BigSpy Review

Are you looking to scale your dropshipping revenue without much effort? Or are you looking to spy on your competitor’s most profitable Ads and replicate them? Well, this Latest BigSpy review 2024 is only just for you. This is not possible without a powerful social intelligence tool or ad spy tool that has vast features with the highest ad database

Today, I am here to share with you one of the most advanced Ad spy tools for social and native ad campaigns. It is trusted by top marketers like Neil Patel, ATP software, etc. It’s called BigSpy. BigSpy, one of the most trusted and efficient Ad spy tools for Facebook, Admob, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yahoo marketing campaigns, and to the advertisement world.

You can retrieve paid advertising ideas and material of your choice, which helps you put a new and greater fight. This also helps you in keeping on your competitor’s moves.

You know, it is important to be alive to tell the tale. In the tech-savvy world, An ad spy tool has now become the necessity to survive as it keeps you informed not only about your competitor’s best-performing Ad campaigns but also about best affiliate offers. It helps you with the Ad keywords as well for the ad creative, which ultimately results in better conversions.

Lets us check out BigSpy review updated for 2024, which includes detailed insights about this legit ads spy tool and exclusive 30% OFF Lifetime Discount Coupon. Let us explore more about this tool. This Ad spy tool collects best running ads from your competitors and gets you the answers to many questions. With data it collects, it becomes easy for you to work on the region, keywords, ad creative, and all the factors required to improve the ads’ response and position.

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Detailed BigSpy Review | Best Adspy & Ad Finder Tool 2024

BigSpy being a free and premium Ad spy tool has its perks. It has a huge load of ad databases from various social media platforms. It currently has more than 400 million + ad creatives on their platform with daily updates. This information can be utilized in many ways, and you can make new or even amend your ads as per the requirement, investigate the business trends, and, of course, spy on other relevant ads, which can give your competitors a hard time surviving.

BigSpy Reviews

Bigspy has many benefits and can be used directly online, free of cost, user-friendly, easy to register, multi-type screening function, and ad data inventory of more than 400 million. It never stops trying to be better and provide more promising results.

BigSpy is the best FB ads spy tool that allows you to spy on your competitors’ ads and strategies. You can easily monitor social ads, competitors’ ads and keep a close eye on their performance. It has a powerful landing page analysis that allows you to track landing pages. BigSpy makes the ads more crystal clear. It scrutinizes ads from the top social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, Twitter, Yahoo, and Pinterest ads to keep everything up to the mark.

This ad spying tool works with multiple platforms being one of the best tools in the internet marketing industry that includes ads from 6+ major social platforms. It also houses the highest search filters. BigSpy provides you the intense data that helps you to make the most profitable ad campaign for your target audience. BigSpy tool allows you to pick daily trending ads, which helps you increase profitability by cutting down the ad expenses.

If users find out their interesting ads, they also can mark it and keep tracking. A tab named “My Track” is placed for the users so that the ads which they like can be kept for later in case if need to be given a thought; it is like the save for later option when we are shopping online. This BigSpy review will help you to know more about this ad spying tool.

Multiple types of screening: BigSpy holds up quite a few screening options, including looking for the better keyword, new marketing ideas, country, creativity with the different ad formats, and industry.

How does BigSpy Works?

The user interface of BigSpy is intuitive and user-friendly. The site provides easy access to try the primary function with straightforward instructions. The homepage of BigSpy is a beautiful example of how easy it is to navigate through the site. To start, click “SEARCH NOW,” and you’ll be guided through the registration process. When you sign up for the tool with your email and password or log in with your Google account, both work to log in and test the tool.

Spy Dropshipping & eCommerce Ads using BigSpy

Facebook and Instagram ads are filled with eCommerce and dropshipping. Most of the ads redirect to the Shopify platform. Instead of subscribing to another eCommerce ad spy too, BigSpy enables you to find winning profitable advertisements that are using the Shopify platform or come in the eCommerce category.

BigSpy is the most trustworthy database for directly transferring the research by spies and competitors. You will be able to view their demographics details, the most trending product of the industry, orders, info on winning tips, and the new and potential competitors. Also, BigSpy helps locate different products on Dropship Spy and get the exact details regarding the trade.

