Do you want to explore Email marketing apps other than Moosend?

Are you looking forward to choosing a new Email Marketing Software in the near future?

We are here with the ✅Best Moosend Alternatives that will help you manage email deliverability, surveys, and excellent social media integration. To make the decision easier for you, this compilation list includes pricing, features, and benefits of all the Moosend alternatives of 2024!

Moosend Overview

Best Moosend Alternatives

Have you not used Moosend to date but are aware of the popularity of the software? Hence, to help you best, you must know what Moosend is all about.

Moosend is software for email marketing that simplifies the difficult work of retailers and helps them concentrate on developing customer interactions. With an excellent framework, the tool lets users develop creative and interactive emails for campaigns.

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Just by using the tool for a while, users can surpass their target. Also, Moosend’s advanced automation is best for marketing strategy and web page monitoring. Not just this, raising retention rates of the cart and improving the order value get significantly easier. There is a specific cross-selling pattern, and upselling is performed by the tool to build brand loyalty.

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Now, as you know what Moosend is, it’s time for you to learn its features in brief. Below are some of the advanced features by Moosend to help you compare other tools:

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages
  • Newsletter editor
  • Personalized email marketing
  • E-commerce sales
  • Subscription forms

And a lot more!

But as a user, choosing the sole email marketing platform for your business is not the right deal. There are certain downsides of Moosend, like the hefty charges and absence of several important features.

Hence, before buying it, you must concentrate on some other software that is doing quite better than Moosend. To simplify the process below is a detailed review of Moosend alternatives 2024.


✅7+ Best Moosend Alternatives & Competitors [Updated 2024]

Best Moosend Alternatives & CompetitorsOfficial Link
MailerLiteGet it now
SendinBlueGet it now
MailchimpGet it now
GetResponseGet it now
Constant ContactGet it now
AWeberGet it now
RoblyGet it now

#1. MailerLite


MailerLite is a popular email marketing service provider. It mainly focuses on convenience, consumer satisfaction, and providing stunning templates for emails. There aren’t any sophisticated configurations to look after while using MailerLite.

This app helps users to build quality email marketing strategies and also monitor the outcomes. Users can even handle their subscriptions and look after who all are unsubscribing to their newsletter.

Apart from this, developing customized display ads and building landing pages also gets easier with MailerLite. The software has several important features that are not just easier to use but also quite straightforward.


  • Building Campaigns:

A business would never require a designer if they are using MailerLite. There are a simple drag and drop creator through which one can easily make qualified and creative emails. Also, there is a Customized editor for HTML and different Layouts for newsletters.

  • Widen the Audience:

Along with a significant user interface, MailerLite also helps the user to wider the audience base. It’s quite necessary to understand who all are potential subscribers, and the tool gives the best help for the same. Several designs are available, including landing links, different pop-ups, and integrated elements to attract fresh users from around the network.

  • Innovative directing tools:

Users can easily customize their programs with innovative directing tools by MailerLite. Also, they can offer updated emails to their users whenever they want to. Using this feature is also very easy; it just takes seconds.

  • Campaign automation:

MailerLite provides campaign automation through which it standardizes the emails to become productive and feasible. It also helps to boost the stats as the tool provides excellent email marketing attributes.

  • Results and performance tracing:

It’s not A/B testing; however, you can trace which emails are working well and which one has the least click-through rate. You can also track the results of the campaign within the tool itself.

👉 Reasons why we suggest MailerLite as the best alternative for Moosend

There are several reasons why we suggest you choose MailerLite over Moosend, and the major of all is:

  • Efficient features with favorable functionalities
  • Campaign automation available
  • Email testing and landing page information
  • Huge layout designs option available
  • Convenient and easy to use platform
  • Excellent customer support system

However, when used on an internet browser, the software will take longer than usual to deliver results.


  • Free service by MailerLite: Lifetime free package with minimum functionality and hot 1000 users.
  • For smaller businesses: $15 per month

If you own a small business, you will get all the extensive benefits by MAILERLITE, but the member’s count will only be restricted to 2500.

  • For larger businesses: $260 per month

If you own a large business, you will get this package with appropriate features and be used until upto 60,000 customers.

If you own a big enterprise and want MailerLite for significant purposes, then you can contact them directly. They will offer you the best customizations along with high possible discounts on yearly payments.


