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AliExtractor Review 2022: Best AliExpress Product Research Tool?

E-commerce is booming; the competition is cut-throat, but the profits it gives is worth trying. The sale is an important aspect in any business, and this amazing new app called AliExtractor, created by Chase Bowers and his team dropified, covers all that you need.

The main focus of the AliExtractor app is to help you generate money in the best time possible. Moreover, the features of AliExtractor makes it the best among the competitors.

Before you go-ahead to buy AliExtractor for your Dropshipping business, here we are with a detailed ✅AliExtractor Review, including pricing, features, benefits, and some cons too! Also, we have some exciting offers for you to make the deal better and profitable; find it now in the review!

Detailed AliExtractor Review

AliExtractor Review

There are many dropshipping product discovery and research apps present in the market; while everyone claims to be the best, AliExtractor is the best and profitable of all. Wondering how? You can integrate the different popular platforms to AliExtractor like Commerce HQ, Shopify, Woocommerce.

The dropified team has a good knowledge of online stores because they already run it! They do not just help you increase your profits but also get access to incredible tools to grab a new customer base.

As a business owner, you will profit a lot from the features of AliExtractor. You can find the trending products by weeding out the low-interest consumer products from the store. The overall product research and discovery time gets down drastically by the regular usage of the app. Moreover, AliExtractor offers ample compensation to all its affiliates.

The primary reason we suggest using AliExtractor is the profits it gives you apart from the sales. You will get 8% cashback on all the products you purchase on Aliexpress.

Features Offered by AliExtractor

AliExtractor is bundled up with excellent tools and features to help you find the right products and boost your sales incredibly. But, learning all of it and utilizing it will undoubtedly take a lot of time.

AliExtractor Review 2022: Best AliExpress Product Research Tool? 2

In this case, the team has made its user’s work more accessible by providing you with support and easily understandable tools. You can navigate the tools easily, without any lags. Here are some exciting features you must know about AliExtractor!

💸Net Profit Calculator

It’s essential to maintain the product margin in any business. And if you are into e-commerce, it becomes important to look after your competitor’s sales price and margin properly. Each product has a different margin; some may have higher and some lower, depending on the product’s demand.

AliExtractor Review - Net Profit Calculator

As a business owner, your main aim is to gain maximum profits and grow sales. However, it gets confusing to decide the cost of any product. Here’s where AliExtractor helps you to calculate your profit by examining the margin efficiently. You can view your bonus cashback amount of each product in Aliexpress.

🌌Easy Product Sourcing

It is tedious to find the availability and cost of products on aliexpress because these are the significant factors to determine in e-commerce. What if you have chosen a product, but its availability is far less. Your customer experience will deteriorate.

Order fulfillment is important for any business to grow AliExtractor helps you to get relevant data quickly. Moreover, you can learn and explore different niches to start over and the present demand.

🔎Research Product Sales

It isn’t easy to look at product variants on aliexpress because there are lots of choices available. While browsing, you will look after several products with the same shape, design, or color, confusing you. There will be lots of questions like should I pick up this variant? Is this variant going to give me more profits than the previous one?

The experience is the same as product hunting, but there is no need to worry; it does the work for you quickly. It helps to dig down deeper by researching the product sales from the seller. You can easily pick up a product by eliminating the one having a poor sales record through this.

AliExtractor always makes sure that you choose a product that is top-selling for your virtual shop.

🚀New Product Idea Generator

Have you recently started your store and looking forward to putting up some exciting top-selling products and having the best customer reviews? AliExtractor is all that you need! It helps to find the relevant product for your business in a click.

New Product Idea Generator

You can quickly decide your niche and look after the profit margin that will complement your store and match up with your current theme. It also offers some quick and creative suggestions for your product research.

💥Product Review & Feedbacks

Another best feature of AliExtractor is its ability to provide its users with reviews and customer feedback. Be it a brick or mortar business or online store, customer reviews play a significant role in the sales process. You can look forward to the order fulfillment rate by customers who have already bought it.

AliExtractor will provide you detailed data about product reviews by the vendor and top-rated seller feedback to select the right product for your shop.

The retail revenue estimator feature by AliExtractor will get you current sales data by monthly statistics. You will also get access to the US product database, through which you can get considerable customers to boost your profitability.