BigSpy is a powerful marketing platform that can help you develop better strategies, target ads to your audience, and create new campaigns. With just one click, you can easily find out what ads are being shown around the world. It’s so easy.

With BigSpy, you can see how many people clicked on each of their ads so that you know which ones work better than others. You just need to input a keyword or URL, and it will show you all the ads in real-time. With this information at your fingertips, there will be no more guessing games or wasted time and money on campaigns that don’t work.

To use BigSpy, you just need to visit its official website and then complete the signup process. You can sign up to BigSpy by simply using your email ID or password. One can even complete the registration via a Google account. BigSpy offers easy to use interface that makes it easy for everyone to access all its features easily.

1. Ad Spy

Inside the dashboard of BigSpy, you will have different features that you can access easily, but the most frequently used feature is Ad Spy. You will find 7+ major social media platforms that BigSpy supports, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, Yahoo, etc.

Ad Spy

The user just needs to enter a keyword in order to get detailed information about the ad in real-time. One can even use advanced filters by language, country, device types, etc. For that particular ad, you will also discover information about engagement such as likes, shares & comments.

BigSpy Review - Ad Spy

2. Ad Ideas

This part of BigSpy helps you to get some ad ideas for the particular text of that ad. You can even search by keyword and then sort by “Like,” “Comment,” or “Share” to see which ads have been getting the most attention.

Ad Ideas

With the help of this feature, you can also discover advertisers’ rank along with various social media platforms.  

3. Top Charts

Top Charts is the new feature offered by BigSpy. This feature lets you search the top charts on different social media networks. You can also find out what’s trending along with advertisers’ rank in various domains such as eCom, Game, and App.

4. Tracked

The last part of BigSPy is Tracked, which is used for ad tracking. This feature works closely with Featured Ads, People Tracked, and My Tracked.  Featured Ads collect real-time data with social proof to help people save more time and money.


In People Tracked, you will get daily insights into new ideas and niches, so you can stay ahead of trends and be more successful online. In My Tracked, you can view and compare data from any time in any format that suits you best.

BigSpy Review - Tracked

BigSpy Features at a Glance | BigSpy Review

It is one of the most trusted and powerful ad spy and ad transparency tool that gives whooping of features in cost-effective prices. Here are some key benefits and innovative solutions for BigSpy

Bigspy social Media
  • Online Store Spy

This feature gives you the most recent and best products, consumer type, rankings, and many search engine related benefits. It regularly lists Shopify stores, Facebook ads, and pages. You get access to information about your competitor’s business—a separate website for analyzing data for a better understanding.

BigSpy, unlike others, gives you information on gender and age. This makes it unique and lends a powerful hand for the growth of the business. BigSpy is easier to understand, and a catchy graph is presented with the information. Age groups are shown, which are to be approached. This results in precise and accurate information.

  • Worldwide Ad Network

BigSpy works worldwide and evaluates the ads to provide the countries’ list in which the ad will get a better and promising outcome. It will also provide information on which region can be targeted for business growth. You are presented with the most suitable region/industry which helps in increasing the profits.

  • Ad URLs

BigSpy takes hold of the URL’s which are redirected and then leads to the final URL. Also, it holds the outgoing URLs. This lets you see under the mask and unveils URLs out of sight, such as affiliate URLs.

  • Track Ads

BigSpy can track and keep a record. This is available on the ad-insight page for all the ads, and the tracking is started. This will get you the performance stats or click on the tracking button if you wish to save the trouble and time. It will present you with the featured ads and will also show the footprints of your competitors. The artificial intelligence with BigSpy refreshes the featured ads daily, which are considered to be the best. There is a filter that helps you to arrange the data in chronological order.

The tracked ads are shown under the “People Tracked” option. Sometimes, out of the ads which are tracked by the tracker may suit your requirement. You can add this to the tracklist.

  • Chrome Extension

BigSpy Chrome Extension is the easiest way to hunt ads for your preference and gather intelligence on your competitor’s ads. Its a completely free tool that gives you a prompt notification when your tracked ads are boosted or something is changed.

