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What is the most crucial aspect we come across when we decide to start a business on Amazon? One of the essential components for every seller is to develop their strategy tactic and selection to generate more potential sales.

Generally, Amazon sellers do product research by analyzing historical and current marketing trends to pick winning products for their platform. And all the Amazon sellers know that is not an easy job to do. To solve this dilemma, we present AmzChart review today, which will help Amazon sellers get a clear perspective.

Different product research tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Unicorn Smasher can overcome those issues. And AmzChart is also one of them. Unlike other tools, AmzChart specializes in Amazon best seller to perform product research thoroughly.

Why go with Amazon Best Seller data to conduct product selection?

Amazon has not disclosed any details of the BSR algorithm. Still, all the Amazon sellers have an excellent opportunity to know whether or not their products are performing well through Best Seller Rankings. Generally, products with low sales have high DSR and high sales high low DSR accordingly. This AmzChart review will reveal everything about BSR products for you to find out your potential winning items, enhance your Amazon BSR, and win over the market.

What are Product Research Tools?

As the name suggests, a product research tool is software that automatically hunts down the winning products for you. With the help of a product research platform, one can quickly scan the sellers and filter the most sold items. This helps in saving a lot of time for sellers. As everything is automated in the selling business, the seller does not need to worry about getting the best products. The only job is to upload all the products, and that’s it!

Many dropshippers, especially at the begging of their business, goes through a dilemma in choosing the right products. With the help of a PRT, they can make sure that they are selling things that people will buy actually.

Along with this, the Ecommerce industry continues to prosper every year, making retailers feel the heat of the growing competition. Some people might notice this or not; the most successful business knows how to leverage product research tools and list only those products that sell well and have high-profit margins.

Below are few reasons to go with the product research tool right now:

  • Search multiple products when product sourcing
  • Scan multiple marketplaces
  • Analyze your competition with ease
  • Clearly define profit and expenses
  • Save money with one comprehensive tool

Detailed AmzChart Review – What is AmzChart? 

AmzChart Reviews

AmzChart is an Amazon product research tool strictly based on Amazon BSR analytics. At present, AmzChart is considered to be the best in the industry and has helped over 2000 Amazon sellers to increase their revenue.

The central power of AmzChart lies in the data analysis and capturing capabilities. The most excellent part of this platform is its in-depth information on each one aside from having many Amazon BSR products. In that way, you can always have constant access to the latest BSR products details and changes.

The issue in this process is, Amazon BSR fluctuates daily. In that way, it becomes challenging to record the historical information of the products. Also, it is next to impossible to keep track of the historical ranking and comparison of all the BSR products. And no one can find out what happens to each product, which is no suitable for the BSR Research. Along with this, over 3 million BSR and BSR related products are updated daily on AmzChart, so you can keep track of the marketing trend and get updated information on product performance and change under each category.

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Key Features of AmzChart – AmzChart Reviews

AmzChart is expanding its functionalities to add a keyword research tool and the other one to track keywords, products, and competitors. But right now, they are focused on two large areas of research; both of products and markets. The best part of AmzChart is that it runs both tools independently as if they are two different tools. But we all know both of the areas are closely related to each other.

#1. Huge Database

Huge Database

As mentioned earlier, the vast Database is the key feature of this platform. That being said, it has collected and dug out more than 1,200,000 BSR product data, and the best part is it never stops. You can get the latest BSR details anytime.

#2. Perfect for Multiple Profiles

The philosophy is ideal for multiple profiles. Whether you have an Amazon seller or an eCommerce manager, every profile is sorted with AmzChart. On one side, we have Amazon sellers who want to investigate their competition to make strategic decisions. On the other side, we have eCommerce managers who need to know what the market trends are with concrete figures.

#3. Works with BSR

Works with BSR

In this regard, Amazon is not very transparent. It does not have clear transparency of the data. Not any seller could keep a count on the product history or trends. But they give a ranking to each product based on its sales, which is a good thing.

#4. Multiple Custom-Based Filters

Multiple Custom-Based Filters

The best part of using a product research tool like AmzChart is setting your filters based on your preferences. No matter what your previous niche was, you can start selling any product anytime! Based on your custom-set search criteria, you get a long list of tons of product ideas with different filer criteria settings. With AmzChart, you might get 400 of them listed down! And you can check out all the filters with only one click.

