increase ROI. Without a tracking platform between your traffic source and advertiser, you won't be able to see which traffic is the best pefforming.

Do let us know your affiliate marketing experience with trackers. Have you used Adsbridge before? Share your suggestions in the ents section below.

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