  • Ad Ideas

Unlike other ads spy tool that only gives limited features an Ad search box, BigSpy has a special feature called ad ideas that lets shows you top-performing ads based on your keyword with easy to use data that can be copied or cloned to make a new ad campaign instantly.

Bigspy Ad Ideas

If you are frustrated in paid ad marketing or media buying, Ad Ideas is one of the best features that gives you ideas and opportunities to create profitable ad campaigns based on your keyword or niche.

  • Multi-Ad Platforms

BigSpy offers ads from major networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. The software is completely premium with the lowest price. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on any of your favorite social media platforms again. With its easy-to-use interface and 7+ different platforms available to choose from, you can reach more people than ever before.

  • Powerful Search

BigSpy makes it easy to find the right ad by making your search more powerful. BigSpy search filters help you find what you’re looking for in seconds with a few clicks of a button. You can filter and sort through thousands of ads quickly and easily, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through pages of irrelevant information.

BigSpy Review - Powerful Search

With advanced filters, one can sort ads by industry type, ad types, countries, formats, CTA, etc.

  • Big Ad Database

BigSpy has the largest and most profitable database of ads, over 1 billion. It has a deep understanding of what people are looking for, which means its data is more accurate than any other ad spying tool. You can use this information to make better decisions about your business. With BigSpy, you’ll be able to see what companies are advertising in your industry and how they’re doing it – all without lifting a finger! It doesn’t matter if you’re an advertiser or not – BigSpy gives you insights into the competition so that you can stay ahead of them at all times.

  • Featured Ads

This feature of BigSpy enables you to get the best trending ads in real-time. BigSpy uses big data and intelligence systems to find the most relevant content for each user, so they can see what’s popular on social media right now.

Using Search Filters on BigSpy

The search filter is the most beneficial as compared to other features. This saves you time and brings it down to what you need. Currently, available search-panel are as follows:

  • Keyword: Used to locate a website, product, or competitor directly.
  • Ad category: The selections are available in “Game/App/ or Ecom.”
  • Page categories: The ads which are dependant on the pages are shown when made specific. 
  • Countries: Self Explanatory 
  • Language: Multilingual helps you to target different communities. 
  • Creative-type: Image/video or carousal creatives are there to choose from.
  • Devices: Choose which device or operating systems you wish to spy on Android, iOS, or Desktop (PC)?
  • Marketing: It is the “goal” filter. Select from Website conversions, and App installs, COD, etc.
  • CTA types: One of a kind, never seen before .select which “CTAs” look for. (eg. “Learn more,” “Like the page,” “Email now” etc.)
  • E-commerce software: Treat for the dropshippers. Various options Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Magento, and Bigcommerce ads.
  • Like-range: A limit can be set.
  • Affiliate Networks: If you wish to choose, affiliate network ads can be selected.
  • Custom date range: The amazingly successful are unveiled in the long. Affiliate ID / Offer ID: BigSpy also works with the affiliate that does not pass on the information rarely.

This is one heck of a package. I would like to add personal insight. I agree that there may be a few advanced filters shortly. But currently, this can be trusted as it has a reputation of being the best. This can be quite a challenge for the people in the market.

All the searches done on BigSpy can be saved in less than a minute. This will save you time later. So that you know, not all the filters are from BigSpy’s Facebook ad spy tool. Although the filters from other social networks are similar, not all of them put it on the plate. Facebook ad spy gives out access to most of the filters.

BigSpy provides you Facebook ad library that allows you to view all the competitors’ Facebook ads and other trending ads that are running on Facebook. Facebook ad library of BigSpy supports the most comprehensive inventory of advertising data that permits you to search 180+ countries along with display time and ad positions.

