As the most anticipated event of the year was held in San Diego from June 27 to 29, a number of people showed up and participated in various activities, conferences, and panel discussions.

Along with all of that, a world-class lineup of speakers intrigued the attendees of the event with their speeches on both the days of the All American Sports Betting Summit 2023.

Speaking of the day that passed during the first day of the event, no one could actually keep a track of how fast the time went by, as people were actually busy and indulged in the talks given by the speakers on stage.

Day Two Recap of All American Sports Betting Summit 2023

Following the day one which went by having a successful and pleasant time, the most gripping speeches were held on day two of this betting event.

Seth Schorr, the CEO of Fifth Street Gaming took the stage and spoke his knowledge out, enlightening the present listeners. He gave an overview of the vast and dynamic sports betting and gaming industry in North America.

Schorr who gave useful insights into the industry, and also shared a few tips, gave a wonderful share of his personal experiences, “The past five years have been a rollercoaster for most of the players in the space, but people pay a lot of money to get on a roller coaster.”

A panel discussion that was held between Tanner Kern, Jordan Hollander, Seth Young, and Seth Schorr took all the limelight of the event. This part of the event discussed the future possibilities of esports, virtual assimilation, micro betting, in-play betting and also spoke of sweepstakes. During this panel discussion Seth Young, Founding Partner of GMA Consulting said, “Online casino is really the future of this country. This will develop in the next couple of years.”

Right after a short interval of refreshment and networking, the conference had another panel discussion which took all the audience into a realm of sustainable and safer gambling. The whole discussion was guided by Benjamin Floyd, founder, and CEO of i3 Integrity. The panel discussion also had Cathy Judd-Stein, Jason Downs, Richard L., Taylor Jr, and James Breslo as the panelists.

This panel discussion had the best collaborative strategies that could guide through a secure and responsible gambling environment for the betterment of the industry. Speaking on the topic of culture that goes around the sports betting industry Cathy Juss-Stein of Massachusetts Gaming Commission said: “The sports betting industry is still so young and we need to get all of our ducks in a row, therefore technological advancements need to be nimble.

The day two of AASBS 2023 also spoke of the protection of players in the sports betting industry and gave a few tips on sustainable business growth as well as responsible gaming. Bill Pascrell III gave a speech, talking about the gaming industry and how his skills have helped him through. He was also joined by fellow speakers and industry leaders Jason Downs, Joseph Bunevith, Joseph Martin and Matthew Heap.

It was after the lunch break that Bruce Merati the CEO of Uplay1 IP & Consulting shared his invaluable and best practices while also talking about the strategies that could effectively attract and engage players.

Following his speech a number of speakers such as Joe Hatton, Founder and CEO of LHC, and gaming experts including Benjamin Floyd, Justin Arnett, Niki Metzgar-Schall, and Terry Brenner took upon the stage and gave some of the most remarkable presentations and speeches.

A discussion on ‘Why it is the right time to embark on a gaming business venture?’ was held in the afternoon. This discussion was guided by Ed Moed, the CEO of Hot Paper Lantern, while the panelist for this event were Dr. Laila Mintas, Nick Giangreco, Zach Doctor, and Seth Young.

Not to mention the newly welcomed member of the AASBS team, Bill Pascrell III, maintained a smooth flow of the whole event, as he created an engaging atmosphere for all the participants. With maintaining a seamless discussion among the audience and speakers, Pascrell who is the partner at Princeton Public Affairs Group and also the chairperson of AASBS 2023 introduced and guided the speakers through the whole agenda of the summit.

A networking drinks session was held at an outdoor restaurant, Tidal. This is where day two of AASBS wrapped up, commencing towards the fabulous day three, with a keen interest.

Pre-event Talks

The Annual All American Sports Betting Summit (AASBS), by Eventus International scheduled to be happening in the month of June from 27-29 this year, will be the third edition, which will be the ultimate platform for the USA sports betting as well as the iGaming industry.

This annual event will have a number of gaming heavyweights and even some mind-blowing personalities, as the expert speakers.

Starting June 27, AASBS to attract iGaming leaders

iGaming leaders in the sports betting industry have now prepared to rule the stage at the 3rd Annual Edition of All American Sports Betting Summit 2023. The event will be beginning tomorrow in San Diego.

With huge advancements in the sports betting industry, this event is surely going to be a blast amongst all of its niches. Now that North Carolina has also joined the list of states that have legalized sports betting, the industry is now experiencing a huge significant shift.

And hence, this upcoming three-day summit is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the American gaming landscape.

The New Chairperson of All American Sports Betting Summit 2023

Along with all of that, one more exciting piece of news that has recently surfaced about the All American Sports Betting Summit is that Bill Pascrell III who is the partner and strategic advisor at one of the largest government affairs firms in the US, Princeton Public Affairs Group has now been appointed as the Chairperson of the Summit. He holds a grand 25 years of experience in the field of the global gaming industry and is also known for his leading skills and accomplishments.

Sharing his excited words, Pascrell spoke about the event, “The Eventus event is more intimate, far more substantive than most, and gives you a really nice opportunity, in a beautiful setting, to get better educated and to make relationships with the movers and shakers of the industry.”

Schedule of The All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego 2023

To have a great beginning and start the event on a high note, a panel discussion on “Industry’s next big move” will be held by DraftKings representative and content specialist, Tanner Kern.

Similarly, on Day Two “Playing it safe” will be one of the topics that will be discussed, where gaming leaders will focus on how enhanced player protection and responsible gaming improves business sustainability.

