The search for the best adult ad networks gets tedious sometimes. The potential reasons are there are a lot of networks available in the market, and secondly, the trust factor. With this being said, here is a curated list of ✅Best Adult Traffic Sources you must check right away for your next affiliate program!

With a growth of more than 8% in the past year, adult traffic sources have truly shown a huge potential for affiliate marketing in 2024. You can kick-start your business and can generate leads with much ease from these sources.

All you need to do is choose the right ad network, and you are all set to earn. If you are an affiliate marketer or blogger and looking forward to finding the best and most profitable adult traffic sources, here’s the updated list!

Since just the number of visitors doesn’t matter a lot, we would surely ensure that these ad networks provide quality traffic results. Resulting in a higher number of leads, conversions, and income, all at once. Also, don’t be in the dark that all adult ad networks are just limited to porn and dating sites because there is much more than that.

Do look into this list of top adult ad networks in 2024 and find your best fit❗❗

😈 List of Best Adult Traffic Sources in 2024

Best Adult Traffic Sources
Best Adult Traffic SourcesOfficial Links
#1. AdsterraJoin now
#2. TraforamaJoin now
#3. ExoClickJoin now
#4. TrafficJunkyJoin now
#5. AdXXXJoin now
#6. Push.HouseJoin now
#7. TrafficStarsJoin now
#8. EroAdvertisingJoin now
#9. TrafficHuntJoin now
#10. Traffic FactoryJoin now
#11. PlugRush Join now
#12. JuicyAds Join now
#13. 50onRed Join now
#14. Zeropark Join now
#15. PopAds Join now
#16. ADxADJoin now
#17. AdMavenJoin now
#18. AdamoadsJoin now

1. Adsterra


Adsterra is popular in terms of reliability, service, and that’s why it’s our top-most recommendation. The payouts are regular and transparent. Users will be paid a hefty amount of $100 delivered twice a week. With this program, you can earn $5, so this program will be the best choice if you are starting.

Adsterra covers 248 GEOs and 25 billion+ impressions monthly, and the brand has run over 100K successful campaigns. Isn’t all these numbers a great deal to look into? There are multiple payment options available, like via Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney, and many more. The tool offers great CPM rates for both mobile and desktop traffic.

You can also get real-time statistics about all the transactions and visitors through the dashboard.

Also, the tool offers 24/7 customer support service, so if in any trouble, you can contact them instantly via email or call. Although some users have noticed aggressive advertisements, you must try them because the benefits here are much more!

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2. Traforama


Traforama, a part of the renowned Adspyglass Group™️, stands out as a premier self-serve platform for advertisers seeking premium adult traffic. With direct access to over 2000 high-quality adult websites serving Tier 1, European, and Asian audiences. Advertisers can leverage the most popular ad formats, including Popunder, In-video Preroll, Banner, Interstitial, In-page push, and Slider, all operating on a CPM-based model.

Traforama provides a wide range of integration options, from direct campaigns, open RTB\XML\JSON or Flat Deals, serving to needs of advertisers, media buyers, advertising networks, and media agencies. Eliminating third-party intermediaries Traforama equips advertisers with the most effective self-serve tools. It gives direct access to the Top List of Domains with premium adult traffic.

With multiple payment options, including Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, Capitalist, USDT, Wire, and BTC, Traforama accommodates the diverse needs of advertisers worldwide and provides its clients with highly granular targeting options, allowing advertisers to pinpoint their audience precisely.

3. ExoClick


Another best adult traffic source in our list is ExoClick for several important reasons since it’s a complete adult Ad Network. The data’s statistical representation makes it a lot easier for users to analyze complex details while campaigning optimizations.

Even though the team provides a lower payout than other competitors, the tool provides plenty of adoptions. Some of the popular ones include native advertising, instant messaging, in-stream, banners, and pop-unders.

With a huge network, ExoClick also offers SmartCPM and comes with no malware or viruses. The payouts are done once per week, and it’s beneficial for adult traffic only. Also, you can reach out to their support team only via email!