BigSpy Pricing Plans + BigSpy Discount Coupon (Get 30% OFF)

BigSpy offers quite a few plans with a variation in the cost. They offer three plans, which are Basic, Pro and the VIP Enterprise Plan. Following are detailed features which you get with these plans.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BASIC Plan: $9/month

  • Switch Industry: 3/mo 
  • Facebook, Instagram
  • Queries: 20 Daily 
  • Track Ads: 25 Daily 
  • Download: 25 Daily
  • Limited Equipment’s 

PRO Plan: $99/month

  • Switch Industry: 3/mo 
  • All Publishers & Networks
  • Queries: Unlimited Daily 
  • Track Ads: 250 Daily 
  • Downloads: 250 Daily 
  • Audience Analysis
  • Unlimited Search Filtering
  • Limited Featured Ads
  • Limited Ad Ideas
  • Limited Equipment
  • Online Support

VIP ENTERPRISE Plan: $300+/month

  • Unlimited Switch Industry 
  • All Publishers & Networks
  • Queries: Unlimited Daily
  • Unlimited Download
  • Unlimited Track Ads
  • Unlimited Search Filtering
  • Unlimited Featured Ads
  • Unlimited Ad Ideas
  • Playable Ads Analysis
  • Top Charts
  • Audience Analysis
  • New Trending
  • Unlimited Equipment
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Online Support
  • Multi-Account Seats
  • Special Team Support
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BigSpy Logo
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Discover and get access to the top best Facebook ads, eBay ads, amazon ads, Instagram ads campaigns. BigSpy Ad spy tool will help you to turn your PC/laptop into an Ad spying software that provides hundreds of profitable niches. Thanks to big data + intelligent technology.

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Step 1: Head to the official website of BigSpy 

Step 2: Click on Register, which you can find on the top right-hand side of the page. 

BigSpy Review - Register

Step 3: After Registering yourself, you will receive a verification link on your email by which you have to verify your account. 

BigSpy Registration

Step 4: After verification, you can select the suitable plan and click on Purchase.

Step 5: On the Bottom hand side, you can see an option USE COUPON; there, you just need to paste our exclusive coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” and get great savings.

BigSpy Discount Code

BigSpy for Dropshippers | Find the Most Profitable Products

For all the dropshippers out there, BigSpy is just the right tool to go for.

According to a recent report, the expected annual growth rate of the dropshipping industry is 28.8% over the forecast period, which will result in revenues of $557.9 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 3% over the next 7 years.

So to find the best products out there, BigSpy will help you find the best winning product ads on social media and then by using just the simple use of copy and paste method by which you can replicate the same advertisement to promote your products. This platform has a massive database that can cover all the major social media, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest etc. So you can definitely boost your revenue more effectively and faster by using this tool.

BigSpy is perfect for your dropshipping business because it provides you with a variety of features that are designed to help you in ad selection. It also provides you with real-time data, including social proof and research, to help improve your store’s performance.

BigSpy has the best support teams at the most competitive rates, which can help your organization grow and scale cost-effectively. Whether you’re facing an enterprise issue or need some insights on improving your business, BigSpy’s team is always available to help. You can also find the winning and popular products, not popular but high-margin niches, trending stores, new competitors and dropshippers.

Spying Ads on TikTok using BigSpy

TikTok has become incredibly popular in recent years among Millennials and Generation Z. The app has received significant positive press, mainly due to its inclusion in mainstream society. So looking at its popularity, Ads on this platform have also become rampant.

Tracking your competitors is a nice way to see how other business owners in your space are running TikTok ads and provide you with a significant competitive advantage. You’ll be able to decide whether or not the competitor ad that you’ve seen is worth copying for your own business. This platform monitors the most profitable TikTok ads for you! Advanced options are available to search, filter, sort, and analyze information from the platform.

BigSpy tracks, analyze, and reports on “TikTok” ads data to help the platform identify the best conversion ad creative and ad copy. BigSpy helps more businesses increase their sales conversions through BigSpy. The best thing about using BigSpy for spying ads on TikTok is that it generates an ad report for “TikTok,” which can be analyzed in detail to get the best ad cased for it.

BigSpy for TikTok Ads

TikTok likes to use Video Ads as material, and it performs A/B testing on different creatives and uses different creatives according to different audience types. Text is one of the critical parts of advertising, and advertisers should use whatever the best text option is for the job at hand. The most common text style used in “TikTok” ads is other, which allows for high ad performance. Also, different copywriting effects are different, and the core of designing copywriting is to capture the user’s psychology and BigSpy monitors user responses for different copywriting.

BigSpy Tool for TikTok Ads

TikTok” primarily conducts A/B testing on copy length because the difference in copy length, symbol use, and subject matter affect the CTR. Also, TikTok uses types of CTA which are LEARN_MORE,LEARN_MORE,LEARN_MORE. The conversion cost per ad will increase by almost 2.5 times without the CTA button. In order to reduce the overall cost and maximize revenue, it is recommended that you select this button at every opportunity.

