Are you looking for profitable products in your niche? Want to explore new product categories? Confused about how to decide the right product research tool for you?

Establishing a dropshipping business is as filled with challenges as running it. The challenge, which is common in both and will continue to persist throughout your dropshipping journey, is how do you discover that one profitable product among millions of products.

In a competitive industry, even creating revenue with popular products is very challenging. One has to keep experimenting with product ideas, but experimenting without studying the available data can be as pointless as selling a horse-drawn cart in front of a car showroom. As the industry grows every second, the amount of data one has to keep track of grows. It would not be an overstatement to say that the amount of this data has surpassed the ability to comprehend it on a human level manually.

Fortunately, we have dedicated ✅8 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools that can help you understand the workings of the industry and bring you to the level that you become a change-maker in the industry.

These tools essentially assess the situation of whichever product category you operate in to tell you the hot products in it at any point in time. They do this by studying product trends, how specific ads for a product are performing, which campaigns have the highest conversion rates, and even looking at the profit margins of top-performing products.

This gives you an edge over your competition as you get to be the first to know where your industry is heading, and you can optimize your product catalog that way. Choosing between these product research tools requires a bit of research but don’t worry, we have brought together eight of the top tools for this market, and we guarantee you will know the right product research tool for you by the end of this post. Without any further ado, let’s get into it;

Top 8 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

#1. AdSpy


AdSpy is, at its core, what is called an AdSpying Tool. They host the world’s largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads. As a dropshipper, you can use their database to isolate which products can get you the most revenue by seeing the ads for which products are getting the most views and generating the most sales.

As AdSpy is a core adspying tool, the products you discover from it most likely are not found on other websites dedicated to product research for dropshippers. This means that the winning products you find using AdSpy are products that probably have lesser competition than a product that a dropshipping specific website is telling its users to work on.

Using adspy tools as product research software has always been that it is complicated to navigate the database that this software usually have to figure out which is a profitable product and who are the people who form its target audience.

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That is not the case with AdSpy, as they not only have the world’s largest database of Instagram and Facebook Ads, they have the world’s largest SEARCHABLE database of these ads. This means they have made it very easy to understand how to understand the data they’re hosting by including a lot of search filters and easy-to-understand data points.

The good thing is that when you use AdSpy for your product research, you can find the winning products and how to market them and who to pitch these products to exactly. In a single tool, you can find the best-selling products, how other online retailers are pushing their sales, and never losing income while experimenting with products to dropship. Affiliates have developed the tool for affiliates. It also connects you to the best affiliate offers, a somewhat roundabout way to find exciting products.

AdSpy Pricing:

AdSpy does not offer a variety of pricing plans. You can subscribe to get the full functionality of the tool at $149.

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#2. FindNiche

FindNiche Dropshipping Niches

FindNiche is one of the few product research tools which offers a completely free plan. It is a niche analytics tool for Shopify and AliExpress product(s) which can gather information over a million products in more than 10,000 niches.

They also host detailed data on more than 700,000 Shopify stores. The amount of data looks pretty massive, but they have ensured that large amounts of data are divided into easy-to-understand data points. They update their data constantly throughout the day. This means that they track orders of the stores and products they follow every hour, what prices the sales are happening at, and the profits generated there, noting everything that occurs in all three aspects.

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You can focus on the constantly updated data by using advanced filtering, sorting, and searching products. These products can be trending products or unseen products; trading in both is hugely profitable. Both of these can help you continuously stay ahead of dropshippers who are still experimenting by giving you an insight into the winning products with the best margins.

FindNiche offers the key features you would want from your product research tool (except being able to filter through products by “dropshipping”). For a partly free tool, it can surely help you find some awesome products. The free plan comes with limited functionality, i.e., five searches per day. If you would like all the features but are still unsure if you want to invest in FindNiche, you can use their share rewards system.

FindNiche Pricing:

Essentially it is like getting a 7-day free trial by sharing the tool with a friend (you can even get a full 30 days free if you share the tool on any one of your social media profiles.)

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#3. Anstrex


Anstrex builds on what we discussed with AdSpy. Anstrex is also mainly engaged in the adspying industry, but they have created separate tools for dropshippers under Anstrex Dropship. These tools have been designed to fulfill all the needs of a dropshipper instead of being wholeheartedly focused on being a product research tool. They have a complete supplier database where you search thousands of suppliers with various filters.

These are verified suppliers, but the filters help you choose the right one for your needs. You can also study the dropship stores generating millions in revenue to understand how to form the correct business model for your dropshipping outlet.

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It also, of course, performs the core product research function and does it rather well. It tracks the drop ship products, which are gathering a lot of attention on social media, and collects data on the users who are giving that attention.