#5. Detailed Products & BSR Competition

BSR Competition

When you are done browsing through the filters and filtering down all the products you are interested in, AmzChart also offers detailed information about each product. There is much information provided on the long list. At current, available info of products are:

  • Product name
  • ASIN
  • Whether it is Amazon Choice
  • Whether it is A+ content
  • Whether it has video
  • Category name
  • Release date
  • Current BSR
  • BSR X day(s) ago(based on your choice) BSR ROC(rate of changes)
  • Total reviews
  • Reviews X day(s) ago(based on your choice)
  • Reviews ROC
  • Product rating
  • Buybox price
  • Buybox seller name
  • Buybox fulfillment
  • Numbers of sellers
  • Link to Amazon detail page

#6. Powerful Product Market Researcher

Product Market Researcher

Not only it generates a tremendous amount of information for us, but it also helps us to narrow down all our searches. Anyone can perform a search based on different keywords, and as a summary, we will know the categories of some products that fit the term. Also, you get to know how many listings there are in each one, total reviews, review growth, the average price in the top 20.

To narrow down their product search, sellers get the following filters:

  • BSR in Primary Category
  • Buybox Price
  • Buybox Seller
  • Estimates Sales
  • More Tags
  • Save Search
  • Common Filters
  • Total Reviews

#7. Keyword Research

Along with categorizing products, you also want to optimize each of your product listings. And for this, AmzChart has a unique tool named “Keyword Scout,” which can help you to do keyword research. With this tool, you can search and buy volume information and regular or long-tail keywords. Along with this, you can also perform reverse ASIN searches using Keyword Scout, which can help you to spy on your competitor’s keywords strategy and promote your products. All this can help you to improve your visibility in search results.

#8. Charts

With this feature of AmzChart, you can see Amazon’s best sellers across various categories. You can also perform an in-depth analysis, find winning products, and categorize them into New Releases, Movers & Shakers, and Best Sellers. The best sellers feature for the all-time top-selling products, whereas the Movers & Shakers list products that have shown tremendous growth in BSR in the past 7-30 days.

#9. Amazon Category Path

AmzChart Amazon Category Path

Another unique feature of AmzChart is that it shows Amazon sellers up to 10 category path levels in one go, which helps them to determine which categories and subcategories best fit their products. Each Amazon product can have more than one primary category and subcategory. Also, the tool differentiates categories by highlighting them in different colors. 

#10. Tracking Your Competitors

AmzChart Tracking your Competitors

This tool also allows Amazon sellers to track their competitor activity via Product Tracking combined with Keyword Scout to include reverse ASIN search results for each of the competing products. Plus, you can also reply on the Hijacker Alerts to find out if your competitor might be hijacking any of your products. Hijacking can be dangerous as it involves offering fake versions of the existing Amazon products at a much lower price.

#11. Market Insights

AmzChart Market Insights

AmzChart also offers Market Insights by which they can analyze various categories and subcategories to find out which would help boost their product sales. Also, it allows you to identify a particular product’s peak and low seasons.

 #12. Buy Box Tracking

AmzChart Buy Box Tracking

AmzChart also allows you to review historical buy box pricing data through product details analysis. Plus, it also lets you monitor buy box prices and spot trends early.

#13. Custom Filters

AmzChart Custom Filters

You can use Custom filters and generate an extensive list of product ideas. Along with this, you can also use these custom filters for your product and category research. Also, AmzChart can make 400+ filter criteria combinations, marketing strategies, spanning niches, and other data.

💡 How to Use AmzChart and Find Winning Products on Amazon?

Next, in our AmzChart review, we will guide you to the step-by-step procedure which you can follow and find winning products on Amazon and scale your business to a whole new level.

Step 1: Creating Your Account with AmzChart

AmzChart Sign Up

As with most of the tools, you have to sign up with an account in AmzChart as well. You can find the option in the top right corner, from which you can register yourself on the platform. AmzChart supports registration with email, or you can also log in via google directly.

Step 2: Search for the Keyword

Search for the Keyword

As you are done with the signup procedure, you can now begin your product hunt journey. To start with, you can click on the PRODUCTS on the navigation toolbar of the main page and then can access the search page, which has many filters. You can enter a KEYWORD or ASIN number in the search box and use various filters for advanced search. 

Step 3: Setting Up the Filters

Setting up the filters

Now let’s have a quick study about all the filters you get with AmzChart quickly.

