The Big Africa Summit gives a chance to the prominent betters to be a part of the largest iGaming event, which is to be held from March 30 to 31 this year. Taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa, the annual event will discuss the long awaited remote gambling bill.

Big Africa Summit iGaming

An in depth analysis will be done on how the industry would perform, in the newly introduced remote gaming, which has been legalized in South Africa. Points such as what advancements will the future have and what opportunities would open to have better statistical and operational implications in the growing business of betting market.

Partners at BiG Africa Summit 2023

The event organizers are super stoked to introduce South African iGaming operators, Betfred, Sunbet and Supabets, who have revolutionized the whole industry. These are the giants who offer a world class experience to their users across the whole African continent. In support of these operators, Derivco is expanding its market in the iGaming industry. The company is a supplier that has got its expertise in software development and now has become a world class leader.

The payments are covered by M-Pesa, which is a novel money transfer app which has modified the whole African payment market. It has made it too easy for the people to transfer, store or to even retrieve mobile money.

Organizers at the BIG Africa Summit have come up with an expansion plan, in which Sun International has invested a huge amount of $3.2 million in Sunbet Africa Holdings. As per the information, they have now acquired 70% of the stakes in the company. Sunbet Africa is the one who holds a huge chunk of the African betting market. It has got control over casino licenses in countries like Ghana, Zambia and even Kenya, while they also have an online sports betting platform. The company further plans to expand their reach by launching in the key African market this year.

The Big Africa Summit 2023 plans to bring its visitors an unforgettable experience through its various events and an award ceremony. The summit is brought up by Eventus International, who are the leading experts in the industry and also have a good reputation in the iGaming events. Talking about the awards function, it will have a totally separate event called the Big 5 Awards which will have a huge impact in promoting innovations and industry. This event will recognise the top leader in the African iGaming sector, while also celebrating their achievements.

Through these awards, the top and ultimate industry stars will get a platform to showcase their talent and even their cutting edge technologies. They can show off their company and platform to gain an international recognition for the work they have been doing till now. 

The Big 5 Awards of BiG Africa Summit has the following categories

Awards of BiG Africa Summit
  • Lion Award: Top speaker at BiG Africa Summit 2023
  • Rhino Award: Exemplary loyalty to BiG Africa Summits
  • Leopard Award: Most Attractive Exhibition
  • Buffalo Award: Outstanding industry competitiveness
  • Elephant Award: Greatest contribution to industry growth.

The event has been already appreciated by the top speakers like Cameron Green, Founder, F9 Media Group,  Eugene Boniface, Marketing Manager, Betfred, Stephen Aupy, VP (Strategic Partnerships), Gamban.

Cameron Green, speaking about the event has shared, “Regionally focused technology companies with a deep understanding of the local market and culture are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for betting options in the region.”

While the Marketing Manager of Betfred, Boniface has expressed, “BiG Africa is a chance for peers to engage, interact and determine the future of our respective industries. We look forward to sharing the platform with other industry professionals and sharing insights”

Adding to their words Stephen Aupy stated, “I look forward to joining BiG Africa this year, the flagship event of the year for the iGaming industry in the continent. The African market is growing at a rapid pace so BiG Africa is very necessary to help shape the landscape of the ever-changing iGaming industry, bringing together some of the greatest minds, products & solutions in the gaming ecosystem to share and exchange insight from other parts of the world. ”

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