Overall we find MailerLite to be a competitive and best alternative to Moosend. Be it about the pricing or the features the software provides. Users can get huge benefits in the free package itself.

#2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is yet another email marketing software that strengthens enterprises to leverage the right strategy for their business. The software helps users develop, create, and leverage promotional emails, text messages, and specialized transaction-based emails. Along with powerful advertising production processes, the tool has excellent email functionality.

It notifies its users whether their audience received the email, and they opened it or not. Also, it provides information relating to modifications one can perform to improve their click-through rates.

With so many features on the table, the tool never surprises its users with an intuitive interface. Hence, handling customer relations also gets a lot easier!


  • Campaign support:

This feature by SendinBlue helps users to provide the best support for any marketing campaign. One can make excellent changes with the layouts and easily make modifications through the drag and drop button. Users will never face any complication while setting up the feature, as it’s very easy to understand.

  • Marketing Software:

SendinBlue is a power package having eight out of the box process development models. Through these models, one can pace their business on to a new level and achieve customer satisfaction.

With Webhook, users can combine the framework to automate the marketing process via SMS and some more differentiating utilities.

  • Dynamic Listings:

Users can set their defined parameters like database search to get the best results possible. After every 24 hours, the list changes automatically, and through this, one can get a fresh and current list through segmentation.

  • Email scheduling:

Modify the time in Whatever the business may be, it’s essential to modify the timing according to the reader’s availability. Through the SendinBlue algorithm, users can easily get higher open-through rates. Also, one can track specific emails to process further ones by specifying the date and time.

  • Innovative Contact Tools:

To attract further sales, SendinBlue has innovative tools to reach out to a broad audience. It not just gathers emails but also helps a lot with templates for convenient configuration. The tool also integrates well across different web pages.

  • Updated Analytics:

Apart from so many features, SendinBlue also offers the best resources to help businesses boost sales. There’s a heat map to help users with high-density data and look after previous actions.

👉 Reasons why we suggest SendinBlue as the best alternative for Moosend

Now, as you are aware of all the features by SendinBlue, here are some specific reasons you must think of before considering the tool:

  • Excellent tools for email marketing strategies
  • Various email layouts option available, including styles, formats, and the main content
  • Review of each program to analyze and improve marketing emails


  • Free plan by SendinBlue, including unlimited Contact and 300 emails per day.
  • Lite package- $19 per month

Unlimited emails for a day plus 40000 mails included for a month.

  • Essential package- $29 per month

Each benefit available from the lite package, along with additional statistics, emails, and no watermark

  • Premium package- $49 per month

All benefits included the essential package along with landing page builder, workflow automation, and email optimization.

  • Enterprise

Pricing over here is custom, and according to the features, you will opt for your business. This package is especially for larger businesses that will need extensive support from the team.


Conclusively, we find this platform to be perfectly smooth and consistent for any kind of usage. It can easily build promotions and categorize advertising to provide the best results to the users. In all, one must consider buying SendinBlue, and another reason is the pricing itself!

#3. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is yet another popular marketing software and among the major competitors of Moosend. It helps users to build, submit, and review the email and advertising strategies. Businesses can grab full control over campaigns, can monitor emails, display their performance, and handle members all at once. With this software producing customized data also gets a lot easier.

Other than this, MailChimp even allows users to design and customize the layouts apart from the predefined templates. The software integrates well with popular apps to help users get the right amount of data from their business.

One can automate the follow-up, send customized updates, and builds tailored campaigns, very easily!


  • Pre-designed Email Layout and campaign models:

Mailchimp has an excellent range of customized layouts and campaign models. The user just needs to choose one, apply it to the advertising image, and modify designs accordingly.

  • Suggestions for Service:

If users desire to maximize their revenue, they can use MailChimp’s research feature. This specific feature will recognize the consumer’s potential transactions and suggestions to the businesses to look after.

  • In-depth Review on Data:

Mailchimp offers comparable data to their users to strengthen the campaigns and to evaluate potential user’s behavior. Businesses can evaluate the outcomes before performing a campaign and can work on downsides beforehand.

👉 Reasons why we suggest Mailchimp as the best alternative for Moosend

Most of MailChimp’s tools are available for free; however, the paid versions have much better features. The prototype editor and the in-depth reports are all a marketer will require to grow their business.