Why should you use AliExtractor right away?

AliExtractor will help you search for any product according to its niche; you can quickly identify the top-selling products through this. Moreover, you can access data of overall units a manufacturer is selling in a month. The sales volume statistics cover detailed insights about trending products and their sales in a month.

YouTube video

The best thing you can do with AliExtractor is to calculate or examine the supplier’s revenue or the manufacturer. Hence, you can pick up a product that will serve your business’s high-value by putting in the highest profit margin possible.

You can also review the vendor ratings to remove or cut off the supply chain problems. This will help you get positive reviews or feedback from the customer, as late delivery creates more business obstacles. We suggest you stick to the highest-rated vendor; so as you don’t face any issues.

AliExtractor Pricing Plans

AliExtractor comes at highly reasonable pricing; that’s $97. The cost is fair because you get lots of features; moreover, you can earn back the fee by using the tool strategically. Features included in the one-time price by AliExtractor includes:

AliExtractor Pricing Plans
  • Startup a new search
  • Excellent customer support system
  • Save recent and favorite searches.
  • Combined search of seller ratings and feedbacks
  • Export excel sheet into CSV file
  • Aliexpress product table data point
  • Net payout and revenue calculator
  • Estimated monthly units sold.
  • Load Aliexpress search pages
8% Cashback by AliExtractor on all AliExpress Purchases

AliExtractor is not just popular for the features it provides to any business, but it even has some exciting bonus pay for your products in the store. Have you ever imagined getting cashback for each personal purchase you made from AliExpress? No, right! AliExtractor sells an exclusive volume of products from Aliexpress.

Aliextractor Review - 8 Cashback Opputunity

So each power seller of AliExtractor gets rewarded because they have done a massive volume of consumer sales. Plus, you can pick out the trendiest product from the AliExtractor feature; hence, in all, you are going to get extraordinary profits just by using the tool strategically.

Not just AliExpress, you can use AliExtractor on Shopify stores, Woocommerce, Commerce HQ. Just download the app and reduce your product discovery or research time quickly. We would suggest you test drive at first because it will eliminate many nonprofitable products from your store.

Also, AliExtractor provides the user with its affiliate program; if you buy a copy, it’s undoubtedly a win-win strategy every business owner will be excited about!

The affiliate program by AliExtractor will help you earn more money just by referring it to your friends or colleagues. The support team of AliExtractor is amazing; if you have any queries, you can have a chat. The dropified development team is coming up with some more exciting offers; we are looking forward to updating you!

Pros & Cons


  • Establish the size of shipping and product weight appropriately
  • Retail miner app for calculating cashback
  • 20+ Aliexpress product table data points
  • Excellent customer support system
  • Insights on estimated monthly units sale and revenue
  • Load additional Aliexpress search pages
  • Net payout calculator
  • Export the retrieved data to excel or CSV file


  • As there are lots of features by AliExtractor, beginners find it difficult to explore it all. This app works well with Aliexpress; some may find the pricing bit high, but it’s manageable once you start generating profits.

🌟 AliExtractor FAQ

What is AliExtractor?

AliExtractor helps you to discover how many products a vendor is selling on AliExpress. Using this product research tool, one can save hundreds of hours and make smarter decisions for your online business.

Do I need to have a Facebook account to access AliExtractor?

It is not necessary for you to have a Facebook account. AliExtractor gives you a choice to authenticate the software with either Facebook or Google Chrome account.

Can I install AliExtractor on all my devices?

If you are the sole user of AliExtractor, then you can install AliExtractor on multiple computers. It becomes very important for you to authenticate yourself by using Google Chrome or Facebook account.

Can I get a discount on AliExtractor?

You can use our exclusive AliExtractor coupon code to get a lifetime discount on AliExtractor.

Conclusion: AliExtractor Review 2022 | Should you go for it?

AliExtractor is a great tool if you are looking to scale up your dropshipping earnings. We have provided a detailed insight into all the features by AliExtractor to help you make the right decision. You can not just improve your sales, but also you can see a gradual increase in your ROI.

After reviewing AliExtractor properly, we highly recommend you give it a try, as it is not just affordable. It also provides a huge opportunity to earn you more by referring it to your friends or colleagues!🤑

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