With our lives getting more computerized day after day, utilizing a VPN turns out to be a need. If you’ve at any point attempted to discover a VPN that addresses your needs, you would have run over catchy phrases like “best” or “quickest.”

In the VPN market, each assistance claims to give bursting speed and ensures they aren’t gathering your data.

It gets tricky when you’re attempting to locate an authentic free VPN service since each free VPN contains a catch. Either it’s bandwidth capacity constraints, the number of servers to browse from, unavailability of streaming servers. In this article, we’ll experience all that you need to understand before getting yourself a free VPN.

We’ve tried out 25 free VPNs and made top-notch of the top 10 VPNs.

✅Top 10 Best Free VPN (Updated 2024)

Best Free VPN

Let’s investigate our top picks:

Best Free VPNOffer Link
#1. Atlas VPNSpecial offer
#2. TunnelBearSpecial offer
#3. ProtonVPNGet exclusive discount
#4. WindscribeDownload for free
#5. Hide.meSpecial offer
#6. Hotspot ShieldGet exclusive discount
#7. AviraDownload for free
#8. SurfEasySpecial offer
#9. SpeedifyGet 70% OFF discount
#10. BetternetDownload for free

Atlas VPN

In spite that Atlas VPN was launched a half year prior, it had just pulled in good media attention. The item mentions in articles of monster media players, for example, Forbes, Reuters, The New York Post, PCMag, Fox News, and numerous others.

Atlas VPN

Also, it has a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, a notable consumer rating site. The organization is transparent about how they bring in the money, which is important in regards to free VPN service. The seller offers free and premium assistance versions.

The free form has boundless bandwidth capacity. However, the quantity of servers is less. The Premium adaptation has more than 500 servers.

Atlas VPN doesn’t collect, monitor, or track users’ online activities, which implies they are working under the no-logs policy. Since they intend to live off premium version clients, they won’t adapt your data and target you with advertising. Thus, Technically, getting a free version implies getting fewer servers to browse.

It permits you to stream in 4K any geo-restricted content with premium unlocks servers of streaming-optimized. The service additionally supports utilizing the P2P application.

At this moment, the Atlas VPN application is accessible for Android and iOS clients. The team hopes to deliver Windows and macOS applications this late summer.

Atlas VPN is still at the beginning phase of development. All things considered, as of now, it offers military-grade encryption (AES-256), the most secure protocols (IKEv2), a great number of servers, a severe no-logs policy, malicious sites, and advertisement block (SafeBrowse), and risks protection. What’s more, it’s just the start.

Normally, free VPNs put information caps, which means your VPN utilization will be limited. That is the place where Atlas VPN stands out – even with the free version of the application, and you can utilize the service as much as you can imagine. It’s particularly convenient for streaming or utilizing torrenting applications.


In the free version, TunnelBear gives free 500MB of data per month. You can pick between workers from 22 nations, including Australia, the USA, Germany, India, and so on. The TunnelBear services are viewed as probably the quickest assistance in the free VPN market.


It’s an ideal alternative for streaming; notwithstanding, the bandwidth capacity may not permit getting a charge out of gorging on your shows https://atlasvpn.com/ or the hours. The uncommon, simple to-utilize application design is a gigantic bonus, as well.

In short, the differentiation between the free and premium variants is only a limitation on bandwidth. That is why it is our subsequent choice: Tunnelbear has a novel, easy to understand interface with many connection points to browse.


ProtonVPN is a swiss-based service that doesn’t put data limits, runs on authentic encryption protocols, ensures a no-logs policy, and offers privacy highlights — this for free. The significant disadvantage is the set number of locations to browse — Japan, the US, Netherlands.

proton VPN

Check: ProtonVPN Review

Barely any point of connection can highly diminish your speed because of servers being routinely over-loaded. Furthermore, you’ll have the option to associate on a single device at that point. At last, ProtonVPN servers don’t uphold P2P traffic.

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As a rule, ProtonVPN is made for individuals who are much serious about online anonymity and security.


Windscribe additionally offers free and premium levels. Nonetheless, free assistance has specific constraints. If you register and offer your email address — you’ll be given 10GB/month to utilize. If you don’t give your location, you’ll need to agree with 2GB of data every month.


You can pick between 20 free VPN locations, while paid plans open servers in around 50 countries.
In the free version, Windscribe has some incredible features, such as Split Tunneling, which permits you to skip certain applications from the VPN tunnel if you don’t wish to be sure about them.

