Are you searching for the best WordPress cache plugins and just confused with what to choose because of so many options?

There are more than 1000 cache plugins available, and your website is only one. Worry no more; we have got you covered with our ✅8 Best WordPress Cache Plugins with amazing features and can speed up everything.

But before that, we will like to brief you on the meaning of cache and why it is important to choose the right one? Also, don’t forget to check the articles’ conclusion because there is something best for you awaiting there!

What is WordPress Caching, & Why is it important?

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Website speed matters a lot. Your customer can leave your page within two seconds, and it is not us saying it, but 47% of the internet user’s data speaks it. Did you know that it can cost you 40% of your website traffic when your internet website opens up within seconds?

In this digitized world, loading time is a much more essential thing because it can bring profits. There are many competitors out there who are available with the same type of data and easy accessibility.

The solution to all these problems is caching. When a person visits your page, they must take permission from the server, and the results are thus displayed on the web browser. The timeframe in which the server gives data depends on the website, and here’s where caching comes in the picture.

Caching solves problems by processing the user’s frequently requested data and storing it to the temporary storage or memory-based off the computer. Hence the file opens quickly.

Importance of WordPress Caching Plugin

If you have a WordPress site, then you will require a WordPress caching plugin for several reasons. The plugin will help you speed up your website, but it will increase the user experience and reduce your server’s problems.

Most of the top cloud hosting companies like KinstaCloudways, HostGator has in-built server-level caching deployed on their servers, so you don’t technically require a caching plugin if you on any of those above web host, However, WP caching plugin does a lot more, from minifying, adding CDN and lot more code-level optimization to boost your WordPress website.

Moreover, you can also see an improved SEO with a lower time to the first byte. It will generate a static HTML page for your WordPress site, saved on your server. Hence your overall speed and performance will increase by doubling your traffic on the website and helping you get the right position organically.

So, after reviewing hundreds of WordPress cache plugins, we have made a list of not 5, but 8 best WordPress cache plugins along with its features and cons. Have a look at it, and don’t miss out on our conclusion for each of it at the end.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins (Updated 2024)

Best WordPress Cache PluginsOfficial Links
#1. WP-RocketDownload the Plugin
#2. W3 Total CacheDownload the Plugin
#3. WP Super CacheDownload the Plugin
#4. Cash EnablerDownload the Plugin
#5. Hyper CacheDownload the Plugin
#6. PerfmattersDownload the Plugin
#7. Comet CacheDownload the Plugin
#8. WP Fastest CacheDownload the Plugin


WP-Rocket is our first choice for the best WordPress cache plugin because of several reasons and its offerings.


As far as this plugin’s working is considered, it is the best beginner and user-friendly caching plugin. It can help you to get quick results and quick time. You won’t require any technical knowledge to use this cache plugin. All you have to do is make a mind to use it, and it will instantly cache your website at a click.

Install the plugin and activate it as it starts up instantly. The crawler automatically fetches all your WordPress pages and builds up a cache for the same.

Later you will get a recommendation from the plugin itself relating to WordPress caching settings like cache pre-loading, page cache, or gzip compression.

Apart from all this, WordPress rocket has some fantastic features as well, like CDN support, DNS prefetching, minification, and a lot more. Hence if you have an eCommerce business, then look no further and get WordPress rocket right away.

The features and optimisation it offers to its users to increase their performance is incredible. Moreover, you will also see an improved search engine ranking of your website instantly.

W3 Total Cache

Our next choice for best WordPress cache plugins is W3 total cache because it is free and can improve your loading speed magically. Other than these, it can also help you get a high search engine position, which matters a lot.

W3 Total Cache

You won’t need any technical knowledge because it’s user-friendly for both beginners and professionals. Just buy one use or two; you will see yourself getting acquainted with it quickly.

W3 Total Cache not only supports dedicated hosting, but it even supports shared hosting, virtual private servers, CDN servers, and cluster architectures. Hence it’s the first choice of more than 3000 website users to date.

If your website has more mobile users, this plugin also provides smart caching, as it gives amazing support to mobile pages as well.

We suggest this plugin as it uses trending techniques to minify database and HTML files on a blog. You can easily manage in-line Script search results and comments by storing it all in the memory or CDN.

WP Super Cache

The best competitor for W3 total cache is WordPress super cache. It’s one of the famous WordPress caching plugins, and it can improve your page speed drastically, be it for mobile or desktop users.

WP Super Cache

It has all the necessities you will require from improving your ranking or page speed. WordPress super cache gives your customer the best user experience they have ever had.

At first, the plugin automatically creates a static version of the web pages; hence, your website lagging chances get reduced.

WP Super Cache plugin uses three ways to cache your website, and the fastest of all is Apache mod_rewrite. This method is the fastest of all, and it avoids PHP scripts. Hence the server won’t take much time to render any script. All you have to do is tweak the apache mod_rewrite and .htaccess to implement it.

The next method WP Super Cache plugin uses is permalinks. It is the same as the previous one, but won’t ignore PHP this time. Hence through this plugin, you can keep some part of your landing page dynamic.

The third is the most common of all, and it is just for the registered users. So if you have a blog, then WordPress Super Cache plugin is the best choice for you as you will get information about the person logging in, visiting frequently, and shared comments.