This discussion will be done by Bill Pascrell III, where the panelists will look into strategies and initiatives that enhance player safety and contribute to the overall success of the gaming industry.

Day Three will give the attendees a chance to explore the evolving landscape of the gaming industry and engage in a panel discussion titled “Identifying the market gap”.

All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego 2023

All American Sports Betting Summit 2023

An extravaganza event, especially focusing on the USA betting and iGaming industry is about to happen in San Diego. The All American Sports Betting Summit 2023 will be providing a unique opportunity to have great discussions over crucial topics such as the legal status of sports betting in the USA.

The attendees of this event can also obtain great knowledge about enhanced player protection as well as navigating restrictive state regulations.

This sports betting summit will be taking place at one of the most luxurious and stunning resorts in the region, the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, which is located on the Pacific coast of California.

What can you expect from the All American Sports Betting Summit?

Businesses will have a unique opportunity at the All American Sports Betting Summit during its third edition, to expand their network as well as learn about emerging market opportunities.

The participating businesses can also be in touch with the C-level professionals in the industry. During the span of this spectacular three day event, the summit will bring forth the industry-leading keynote speakers.

This list of keynote speakers will have delegates from various niches and will be the leading authorities, operators, investors, and advisers from the gaming ecosystem. During the iGaming summit, the speakers will share their insights on the latest regulations and even the updates that are currently taking place within the US Gaming market.

You can even grasp knowledge about the emerging trends within the industry and then apply the same within your own business.

The All American Sports Betting Summit, 2023 will begin with a blast, having the pre scheduled “Welcome to Paradise” party. This pre-party has been planned to set the mood and have a pleasant start for the three days of immense betting.

Speakers at All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego 2023

With an impressive line up of speakers, the event is set to have some high end discussions over the iGaming sector and betting niche.

Benjamin Floyd, the Founder and CEO of i3 Integrity, Bill Pascrell, who is the Partner at Princeton Public Affairs Group, Inc, then David Isaacson, the Senior VP at Spectrum Gaming Capital, along with Jordan Hollander who is the Deputy Attorney General and Assistant Section Chief of Casino Licensing at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement will be taking the stage as few of the guest speakers.

That’s not just it, Dr Laila Mintas, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of PlayEngine, and Martin Lycka the SVP for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling at Entain along with other diligent speakers will also be the ones who will be sharing their inspiring stories and speak of the knowledge covering the insights of the iGaming industry.

Having this huge list of speakers, the attendees are surely in for a treat! Covering topics from Invaluable foresight into the future landscape of the market and competitive edge by staying informed, one can also gain insights on Sustainable practices and safer gaming measures, Effective collaboration between regulators and operators, Establishing a secure gaming environment nationwide, and many more high valued topics.

Speakers at All American Sports Betting Summit

Who should attend The All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego 2023?

Gaming enthusiasts and the ones who are interested in building a network for their business are duly welcomed to join the All American Sports Betting Summit happening in San Diego. This iGaming event will be focusing on topics of legalizing the act of sports betting across the states of the USA.

And hence the people who are into this niche will be having a great time attending this event.

About the pre party of All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego 2023

A soothing “Welcome to Paradise” pre-party for a better start to the forthcoming three-day event will be taking place at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa. It will set the tone as well as a perfect mood for what’s about to come and happen at the All American Sports Betting Summit.

The attendees of the event will be free in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to communicate with the other participants as well as the diligent speakers of the event. One can easily build the network and even foster new connections as there will be ample of opportunities to have long and in person discussions over a drink. 

This can work as a deal closing moment for the participants, where one will even have a chance to capitalize on their company or business.

Experience the best hospitality in all of California at this pre party by All American Sports Betting Summit, happening in Paradise Point Resort & Spa.

Get yourself connected with the industry leaders and shape your future business as well as partnerships, in a perfect atmosphere and a breathtaking outdoor view along with welcome drinks. Don’t miss out on this exciting and spectacular beginning and be a part of an unforgettable pre party

Tickets for All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego 2023

Be a part of the North American sports betting and iGaming industry and also gain valuable information about the emerging market and prospects that will help you gain better ideas and at the same time expand your business beyond its limits.

You can grab your 3 Day Delegate Pass for $1295. All you have to do is simply register yourself on the website, for the three days of the finest sports betting gathering.

Registering for this event will give you access to one day networking drinks, along with a 2 day conference and expo access. You will also be able to attend lunch daily, for three days, and have daily refreshments during all the days of the event.

About the sports betting industry

In the year 2022, the US sports betting industry reached new heights and gathered a revenue of $7.5 billion. And as per the American Gaming Association (AGA) this was a staggering growth of 75% when compared to the previous year. Having covered this level the industry has seen tremendous growth.

Since the year 2012, when New Jersey had successfully legalized sports betting, it had effects on the whole nation. According to the reports, the H2 Gambling Capital has predicted that by 2030 the iGaming industry could achieve significant growth with project GGR. This is possible that the industry could garner $23.2 billion, reaching the highest revenue collection in history.

One can easily notice the rising popularity of the sports betting industry in all of USA. Currently, California is facing challenges in getting a green flag for the legalization of betting in sports. And hence this will be the prime topic of the event at the All American Sports Betting Summit, San Diego.

When we look at sports betting in June 2023, 33 American states have already legalized it. One can notice a rise in the number of sports betting licenses in the United States. This gives out a lucrative opportunity for business growth in both B2B and B2C markets. Bet365 has recently added Iowa to its sportsbook portfolio.

This portfolio already includes Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and Colorado.

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