Also, the one significant benefit that you get with using BigSpy for TikTok is that you don’t have to persist with standalone tools like PiPiADS, which only offers TikTok spying, as with BigSpy, you get multiple social media ads spying opportunities, which will give you more comprehensive coverage and also boost your revenue.

Spying Ads on YouTube using BigSpy

YouTube has been the most popular video-sharing platform since its inception, with over one billion hours of content uploaded globally every day. If you need to find competitor Ad creatives, then YouTube is one of the best places to start, but it can be too time-consuming. The latest trends in YouTube marketing have shown that it is important to know your competitors’ strategies. BigSpy will be your best search tool to find what is working on YouTube.

In recent years, Google has changed AdWords, and YouTube videos are quickly becoming a popular form of advertising. The proportion of video ads on mobile devices has increased because smartphones have become an integral part of most people’s day-to-day lives. BigSpy has more to offer as it is also known as the YouTube ad library or finder. What not is a powerful tool that can help YouTubers, marketers, and advertisers find the best YouTube ad examples to create a more effective marketing strategy.

BigSpy for YouTube Ads

Well, you just have to enter a keyword or the advertiser name, and you will get to know what ads your competitors are running. Also, you can find many relevant video ad examples in a similar niche possible. You can also filter by time of delivery and language and sort by video interaction as well. You also get an option to even filter by the range of likes. Plus, you can also see the history of these YouTube ads by using the advanced search.

Spying Ads on Pinterest using BigSpy

Pinterest is a social photo site that debuted in April of 2019, and in 2024, it will have more than 300 million monthly active users. It is a great marketing platform with huge potential, which has a reach of somewhat half of Instagram.

More and more advertisers have discovered Pinterest, which includes a thriving advertising market. They are able to get relatively high traffic with low advertising competitiveness. There are enough audience users on this platform for them to be effective at promoting their products among the target demographic. On this social media platform, you have to analyze competitors on the Pinterest channel. Unless you do have a detailed analysis of competitors’ information, you cannot make any optimization plan and achieve rapid success in Pinterest advertising marketing.

Manually tracking the ads down is very difficult. So to spy on Pinterest ads, there are very few ad spy tools on the market, But we do recommend this magic spy tool – BigSpy.

BigSpy for Pinterest Ads

With BigSpy, you just have to open the AdSpy section on the BigSpy website and click on the “Pinterest” channel. There you can see an ad search box with 6 advanced filtering methods and 3 sorting methods. And the best part we liked is that you just have to enter the competitor’s username to find the competitor’s advertisement. If you are not focusing on your competitor, you can enter the primary product words and move ahead. After you have an idea about your competitor’s creativity, you can analyze its advertising points like Advertising time, Creatives, and Advertising copy.

You can also have the details of each ad and see the basic information about the ad, like the time of the ad, the country where the ad is placed, the number of pins the creative ad gets etc. Plus, you can also track the ad all time by Click “Track.”

Bigspy offers a service that provides you with Pinterest market analysis and feature ads. Our service is not just an ad, and our insights come from other successful ads. We can see how great and popular ad campaigns are done so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when planning your own advertising campaign.

Best BigSpy Alternatives to Try in 2024

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy

BigSpy is a spy tool for marketing and advertising campaigns that can be used to track ad performance, optimize ad content, and gather valuable insights into campaigns. It can also be used to track visitor behavior on sites and provide detailed information about various campaign options. AdSpy is a searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads that allows marketers to keep up with the market. Its easy access to information from social media has made it a staple in the industry.

AdSpy is one of the most advanced ad spying tools on the market, and it comes with a plethora of different features that you won’t find in many other tools at this price point. Even though it comes at a lower price than some other similar tools, it is still worth looking into as it provides more value for your money. This program specializes in locating cloaked ads on Instagram, and Facebook has become an affiliate-friendly software with the largest searchable database of ads. It is popularly known as a “must-have” tool that has a lot to offer in terms of its various features.