Cash Enabler

Cash Enabler is our fourth choice for the best website cache plugin, as it’s easy to integrate. It is developed by KeyCDN, a popular content delivery network; hence one can imagine how effective the plugin will be.

Cash Enabler

You can easily create the static version of your website through this plugin. All you have to do is activate it, and it automatically creates two cached files. One will be the simple HTML file, and the other one will be gzip level 9.

Hence it gets easy for the visitor to use the website without you requesting them for a database. If you want a WordPress cache plugin for your blogs, then you can easily compress high-resolution images by combining this plugin with Optimus. The image of the website gets converted into WebP format; hence the loading time gets quick.

We would suggest the cash enabler for blogs rather than e-commerce websites because of its effectiveness and flexibility.

Hyper Cache

We want to give the fifth position of best WordPress cache plugin to Hyper Cache; it’s a similar cash enabler.

Hyper Cache

Like the Cash Enabler, you can quickly create two caches, one for mobile and desktop through Hyper Cache. Hence, if you are looking to boost your mobile visitor traffic, this is the best plugin.

You can easily get a dedicated cached version by this platform. Being developed on PHP, all you have to do is install it and activate it, and you are all set to use it within seconds.

If you have any expired pages, then the plugin can help you cover it by bots; hence the overall speed will be increased. Your website won’t lag much, and it will give the viewer the best user experience.


If you want to increase your website performance and improve user experience, then Perfmatters is our best pick for you. Popularly known as all in one website performance management, this plugin eases website users’ process and technicalities and makes their experience more dynamic.


You can trim the code and minimize the back end requests for decreasing the HTTP request. The upgraded features and element makes this plugin strong enough to create a responsive website cache to the servers.

Through the dashboard, you can easily optimize the loading speed of your website. All you have to do is disable embeds, query springs, RSS feed, and images.

The best part about perfmatters is its refund policy. You can get the basic plan for $24.95 if you have a blog. But for an e-commerce website, we would suggest you go for the business or unlimited version. It will cost you $54.95 and $124.95 for a year.

There is no free version available for this WordPress cache plugin; however, you can claim a refund under the 30-day money-back guarantee!

Comet Cache

Are you looking for a WordPress website plugin with good numbers of installation and best customer reviews? Recently, Comet Cache crossed all the bars and has 60,000+ installations. It is considered to be the most reliable WordPress plugin among the users to manage their website cache.

Comet Cache

At first, the plugin creates a static version for your landing page and delivers it to the visitor. The plugin is relatively seamless and strong as it ensures that your reader or viewer doesn’t ever face problems while reading a blog or an article. Comet Cache is our best advice if you’re looking for a WordPress built-in plugin for your webpages.

Not just this, it also takes real-time snapshots of categories, posts, links, pages, and comments on your landing page. Hence comet cache dynamically stores all the procured data in the memory or CDN.

Moreover, it comes with WP-CLI compatibility and gzip compression. Hence website management gets a lot easier. If you are ready to pay extra, we will suggest you go for the pro version of the comet cache as it has additional features to properly do website management.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache never disappoints its users, with over 1 million active users who are actively using this plugin for their website.

WP Fastest Cache

Like the name suggests, this website caching plugin has powerful features to improve the loading speed and rank higher in the search engine results page.

It comes with CDN, SSL, cloud support to give you extensive assistance for your website and improve the overall loading speed. The preload caching system will help you to create a cache automatically for the whole website.

The best part about this WordPress cache plugin is that you can exclude a particular page or post from caching. As a website owner, you get to decide what you want to cache and whatnot. Hence the user interface gets responsive for the viewer.

Not just this, you can also optimize the HTML and CSS files so that less amount of source code is provided whenever someone requests anything. You get to reduce the size of all the files dynamically through gzip conversion.

Nothing best comes for free hence WP’s fastest cache paid plan starts at 49.99 dollars. They also have silver and gold plans for $125 and $175, respectively.

🌟 WordPress Cache Plugins FAQ

🙄Does WordPress have a cache?

Many web hosting servers saved a cached version of the site files. Different WordPress hosts provide various ways that help you to clear your cache. On the other hand, many popular WordPress caching plugin enables you to clean or purge all cached content.

🤔Do I need a cache plugin?

Yes, you need to have a cache plugin in order to control Caching. Without the cache plugin, the visitors to your site need to download your web pages every time.

🔎Why should I clear the cache?

If you delete cache data, it helps you increase your web pages’ loading time. It also improves the performance of your computer.

🧐Which WordPress cache plugin is best?

There are many WordPress cache plugin easily available that helps you to boost your website speed.
1. WP-Rocket
2. W3 Total Cache
3. WP Super Cache
4. Cash Enabler
5. Hyper Cache

Conclusion: Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2024 | Should you go for it?

The above given 8 WordPress cache listing covers all the helpful detail you will need to know before finding the right one. We hope this article was a bit helpful for you, and you got the right user experience and speed with the choice.

Answering the question, which is the best WordPress cache plugin? Our answer is to look for your needs as some plugins are designed for blogs while others for e-commerce.

There are many free versions available, but if you want a paid version, look for the advantage it will provide you quickly for the right experience!🚀🚀

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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