4. TrafficJunky


TrafficJunky comes with an easier campaign creator and some other unique features, and that’s why it’s in our third position. They help users with dynamic tracking systems since it has auto-optimization technology. Through this technology, businesses can display ads only to the right audience for higher conversion.

The popularity of the tool is visible because it has a large pool of advertisers. You can grow your business effortlessly with this tool to deliver impression statistics in a highly readable way.

All the costs and clicks are displayed on easy-to-understand reports. Moreover, the tool even has access to a high volume of ad impressions that are served daily across their network.

If you own an e-commerce business, the fully automated ad-serving platform will surely be a boon for you. You can quickly create campaigns and can see the targeting of other advertisers. We didn’t find many lows in TrafficJunky, because the team has made many improvements from the past few years!

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5. AdXXX


AdXXX is a popular adult ad network in the market for both advertisers and publishers. The tool doesn’t have complex settings, and when used efficiently, one can maximize their revenue within a few years. The main aim behind creating the tool was to help the adult industry with its advertising needs, and indeed, it’s doing well.

It is also popular because of its direct contact with some of the leading advertisers worldwide. The team uses their reach and experience to help users get the best benefit of internet marketing. When you collaborate with AdXXX, you are more likely to get benefits like convenience and profitability.

The team never fails to offer a personal approach to each of its partners. Having said this, they even offer quick technical support via calling and emails. With multiple innovative ad formats down the list, AdXXX will surely give you a good reach.

When you sign-up as a publisher, increased eCPM is guaranteed, along with worldwide coverage. You can top-up your balance easily with PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, ePayments, and Wire!

6. Push.House


Push.House is a top-performing CPC network that specializes in creating engagement using push notifications.

Users already check their notification tabs, and if your product is placed with the right copy, it can get you a much higher CTR than any SMS or email campaign. This is proven because of Push.House gets the highest CTR by general ad campaign standards, between 7-10%.

This is in addition to the fact that more than 60% of users read the notification and share their location within the first hour creating an open rate of nearly 90%.

Publishers can generate extra income by monetizing the traffic they are getting without disturbing the current ads they are displaying. A hassle-free approval process later, you can start accepting traffic from 180 countries, and if you have any queries, their 24×7 support is there to help you.

Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, Push.House can help you scale up a revenue stream you didn’t even know existed.

7. TrafficStars


As the name suggests, TrafficStars is popular for the past ten years in the online advertising industry. Similar to AdXXX, the tool offers real-time bidding (RTB). Users can buy and sell premium worldwide traffic within a few clicks!

Being a popular traffic source, the tool offers easy and creative solutions for advertisers, publishers, marketers, and developers. While the tool’s main objective is user experience, the other advantage is worldwide traffic at a lower price. The tool is best suited for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Moreover, all the ad formats are of the best quality, be it the desktop or mobile version. These formats include display banners, in-video ads, interstitial ads, instant message, pop-under, pop-up, etc.

As an advertiser, it is essential that you can target your audience according to their device, IP range, language category, browser. TrafficStars’ user-friendly dashboard makes all these processes a lot easier, managing accounts or campaigns.

Publishers can get a 100% fill rate. Along with this, the payments are on-time via PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Paxum.

8. EroAdvertising

EroAdvertising is another excellent platform to go with since the tool helps a lot in planning campaigns. If you have good experience and knowledge about ad networks, you can grab a lot of growth quickly. Moreover, the network is huge, too, as it uses advanced technology to target its customers.

Users can easily blacklist ad spots or domains, create CPM campaigns with SmartBid and buy whatever they wish to. In the beginning, you can face some issues regarding how the tool works, but after a while, the growth is higher too!

9. TrafficHunt


If you are a beginner and don’t wish to get into complexities, TrafficHunt should go to Ad Network. But do remember that the tool works only with a few premium members area websites.

Yet, the stats TrafficHunt provides are crystal clear and understandable to everyone out there. With this tool, you can control bids, banner performance and adjust bids across your website!