The Advanced Search feature of The AdSpy tool allows users to narrow down the results based on their needs. Several different search criteria are also available, enabling users to find the perfect ad for their needs. AdSpy has over 95 million ads in its database, from which you can search for any ad and you get instant results. Along with this, AdSpy tools also offer features like precise demographics, Search within the comments and a rapid interface as well.

AdSpy is a tool that makes it easy for you to find the demographic information you need when targeting a particular audience. When running your ad campaign, you can choose to target males or females, or both male and female audiences. This allows you to create targeted ads while increasing your chances of success. AdSpy only has one pricing plan, which is Free Credits/$149.

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The AdSpy customer support team is responsive and quick to respond when looked at in terms of turnaround time. The AdSpy team is able to offer its customers several advantages, such as Live support and an improved user interface. However, the team does not currently allow its users to connect through this type of feature.

BigSpy Vs. PowerAdspy

PowerAdSpy is a company that offers one of the best spy tools in the market. They offer a great database with ads from 100+ countries, and you can get a newly updated database with 50000 ads daily. It is a perfect tool for spying on your competitors.

PowerAdSpy allows users to spy on their competitors’ techniques. It can even provide insights on the methods they are using to run their ads so that even you can aim higher by spying on their performance. You can do this because ads can be used for many different goals, and PowerAdSpy provides the power and flexibility to run them well. You can effectively begin research with PowerAdSpy as it offers 3 search categories for searching ads; Domain, Advertiser and Keywords.

The PowerAdspy tool allows you to understand the competitor’s target audience. This, in turn, allows business owners to see their niche and see how they can connect with them. Plus, you also get a unique Call to Action feature which you can put on our shopping ad and have amazing conversions. PowerAdSpy has an impressive search algorithm by which you can search Facebook ads based on keywords, phrases, and other search terms.

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Also, the owners of Shopify stores publish different types of ads for many products, and with PowerAdSpy, you can search for the best of them all. PowerAdSpy can detect many successful advertising campaigns run by Shopify store owners. PowerAdspy tool is available to the marketers in seven packages: Free, Basic, Standard, Premium, Platinum, Titanium and Palladium. But when we compared the Palladium plan of PowerAdSpy with BigSpy, we found it to be expensive.

Is BigSpy Legit or Scam?

This question does come to mind as most of the spy tools coming across the internet have issues of scamming. But not in the case of BigSpy. It is on a mission to make the advertising world more transparent and productive. BigSpy is a powerful tool that can capture the most important information from ads on multiple social media platforms by gathering more than 40 different countries. It stores 160 million ad data. It identifies high-converting ads, tracks affiliate programs, and verifies invalid traffic.

BigSpy is not only a Facebook ad spying tool but an all-inclusive social media ads spy tool for many social media networks and channels that BigSpy grabs ads from, such as YouTube, Instagram Ads, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok etc.

User Reviews about BigSpy | BigSpy Customer Reviews

BigSpy Customer Reviews

Top FAQ on BigSpy Review

What is BigSpy?

It is a social media ads spy tool for those working for advertising, SEO, and marketing campaigns. BigSpy helps people to spy and build profitable ads for online marketing.

How much is BigSpy?

You will find three pricing plans of BigSpy on its official website. If you want to go with BigSpy, then you can easily choose the best plan according to your need. At the same time, you can use our special BigSpy Coupon Code to save flat 30% OFF on pro and elite plans.

Which countries does BigSpy cover?

Currently, BigSpy covers almost 40+ countries and the list is daily increasing.

How many Ad Platforms does BigSpy cover?

BigSpy tool covers six significant platforms, namely, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Admob, and Yahoo.

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy! Which one is best?

AdSpy is limited to Facebook and Instagram while BigSpy offers 6+ platforms in its ad search functionally. BigSpy comes at cost-effective pricing and also offers extended features like showing featured ads, etc. AdSpy is indeed a great tool just for FB and IG Ads.

What are the advantages of Bigspy as compared to the Facebook Ad library?

BigSpy is a free ad spy tool that helps you find the best advertising opportunities. It has the world’s largest database of ads, with over 1 billion records and counting. With BigSpy, you’ll be able to know which marketing channels are working best for your business so you can spend more time on those channels that matter most. BigSpy offers powerful features such as search, filter, sort, analyze the massive data, etc., which are not supported by the Facebook Ad library.

