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Best 5 Pemium Keyword Research tools which really works

Profitable Keyword” is the king in SEO to rank on search engines. All earlier traditional methods of link building do not make so much impact nowadays.

For new bloggers & affiliate marketers, Keywords research is arduous and its confusing for them to understand, as the market is flooded with hundreds of keyword research tools from free to premium and hence this makes a blogger confused which to use and How.

Here we will merely be explaining how keyword research works, how you can use the keyword on your content or rank higher and which keyword research tools you can use to Rank on the first page in google

The basic Strategy of SEO is keyword research.

What exactly is Keyword Research

Keyword research is not as simple as you think, with new Google search changes, Keyword research is getting denser & complicated. Every second internet marketer is using the Keyword research method to rank higher in SERP’s and hence now the majority of keywords are of top competition.

The method & Strategy

Pro bloggers & experienced internet marketers know A-Z about keywords research, they play with keyword research tools to get highly trending keywords and makes a blog or write a post of that particular keyword to drive a ton of traffic which results in colossal monetization.

It is always easier to rank a page on google if you have the list of exact search keywords. You can’t always assume or make keyword from your mind. Using keyword research tools is like expert sitting by telling correct keywords to use in blog posts or website to rank higher in search engines.

Numerous of Internet Marketers including myself use only keyword research method for SEO. When you have premium keyword tools with you, ranking a website is just easy.

How Keyword Research Works
Do you know, there are thousands of SEO & digital marketing agency which promises to offer you better ranking results in google. Have you ever wonder what special they do or what expertise they have which enables them to rank a website in less span of time?

It is apparently Keyword research, When I was a newbie in blogging, I have hired an SEO firm to rank my blog, and they provide me 27 keywords of my niche for $50. I did rank, but $50 for 27 keywords was much costlier for me, and hence I decided to learn keyword research.

Almost all SEO agency uses excellent Keyword tools to get accurate ranking or competitor keywords for you which enables you to rank, they charge hundreds of dollars, and hence it is better we should use the tools and save a lot of bucks.

What are the Benefits of Using Keyword Research tools?

There are numerous of benefits of using proper keywords and tags to drive a lot of search traffic, Let’s see some significant advantages in points

  • Drive tons of organic Traffic on your Website or blog
  • Get targeted traffic for and lesser bounce rate.
  • Easily rank on the first page in search engines with proper keywords
  • No need to do a lot of Off Page SEO or link building, As K/W research gives you lot of traffic
  • Keywords research method is entirely ethical and used by all pro bloggers & SEO’s Agencies.
  • Boost your affiliate sales by 200% by ranking on proper product review keywords.

Top 5 Premium Keyword Research tools

Premium Keyword Research tools

The secret to getting traffic is using long tail keywords & LSI keywords in your content wisely. We have listed the best 5 premium Keyword Research tools which give you exact Long-tail & LSI keywords with in-depth analysis of each keyword.

Long Tail Pro
Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool for long tail keywords. According to numerous SEO studies & proven facts, it is easier to rank on long tail keywords rather than just a short keyword.  If you are looking for an easy way to find their best keyword to rank in google, then long tail pro detailed system discovers thousands of profitable, targeted & calculate keywords for any niche.

YouTube video

Long tail pro is enhanced with world’s most powerful SEO research features which work in the cloud. They have premium google keyword planner in their back-end, which provides better results.

Long Tail pro features & benefits:

  • Score Keyword Competitors.
  • Custom Difficulty targets
  • Determine domain strengths, page strengths & metrics
  • Determine exact keyword profitability for your niche
  • Sort niches by different sets of keywords within the project and save them.
  • Export results of keywords data, competition data to Excel or pdf.
  • Filter keywords real-time by CPC, local searches, advertiser competition, etc.

Thousands of Industry leaders trust Long tail pro for finding best profitable keywords.  It has been featured in ahrefs, moz, Forbes, etc.

You can try Long Tail pro risk free for 10 days just in $1. Their plans are also very cost effective after your free trial ends.

SEMRUSH is secret weapon which will enable you to beat your competitor with keyword research. Other keywords research tools only focus on relevant keywords but SEMRUSH is a step ahead, it analyse your competitors site and shows you for which keyword your competitor site is ranking.

SEMRUSH Features

Apart from excellent keyword research and competitor analysis, SEMRUSH offers in-depth backlink analysis, check backlink types and much more.

