Top 5 ways to kick start your Affiliate Marketing journey

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods to earn money online. Maybe it's a blogger or website owner, one can't deny to market affiliate products or services on his website/blog. For the ones who are still not getting success in affiliate marketing, here are the top 5 proven methods to kick start your affiliate marketing journey.

Kick start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing journey

There are thousands of affiliate networks scattered over the web with different categories. Any niche may be like Web Hosting to dating, every saturated company have its affiliate portal which enables them to boost their sales.

Well I am not going to describe here what affiliate marketing is but I will show you the steps and sure shot methods to promote affiliate products easily and how to convert them .

For new bloggers who have still not stepped into affiliate marketing, I am sharing some of the top affiliate networks which I have experienced  personally and also generated money :p

  • Viglink – Automated Affiliate marketing (best)

And many, many, many others…..

So let's begin with the 5 best ways to Start your affiliate marketing journey.

1: Choose product related to your Blog Niche

Prompting Ir-relevant product on your blog is the biggest mistake a newbie affiliate marketer makes.  Promoting dating products on an SEO blog or promoting weight-loss products on a technology blog is like hitting axes on your own legs. This will shatter your affiliate marketing career. and will never help to grow sales.

Promote the same category product which you are writing about or the blog is about. For example, If you are writing a review on a handset then promote the affiliate link of the same handset via Amazon affiliates. browse all the affiliate network to find products in your niche and start promoting them strategically.

2: Target geographic location

Promoting a U.S based Affiliate product in an Indian traffic blog will never help. Make sure your website/blog is targeted to a specific geographic traffic first. See your statics and check which countries you are having maximum traffic from. beginners always does this mistakes hence they are not able to survive in Aff. marketing.

Research first with your traffic and then use the affiliate product for the same country audience and believe me it will convert much better.

Search for some Multi-geo affiliate products which converts in many counties so that will not waste your traffic. You may find many such offers in ShareASale and CPALEAD.

3: Review method converts the most

Who doesn't like to read reviews of product or services and one will not even notice if he/she is clicking an affiliate link in the review, millions of peoples search for reviews daily and even there is lot of competition. You need to post reviews o low competitive keywords at the initial stage to get higher in SERP's first.

Make sure your review should be ethical and should not look like a sponsored or affiliate review. Sometimes you should also write drawbacks of products for readers trust building. Then chose the right affiliate link in the reviews.

Even affiliate companies love websites with reviews, as this is the most genuine way to promote without any advertisement or banner.

4: Everyone loves Discounts

Now there are two methods here, let me explain you one by one. I am not asking you to create a complete coupon or deal website to promote in this way but to post deals and discounts of affiliate product on your blog.

For example, as  I have Blog dedicated to SEO & WordPress so I sometimes publish discount of WordPress themes on my Blog. User's love to get exciting deals and I do earn a commission from the theme link also.

If you have joined many affiliate programs then you must be getting numerous of email of their promotional discounts and many. Utilize them as fast as you can. “benefit other with coupon and you will also be benefited :P”. This is one of the best way for affiliate marketing.

5:Use of  Social Media 

Apart from search engine traffic, tons of peoples are now on social media and in this era Social media is the best way to earn money from affiliate marketing. However, this needs a lot of strategies and it is not so easy as other methods. But if you get to know about it then you will never be regretted.

you may search for peoples using the keywords of your affiliate program by searching with # tags and then you may contact them or share your “landing page” link with them.

Even if you are getting just one sale per day using this method then it is really awesome and it can increase very fast. I will suggest you to drive a lot of social media traffic from Twitter, FB, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc..

Landing page means the first-page user will land clicking on your link, This can be your affiliate link or blog link. 

I will be glad to share more guides and my personal methods for Kick starting your Affiliate Marketing journey. For any more tips & tricks, feel free to ask me in the comments section and Do share your views on Affiliate marketing methods and how you do it! See you in the next post.. Happy Blogging 🙂

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    Nice post I liked your comments about review posting as well. And i appreciated the links to affiliate networks a couple i havent heard of so i will be checking those out.Cheers Andrew


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