  • Startups – $10 per month
  • Pro-market package – $199 per month


Overall, MailChimp is a great tool and excellent optimization software. The free package is worth trying, and we would suggest to try it at least once before purchasing!

#4. GetResponse


GetResponse is an excellent email marketing tool and the best alternative to Moosend. Even without any prior coding and email creation experience, users can easily access the software as it provides the best marketing tactics.

There are several email templates available, including attractive graphics in the email drafting section!


  • Landing Page creator:

GetResponse provides its user with an excellent drag and drops user interface, making webpages highly accessible. Hence one can easily design the best landing pages for workshops, clients, websites, etc.

  • Webinar manager:

This feature by GetResponse helps marketers to network easily and control the overall important launch dates. Users can also exchange reports, moderate chats, use polls, exchange desktops, handle visitors, all at once via VOIP.

  • Automation for Marketing:

Through the marketing automation feature by GetResponse, customers can construct flexible processes depending on their consumer expeditions. Moreover, it allows clients to classify features and split their connections across categories by personalizing messages and emails.

  • Monitoring tools:

GetResponse has an excellent monitoring tool that displays information through raw figures and pie charts. However, frequent updates that happen automatically on the screen result in a quick rundown, a major downside.

👉 Reasons why we suggest GetResponse as the best alternative for Moosend

As compared with other tools, the installation is quite easier, along with great tools that deliver excellent results. With the excellent customer support service team, GetResponse is indeed the best alternative to Moosend.


GetResponse has a bit of confusing pricing as it offers different plans according to the months you will select.

  • Email plan for $15 per month
  • Pro plan $49 per month
  • Max plan for $165 per month
  • Enterprise plan for $719 per month


The only issue with GetResponse is it’s not available for free; other than that, the tool is a great win for marketers.

#5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a powerful marketing automation and email marketing solution that helps businesses become more proficient at using email and social advertising to acquire, convert, and retain customers. The software includes a plethora of email templates with drag-and-drop elements and offers multiple ways to upload contacts.

Also, Constant Contact users enjoy access to intuitive event management tools, social media features, and various resources available to help businesses be successful with their marketing.


  • Marketing Automation:

Through Constant Contact, users can easily set up any email and build a series that can be automatically sent to contacts. Modifications can also be performed within seconds as per the requirements.

  • Contact Management:

The software’s contact management dashboard gives users access to all the relevant tools they need to organize their subscribers. Marketers can easily upload a text file, spreadsheet for automatic processing or import contacts directly from Gmail.

  • Statistical Reporting:

The best part about the tool is its detailed reports that show clear and relevant statistics. It displays the number of clicks, unsubscribes, forwards, opens, spam reports in detail with graphs.

  • Event Marketing Tools:

The software’s event registration application is a feature for marketers who wish to leverage email marketing for their business. This feature can help them drive attendance at multinational trade shows and conferences.

  • E-commerce integrations:

Having mentioned this previously, Constant Contact offers the best of native integrations. Hence, if you own an e-commerce business, you can keep track of abandoned cart emails, sales targets, and actual sales on the Constant Contact dashboard.

👉 Reasons why we suggest Constant Contact as the best alternative for Moosend

The main reason why we suggest Constant Contact to be the best alternative to Moosend is its drag-and-drop editor feature. This feature helps users customize email templates; and offers multiple options for uploading, managing, and growing contact lists. There are also several learning resources available on the website.

The tool also offers real-time reporting and contact management, which is well needed in the e-commerce business.


Constant Contact provides a 60-day-free trial to users. It has two monthly pricing plans, and if billed annually, users will get a 15% discount. The Email plan starts from $20 per month and includes all the basic features to 500 contacts.

But with the Email Plus plan, users will be benefited from multiple users, subject line A/B testing, surveys and polls, event marketing, coupons, and dynamic content. It’s just for $25 per month and up to 500 contacts.

#6. AWeber


Apart from other tools, Aweber has the simplest interface and some great features to advertise and manage the business. It is also called a management tool that is best for small companies as well as larger enterprises. Also, the software intends to deliver tailored and reliable emails to consumers to grab better results.

The tool has hundreds of email templates with HTML, and then drag and drop editor is the best thing a business can ever get. The tool also offers automatic promotions and updates users with new market trends.


