Have you heard of Blockchain technology❓

Well, if yes, then do not miss out on the opportunity to join Blockchain Life Forum 2021, 21-22 April, In Moscow

Blockchain Life 2021, the 6th largest live forum on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining, will be held on 21-22 April in Moscow.

For those who have not heard of Blockchain, here is a brief overview of Blockchain.

Blockchain represents a new way for digital communications and serves as the underlying technology for most cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Life Forum

A blockchain is a collaborative, tamper-resistant ledger that maintains transactional records(data) grouped into blocks. A block is connected to the previous one by including a unique identifier based on the last block’s data. Suppose the information is changed in one block, its notable identifier changes, which can be seen in every subsequent block (providing tamper evidence).

This domino effect allows all Blockchain users to know if a previous block’s data has been tampered with. Since a blockchain network is challenging to alter or destroy, it provides a resilient collaborative record-keeping method.

What is Cryptocurrency?

The term crypto mining means gaining cryptocurrencies, which means solving cryptographic equations through the use of computers. The process is involved in validating data blocks and adding transaction records to a public record (ledger) known as a blockchain.

Blockchain Life Forum

In a technical sense, cryptocurrency mining involves computers and cryptographic processes to solve complex functions and record data to a blockchain. There are entire networks of devices involved in crypto mining that keep sharing records via those blockchains.

It’s important to note that the cryptocurrency market itself is an alternative solution to the traditional banking system, which we use globally. Cryptocurrency mining is an exciting alternative to understanding the traditional centralized systems currently being operated throughout the world. However, it’s very taxing that computer and power resources are not feasible for many users.

Why should you attend Blockchain Life?

It’s the world’s biggest offline forum in 2021, as Blockchain Life 2021 is the leading industry event of the year to take place in an offline format.

For five years, the Forum has been gathering more than 4000 participants in the planet’s blockchain capitals (Singapore, Moscow) and reconfirming its status with one of the world’s most meaningful events.

The conference brings together global industry leaders and those just beginning to be interested in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Over the years, the Forum has become the primary educational platform for many visitors and a place where thousands of contracts are signed that influence global industry development.

COVID-19 Precautions

This year with Anti-Covid-19 precautions, the Blockchain life 2021 will make sure to make the Forum as safe as possible for each guest. As they have developed measures to take care of participants’ and visitors’ health:

  • Safe distance

Music Media Dome can accommodate the necessary number of visitors. Social distancing requirements recommended by Rospotrebnadzor will comply.

Visitors will be monitored carefully due to the Covid-19 situation. For that reason, the number of tickets on sale is strictly limited. Don’t delay purchasing your ticket: there may not be any left.

  • Masks and Thermo screening

Each visitor and participant will be given a set of personal protective equipment: masks and gloves. Take care of yourself and do not neglect personal protection(masks and gloves) during the Forum.

Body temperature will be measured at the entrances to the Music Media Dome. Guests with a body temperature higher than 37° Celsius will not be allowed to participate.

  • Hand sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer throughout the Forum area, and remember to disinfect your hands as often as possible.

  • Ventilation and air circulation

All rooms at the event are regularly ventilated, and they ensure proper air circulation throughout the event.

  • Disinfection of premises

Every day, before the forum’s opening, complete disinfection of all premises, furniture, and surfaces of the site will be carried out. A special disinfection service will ensure that every corner of the Forum is safe.

Attendees @ Blockchain Life 2021

Attendees at Blockchain Life
  • WORLD’S CRYPTO INDUSTRY: Meet the CEOs of international companies and establish effective and fruitful cooperation with them by discovering all insights about 2021-2022’s trends and new ways of earning.
  • BUSINESS OWNERS: Know how to earn by investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects and be the first to implement Blockchain into your business today.
  • Startups: Know how to create every stage of your project, promote it, and get investors’ attention by presenting your project with the Startup Pitch. Understand how to quickly list a token at the world’s biggest crypto exchanges and correctly managed token value.
  • FUNDS INVESTORS: Get involved with the industry’s most promising projects in the expo zone and StartUp Pitch. Learn about the latest projects with the most significant ROI potentials in 2021-2022.
  • MINERS: Find out all the other alternatives of earning in mining in 2021-2022. Get pieces of advice from the world’s mining companies and private miners. At the exhibition, inspect the latest equipment.
  • BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS: Thousands of forum participants need blockchain-based solutions: personal acquaintances significantly affect contractors’ choice.

