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AdTargeting Review 2022: Ultimate Interest Ad Targeting Tool

Do you own an online business? Are you tired of the manual tactics? If that is the case, you need a professional targeting tool to help you reach your desired audience. While there are many platforms available online, you need one that you can trust entirely.

In our ✅AdTargeting Review, we perform in-depth research on a Facebook targeting tool. This platform supports five languages so that you can reach your desired audience in no time.

AdTargeting is a renowned free Facebook targeting tool with strong data analysis capabilities without a simple data research and expansion tool; this platform is used to help the users analyze the audience’s interest and target accurate audiences by interest. If you want to check out how much this platform is effective, keep tune-in with us!

Detailed AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting is the best way to find hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. It can help you max the ROI of your Facebook marketing targeting. With AdTargeting, you’ll be able to discover new and interesting groups on Facebook that are relevant to your business and target them with ads. You’ll also have access to a free Google keyword tool so you can easily find keywords related to your industry and create more effective ad campaigns.

This free tool also helps you find the perfect audience for your ads. It’s easy to use and has helped thousands of marketers get more ROI from their Facebook campaigns. You can also use it to target Google keywords, so you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on irrelevant traffic again

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Who can use AdTargeting?

For all the advertisers, audience targeting is pretty crucial. If you manage to find your target audience accurately, that means you get to save costs and improve your ROI. Other than that, the perfect set of audiences can help you achieve your target. But, if you are targeting the wrong group, you are doing nothing but harm your business.

AdTargeting Reviews

The proper use of audience targeting tools has proven a great help to all advertisers. AdTargeting is such a tool that can help advertisers achieve their favorite audience. Also, if you are a marketer, you can use the tactics of this platform to improve your strategies.

So basically, we are trying to say that AdTargeting is an excellent platform for all online entrepreneurs; looking for a better ROI. With the help of this platform, you can search for more relevant keywords for your business. Most of the system-recommended words can be analyzed in detail. If you are a social media or a Facebook advertiser, what are you still waiting for?

Key Features of AdTargeting

There are a few critical points of this network that attracts a large set of users. Keep us try to find out what are the features that make AdTargeting a hit with the advertisers.

🔎 Interest Search

Interest Search

One of the critical functions of this platform is Interest search. AdTargeting offers Facebook interests in five languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and, German. You only have to choose the desired language type, enter your interest keywords, and click on the search box to get thousands of Facebook interest lists.

AdTargeting helps you find a list of interests and filters suitable interests according to their requirement. Its search is divided into 5 columns: interest name, audience size, Facebook Ads Manager interest path, Category, and topic. In addition to that, an advertiser can also sort by audience numbers and keyword relevance.

🏅 Interest list

Interest list

You will be thrilled to take a look at Facebook’s interest list vocabulary! There are some hidden interest keywords that you cannot even imagine. The interest list is also a little overwhelming; it can comprise multiple categories. And now, AdTargeting provides the most renowned interest lists in various industry categories.

Let’s look at the interest list of advertisers on AdTargeting. We will observe that most advertisers are still using extensive keywords that are not relevant to the type of the campaign. In advertising marketing, advertisers ignore choosing these high-frequency keywords. AdTargeting helps you avoid these complicated keywords that seem relevant but are inconsistent with your target audience.

🚀 Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

The second crucial feature of AdTargeting is the Audience Analysis feature. If you click on any Interest word on AdTargeting, you will observe an audience analysis of the selected keyword. If you are baffled about whether or not your chosen keyword will interest your target audience, then interest audience analysis plays a vital role.

AdTargeting audience analysis is entirely based on the audience screening method of Facebook audience insights. The work of AdTargeting is to analyze the number of audiences for each interest, demographics, age distribution, gender, Job Title, Device, Location, and Top Country, and Facebook Page. AdTargeting lists Facebook pages that are most crucial to interest keywords, and that is an excellent way to monitor competitor’s interest.

💻 Interest Comparison

Interest Comparison

As you use AdTargeting, you will realize that it has an interest audience comparison function when analyzing the audience of any interest. Ann advertiser only needs to enter another interest keyword, and they will witness an audience comparison of both the keywords. AdTargeting usually shows the difference between the two audiences in the form of a chart.

