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Alex Becker is slowly becoming an internet sensation, the digital marketer who once served the US Air Force is a millionaire today. But what is Alex Becker Net Worth 2022? If that is your question, then mate, you’re on the right page. Keep scrolling as we explore the life of Alex Becker.

Alex Becker is the co-founder of Hyros, or you might have seen his videos on youtube. The cryptocurrency investor is quite famous as the minimalist millionaire. The net worth of Alex Becker is $15 Million in 2022. Let’s learn more about Alex Becker’s Wiki, Bio, girlfriends, and how he built such an astonishing net worth.

Alex Becker Net Worth 2022: How did he become a millionaire?

Net Worth$15 Million
DOB (age)24th May, 1988 (34 years)
Height5ft 6″
Country of BirthTexas, America
Source of WealthHyros, YouTube, investment and other companies, Online and digital marketing
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Youtuber and Media personality
CitizenshipsUnited States
Relationship StatusSingle
Most Expensive Things Bought$45,000 Rolex Million dollar Crypto investment
Social MediaTwitter: @ZssBecker (832.4k followers)
Instagram: alexbeckertech1 (247k followers)
YouTube: Alex Becker’s Channel (1.3M subscribers)
Official site: Hyros

It is not an everyday story that somebody switches their career path in search of something more fascinating. Perhaps a very risky choice for some, but for Alex Becker, this turned out to be a life-turning decision. Once served in the Air force, Alex is the founder of Hyros, a high-end digital marketing tool for business data analysis.

Alex also looks quite a hottie, but what portion of his earnings does he spend on his luxury lifestyle? The journey of this advanced digital marketer has been quite an interesting one. Stay tuned to know more about Alex Becker’s life and other amazing facts!

Alex Becker Early Life: Was Becker born rich?

Alex Becker Early Life

Becker was born in 1988 in Dallas, Texas, where while growing up, he had a dream of joining the AirForce. There is not much information about his family, but as described, he had a normal childhood. He did his schooling at some private institution in his hometown.

Not all of us have seen our childhood dreams come true, but Alex achieved what he desired. He worked with the US Air Force as an aircraft firefighter. Everything seemed to be going well until he decided to retire at the age of 23. It might sound a little strange because none in their wildest dreams would consider resigning from their dream job.

Alex wanted to explore the world of digital marketing. Initially, he started with SEO by dealing with the related courses and learning and selling. Then later entered digital marketing through dropshipping. And that is how he laid the foundation of his online marketing career before becoming the founder of a few SaaS companies.

Alex Becker Professional Career

Alex Becker Professional Career

He founded his first software company, Source Wave marketing, with which he wanted to expand more towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing. The SEO software development company helps with SEO services and much more. Soon after, he also developed ‘Market Hero LLC,’ an email marketing service. The business email platform was not very trendy and hence did not do extremely well in the market.

Instead of giving up, he went for YouTube. On 15th January 2015, he joined the YouTube community as a producer and since then has amassed a fan following of 1.3M subscribers. Where he shares investment advice, advertises his training programs, and other life hacks.

His published book, “The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mindsets of the World’s Richest People,” is another of his great ventures. The book is quite knowledgeable, was launched in 2016 and has been awarded a 4.7-star rating by Amazon.

He is also an investor who shares advice on his YouTube channel. But because he has been a part of some shady ventures, some wonder, “Is Alex Becker a Scam?”. There is nothing to support the allegation, though.

Alex Becker Success: Did Hyros make him what he is today?

Alex Becker Success

He was also very interested in biohacking and wanted to do something in this field as well. So he founded Spekter Labs, an ecommerce nutrition site that sold nootropic and vitamin supplements. He later sold the company. The online entrepreneur also profits from his consulting agency, which is helpful for business owners to build successful companies.

He became a sensation after becoming the founder of Hyros. The tool makes it easier for online businesses to accurately track their business and sales data, resulting in profit. They say that they are revolutionizing digital marketing by making it simple.

Alex says that he has struggled for many years to see his business growth just because there were no proper measures that made precisely tracking his data possible. He needed a reliable long-term solution, and even the most complex systems failed to provide that. And that is why he, along with his team, built Hyros, which solves all the problems and is very trustable.

Career Highlights

  • He joined the US Air Force as an aircraft firefighter and then retired at 23.
  • He entered the world of digital marketing and SEO.
  • His first SEO software company was Source Wave.
  • The marketing expert later founded an email marketing service ‘Market Hero LLC.’
  • In 2015 he joined youtube, posting videos about courses, investments and life hacks.
  • His book, “The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mindsets of the World’s Richest People,” was also very informative and loved by its readers.
  • Alex stepped into the world of biohacking with the foundation of Spekter Labs.
  • His recent success is Hyros, an online sales data tracking tool.
  • Becker is also a well-known investor with investments in Bitcoin and Altcoins.
  • He has also developed various courses and training programs, including “Source University,” which teaches people how to make a daily passive income of $100 to $200 using SEO.
  • He has gained popularity as the minimalist millionaire.

Alex Becker Net Worth 2022: How much are his companies worth?

Alex Becker Net Worth 2022

The Net Worth of Alex Becker is $15 million. The major portion comes from the companies he founded and built throughout his career. His Youtube career also seems to be going pretty well. His investments must also fetch him a significant amount as interest and dividends.

Beckers’s monthly income is estimated to be around $4 million per year. His career seems to be earning him a decent per day income of $10,000 and $60,000. He is an author and also promotes brands and companies via his social handles.

