If you are an affiliate marketer, then one of the main tools to optimize your CPA campaigns is a premium tracker.

With a tracker, you can track all your traffic, performance, revenues on one platform, so we can say that the tracker is the heart of affiliate marketing.

Tracking is important for affiliate marketers as they can use it to figure out which kind of marketing is working.
Tracking is important for many other reasons.

It helps you determine where customers are coming from, if the traffic is converting, if the visitors are leaving your website, etc. If your tracking is not going well, then there’s a good chance your campaign isn’t going well either (or at least isn’t sustainable).

Affiliate marketers spend hours every day looking for tools that will help them track their progress. With the help of tracking tools, one can see their conversions and conversion rate. It also helps to find out what has worked and what hasn’t. In addition, it helps to identify where there are areas that need improvement.

Tracking tools also allow one to track their earnings, cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), ROI, etc. There are a lot of tracking tools available on the market today, so it is hard for you to make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

In this ✅Binom Review, we discuss one of the finest trackers for professionals with a self-hosted tracking platform.

If you search for affiliate trackers online, you will find many trackers with good ratings and bad ratings and out of these trackers, some are fake and have already vanished.

The existence of the trackers depends on their service to their customers, and one of the most important things to look for in a tracker is its trustworthiness.

Detailed Binom Review | The Tracker for Professionals!

Binom Review 2024: #1 Self Hosted Tracker for Professionals 1

Binom is best suited for beginners, and experienced affiliate marketers as losing ROI may result in the unsuccessful creation of campaigns. Tracker is a crucial factor if you don’t want to lose your ROI right off the track.

Do you know why you lose ROI? This happens mainly due to slow redirects and traffic loss, but Binom ensures you no longer have to face these errors. With intelligent features such as redirect less tracking, filter-system, protection from spy services and more, you are all covered up to get the best ROI.

If you have any queries, you can visit its official website to see the detailed documentation and FAQs to know more about the terms and usage policy of Binom.

Binom Advantages for Affiliate Marketers

Binom is a self-hosted tracker. However, their team will assist you with every step. They can also pick up a server for you and install the tracker on their own remotely if you need it.

Here are some key advantages using Binom over other Affiliate trackers in market.

  • It does not cost you based on how much traffic you send. You get a license cost for an unrestricted amount of traffic.
  • It can handle millions of clicks per day, so you don’t miss out on a single lead.
  • No matter how much load the server consumes, its click processing time is just 5ms.
  • Generates report on the market with the highest speed that no other tracker can match out.
  • It provides group campaign reports.
  • To keep its customers up to date with the latest technological trends, it frequently keeps updating the system on a large scale.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface that is fast and easy to understand.
  • You can assign rights to specific people for specific tasks with their multi-user interface. In this way, your work will always be smooth.
  • When you are not finding a solution and want to chat with the support team, you can reach them within minutes, as the average response time is just 2 minutes.
Binom Review 2024: #1 Self Hosted Tracker for Professionals 2

Binom Features at a Glance:

Want to check out what’s in the box? You will be amazed to see the bundle of features that Binom has to offer to its customers globally, making your affiliate life easy and convenient.

Binom Review

1. Innovation in Traffic

Binom offers advanced traffic distribution so you can earn more. This happens because of the smart innovation in traffic. Binom knows which page the user has not seen yet and sends a click on that particular page. This way, the user knows that the landing page exists, and your chances of earning are increasing.

Binom offers 20+ metrics that include the time of the day, proxy, IP range, and uniqueness. You can easily change the distribution weight of any campaign with rotation, and with the smart rotation, you can earn more from landing pages which the user hasn’t seen yet by sending users to these landing pages. You can create a funnel by sending traffic to specific portions of landing pages.

2. Analytics Report

Binom provides an intuitive report analysis tool for better optimization of your campaigns. Your profits will soar high with functions such as drill-down, refresh, downloading .csv file, markings and more.

SuperSpeed: You no more have to wait for a long time to generate the reports. It happens instantly without you being frustrated or irritated due to slow report generation. It saves quite a bit of time that you can spend planning on some important factors to grow your business.

More about Traffic: More than 20 analytical reports, including service provider, uniqueness, device, connection type, and basic metrics. With such analytics, you can learn a lot about your traffic.

Statistics on traffic distribution: Binom has an intelligent system that shows statistics on paths, rules, and rotations which helps you know how the whole traffic is being distributed.

Binom Analytics

Helps you get better traffic: With Binom, you can get reports on bots and help improve your traffic sources.

Filter function: The filter system helps you decide your priority by analyzing the data in the report. This is an easy way to analyze the data and find the best possible outcome.

Grouping: For any given campaign or group, you can see the statistics and benefit from a huge advantage with cross-campaign analysis.

Marking Rows: You can use the labels for filters by marking the sites directly in the report, making it easier to work in a team.

Know the campaign price: You can know the optimum price for a campaign or publisher with bidding statistics. This lets you spar higher profits. 