10. Traffic Factory

Traffic Factory

If you are searching for a global provider of high-quality traffic, then the Traffic Factory is all that you will need. The tool uses advanced geo-targeting technology to give its users the most up-to-date information. With this being said, Traffic Factory is even a popular adult traffic source with nearly half a billion daily page views.

Just like all other tools, Traffic Factory even offers real-time bidding with a bunch of targeting options. Users can quickly target their potential customers by devices, Geo, dayparting, spend limit, and much more. Since it’s a self-manageable platform, users can control their advertising spendings and time.

With the Traffic Factory network, users can upload banners, change bids, change targets, and manage how long they want to run the ads. The tool even offers real-time statistics for ad campaigns that are updated constantly and is available in CSV format.

11. PlugRush


Because of its powerful and advanced advertising technologies, PlugRush is the best adult ad network you can have for yourself. Founded back in 2007, the network allows professionals to quickly trade traffic, buy or sell clicked traffic, mobile traffic, and PopUnder traffic. The tool drives great results, whether you are a publisher or advertiser.

PlugRush is also the best Adsense alternative since it offers several high-impact ad units. Moreover, the ad formats are unique, creative to help users generate more revenue and high-volume traffic from your campaigns.

The tool even offers real-time statistics, and the anti-fraud technology protects users against online fraud, fake clicks, and bots.

PlugRush also offers multiple payment options for advertisers like PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, or Credit Card. The tool is used by over 30,000+ websites and has a 99% fill rate. Additionally, the team monitors all the ad inventories manually and automatically throughout the day.

12. JuicyAds


Popularly known as a “Sexy advertising network,” JuicyAds is the best adult ad network you can have for yourself. Being a leader in the industry, advertisers and publishers can get their desired results quickly. Advertisers can even run RON (Run of Network) ads which are CPC or CPM based. Users can also find quality inventories at a low price.

Since many users are using JuicyAds already, they all trust the brand to deliver quality traffic. We highly suggest using this tool with the most advanced targeting sources and the best anti-fraud protection.

According to the country, the tool targets users, geo-targeting, connection targeting, browser targeting, OS targeting, IP targeting, language targeting, and more. And the different ad formats include banners, native ads, and Popunders.

13. 50onRed


50onRed is yet another popular tool for both publishers and advertisers to develop affordable campaigns with favorable outcomes. The specialty of this is its in-text ads since they make web users more likely to view and click them.

Also, the display ads by 50onRed are the best ones as they are accessible on prime placements to keep the products and brand noticeable for viewers.

The tool even has a full-page cost per view (CPV) to attract maximum users’ attention. And the best part about this software is it mainly focuses on adult traffic. Hence you can boost your earnings quickly.

14. Zeropark


Zeropark is a leading adult ad network with three types of traffic, Redirect traffic, Popup traffic, and Keywords. The tool gets both mainstream and adult traffic. They have 5,000 active advertisers to date and offer more than 15 million views per day.

ZeroPark uses the CPV (Cost per View) cost model and works with different ad formats like Pop, Domain Redirect, In-App, and Push Ads.

As an Advertiser, you can get worldwide reach, robust targeting, premium campaigns, and seamless Voluum integration. As a publisher, you can effortlessly monetize your website in the best possible way. We would suggest this tool for professionals since beginners may find it a bit confusing. Lastly, the tool is fully RTB-compatible!

15. PopAds


If you are looking for the leading pop-under advertising network, then PopAds is your search. But still, the tool also functions as an adult traffic network, and fortunately, it’s among the highest-paying ad networks in the market.

You can even bring top-quality visitors to your site within your budget and target the right audience with the best control.

Along with all these advanced features, the tool even provides an anti-fraud system with PopAds. Through this, users can filter all proxy, bot, and mobile traffic. Additionally, as an advertiser, you will access several targeting options according to keyword, country, time, and category.

Along with this, there are several payment options available for advertisers, including PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer.

If you are a publisher, you can easily monetize your website with the best rates. Through PopAds, you can request money at any time, and the minimum limit is $5.

