In layman’s language, a Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely to pace up your Amazon business. These Amazon assistants work as per your need. They can employ for a full-time job, part-time job, or can even work as a freelancer.

They help you in providing administrative services which help in completing various tasks like listing creation, product research, Amazon listing optimization, competitor analysis, keyword research, store optimization, editing photos, monitoring online reviews, email management, order processing, ads & campaign management, data management, customer service, etc.

They mainly make your small business run smoothly by saving lots of money and completing all the tasks as soon as possible.

Let us discuss in detail these Amazon virtual assistants❗

What do these Amazon Virtual Assistants do?

Amazon Virtual Assistant

#1. Customer service tasks

They do all the customer-related tasks on their own, including creating message templates, solving customer queries, replying to positive comments and reviewing negative comments, matching orders and help in shipping, locating past orders, and confirming FBM orders, and looking after refunds and replacement products.

#2. Content writing

They help in writing good content for products sold by Amazon and also for email marketing.

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#3. Optimization of ads

They help complete tasks related to the optimization of tasks, including setting up campaigns, analyzing campaigns, ensuring that your product is not seen for critical terms, and so on.

#4. Social Media Optimization

These virtual assistants help complete social media tasks such as updating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, uploading pictures and videos of the new product launched on the site, and answering customer queries and complaints by replying to the page.

#5. Research of products

These virtual assistants do all the researching tasks of the products to make it easy for you. They collect all the information about different products in the market and buy them at wholesale prices, which results in getting the best and profitable deals for the business.

In addition to this, they also secure a few samples of these products to negotiate these prices with suppliers.

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#6. Graphic Designing

They also do graphic design for you, including designing logos, creating listing images, making infographics, and the course covers, etc.

These are some essential tasks that are easily performed by virtual assistants. They do these tasks for you effectively and efficiently with a motive of earning profit for the business and not for themselves.

Now that we have discussed the tasks done by them, let us examine their hiring process!

Why is it essential to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are essential for your business because they help your business grow by increasing your sales. They interact with customers and solve their queries, which are the most crucial part of increasing sales.

Benefits of Amazon Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of activities and tasks which you cannot do on your own. If you are unsure of getting a VA, try making a list of essential tasks for your business, and you will see that there is a lot to do. You can hire a VA for those tasks and give them outsourcing tasks to complete the work on time.

In addition to this, they also help you in:

  • Saving time:

They help you keep your time by doing all their tasks in time and giving you updates about the same to focus on you without any stress.

  • Good customer interaction:

They help you increase customer interaction with your business, which is the most crucial part. They will help you in tracking all the past and present orders. Also, they communicate with customers on your behalf so that your time is saved and helps you in brand marketing.

  • Reducing extra expenses:

They can work from home, so your space is saved in the office, which helps cut down the cost of bills and electricity, which you will have to pay if you hire them to work full-time. You have to pay them for the services provided by them, unlike your other office staff to which you have to pay a fixed amount.

  • Less burden of outsourcing:

Now that every outside task is done, you will have fewer burdens on your head. They will complete all your outsourcing tasks on time because of which a lot of responsibility is taken off from your head, and you can have peace of mind.

What amount should we spend on these Virtual Assistant?

The amount to be spent in hiring these assistants depends on the business’s budget, i.e., how much you can afford and what outsourcing tasks you give them to complete.

Also, it depends on how large your business is and how much experience you require to complete these tasks. If we calculate roughly, a minimum of $5 for an hour to $15 an hour is paid to these assistants.

At this budget, your assistant will perform tasks like admin, fulfillment, and customer service tasks. If you want these assistants to do more of your outsourcing tasks like market research, photography, and so on, you have to increase your budget.

Tasks you can Outsource to Virtual Assistant

You have to be very particular about the tasks you assign to these assistants. It depends on the size of your business. As mentioned above, you need to make a list of the tasks you have to do and then rely on that list, and you will have to decide what tasks are essential to be outsourced and which tasks take plenty of your time.

Time-consuming tasks should be outsourced. Also, if you think that there is a lot to do, you can hire more than one virtual assistant so that there’s no burden on one and everything can be done peacefully and in time.

Where can you get these Virtual Assistants?

When you finally decide to keep a virtual assistant for your business, you need to choose the right one. Now, here’s the answer to your question ‘Where to find these guys?’

🏢Virtual Assistant Agencies

Suppose you want to hire a fair and efficient assistant for your business. In that case, Virtual Assistant Agencies are the best option because these agencies have tons of candidates having the potential to grow your business.

Also, you can choose them according to the business’s need means you can get many options like if you want an experienced guy, you can surely get one. In addition to this, there is safety and assurance when you hire a virtual assistant from the agency.

💻Freelance Platforms

When you chose a candidate from freelance platforms, you will get vet candidates. You can read their reviews, get information about their previous works, know about their skills, and then hire accordingly.

🏅Direct hiring

If you want to opt for direct hiring, then the best option is to refer to job sites. When you refer to job sites, many job applications are filled out by looking for a job or who want a change. You can contact them and choose an application according to your business’s skill set and hire them.

Tips to hire Amazon Virtual Assistant

When you hire a virtual assistant, you should make sure that you know your business and look for the required skills. Every virtual assistant should have some necessary qualities: reliability, accuracy, upbeat personality, focus, good com skills, ability to work under pressure, and the most important thing: he should treat your business as his own.

Virtual Assistant

If you find an assistant having all these qualities, you will be on top because they will surely help you expand your business.

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Though these assistants take off a lot of work from your work plate, it is still your responsibility to keep a check on them.

If you want to know whether the assistant hired by you fits your business or not, then you can check on their regularity. If they regularly keep you updated and perform the tasks in time with full efficiency, then they are perfect for your business.


🌟 Amazon Virtual Assistant FAQ

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person that provides quality and professional services to their clients by simply working at home or in their comfort zone. Virtual Assistants are assigned different tasks like product sourcing, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, content creations, etc.

What skills are needed to become a virtual assistant?

Following are the important skills that one should for becoming a successful virtual assistant:

1. Communication and writing skills.
2. Word & Excel processing skills.
3. Practical & effective decision making.
4. Computer knowledge.
5. Self-motivated.

Is there a high demand for virtual assistants?

The direct answer to this question, yes. Virtual assistants have great demand in the market. Many businesses like to hire virtual assistants as it provides various benefits to them and also saves their money on salaries.

What are the important responsibilities of working as an Amazon Virtual assistant?

Amazon virtual assistants need to take on various responsibilities fulfilling FBM orders, updating inventory, listing new products, optimizing content listing, email marketing, etc.

Bottom Line:

Now that we have discussed everything in detail about these virtual assistants, you can know how important it is to hire a virtual assistant for your business. So, the need of the hour for you is to start looking for an assistant who will take away all your stress.

Stop wondering and start looking for an appropriate assistant for your business if you are also looking forward to expanding your sales and want your business to grow!🙂

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