3. Instant Campaign Optimization

Binom is best at offering quick campaign optimization due to saved filters and instant access to all the reports making it easy and convenient. White and blacklists can be made accurate with smart filters. 

Save Filters: Once you have saved the filter, you can easily access it again in just two clicks by API.

Several Filters: You can find filters for multiple parameters, including ROI, Clicks, and more. Refined search is possible using these filters and saves your time in decision making.

Simultaneous Filters: Multilevel filters help you filter multiple levels of the report like you can simultaneously filter the publisher and OS.

Intelligent Filters: It’s easy to generate white and blacklists with Binom’s advanced technological solutions.

4. Survey Your Traffic for Better ROI

Studying users’ behavior is of utmost importance to get more sales. What if you can track 20+ metrics and learn everything about your traffic? Binom offers tracking of clicks, uniques, bots, scroll, and more.

Track More Than 20 metrics: Binom provides intelligent traffic learning with tracking of more than 20 metrics, including city, connection type and proxy. 

LP Pixel: You can directly send traffic to the landing page by avoiding unwanted redirects using LP Pixel.

No Domain Limits: Use as many domains as you want for your campaigns with no restrictions.

Landing Page Metrics: Landing page metrics such as browser settings, http-headers, exit points, and more can be found out using Binom’s smart system.

No Redirects: Once you have saved the code in the tracker, your landing page will open directly with the campaign URL without any redirects.

Several Parameters: Find all the metrics on a landing page like bots, scrolls, clicks, etc. Everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing with all and one tracker.

5. Enhanced Team Management

Give access rights to specific users and let your teamwork simultaneously on a single tracker. This increases your work efficiency and provides the best results.

User Access: You can edit the permissions for specific users or create a new one for proper funneling of the task. You can restrict access to campaigns, offers, landing pages, rotations, traffic sources, and networks.

Create Multiple Users: No issues with how long your team size is; Binom can handle any amount of team size with unlimited users.

Enhanced Team Management

Permissions: You have the right to decide access for each user wherein you can open a particular campaign or offers for individual users.

Disable Revenue Metrics: If you do not wish to show your revenue to your employees, you can hide it and only know the profits.

6. Control Tracker Using API another platforms/Apps

By connecting API with your tracker, you can fully control the functions and reports. API uses JSON format to send and receive data.

Landing Pages & Offers: With API, you can change any offers or landing pages. You can add a new one, edit or delete the existing ones. 

Filters and Marked Rows: Get ready white and blacklists for your campaigns and display filtered or labeled report rows using API.

Edit Campaigns: Campaign setting and traffic distribution can be managed effectively, such as adding or deleting paths & rules and more.

Control Tracker Using API

Get API Report: By adding an API key to any report URL, you can get it in JSON format.

Cost Management: By using API, you can manage the cost of any offers or campaigns. 

User Management: API helps you create a new user, edit or delete it accordingly.

7. Dedicated Support Team

If you are worried about the installation of the tracker and the way it has to be used, sit back and relax as the Binom team of professionals will do the hard work, and the only thing you have to do is just wait and watch.

Immediate Response: Most of the time, you have to wait in a long queue when you call a customer care executive, but with Binom, the average response time is just 2 minutes.

Round the Clock Monitoring: The tracker monitors for any errors in redirects and, if found any, informs you instantly so you can rectify the error and get a better ROI.

Dedicated Support Team

Free Installation: You don’t have to make an effort to install Binom on your server. The team of professionals is ready to install it just when you are ready.

FAQs: For detailed information, you can go through the FAQs and get answers to all your queries. More than 50 articles are uploaded to provide detailed information.

Comprehensive Features of Binom

Binom offers a wide variety of features that make tracking for affiliate marketers both easy and highly effective. Here is a rundown of all the features Binom has to offer:

  • Processing Clicks

It takes about 5 – 30 milliseconds for a click to register. It guarantees zero losses; the processing speed depends not on click volume and database clicks. Additionally, it is separated from report generation.

  • Core Technology

Binom is fit to work under any amount of load, has a transaction engine for storing clicks, is based on PHP 5+. It has a very low memory usage and has a system set for any server failover. It is compatible with multiple tools such as MariaDB, Percona, MySQL 5+, etc. Additionally, Binom has in-built SMS notifications and monitoring’.

  • Organized Operations

With Binom, you can easily save offers and landings in its tracker. You can also add additional users to your account; however they will have limited access, you can also easily add notes to all your campaigns, offers and landing pages and add all of them in batches.

Get all the traffic you want with preset sources. Expand your reach with access to a directory of affiliate networks and be a part of groups.

  • Efficient Distribution of Traffic

Get maximum conversions with A/B and MVT-testing capabilities, exclusive landing pages, paths and offers, take advantage of a rotational system and distribution by conversion and uniqueness. With Binom, you can easily redirect proxy traffic and click-through between multiple campaigns.

In Binom, there are rules of distribution for over twenty different metrics. Get multi affiliate landings while being able to redirect particular paths or landings as well.

  • Analytics

Binom has the fastest report generation speed that soars through over thirty meticulous metrics to collectively get reports for traffic sources and different campaigns.

