Affstar is a lot of things, from being a CPA network that is known to offer 200+ in-house plans for the health sector as well as for Nutritious products to being an e-commerce website and also providing a vast range of information about various health-related products. Affstar is one of the top leading affiliate networks providing the most reliable range of services.

Other than this, the website even claims to house offers of an Affiliate platform especially build for a new generation. Affstar also focuses on a sector where you can earn 20% more on dynamic bidding and have a review on advanced direct advertiser analytics. Let’s read about this amazing CPA network in this Affstar review.

What is AFFSTAR Affiliate Network? AFFSTAR Review

AFFstar Review

Affstar Affiliate, a CPA network is best at offering quick registration with not much additional checks. Here you can sign up yourself and get instant access. The CPA network has got a lot of advanced tracking tools varying from postbacks, APIs, domain parking, rotator, and other online services. Although most of its offers can be used worldwide, the CPA platform is mainly accessible in CIS regions and in Latin America. If you are an affiliate with the company you can also choose your preferred traffic source.

Affstar is known to continually test its financial offers and keep on upgrading its mailing services. With that already put in action, the affiliate CPA network also provides its popular services as in the case studies and every detail to train you for the affiliate market. It is also great at providing the best practices and creatives.

In Affstar you can connect with the team of affiliate managers on any business day, who will provide you with some of the greatest insights and numerous case studies. Along with all of this, the network even provides you with huge payouts in regard to the high performance of the traffic, which is one of their profitable offers. You can have your personal terms discussed with them and clear any doubts you have for maximum profit.

Now that the services and other sectors have been discussed, let’s talk about whether it is a smart move to register yourself on this CPA affiliate Network.

Is AFFSTAR the Best Network to Join?

First of all, let us tell you that the offers Affstar provides are huge. In the meantime, you should know that the partners of Affstar earn 20% more (as claimed by the website), because of the dynamic payouts and advanced advertiser analytics.

Other than this, there are still a lot of benefits that we need to discuss with you, which will surely give you a taste of profit.

The affiliate network has got international offers that convert from tenders spread all over the world. The countries that the CPA network deals with are the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the whole CIS region.

Affstar is known to provide a community with a variety of exclusive and quality offers while even having great plans and structure for its partners. You can work with Affstar in the most flexible terms one could imagine.

Affstar is also known to provide a number of earning materials that will help you increase your knowledge to work on any sort of traffic source. They provide you with the study material in the form of online manuals. The CPA network has a 2x payouts than the usual networks and even has a total transparent parameter when it comes to traffic generation. To set up the most profitable targeted advertising network, Affstar will help you with some really great analytics tools, which have advanced in every sector.

The success mantra as per the website also reads that they are always up to help their partners and direct advertisers in understanding their client base. This helps everyone in setting up the most profitable targeted advertising network.

How to be an Affiliate with AFFSTAR?

With a variety of action affiliate programs available with Affstar, you should be sure of considering the best one for you. This should be under consideration as each of the affiliate programs has got its own campaign as well as some rules to follow.

You can begin with having the countries checked, whether they fall under your targeted category or not. You might have a preferred market area to target, and from the list of countries the CPA network provides you would need a little bit of study done before you start.

Next, you have to look for the traffic source that Affstar will accept. This will get you an idea about the platforms where you can provide and promote your business. One thing we would suggest, which is one of the most important things, is to check Affstar’s cookie duration policy. This will give you a clear picture of how long a cookie might last, since the time it was last clicked.

Another thing we would suggest you is to look into is the explicit, religious, and political policy of Affstar. These three topics are most crucial as every region has got its own sentimental values, especially when it comes to religion and politics.

Payouts Offered by AFFSTAR

When we talk about the commissions and payout by Affstar, they are in the most simplest form available. The payouts by Affstar are the most comfortable payment methods, while you also get convenient payment options available for yourself.