He has also helped various aspiring entrepreneurs make money. He currently resides in his luxury Dallas home. Though Alex has opted minimalism, he definitely craves for money and wishes to have a net worth of $500 million before he turns 40, but the question is will he be able to do so?

How does Alex Becker spend his millions?

How does Alex Becker spend his millions?

Actually, Alex for sure is a millionaire now, but he prefers to live like a monk. You can see his YouTube playlists which will ensure that this marketing expert is nothing like other millionaires. There are many reasons why Alex chose to live a life of minimalism.

Though he might own a few luxuries, none of them are as flashy as the rest of the rich folks. He thinks that materialistic things suck your focus and money as well. But his investments are pretty noteworthy. On his YouTube channel, he explains how he has invested his share of income and what will be the best for his audience. Cryptos, Altcoins, Dogecoins and others are some of his popular video mentions.

Earlier, he also owned a Lamborghini Aventador, which is quite a deal. He also has a few expensive tattoos over his body. He is also a fitness freak, so it is assumable that he would spend some significant amount on his health. But after the change of lifestyle, he prefers investing over spending.

After adopting the minimalist lifestyle, he shared a video that depicted that the millionaire sold everything in his apartment, including his couch.

Worthy success lessons to learn from the life of Alex Becker!

Networking: Millionaires never operate in isolation. They form partnerships and networks with other entrepreneurs and people in different industries from across the globe. This is what leads to the growth of their net worth and business. Alex has a massive following on Youtube, his other social handles are also a great platform. This will help him expand and reach a broader range of audiences, which equals more fame and success.

Learning and Development: In a highly competitive world, they must always stay one step ahead of their competitors by staying abreast of their latest innovations, best practices, and game-changing technologies. Therefore, they make it a practice to learn and grow daily, without fail. They track their own progress and aim to be better than they were yesterday.

Rich Self-Discipline: Being wealthy and successful requires a high degree of self-discipline and consistency. You should know that without self-discipline, it is impossible to succeed in any field. For you to achieve your goals and ambitions, you need to be focused and consistent. This means having the willpower to say “No” to distractions, “No” to temptation, and “No” to everything that is not as important as your dream.

Plan and trust the process: Planning plays a vital role as to where you will be in the next 1-5 years. Once you have decided what and how you will achieve your goal, just work as if there is no tomorrow. You need to play your cards well, start investing every possible resource to build what you want to be. Alex wanted to be an army officer, so he worked for it. But later, when he changed and wanted to enter digital marketing, things would not have been easy. But he trusted his insight, and the rest is history.

Valuable quotes by Alex Becker

“Stop trying to be the person people want you to be and you want them to think you are. Literally, nothing has less to do with you or your happiness.” – Alex Becker

“Work 10 times harder than everyone else to make a life that is 10 times more satisfying than everyone else’s.” – Alex Becker

“To be a winner you have to do what it takes to win. The real world is not going to pull its goalie and let you have a free win with a complimentary participation trophy. It’s going to swat your ball away and make fun of you.” – Alex Becker

“Failure is fine. Losing is fine. Looking back on life with nothing but regret f*cking sucks.” – Alex Becker

“Excellence is going the extra mile.” – Alex Becker

“Normal is the opposite of awesome. F*ck normal. Be awesome.” – Alex Becker

“No one ever won anything real by being a victim. Read all the PC ‘everybody wins’ garbage you want, but know that’s exactly what it is: wishful garbage. The more you buy into it, the more others are going to run your life.” – Alex Becker

“Everyone said I would fail because of my stubborn ‘f*ck you’ attitude. And boy did I. I failed to work for them, I failed their school classes, I failed at living life the way they thought was right. The reason I failed them… is the reason I succeed.” – Alex Becker

“You don’t get what you want. You get what you do.” – Alex Becker

Top FAQs on Alex Becker Net Worth

Does Alex Becker have a girlfriend?

Though there is not much information about Becker’s personal or love life, he was dating a gorgeous blonde named Rachel. But sadly, the couple split as Alex wanted to focus on expanding and enhancing Hyros.

What is Alex Becker’s age?

Alex Becker’s age as of July 2022 is 34 years. Alex was born on 24th May 1988.

How many books have Alex Becker written?

Alex Becker is the author of “The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mindsets of the World’s Richest People”.

Is Alex Becker a fraud?

Alex is a controversial media personality, and people’s opinions about him seem to vary. Some consider him to be fishy, but there is no information that causes us to doubt the entrepreneur, Youtuber, investor, course developer and ex-army personnel.

What was Alex Becker Net Worth 2021?

The net worth of Alex Becker in 2021 was somewhere around $10-12 million.

Conclusion: How Much did Alex Becker make throughout his professional career?

Alex Becker today has a net worth of $15 Million. He makes money through his YouTube channel by making videos on cryptocurrency, fintech, and investing-related topics. The YouTube channel has over 1.13 million subscribers.

On the other hand, Alex is an entrepreneur. Of his many business endeavors, the most recent success is Hyros. It is a tracking and analytics tool that helps digital marketers track & analyze accurate sales data.

When he is not uploading videos on YouTube, he is involved in other business-related activities that also generate revenue for him. He is an investor in numerous businesses, including cryptocurrencies. And looking at this well-expanded portfolio, the Net worth of Alex Becker will surely grow in the coming years.

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