What payment methods does BigSpy support?

Currently, BigSpy supports credit cards and Alipay payment options if you go for its monthly or yearly subscription.

Is BigSpy the best tool for spying on TikTok Ads?

Yes. BigSpy is the go-to tool for successful and competitive marketing campaigns across TikTok, ECommerce, Game, and App. In fact, they have ad intelligence from at least 80 countries & 23 languages to make this happen! In the meantime, BigSpy is continuously upgrading its database to support campaigns on more social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Is AdSpy legal? Is using BigSpy legal?

Well, of course, it is legal. As in our BigSpy review, we found that this tool has been helping users all around the globe in spying ads on various platforms. As Ads are publicly seen and collected and used by public people, the ads data pipeline is nothing but just public data and not a personal privacy affair. Data Transparency builds trust and helps make better decisions as well. And of course, about BigSpy, its 100% legal and many users around the world do use it to boost their ad performance and spy on other competitors’ strategies to get an overall revenue boost.

How many ads can you track with BigSpy?

When we reviewed BigSpy, we found that the ad tracking depends on the plan in which you are. With the Free plan, you cannot track any ads. In Basic Plan, you can track 25 ads, whereas, in Pro Plan, you can track 250 creative ads daily. And, of course, you can track unlimited ads with a VIP enterprise plan.

Is it possible to check the rank of advertisers using BigSpy?

As discussed in the review, BigSpy offers 3 pricing plans. But in the VIP Enterprise plan, you can access “Top Charts.” Using this figure, you can acknowledge the rank and performance of advertisers and imply their strategy to your ads.

Does BigSpy offer a refund policy?

As a software as a service provider, all products and services offered by BigSpy and its business units are non-tangible and irrevocable, so they do not issue refunds once the order is completed and delivered. Only in two exceptional cases do they offer a refund; If there are errors due to their system bug, and the second is that users are entitled to get a full refund within 24 HOURS of the first payment.

How can you upgrade your plan?

To upgrade your plan, you can go to My Plan and click the “↑Upgrade” button. You can also visit the Pricing Page directly to choose a more advanced plan and pay for the price difference to upgrade your plan.

How to get a Free Plan of BigSpy?

BigSpy automatically grants a Free plan when you complete your account registration. But in the Free Plan, you only get 5 queries and 20 Ads saved on the Facebook platform daily.

BigSpy on Twitter

BigSpy on Twitter

Conclusion: BigSpy Review with 30% OFF Discount Coupon 2024 | Should you buy it?

BigSpy makes Internet marketer’s life easy and is always open to change since creativity has no limits; BigSpy always has new ideas and features in the pipeline. It offers ads analysis where you can easily monitor and analyze numerous ads and follow every marketing campaign’s performance running by your competitors.

They are truly dedicated and are always working towards development. Starting with BigSpy has always been simple and easy. BigSpy can be a real game-changer for anyone’s e-commerce and digital marketing business.

If you wish to give it a shot and are having second thoughts, give it a chance. You can sign up for the free version, and then later, and you can go for the Basic or the Pro version as per your requirement. Don’t forget to use our special BigSpy Coupon to save maximum bucks.

If you like our BigSpy review and exclusive BigSpy coupon code, then share this post with your friends and colleagues. May our BigSpy review will clear all your doubts related to this fantastic ad spy tool.😊

Happy Marketing, Happy Monetizing!

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BigSpy Review
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BigSpy is undoubtedly the best Social media ads spy tool that gives you ad intelligible and competitive data from 7 social media like Facebook, Instagram. TikTok, Twitter and more. BigSpy has budget-friendly pricing and also comes with a free plan. So you can choose to try their tool and upgrade; later to premium. BigSpy is highly recommended by top marketers and drop shippers like Neil Patel. Try it free today and also check out our exclusive Interview with Bigspy founder Alex.

  •  850M + Ad creatives
  •  7+ Social media platforms
  •  Powerful search filters
  •  Gaming Apps Ads


  •  No direct Oberlo integration
  •  Sometimes App is slow
  •  Limited payment methods

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