SEMRUSH key features & benefits:

  • Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget
  • Conduct a deep Back-link analysis & Understand referring domains authority
  • Create an effective video ad campaign & Uncover your competitors’ video ad strategies
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns & Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Get long tail keywords with multinational and multilingual environments.
  • Find keywords with less competition & calculate keyword difficulty instantly

SEMRUSH is already very [popular and millions of enterprises are using it to rank higher on google and dominate their competitors. SEMRUSH have very smart algorithms to analyse competitive data for digital marketing professionals. With analytics reports, tools and projects SEMrush becomes one of the best choice for bloggers and internet marketers to beat their competitor by Keyword research and rank higher than all others.

KeywordTool Pro is a free long tail keyword research tool which is used by millions of webmasters around the globe Just after entering small keyword, it gives you quick list of all related & long tail keywords which are free to export to excel sheet.

Apart from the free version, they have the premium version named it as a KeywordTool pro. The premium version enables you to find popular keywords that your competitors have no idea about. With KeywordTool pro, you can discover thousands of hidden keyword by google keyword planner and evaluate them using search volume, competition level or CPC.

KeywordTool Pro Testimonials
KeywordTool Pro Testimonials

The tool claims that it reveals popular keyword which is hidden by google keyword planner. It uses the AutoComplete algorithm to get hidden profitable keywords for almost any niche.

Keyword Tool Pro features:

  • 100% accurate Google search volume that can be localized to 192 countries,
  • 86,460 individual locations and 83 languages
  • Level of competition on Google AdWords
  • Ability to export all the data into Excel or a CSV file

Even major companies like SEMRUSH & ahrefs have praised the abilities of Keyword Tool Pro, So Subscribe to KeywordTool Pro now to find your hidden profit making keywords.

KeywordTool Pro Clients

KWFinder is new innovative premium KW research tool which enables you to find hidden gems profitable keywords in seconds. This great cloud based tool has dozens of exclusive features which have made thousands of internet marketers fall in love with this device. They also have a free plan with limited searches per day, and premium plan is very cost effective as compared with other competitors in the industry.

KWFinder features at a glance:

  • Low SEO difficulty long tail keywords
  • Reveal hidden gems keywords which your competitors are missing.
  • Exact search volume for close variant keywords
  • City level keyword search for local rankings
  • Over 127 million long tail keywords to use form almost all niche.

KwFinder is built on 100% cloud interface So no need to download any software. They have integrated premium Adwords at their back-end which helps in super easy KW searching with instant long tail results for ranking benefits. I have dozens of filters and settings which enables you to simplify your search with advanced levels.

Get extra 10% discount on KWFinder by using Coupon “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” no checkout. Click below button to activate the deal.

Market Samurai
This exclusive keyword research tool enables you to discover the best keywords & your competitor’s weakness with their specialized tool.

They offer free & premium venison of their software. The free version is a necessary and limited to particular features. Hence it is better to go with Market Samurai full version.

Market Samurai full version features:

  • SEO Competition Analysis – analyze the strength of competition in any niche
  • keyword Research – find the right keywords to control your niche
  • Choose domains that will boost your ranking in search engines
  • Turn traffic into cash with instant affiliate ads (Monetize)
  • Build high-quality authority backlinks to improve your site ranking


  • Lifetime Market Samurai Software updates free (Worth $295)
  • Free Priority email support (worth $695/year)

As per the research, 90% of bloggers fail to rank because lack of proper keyword research and hence it is proven by numerous industry experts such as Neil Patel, etc. that keyword plays a very vital role in rankings.

Market Samurai has lots of good features & tools which allows you to increase your traffic by 900% their in-depth domain analysis tools.

Over to you

I have listed the best 5 premium Keyword research tools which you really need to grow your online business. Industry leaders are using proper keywords research to rank higher & get Authority by google,

So it’s time to stand by Yourself, Use your favourite keyword tool. Don’t just go with the free ones as it has insufficient resources and you can’t compromise on SEO.

When It comes to Myself, I am using Long Tail Pro as I got it in discount & also SEMRUSH to analyze & dominate competitors of my niche blogs.

I hope you like these latest premium keyword research tools for 2021. If you think I have missed something in this post, or want to share your experience, then comment below and stay tuned with BloggingEclipse for more SEO tips.

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