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AutoDS Review 2021: Best Dropshipping Automation Platform??

Simon Mainwaring, a brand futurist, global keynote speaker, and best selling author, once said, “Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.”

You must have the right tools and team to get to the top. Speaking of tools, AutoDS is a tool for a better experience in dropshipping.

In this post, we have featured ✅AutoDS Review updated for 2021, which includes detailed insights about this automation platform.

An idea can change the world, but it must be attached to an experienced mind or an established tool. AutoDS tops the chart in the dropshipping arena.

Dropshipping is a business that comes with an ample of things to do. With AutoDs, lessen your stress by relying on the tool. To survive in a tech-savvy world, AutoDS is something that you need to be up to the mark.

Detailed AutoDS Review

AutoDS Review

By any chance, are you looking for a universal solution to your drop shipping problems, AutoDS gives you a lot of features and a great service experience is just a Dollar$, yeah that’s right, a dollar is all it takes.

AutoDS keeps an eye on the business every time, finds beneficial products for you, automatically orders, and a support team is always at your service.

Let us see what exactly is on the plate with AutoDS.

With AutoDS you need not worry about the statistics. It keeps track of the stocks, financial management, automated orders, and it also manages your sales. The customer support team is worthy and gets you the solution at the earliest. It handles returns, filters, and orders. It is like a superstore for dropshippers.

If you see eBay, it is the largest and most profitable online portal, especially for the merchant. It gives you a variety of products which includes products which we have never seen and have never wanted it.

Well, I would say, with eBay, no second thoughts are required to start a business with. Speaking of dropshipping tools, AutoDs has a very important role in making eBay what it is today. AutoDS is a solid approach that will never disappoint you.

Apart from eBay,,, home depot, Walmart, ALiExpress, and many more are on the list.

Key Features Of AutoDS

✨ Flexibility

Money remains to be an imperative obsession. With AutoDS, you have the right to increase/decrease the price as per the popularity of the product. Also, it maintains a track record of all the ins & outs, which helps in maintaining the quality & class of the products.

YouTube video

A good businessman always knows what the customer wants at what price, here with AutoDS, it is aware and makes you aware of these things. You will also be prompted to get rid of the items which are not bringing in anything and is no longer a requirement.

The price will be changed automatically if there is any change monitored by the supplier’s price. 

📶 Filter

 It gives you an option to keep an eye and administer your stockpile accordingly. It gives you an idea of what you have earned (approx), product quality and order synopsis, etc.

The bulk change option gives you the chance to change the listing as per your inclination. 

💹 Automated orders

Self-explanatory reduces your worries about the orders, cancelations & losses, changes in the rates of the products, and even the stocks.

AutoDS Coupon

Once an order is received, it will be taken care of without human intervention. Numerically speaking, you will see a growth of at least 50%.

🤵 Customer Support

In case of cancellations or returns, the customer support team will be able to assist you. You need to send a message to the team and get in touch with you with a swift response.

AutoDS has made the customer experience a lot easier by providing all the tools in one place. You do not need to go to eBay to reply to the customers, and you can with the AutoDS system. You can send three automated texts or make a selection from the templates.

🏹 AutoDs Finder

The most time consuming and complex task is to keep track of the products which are trending in the market and are on high demands. AutoDs provides you with a tool that is amazingly capable of taking over this task and give outstanding results.

This tool finds the right & hot product to sell and presents it with all the required details. The best selling product can be included in the selling list, and you can modify the sales techniques to boost the product demands.

A scheduler helps you get better results by fix the time of the uploads. All these things are just a click away.

👍 Performance Statistics & Analysis

AutoDS has everything you need to run a successful dropshipping business. Almost all your A requirements are met with the filters and the bulk systems. They have made AutoDS efficient and spontaneous, and it updates the tracking number immediately upon its availability from the supplier.

Such great performance with huge supporting figures improves the customer response, which helps you increase sales.

It also keeps track of the products which have not been sold for quite a few week(s). It takes actions accordingly, like, if there can be profit gained, reducing the price of the product or some other strategy, it does it and gives you an unexpected and no loss bearing results.

Gene Plugovoy (owner of eBay mastermind program) said: “AutoDS has saved me a lot of time dropshipping eBay.” Also, he mentioned, “this is a great tool for you and your eBay business; it is the only solution that saves time.”

With AutoDS, just be prepared to see your name on the top of the chart in the dropshipping world.

AutoDs Pricing Plans

This has an easy on the pocket price of just $0.99 a week for getting started. It is not even a dollar. The price is next to nothing, and yet the tool gives you everything. 

AutoDS Pricing

A detailed overview of the financial part:

Price: $7.99

This is suitable for the people who have just begun their journey:

  • 100 Products Price Monitoring
  • Stock Monitoring
  • Regular and Bulk Lister
  • AutoDS Finder
  • Scheduled & Recurring Uploads
  • Profitability Monitor
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Customers Service System
  • Manual dropshipping supported

Price: $16.99

This is suitable for a new drop shipper: 

  • 400 Products Price Monitoring
  • The rest is the same as for the above.

Price: $151.99

This is suitable for a professional drop shipper: 

  • 4500 Products Price Monitoring
  • The rest is the same as for the above.

Pros & Cons


  • It gives you a pricing and profitability Monitor
  • It manages the orders, cancellations and also keeps a track with the help of the automated system
  • Highly trained individuals giving a professional customer support
  • Advanced filters and the Bulk lister
  • Monitors the price and the stocks
  • Schedule and update products
  • Tracking numbers are updated automatically
  • Numerous accounts


  • Interface enhancements is an option.

🌟 AutoDS F.A.Q

What is AutoDS?

It is one of the popular dropshipping platforms that handle trader’s orders and manages the sales. It also handles customers’ messages and queries. AutoDS is a great dropshipping tool for you if you want to earn more revenue out of your eBay trades.

How does AutoDS work?

AutoDS is an advanced dropshipping tool that scans over 40K drop shippers regularly. AutoDS enables you to get the best products from all the dropshippers and upload them directly to your eBay store.

How do I register for AutoDS?

Go to the official website of the AutoDS and click on the Start Now button, which is on the left-hand side of the page. Fill all the details like Name, Email Id, etc. and then click on the ‘Start Now’ button. At last, you need to choose your desire subscription to begin with the AutoDS.

How much does it cost me to add a non-API store?

In order to add a non-API store, you need to pay $9.97 per store per month.

Conclusion: AutoDS Review Of 2021 | Should you go for it?

AutoDS, as compared to other tools in the market, is better as it offers a lot of features at a low price. It is the best tool available in the business and has promising results.

It is used by the big shots of the industry with their success as evidence of it. It has a chrome extension that solves a lot of issues and provides a bit of convenience.

I believe it to be worth a try, and I m pretty sure the money will not be wasted.😊

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