  • A/B Test Analysis:

To help the user which template is working best, Aweber enables viewing the differences in individual aspects in emails. Hence, a consumer will evaluate between 2 separate stories, and the tool will analyze which one has a faster response rate.

  • Email templates for HTML:

There are more than 700 multi-device friendly email message templates.

  • Automation of marketing:

The tool simplifies the email advertising process by providing the best of automation.

  • Designs responsive emails:

Whatever the mail the user has drafted, it is immediately resized according to the device their consumer uses to read the email.

  • Segmented results:

For users, the tool classifies the consumers’ data according to the geographical area, clicking links, and other related important and relevant information.

👉 Reasons why we suggest AWeber as the best alternative for Moosend

There are some truly elite features offered by AWeber which no other tool might ever offer. It has excellent email models that are simpler to use. With an amazing customer support service, AWeber never fails to surprise its users.

Even though the tool offers great deliverability of emails, the pricing increases with increasing subscriptions.


  • 500 subscribers – $19 for a month
  • 2500 subscribers – $29 per month
  • 5000 subscribers – $49 per month
  • 25,000 subscribers – $129 per month

There is also a free plan by AWeber, but it’s restricted for a month only.


Overall we would say AWeber to be an average alternative to Moosend, as it has some areas to perform better. However, if you are a beginner, you will find the pricing highly affordable compared to others!

#7. Robly


Robly is a popular email marketing software worldwide, be it a non-profit one or an enterprise. Moreover, newcomers seem to like Robly a lot as it’s a cloud-based software with an excellent application development system.

The software offers a hefty amount of patented innovation for its users. Hence, attracting customers also gets easier. The tool also promises to increase automated email lead generation by fifty percent, which is a difficult task, yet can be attained by the right use. It’s like getting 5 times better than conventional counterparts!


  • Helps with deliverability loop:

The tool helps users a lot with deliverables, as it offers great proportions along with email lists. Hence, it’s a great deal for users, and adding to this, email appreciates the same! The mails are delivered at the perfect time. Hence there are additional changes in gaining better click-through.

  • In-depth information about viewers by target and tags:

Users can watch the webpage activities by opportunities, clients, and preferences, both by segmentation or tag through. One can also project or submit responses at the exact time with this feature.

  • Builds stunning campaign through drag and drop editor:

Users can develop quite stunning, unique, and insightful emails through the editor. All they need to do is clear text files according to the necessity and upload the existing HTML.

👉 Reasons why we suggest Robly as the best alternative for Moosend

The best part about this software is the in-depth details and database it provides to its users, including foreign factors. It ensures auditing to benefit the users at its best. Apart from this, their customer support service is very attentive and provides excellent support despite whatever the complaints are.

Even though this app is a bit expensive compared to other ones, its quality is incomparable, and the features are available in abundance.


  • Standard price – $15 per month

This plan includes chat support, zero archives, and is restricted to seven photos.

  • Professional price – $29 per month

This plan includes phone support, OpenGen, AI of Robly, unlimited mail, pop-ups, and automation.

  • Ultimate deal – $79 per month

This plan includes all the above features along with customer success management and 24/7 service to unlimited training.


Robly is a premium software, and your experience with the tool will depend on how effectively you will be using it. Having said this, at least try once and just look for yourself whether it’s working or not!

🌟 Moosend Alternatives FAQ

What is Moosend?

Moosend is the best email marketing platform with top features. It does not allow you to know technical knowledge as it offers a drag and drops email editor.

How does Moosend work?

It is the all in one email marketing solution for marketers to build clients for their business. It provides a user-friendly interface to design amazing emails and campaigns.

What are the integrations available for these Moosend alternatives?

All the Moosend alternatives integrate well with popular apps like Zen Cart, WooCommerce, Drupal, Google Contacts, and Sales Cloud.

How to get access to consoles of SendinBlue API?

Register yourself for free on After signing in, you will get access to consoles of the API to manage its keys.

Final Verdict:

SendinBlue is one of the closest moosend alternastives because of it’s highly reliable features and pricing. It’s a great substitute; however, you can also opt for MailChimp, as it’s quite popular. If your only goal is to increase your business’s profitability, you can go through all the software’s features mentioned above.

It will give you a clear idea of your requirements and which one will fulfill it all at its best. Conclusively, choose something with excellent functionality, and do let us know your choice in the Moosend Alternatives listed Above.

Happy Email Marketing!

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