Of course, the payout is a must when you are opting for an affiliate program so Affstar has made it simple and easy to understand. The custom payouts are basically based on commissions. Here at Affstar, the payout is in a single-tier commission form. This means the active affiliates will earn a commission when they generate a sale and have a percentage on current offers.

They have a fixed commission structure with a minimum payout, which can be seen on the affiliate dashboard. You can check more information about the payout and its policies with the Affstar affiliate’s contact. The commission rate for the dearest affiliates here at Affstar is up to 5% per sale. So, basically the more sales you generate, the higher will be your payout. The more affiliate links you bring, the better will be your commission.

When we talk about the payout models this CPA network gives out some of the exclusive offers as it has got a few models available, some of which are CPA and Revshare. Other than these two payout methods Affstar also uses Paypal, Digital currencies, and Direct debit payments for instant payments.

Along with the above mentioned methods, Affstar also has a few more payment methods varying from Capitalist (USD), Capitalist RUR, EntryProfit, Google Adwords, Iskander, Tether (ERC20/TRC20), TikTok, Wire, ZaleyCash, and the money can also be transferred directly to your Bank Account by an instant payout.

Extras about AFFSTAR

While the CPA networking website is aware of all the business development happening around it, Affstar is also famous for being a part of most of the affiliate events and expos.

If you wish to meet the recognized partners or clients, or even want to meet directly with the Affstar agents you can visit several expos. The recent event where the Affstar agents will be available to have a word to word discussions is Kinza 360, which is cross-continental marketing forum. Besides this, you can also approach Affstar at MAC: affiliate conference Moscow, which is said to be one of the largest conferences in Europe and ZM Conf. the main conference in the field of traffic arbitration.

Pros and Cons of AFFSTAR Review

  • The CPA network has got Advanced analytics along with Dynamic payouts. Both methods will help you grow in your own industry.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on services as well as on apps by the partners.
  • The affiliate program even gets you some best betting offers.
  • You even get features such as a rotator, Domain parking, API, and postbacks
  • The CPA network, Affstar has got a minimum payout threshold of US $1.
  • This might not sound like a disadvantage but since you have to use your expenses for your own call center, we have put it in the cons section.

Top FAQs on AFFSTAR Review 2024

How to join Affstar CPA networks?

If you are planning to join the CPA networking module by Affstar you can simply register yourself on the website. During the process of registration, you will be asked for a few details such as your name, email address, and a strong password that will keep your account protected. With that, you will also be asked about your telegram handle and your skype id, which is optional. And that’s it, once you are done filing all these details you are a part of experienced affiliate networks.

Where can you contact Affstar?

If you have got any doubts, you can always meet the agents of Affstar at the affiliate expos. You can check the dates of the next expo they will be a part of on their website, or you can even leave a request on the website. You will be asked for a few details of yours such as your full name, and your telegram handle, and if you want you can add a message at the end.

How can Affstar make a business grow?

Affsttar will help you reach professional marketers, both affiliates and publishers. It will expose your product to a fresh audience and also promote it.

How will Affstar help me with a publisher?

The best way to make your business boom is to find a publisher. And to find a pro publisher you have to tie along with a great affiliate marketing agency. Affstar is known to have a collection of publishers who have gone through the long application process before they joined the network.

AFFSTAR Review Conclusion | Is this CPA Affiliate network worth trying?

If you are planning to earn through side gigs and if you want that job to be remote this is the best option for you. You will get to learn a lot of new ways to advertise your product and a new way of being attached to the world market.

Affstar will help you with any sort of queries and will even get you newer and fresh opportunities. The revenue generation process is also easy to understand and has a lot of ways to have the money sent directly to you or your bank account. You just have to learn the techniques, evolve and learn. About the support from the website, you will literally get a VIP treatment every time you have got any doubts. 

The CPA networking platform, Affstar has got one top-tier affiliate program that will gain you a lot of profits. It is at the top of the affiliate marketing industry. The margin they provide through their minimum payment threshold is also better than any other affiliate website, agency, or a program in the whole affiliate marketing sector.

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