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Blinkist Vs. Headway 2021 | Which one to choose? (#1 Reason)

Do you have the time nowadays to read a whole book? We do not know about you, but given people’s busy schedules with their offices and work, they hardly get time to read something.

To ease their life a little, today we bring comparison on two book summaries platform, i.e., ✅Blinkist Vs. Headway.

Both Blinkist and Headway are book summarized applications, where you can get the essence of your favorite books in a summary!

Like this, even you do not get the tie read, you still can stay updated with all the non-fictional favorite novels of yours!

Blinkist is the most renowned site in the game, but still, Headway manages to give it a tough competition.

So, we will see step by step how Blinkist is so much prominent in the market and how Headway manages to tackle it!

Blinkist Vs. Headway | The ultimate comparison

Blinkist Vs. Headway

To get started with, first, we will know about Blinkist and Headway separately.

Blinkist Review

Blinkist is a book summary platform. Each critical insight is called a ‘blink’ and fits nicely on one page. The app is free to download, and so is setting up an account. If you do, you’ll be able to read the daily pick. That is one of their 4,000+ book summaries, and it changes every day.

Besides unlimited access to every single one of their over 4,000 titles, Blinkist Premium combines the following features:

  • Audio versions for the majority of their summaries
  • Saving your entire library offline
  • Syncing your highlights to Evernote
  • Sending your favorite summaries to your Kindle

Headway Review

Headway is like Blinkist, only that it offers summaries of successful nonfiction titles so you can learn more in less time.

All you required is the app that you can get on a smartphone, tablet, or PC to access book summaries. You can look for the content, add it to your library, and start reading right away!

Which Platform Has a Better Selection of Books?

If you are going to spend some bucks on the platform, you must know which one has better select your favorite books!


Blinkist Review

Blinkist has a selection of almost 3,000 famous nonfiction titles to choose from. The Blinkist staff selects the featured titles and routinely updates them so that readers always have uncommon options available.


Headway Review

In comparison with Blinkist, Headway does not offer that stunning collection.

Headway only offers a range of summaries for hundreds of books as compared to Blinkist.

Although Headway does not provide many titles and books, they offer summaries for some of the most current and prominent nonfiction books.

The Winner

In this, we will have to give the edge to Blinkist, as it has a better selection of books, which is most important for a book-lover.

Which Platform Offers Better Summaries?

In this section, we will look into which one maintains a quality platform for their actual intention! So, what are we waiting for? Let us get started!


Blinkist Coupon

Let us clear one fact; summaries cannot provide the same as a physical book. After all, they are called “Summaries” for a reason, which means that they have to give the real favor in just 15 minutes!

Even the Blinkist manages to provide excellent quality of them!

The summaries on Blinkist are fact-based, and, as with any other summarizing service, you need to trust the summarizer to learn the content effectively.


Headway Coupon

The same goes for Headway! If you want to learn something and do not have enough time for it, then book summaries by Headway fit correctly into that criteria!

They offer introductory information and crucial details so that the reader can get the most out of their experience.

The Winner

If we talk about the quality of the book summaries, then it is a win-win situation for both platforms! Yes! You heard it right! Both the platform offers a detailed summary from which we get a complete essence of the whole book.

Therefore, no matter which application you choose, you will end up with quality summaries.

Which Platform is Budget-Friendly?

Now, it is time to look at the pricing options of both Blinkist & Headway and decide which one suits our pockets better.


Blinkist Pricing

Like all the other subscription services, Blinkist also offers a free basic trial, which one can use for 7 days straight.

In the 7-days trials, we can determine that whether we want to go further with this or not.

If you like Blinkist in the 7-days trial, then you can go on and purchase a monthly subscription plan for $15.99, but if you are going for an annual plan, then it will only cost you $99.99 overall.

If we look into it, the annual plan only costs $8.34/month, which leaves us with a huge discount!


Headway also offers a free introductory trial with access to the limited features.

There are many pricing options that one can select in Headway. That includes weekly/monthly, and annual plans.

But the most common purchase is the monthly subscription which costs nearly $14.99/month.

The Winner

Again, in this round, Blinkist takes place. Although Headway is a bit cheaper than Blinkist, customers’ responses are not so optimistic about the Headway’s pricing plan.

Also, Headway has one complaint that makes you pay multiple times for the same subscription plan! Which is a huge downer!

And, the yearly plan of Blinkist saves much when we look into it better. So, if you want to give a firm decision on both of them, then Blinkist would be an appropriate choice.

Blinkist Vs. Headway: The ultimate winner

After reviewing all the aspects of both the applications, i.e., Blinkist and Headway one-by-one, we can safely conclude that Blinkist is the winner of this race!

YouTube video

The reason is that it is an old platform, and reliable too!

So, if we are going to invest some money in any tool, we should get the best results from it! Right?
If you do not want to take the risk and go with th credibility, you must go with Blinkist.

Although, for a head-starter, Headway is not so bad! They maintain the quality of their summaries, and as well they have a pretty good collection of nonfictional books, which makes an excellent choice for the one who is looking for something new in the market.

🌟 Blinkist Vs. Headway FAQ

👉 What is Blinkist?

It is a famous book reading platform where information seekers and other book lovers discover new knowledge. Blinkist also gets you knowledge through podcasts and notifications.

👉 What is Headway?

Headway is another book reading platform similar to Blinkist that provides famous nonfiction titles. To read books, you only need to install the Headway app on your PC, tablet, etc.

👉 Does Blinkist offer a free trial?

Yes, Blinkist offers 7 days free trial that gives you unlimited access to read and learn all its book summaries. Start Blinkist free trial and explore all top categories.

👉 Which is better; Blinkist Vs. Headway?

Both the platform Blinkist and Headway have their pros and cons. In order to test both the application, one can go for their trial. However, we highly recommended Blinkist over Headway.

Conclusion: Blinkist Vs. Headway 2021 | Which is the Best Application?

Since you all already know who is the final winner, there is nothing else left to say!

Book summaries are an excellent option for people who are looking for some tiny breaks in their busy schedule!

For sure, no matter which application you choose, you will not get disappointed!

That’s it with our today’s review on Blinkist Vs. Headway. We hope that our article will be helpful for you!

If you find this comparison helpful in any manner, do not forget to mention it in our comments section below. Until then, take care of everyone.🙂

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