Limitless triple-level grouping, drill-downs, statistics according to rotations, paths and rules, filter systems, statistics sorted by days, bot identifiers, etc. You can also export your reports to CSV and get exclusive unique repots.

Get extensive uniqueness reports, bid reports, connection types and IP ranges. Additionally, get access to trends and click logs with filters.

  • Advanced Tracking

With Binom, get LP Pixel, integrated landings and unlimited additional domains. Get improved Postback with conversions directly to the source. Send information and track exit points from landings.

You can also import click costs directly from sources and update them by time zones and tokens. You can also manually update and remove conversions, track cities and see conversion statuses.

  • API Features

With Binom, get detailed information on campaigns, landings and offers. Receive detailed campaign reports and offers. Additionally, update costs easily and access multiple filters as well.

  • Extensive Support

With Binom, get access to detailed documentation, FAQs with over a hundred questions, and access to tickets, email, skype and telegram. Also, get fast response times within one hour with its support team online from 9 am to 11 pm MSK.

Binom Subscription Plans & Pricing

You can get Binom for free, but for complete access to all the features, you can purchase the tracker for $99/mo with additional licenses costing $49.

Bimnom Premium plan: The complete subscription costs $69 per month when subscribed annually. It comes with unlimited clicks, domains, and lifetime updates for one server.

Binom Review 2024: #1 Self Hosted Tracker for Professionals 3

The Premium tracker allows you to work on one server and unlimited domains. The tracker is installed on your server for free. Updates can be installed within a click without needing you to replace the files manually. You contact the support team via Skype and web-panel and get expert help within minutes.

At any time you feel you are not receiving good support or not satisfied with the plan, you can stop the subscription at that time (Binom is known for its excellent support, so it is unlikely to happen).

Benefits of Affiliate Trackers for Marketers

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in affiliate tracking tools and performance trackers; Trackers ease the whole affiliate marketing process so one can get better management and analytics of their campaigns or traffic.

Affiliate Marketing with binom

Without an affiliate Tracker, one has to use numerous tools to track different things like traffic, revenues, campaign performance and this all will not only cost higher but will be a complete mess. Hence Affiliate Trackers are worth the investment for every marketer. It enables you to get full control of our campaigns, See which traffic sources are performing better and get all details on one dashboard.

If you are new to affiliate tracking tools, one can quickly learn to use these trackers as they have their docs, knowledge bases, video tutorials, and expert support team to help on every step.

Binom is sure-shot one of the best innovative affiliate trackers in the market which comes with a neat and clear user interface, powerful features and cost-effective pricing.

Try it today risk-free for 14 days, and then you can subscribe to its unlimited plan. While other affiliate trackers with the same features charge a minimum of USD 150 per month, the Binom plan is just $69 per month with the same features and better speed.

How to Choose Which Affiliate Tracking Tool is Right for You?

Various tools can be used as affiliate tracking software. To decide which is best for you, we need to understand what affiliate tracking software does and what it provides.

First, let’s talk about what an affiliate tracker does. It will take a portion of the revenue generated by your website and pass it on to the person or company who referred you to your website.

When choosing which tool is right for you, consider the following: whether or not you want to use paid options, whether or not you want a free trial before paying, how often they update their platform, how much they charge per month, and how many people they have in their team.

Affiliate tracking tools help track and measure the performance of different advertisements and websites. Affiliate tracking tools provide a variety of metrics that can help you get the most out of your campaigns.

It is important to look for an Affiliate tracking tool with enough features to meet your needs, is easy to use, and allows you to monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously.

There are various affiliate tracking tools available, with some being free or paid for use. It is important to choose the right tool for your needs and budget.

🌟 Binom FAQ

🙄What is Binom?

Binom is the self-hosted tracker that helps affiliates maximize their ROI and stay ahead of their competitors. With Binom, you can manage affiliate marketing paths such as campaigns, sales, costs, clicks, etc.

🏅Can I try Binom for free?

Yes, if you want to try this tracking tool for free, you can start its 31 days free trial. The free trial of Binom helps you to test all its features for free.

🔎Is Binom worth trying?

Yes, Binom is a reliable tracking tool that knows how to send clicks to your landing page. By choosing Binom, you can take your campaign optimization to the next level.

🔥Can I get a discount on Binom?

Yes, if you are looking to save some money, then grab the above-mentioned Binom coupon code to enjoy a huge discount.

Conclusion: Binom Review 2024 | Should you buy it?

Indeed the features provided by Binom tracker are fantastic and very helpful to professionals. Not just an experienced but also a newbie can try out its services with 14 days free trial.

If you want to soar your profits higher, then start using Binom today.😊

Binom Review 2024: #1 Self Hosted Tracker for Professionals 4
Highly Suggested
0out of 10

Binom is the leading self-hosted tracker designed for professionals to manage their affiliate marketing paths, including clicks, costs, sales, campaigns, report building, and many more. By using Binom, one can easily optimize their campaign and increase their ROI. Get started with Binom for free today & test all its features for free.🏹

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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