Split Tunneling is a novel feature in the VPN market – just a couple of VPN services offer this.


The free form of Hide.me will restrict you to 2GB of data every month, which isn’t ideal yet adequate for browsing. As far as possible, this service holds you to establish a safe VPN connectivity on one gadget at a point. There are five server areas to choose from — SG, NL, CA, and US (west and east coast).


Hide.me awards a strict policy of no-logs, utilizes the most authentic encryption protocols. What’s more, it offers exceptional security features: Stealth Guard, Split Tunneling, Advanced IP Leak Protection, IPv6 Support, as recorded on their official site. In any case, their VPN servers don’t unlock Netflix, which is disappointing and baffling.

Hotspot Shield

With the free form of Hotspot Shield, you can get 500MB of data every day (~15GB a month). It’s likewise too simple to begin since you don’t need to join, put your email address or Bank Card details to utilize the services.

Hotspot Shield

The significant disadvantage is that the application picks a server for you with automation. Along these lines, you won’t have the option to pick a location yourself, which is fundamental in case you’re hoping to get to geo-restricted content.

Hotspot Shield adapts the free version by pushing advertisements to its free version clients. If you get easily irritated by nosy advertisements, you’ve been cautioned!


Avira is a dignified name inside the cybersecurity industry, otherwise known as Avira Antivirus. In 2016, the organization launched its VPN service named Avira Phantom VPN.


Free of cost, Avira’s Phantom VPN android service gives a month-to-month data allowance of 500MBs. You can pick out a server in any of the forty accessible locations, a big number.

The sign-up system is free of any hassle: it doesn’t need to get into any information; you need to download it. With each free and paid variations, you may use the provider on multiple gadgets. All in all, the free version is quite solid, but low statistics caps are probably a deal-breaker for those seeking to use a VPN daily.


It has an implicit algorithm that keeps advertisements from tracking you on the web, connecting five devices simultaneously, and fair speeds SurfEasy will let you use torrenting without skipping your association speeds.


SurfEasy gives 500MB every month. Admittance to 16 nations. You can get all the more free data if you suggest the service for your companions or family.

There’s a concerning articulation on their Policy page of the privacy. They express that they have a zero-logging policy.


It has some bonding with channel that speeds up the connectivity. Yet, it forces you to buy the paid version as other applications do, and also it uses more data than usual.


It is a consistent try from the seller’s side that the free version stays without ads in it. Again, maybe the caps would not be sufficient for open data. It provides every month an amount of data, 2GB, and its streaming is also reasonable.


Betternet has advanced into our main 10 VPNs list due to the easy to use design. The application has an on/off switch with an alternative to look over nine various server locations — in the US. Betternet offers 500 MB of free data every day.


However, it concerns that the seller gathers more helpful data that is ideal for security. Betternet may even share a portion of the data with an outside service provider. If you utilize the complementary plan, you might be seeing a ton of advertisements.

The servers additionally do not support the streaming. Henceforth, Betternet is not assistance we would suggest for those searching for vigorous privacy and security.

🌟 Free VPN

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. If you connect VPN to your internet, then it helps you to surf websites securely and privately. VPN also gives you access to restricted websites and overcome censorship blocks.

How free VPNs work?

Free VPNs help you keep track of all your content, IP address, the site you visit, etc. It encrypts all your data and builds a virtual tunnel through the internet. Apart from the privacy issues, it also helps you to hide your IP, increase browsing speed, etc.

Are free VPNs safe to use?

Many free VPNs sell your private data to different companies or even install malware on your system. If you want to use a free VPN securely, it becomes crucial for you to pick the safe VPN service.

What is the best free VPN service?

There are various best free VPNs available in the market that you can use securely as they even do not have speed or data limits. Check the list mentioned above that helps you to pick the best free VPN service for yourself.

Conclusion: 10 Best Free VPN 2024 | Should you go for it?

The entirety of the 10 VPN services our list has included has its favorable benefits, limitations, and capabilities. If you would prefer not to put resources into a high-end service, here you should find assistance that addresses your needs.

We strongly encourage you to pick a legitimate provider regarding your privacy and is sufficiently secure to use.

That is why we picked Atlas VPN: it ensures you with military-grade encryption, doesn’t constrain your activities with data limits, has an easy to understand interface, and opens Netflix. Who could want anything more?🤞

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