The forum program includes:

  • DeFi and NFT Trends in 2021.
  • A section on Industry Regulation in Russia and the CFA law.
  • Master class on blockchain implementation in business.
  • Live interview on cryptocurrency market 2021.
  • A team from traders on parsing the cryptocurrency market from the world’s leading exchanges.
  • And much more

Topics to be discussed in the event

Topics in Blockchain Life Forum

🧿 Blockchain

  • Implementing blockchain technology in business: new Russian and international cases.
  • Blockchain and government: taxpayers’ dream?
  • Types of Blockchain and particularities of their application.
  • Blockchain’s vulnerabilities
  • Tokenisation in real estate (and other spheres)
  • Blockchain in the banking sector
  • Tokenization of large companies.
  • Technology development prospects: 2021-2022 and much more.

💵 Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin. Will there be a rally at the end of 2021? The future of digital gold.
  • The Defi hype. What happens next?
  • Cryptocurrency trading. Advice, tools, and recommendations from leading Russian and world traders.
  • National cryptocurrencies. The race between states.
  • The impact of institutional investors on the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto industry’s legislation in Russia in 2021-2022. Do we know everything?
  • Margin trading on cryptocurrency exchanges: need-to-knows and risks.
  • Analysis of popular altcoins.
  • Consequences of bitcoin halving.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets in 2021. How to store cryptocurrency safely?
  • The future of stable coins.
  • Legal aspects of cryptocurrency circulation in Russia, CIS, and other countries.
  • Future of stable coins and much more


  • 2021-2022 is a new era of mining.
  • Key mining profitability factors and parameters.
  • Choosing equipment in 2021. What to buy?
  • What to do with outdated equipment? Innovative developments in 2021-2022.
  • Best countries and regions to use mining equipment.
  • The best manufacturers of mining equipment in 2021-2022.
  • New ways of mining profitably.
  • Technological solutions for the mining industry.
  • The future of mining and much more

🏢 StartUps

  • Successful cryptocurrency startups: key features, success factors.
  • Defi, the global trend. Case analysis
  • ICO, IEO, STO, Defi: where is the market heading next?
  • How can a startup attract funds and private investors?
  • The best countries to launch and register a blockchain startup
  • Legal aspects of crowdfunding procedures
  • How to place your token on an exchange and manage its value?
  • Project marketing in 2021. Which factors affect funding? And much more.

Organizer and date

The Forum will take place on 21-22 April, at Moscow, Music Media Dome.

Speakers at the forum:

Speakers at Blockchain Life Forum

Sergei Khitrov – Listing.Help, Murodjon Khamraev – Bitmain, Artem Kalikhov – Waves, Rauan Khassan – TradingView, Anatoly Radchenko, and others.

More than 4000 participants gather at the forum every year. Visit the official website to know more about this Blockchain Life Forum 2021.

Blockchain Life Forum 2021 – Event MAP

Event Map Of Blockchain Life Forum

Final Thoughts

Blockchain Life Forum 2021 is not something to be missed if you think to work and explore more in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency verticals. A few facts that will surely make you attend this event will be exciting topics to discuss on Thematic sections, individual speech, and startup pitch competition.

Also, you will experience the live trading and implementation of Blockchain Masterclasses. The largest international and Russian companies will provide detailed information about the Cryptocurrency industry career fair.

You can also makeover 40 new contacts in 1 hour with Speed Networking Zone and the legendary afterparty at gipsy club, which is the world-famous party that happens after the forum.

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