CategoriesIt covers almost all departments in Amazon, from Amazon Pantry to Office Products, with 27 categories of products on Amazon. Just the category you want to research.
FiltersInitially, the default option is 1 day ago, but you can select 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. Then, the following filters will change with the alteration.
Current BSRIt’s the current best-seller rank; you can choose or set the range of rank as you like.
BSR ChangeIt supports checking the increase as well as decrease of BSR.
BSR ROCIt is the rate of BSR change which you can choose and set the rate.
Total ReviewsYou can sort the products based on the data about product reviews.
Reviews 1 Day AgoIt supports the research based on the change of review.
Star RatingsIt means the total customers’ feedback and presented as a rating from 0 to 5.0; 5.0 is the best.
Positive RatingIt works to select the ratio of positive comments; here, positive comments stand as four-star ratings or above.
Negative RatingIt selects the number of negative comments; here, negative comments stand as two-star feedback or below.
Number of Q&AIt gives the number of Q&A
Buybox PriceIt gives the current selling price on the buy box sell.
Buybox SellerHere you can choose to check the buy box on Amazon and/or the third party.
Buybox FulfilledIt allows us to sort by different fulfillment.
Buybox StockYou can filter the stock of the buybox sellers
More TagesIt allows you to choose the filter, A+content, bought together, Amazon choice, and product video.

The best part about AmzChart is that it is not difficult to understand the meaning of each item, and you only need to have an idea about what you desire to sell and then you can use the platform and filter all the winning products and perform product research and speed up the decision-making.

Step 4: Checking the Product Details

Checking the Product Details

So here we take a lunch box as an example, and it will present to you all the current results after looking at some filters, and then it supports sorting by with BSR, Ratings, Reviews, BuyBOX and Sellers. In the BuyBox, it will provide you with the selling price, the name of the buy box, as well as the kind of fulfillment. Also, when you click on the small icon, you will see the complete picture of product details.

Shown in the following image, it will give you the whole picture of the product analysis.

AmzChart Coupon

Step 5: Analysis of the Trends

The Industry Path & Ranking Trend of the Product.

Analysis of the Trends

So this is the industry path of the product with different colors. You can check that lunch box’s industry path from the image. So as you can see in the image above, it will also show you the BSR change of the product in each of the parent categories. Plus, you can check the BSR trend of the product.

The Growing Trend of Reviews

The Growing Trend of Reviews

The above chart displays the trend of positive and negative reviews from which you can check the exact data about positive reviews and negative reviews. Plus, you also check the rate at which the reviews grow.

The Trend Graph for various dimensions 

BuyBox Price

AmzChart BuyBox Price

Review Trend

AmzChart Review Trend

Rating Trend

AmzChart Rating Trend

So as you can see from the images above, you can see the trend of different dimensions, buy box price, reviews, rating, positive&negative ratings and Q&A trend for your product research. You just have to click on the one you wish to check and access different data tendencies.

AmzChart Chrome Extension – Amzchart Price History Tracker Plugin

AmzChart Chrome Extension

This AmzChart is really useful to help you find all the products on Amazon. This is a handy extension as you don’t have to open the web app every time. So what do you get with this extension? 

Well, it provides you with:

  • All historical prices and lowest prices of Amazon products. 
  • It also provides you with the lowest price and date, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the window.
  • You can drag the slider to view the cost of all time periods.
  • You Don’t even require an account, and you can install it and start viewing. 
  • Also it supports the following regions: United States .com | Germany .de | Japan | France .fr | Canada .ca | Italy .it | Spain .es | India .in | Mexico | United Kingdom
  • Supports English and Chinese languages.

AmzChart Pricing Plans – Does AmzChart Offer a Free Trial? 

AmzChart, as you can see, offers three pricing plans. The company has discontinued the free plan, which previously used to come. All the pricing plans are unique and different.

So does AmzChart offer a free trial?

Well no. AmzChart does not offer a free trial. But its Basic Plan, which comes at $9/month, is quite helpful. You can try that one out and see how the tools work for you.

Does AmzChart offer a free plan?

As you signup for AmzChart, you are automatically granted Free Plan when you complete your account registration. Free Plan provides 5 product search queries and 5 product refreshes on the US marketplace daily.

AmzChart Pricing Plans

Basic @ $9/month

  • US, JP, DE Marketplace
  • Product Refresh: 20 Daily
  • Product Export: 20 Daily
  • Keyword Search: 20 Daily
  • Product Tracking: Up to 10
  • Access to Charts
  • Product Search: 20 Daily

Pro @ $49/month

  • Support All 9 Marketplaces
  • Product Export: 100 Daily
  • Keyword Export: 100 Daily
  • Product Refresh: 100 Daily
  • Product Search: Unlimited
  • Access to Charts
  • Access to Market Insight
  • Product Tracking: Up to 100
  • Keyword Search: 100 Daily
  • Custom Category: Up to 5

VIP Enterprise @ $99-$399/month

  • Support Over 9 Marketplace
  • Support ADs Analysis
  • Support Multi-Seat Account
  • Support API Integration
  • Annual Support Payment
  • Onboarding & Demo Service
  • Support Seller Analysis
  • More Product Platforms

Does AmzChart offer a refund policy?