The tool provides you with personalized recommendations after you sign up, which are guaranteed to get you a lot of sales. They also offer boolean searching options for advanced users. Using this, you can combine search and filter criteria to gain insights that are impossible with any other search engine.

You can completely automate your dropshipping business using Anstrex. Once you set up your store, Anstrex can add products, place orders with suppliers, and manage your inventory for you, all completely automated.

Like every other automated system, there is a learning curve for the software to understand your work. Still, we found it a welcome addition, especially considering the tool’s primary purpose is product research. Anstrex is also one of the top ad intelligence platforms. As intelligence platforms operate on a big plank of letting users compare their strategies with competitors, Anstrex has also brought this element into dropshipping.

You can view competitors’ analytics and compare traffic sources. The monthly report of your competitor’s data can help you understand where your business might be lacking or what directions you should be expanding in. This section also involves data on particular retail stores, which tells you which are the best performing dropshipping products.

Anstrex is also one of the few tools which offer a Chrome Extension facility.

Anstrex Pricing:

If you claim Anstrex now, you can get its full range of features, as mentioned above, entirely for free. The original cost is $69.99/month, but while the product is in beta, you can get full access entirely for free. Being one of the first users can help you access data that even some of the top players in the industry might be getting, so Anstrex is a worthy contender for your attention.

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#4. Dropispy

Dropispy Review

Dropispy is also an adspy tool, but it differs from the others on the list because its ads spy efforts are targeted towards helping dropshippers and not the other way around. It is also one of the most affordable tools on the list. The general guiding theme throughout Dropispy is that all of the data they offer is streamlined into data points that are especially appealing to dropshippers.

Dropispy is one of the few tools which provides very granular analysis of the thousands of ads on which it collects data. While finding profitable products is critical, the precise analysis of real-time data in Dropispy is mainly geared towards a more robust understanding of overall market trends.

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Combining good products with a solid understanding of the market is the key to establishing a long-standing position in the market. You can also directly inspect any dropshipping shops that you want. This can serve multiple purposes. You can review your competitors, understand how dropshipping shops work in niches you’re looking to expand into, and see the winning products of the most successful dropshippers in the world.

Dropispy is built on a much lighter UI to maintain server speed and ensure that the whole platform is straightforward to navigate. The developers are constantly adding more data for your perusal and extra search engine features to help you do that. The dual-use case of Dropispy as both a keyword research tool and a product research solution makes it an ideal software for you to search for products and decide how you will go about selling them from the same window.

Dropispy Pricing:

There are a lot of pricing plans on offer here. An entirely free plan that gets you basic filters, media downloads, and access to the browser extension. The premium plan at €29.90 gets you advanced filters, real-time metrics, and access to the dropshippers shop spy tool, alongside everything in the free plan.

The difference between the Business(€249.90) and Premium plan is 24×7 customer support and access to 1,800,000 credits instead of 150,000 in the Premium plan.

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Visto Reviews is one of the more specialized ones of dropshipping tools. What we say with Dropispy, where it would help you grasp market trends, is taken a step further by technical data, which show emerging and current market trends in a manner that can help you directly correlate them with your personal product portfolio and how to optimize it. guarantees you instant success with your campaigns as they always present you with the strategy of the most successful campaigns for you to emulate directly. They strongly believe that a huge database is just the start. helps you find what you need fast, the insights you need to act on now, and the data you have to include in your listing right away.

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Essentially is a tool created to ensure that you never miss a beat and are always on the go. It keeps you aware of all the important happenings around your business. They maintain an active blog and provide excellent customer support. It is an excellent tool, but we would advise you of the free plan before purchasing different users will get a different amount of value from the kind of tool. Pricing:

They offer three paid pricing plans:

Pro Plan: $99/month

Demographic filters, keyword search, unlimited ads view with 10000 searches per month. You can sort through products by keywords and see popular products on e-commerce websites with detailed data on e-commerce brands and their ad strategy. Ideal for e-commerce sellers.

Premium Plan: $179/month

Access to affiliate filters, the lander section and the ability to download 100 pre-landers every month (along with everything in the basic plan.) Ideal for affiliate marketers.

Elite Plan: $329/month

Upgrade to the ability to download 300 pre landers every month.

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#6. EcomHunt


EcomHunt is a clean, minimalistic, and highly efficient product research tool. The site header is “a curation of the best new products, every day”. This is not a bold claim that they’re making without following the EcomHunt team adds multiple new winning products for you to capitalize on every day.