16. ADxAD


Asian traffic is the most profitable geo-targeted traffic for advertisers. ADxAD is the best place for you to buy and sell high-quality traffic.

Its advanced proprietary technology system combines unparalleled expertise in Asian marketing with advanced technology infrastructure to ensure successful conversion rates for advertisers and monetization for publishers.

Join ADxAD today to tap into an unprecedented flow of high-converting, high-value traffic. ADxAD offers three major pricing models, including Revenue share, CPM, and Fix price.

ADxAD can help you increase profits by 100% with guaranteed weekly payouts.  Promote your business by attracting more visitors and controlling the monetization of your website from one dashboard.

17. AdMaven


Securing a safe spot among some of the best traffic sources, AdMaven has been a popular choice among advertisers and publishers in terms of adult traffic sources. It is a leading advertising network that specializes in providing publishers and advertisers with high-quality direct traffic to maximize their ROI and reach. 

Founded in 2010, AdMaven has since grown to serve over 2 billion daily impressions worldwide, catering to publishers and advertisers of all sizes.

Each publisher is assigned an experienced and dedicated account manager, ensuring that they are always on the right track and making informed choices about their websites.

Also, on the brighter side, AdMaven offers higher CPM rates, resulting in more revenue generation for publishers. They also have in-house real-time bidding (RTB) technology that connects different networks.

The AdMaven offers various payout methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and Payoneer. The minimum payment threshold is $50, but wire transfer requires publishers to earn $1000 or more.

18. AdamoAds

adamo ads ad network

AdamoAds is an ad network that specializes in providing publishers with the opportunity to monetize their traffic through both desktop and mobile ad options. The platform offers a variety of ad formats, such as popunders, interstitial ads, in-video ads, banners, and instant messenger inventory. 

Key aspects of AdamoAds include an unmatched publishing network with direct relationships with over 14,000 publishers globally, cross-device reach for monetizing both web and mobile traffic, and advanced targeting tools like geo-targeting, device targeting, IP targeting, OS targeting, and browser targeting.

Payments are issued in Euros, with a minimum payout threshold of €100, and payment options include PayPal, Paxum, and wire transfer. 

AdamoAds also features a referral program that offers 5% of a new publisher’s commission to the referring party. However, it’s important to note that some users have reported low CPC and CPM rates for AdamoAds.

🌟 Adult Traffic Sources FAQ

🔎What is an adult ad network?

It is the network that connects publishers and advertisers to buy and sell internet traffic. Adult ad network helps to produce quality traffic on the website that more income.

🤔What does eCPM mean?

The full form of eCPM is Effective Cost Per Mile. It is a measurement system that various publishers and advertisers generally use to estimate advertising costs.

💲Why should I use paid traffic for my website?

As we all know, free or organic traffic takes a very long time to give the result. On the other hand, the paid traffic provides you a fast result by bringing the target audience to your website.

🧐What are the best adult traffic sources?

As a marketer, getting along with adult ad networks can result in the best output possible for your marketing operations, you can also check out the ones that are mentioned below.

Conclusion: Best Adult Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2024

Due to digitalization, it is essential to pick the right advertising network, and with this being said, adult ad networks have comparatively higher visitors. The list of best adult traffic sources comprising some of the top-tier adult ad networks in the industry, might have reduced some of the hassle that you might be having while choosing the best adult traffic sources for your affiliate marketing operations.

The traffic has expanded a lot in the past few years, well, the latest trends and easy access to the internet have resulted in a gradual and drastic increase in the traffic and people engaging in adult traffic. Also, most of these networks follow different ad formats, pop-ups, and banners to display ads.

In this article, we made sure to list all these important features to help you get along with the best adult ad network possible. Indeed you can receive a high income both as a marketer or through the affiliate program but have some patience with the process. Till then, do let us know your thoughts on this best adult ad network review!🙂

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  1. PorkyAds is the best, I’ve tried allot of them but same old banner rotation with other banners that really don’t convert me, I like porky ads because they place your banner ad on there own adult network not in rotation but stationary, it also brought me many backlinks.

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