As AmzChart is a SaaS provider, all the products and services offered by it and its business units are non-tangible and irrevocable, so there is no refund as such.

Also, the company does recommend you to know the features and functionality of their product before you place an order which can avoid the circumstances of refunds. Also, by ordering the product, you agree that you have correctly read the policy and fully accept the terms and conditions of the refund policy.

Having said that, the company does offer a refund in cases like:

  • Errors occur due to their system bug.
  • The users are entitled to receive a full refund within 24 HOURS of the first payment.

AmzChart Affiliate Program

Good news for all the affiliate marketers! AmzChart offers an affiliate program with up to 20% commission. Affiliate marketers can get a 20% LIFETIME commission by only promoting the AmzChart tools!

AmzChart Affiliate Program

The best part? With a renowned tool like this, affiliate marketers will not have to worry about attracting a more extensive set of audiences. As most people are already familiar with this platform, they only need a nudge to take off the side to AmzChart.

Following are the perks related to the AmzChart Affiliate program:

  • Lifetime Earnings
  • No approval process is needed
  • Sellers will get high and quick conversions
  • You get a more intuitive data reporting

Steps to Get Started with the AmzChart Affiliate Program

  • The first step is registration. But with AmzChart, you will not need to go through the approval process. You only need to sign up and can automatically enter the commission area.
  • The second step is promotion. You will find different codes with unique affiliate IDs.
  • Earn. Get at least 20% of each full-price payment made by a referred user who registers and subscribes through the link with the unique affiliate ID.

🚀 Want to make real money? Click on this link to get started with the AmzChart affiliate program and start earning extra income by simply promoting AmzChart.

Top FAQ on AmzChart Review

What is AmzChart?

AmzChart is the advanced Amazon BSR & product research software that helps Amazon sellers to discover best-selling products. It offers various amazing features that enable you to dominate your competitors and boost your Amazon business.

Can I try AmzChart for free?

Yes, AmzChart offers a FREE plan that helps new customers to test its amazing features. The FREE plan of AmzChart offers the best tools with a huge number of products. Sign up to AmzChart for free and enhance your Amazon business.

Which country does AmzChart support?

The keyword and product feature of AmzChart support around 9 marketplaces including US, France, Germany, India, Japan, Spain, Mexico, UK, UAE.

What kind of data can I get from AmzChart?

If you are an Amazon seller, then AmzChart is the best platform to help you boost your Amazon sales. By using the AmzChart tool, you can easily discover winning products and get real-time market insight.

How much can you earn from the AmzChart affiliate program?

As described in our AmzChart Review, you can get at least 20% LIFETIME (recurring) Commission from each of the full-price payments made by a referred user. Also, the cookies are valid for 60 days. And the last month’s Commission will be paid next month via PayPal, and the minimum payment is $50. You can request the payout as you reach a minimum threshold of $50.

AmzChart on Twitter

AmzChart on Twitter

Conclusion: AmzChart Review 2024 – Should you go for this tool?

There are tons of product research tools available in the market, but AmzChart is different because it provides the best to all the Amazon Sellers. Better returns, better database with excellent integration! What else does a dropshipper want? Apart from this, you can get started with the FREE plan to get an extensive knowledge of the platform. After that, if you are satisfied with the performance, you will be charged only $9!

That was in our AmzChat review. In case of doubts, you can comment down in the sections below.

AmzChart Review
0out of 10

AmzChart is the best Amazon BSR analyzer that will help you find high-potential products to sell on the Amazon marketplace quickly and easily. With 9 marketplaces and over 100,000,000 products, it is the best Amazon BSR research tool available. AmzChart also helps you to quickly find high potential niches hiding in Amazon BSR.

  •  User-friendly interface.
  •  It offers an updated database.
  •  It supports 9 marketplaces.
  •  You can also use this tool for free.
  •  The pricing is affordable.


  •  You will get the paid version of the reverse ASIN keyword tool.
  •  It is quite difficult to verify the accuracy of the sales estimates and search volume.

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