Benefits and Strength of AdTargeting

AdTargeting offers precise targeting, which is more robust than other tools. AdTargeting can aid advertisers in classifying keywords based on the audience in detail through interest classification strategies.

AdTargeting Promo Code

The multiple audience options from AdTargeting offers advertisers more opportunities and helps them to improve their ROI. Most advertisers select the exact interest keywords, which often overlap between the audience belonging to the same location. When you choose audience interest, try not to select the interests recommended by Facebook directly.

When you get started with AdTargeting, you can target a more vast audience with a small amount of money. One of the most critical factors is to target your competitors’ audience, and AdTargeting can do the same!

With AdTargeting, you get to:

  • Analyze each keyword interest, find the particular Facebook page that matches the keyword.
  • Find more competitor’s brands through keyword research.

Examples of Facebook AdTargeting

Now listen to this fact. Online doctor consultations are a great business model. But, they often go through trouble reaching their target audience. In Facebook account management, many audience interest words related to the doctors, but the advertisers frequently use those words.

AdTargeting Discount

But when you use these keywords in your advertising campaign, you will know that these words are not relevant to your business. Other than this, the only available words that other advertisers frequently use make them too familiar. Through AdTargeting, you can get some inspiration. AdTargeting’s recommendations only direct you to recommend words that are entirely relevant for your business. With that, Facebook is good at hiding relevant keywords.

AdTargeting Pricing Plans

AdTargeting has a free basic plan. However, you can get the paid plan for free as well.

AdTargeting Pricing

With the PRO plan, you get the following features:

  • Unlimited queries
  • Facebook interests research
  • Google keywords research
  • UnLimited search results
  • Detailed interest insight
  • Detailed keyword insight
  • Explore by multiple languages
  • Compare targeting

🌟 AdTargeting FAQ

🙄 What is AdTargeting?

AdTargeting is the best tool on the market that helps you find hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. It’s easy to use and can help you maximize ROI with Facebook advertising. You can use it as a Google keyword targeting tool too! With AdTargeting, there are no more excuses for not reaching your audience.

🔎 What are the data sources of AdTargeting?

AdTargeting got the best data around. Its crawlers are always on the lookout for fresh, relevant content to add to its database. And AdTargeting does not rely on other search engines or similar services to find it. So if you want up-to-date information that will help your business grow, AdTargeting data sources are the way to go.

🤔 How often does AdTargeting update its database?

AdTargeting updates its database in real-time. So you can easily refer to its data for your business.

🌎 Which languages do AdTargeting support?

Currently, AdTargeting support 5 major languages for searching, including English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Germany.

🧐Can I cancel my AdTargeting subscription at any time?

Yes, AdTargeting allows you to cancel your paid subscription at any time. It also enables its users to use the remainder of their bill even after cancellation.

🔥 Can I try AdTargeting for free?

Yes, AdTargeting offers a FREE plan to all its new users that help them to test this amazing Facebook interest and Google keyword targeting tool for free. The FREE plan of AdTargeting allows only 3 queries daily with limited features. If you are looking for more queries and advanced features, you need to upgrade your plan.

😎 Is there any working AdTargeting coupon code?

Check the above-mentioned AdTargeting coupon code that you can use to enjoy attractive discounts.

Conclusion: AdTargeting Review 2022 | Should you go for this ad targeting tool?

AdTargeting is an excellent platform for all advertisers who are looking forward to expanding their business. On top of that, the first plan is forever free to use. That means, even if your online activities are on a small basis, you can use the free plan forever. But, if you want to access a small set of features, you can get started with the basic plan @ only $9!

We thought that the Elite plan was a little expensive. But then, you get unlimited queries @ $169. So, that is a pretty fair deal as well. So, if you want nothing but the best for your online business, then there will be nothing better than AdTargeting. What are you still waiting for? Click on the link below to get started with AdTargeting now. We hope that you must have liked our AdTargeting review. Doubts and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below.🙂

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