(EcomHunt’s company policy is to provide profitable good performing products to its paying members first then release those products to free users, so the following section talks about the benefits enjoyed solely by paying subscribers)

The EcomHunt team analyzes products in multiple verticals, curates a list, and then uploads the list for users to use and make revenue. The curation of this list is mentioned for the fact users are not just provided a list of products, under every product a large string of data which is listed below:

  • Product Description/Image
  • Recommended Retail Price (with cost and margin calculations factored in)
  • Status of the product on Facebook and advice on how to increase the reach of the same
  • Advanced analytics
  • Audience Targeting Ideas
  • Saturation Inspector
  • Customer/User reviews

EcomHunt also provides you with a lot of training to effectively make use of the data that they provide. They have also ensured that their Facebook group is an active community of users who benefit from their program while helping each other out.

EcomHunt University is their in-house training program for dropshippers to get the most value from joining EcomHunt. If what you’re looking for is a clean, simple, accurate tool that will tell you the products that will get you maximum ROI consistently, then EcomHunt would be an excellent value for money purchase for you.

EcomHunt Pricing:

As we mentioned earlier, the free plan comes with a certain delay in access to new money-making products and very limited features. You can get full access for $29 and enjoy dropshipping the right products every day.

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#7. BigSpy


BigSpy is another adspying tool that dropshippers often use for their purposes. The reason BigSpy is on this list is that when used effectively, this tool can create insanely successful campaigns. If you have expertise in both dropshipping and adspying, using this relatively cheap tool, you can get some good results.

One of the largest ad databases in the world, the good thing about BigSpy is that it gathers data from more than 6 platforms in total. The diversity between the users of these multiple platforms helps you explore different kinds of target audiences, what appeals to them, and how to make your product appealing to a varied set of users. Understanding the behavior of users beyond Facebook and Instagram might seem unnecessary. Still, the truth is that everyone is tracking the market trends on Facebook ads and staring at Instagram analytics.

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The market is not saturated per se but it is highly competitive, so if you want to make some solid income in a low competition niche using the data that BigSpy gives, you can take your dropshipping business to a new level.

BigSpy Pricing:

BigSpy offers a free plan which allows you to input 5 queries a day with limited search features only for Facebook ad data. A basic plan at $9 gives you Facebook and Instagram data with 20 queries a day and full search features included.

Track and download up to 25 ads every day with access to limited featured ads also. You can try the full access Pro plan for just $1 for three months if you head on over to the BigSpy website now (the full cost of it is $99). All plans are 30% off if you pay annually.

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#8. Minea


Minea is the platform for e-commerce sellers to keep up with the times. Their product research method is unique from others as they review the performance of products across multiple traffic sources, most of which are not ones that are very known to most dropshippers.

This also means that if you pursue products in these traffic sources, you will be operating in virtually unchallenged conditions as these are rather unsaturated markets. Minea is also a leading adspy tool and one of the first to get you data on Snapchat. Its database also includes Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. It scans a wide variety of networks constantly to ensure that all their data is up to date and their users are always the first to know about all winning products.

Minea Logo

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*Enter code AFF20 at checkout.
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Essentially Minea can be an all-in-one tool for you. With a database of over 10 million ads across 4 different platforms and an effective filter system for products and ads in a light and fast tool make for a delightful experience. Short of sourcing reliable suppliers for you (coming soon), it is definitely in the top rankings of dropshipping research tools.

One of the most effective tools in this list and overall in the industry Minea.

Minea Pricing:

  • Lite: 0€/month – Get 250 research credits on all four platforms with the Chrome Extension as well.
  • Start: 49€/month – 10000 research credits with the Lite plan’s high functionality
  • Premium: 99€/month – 100000 research credits with the ability to track, monitor, analyze all the dropshipping shops you want.

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🌟 Product Research Tools for Dropshipping FAQ

What is a product research tool?

A product research tool, in simple terms, is designed to find the best winning products and offer you the information you need to decide whether or not to sell them.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of retailing in which a vendor accepts client orders but does not maintain the products in stock.

How do I research a product to sell?

Follow consumer trend publications
– Find top sellers on Amazon
– Browse social curation sites
– Evaluate B2B wholesale marketplaces
– Read niche forums
– Ask your customers

How do you do dropshipping research?

– Keep an eye out for the most recent product trends.
– Conduct some research on the most popular dropshipping niches.
– Determine what your competitors are selling.
– Investigate product videos on Facebook.
– Look for social shopping websites.
– Participate in online product discussion forums.

Conclusion: 8 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools 2024

Putting together the right set of tools is nearly as important as putting together the team to use those tools efficiently. In any competitive industry today, the role of technology is indescribably important. Here we have laid down the top dropshipping product research tools now, and it is up to you to analyze each tool’s pros and cons and see which tool would benefit you the most according to your specific needs.

The gap between technology and mankind has grown thinner and thinner, and it will continue to do so. Now it is up to you to accept this and remove the guesswork from your dropshipping business today.🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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