Are you looking to scale your business in blockchain industry or Crypto world❓

Its time to rejuvenate yourself with the largest Crypto and Blockchain Event of this year…

Blockchain Life 2019 is the most significant event on Blockchain, cryptos, and mining in Russia and Europe.

This super Crypto and Blockchain technology conference will house more than 6000+ people from 70+ countries to join the leading discussion forum and exchange the latest trends for scaling earnings in the Crypto Market.

Russian Blockchain’s Developers are amongst best in the world, and hence an Exclusive Blockchain Life’s program is devoted to blockchain and its implementation in business or existing projects functioning.

The sessions will have speakers from Oracle, QIWI and other renowned industry leaders.

Blockchain Life 2019 Forum: the Main event of Crypto industry

  • The biggest event in Russia and Europe

Each year the Blockchain forum receives a high number of attendees to the event, and now in 2019, it will be the most significant event in Russia and Europe for crypto and blockchain with over 6000+ participants from 70+ countries in Moscow.

  • Enhances Global industry development

The forum has become an international platform and has a vast impact on the development of thousands of companies in this industry. The event is itself a meeting place for market leaders with diplomats and representatives of government agencies.

Thousands of deals and contracts get signed during the event from numerous companies. A lot of partnerships gets started making the industry more profitable.

  • A platform for everyone

The blockchain Life forum brings all global industry leaders together on one platform which enables new startups, engineers, and professionals to connect with industry leaders and explore the whole Blockchain industry.

It enables professionals to genreate new innovative ideas and startups using such a big platform.

When and Where?

The venue for this year’s Blockchain Life Forum 2019 is Moscow City, Expocentre. Most of the global events are held at this place as it is the main business center.

Blockchain life 2019 agenda

The conference is easily accessible and therefore makes it a perfect choice for hosting this international event.

If you are attending this conference then you will be assisted in acquiring a Russian Visa.

👉Agenda of Blockchain Life 2019 Moscow

The event will start with registration of participants followed by determined sessions delivered by expert speakers from around the world in Blockchain and cryptocurrency niche.

The first-panel discussion will cover the topic “Crypto trading in a growing market – The most profitable strategies”. Speakers presiding this session will be leading world crypto traders.

The 2nd-panel discussion will be on the topic “Cryptocurrency market – The most reliable and promising crypto coins of 2019-2020”.  Speakers presiding this session will be cryptocurrency investment experts, traders, investors.

The 3rd-panel discussion will be on the topic “Implementation of Blockchain in the state and in private business in 2019”. Speakers presiding this session will be Blockchain implementation specialists, developers, representatives of government agencies and private business.

The 4th-panel discussion will be on the topic “Mining of 2019 – New wave”. Speakers presiding this session will be the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, suppliers and leading private miners.

The 5th panel discussion will be on the topic “The world’s leading exchanges – First-person forecasts and industry insights”. Speakers presiding this session will be owners and top management of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

The 6th-panel discussion will be on the topic “Technological solutions for the Blockchain industry”. ”. Speakers presiding this session will be owners of global services in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrency functioning.

The 7th-panel discussion will be on the topic “The state and the Blockchain – Industry regulation in Russia and CIS”. Speakers presiding this session will be the first persons of the government of Russia and the CIS.

The 8th-panel discussion will be on the topic “Secrets of successful IEO in 2019 – ICO and STO market”. Speakers presiding this session will be owners of Blockchain startups, representatives of exchanges, advisors.

The 9th-panel discussion will be on the topic “The World’s largest funds – How to choose projects for investment? Cases of 2019”. Speakers presiding this session will be owners and representatives of the world’s largest funds investing in crypto projects.

The detailed agenda for the event is forming process. However, below is the official released agenda highlights for this 2019 forum.

Blockchain Life Forum 2019: The Largest Cryptocurrencies Event 1

Check out detailed agenda and list of speakers @

🔥Buy a ticket to Blockchain Life 2019 Moscow:

You can buy a ticket right now before the price increases. The price indicated can change any day depending upon the sale of tickets. At present, the prices are very low. New prices will be reflected from 03/09/19 and will be a lot higher.

We are glad to offer an exclusive 10% OFF discount on any tickets to Blockchain life Forum 2019. use coupon code “ECLIPSE10” while purchasing the tickets. The deal is for limited time

Let us look at the different tickets each having additional features compared to the previous one.

Blockchain Life Forum 2019: The Largest Cryptocurrencies Event 2

Base Ticket: This ticket can be bought at $38 and gives you access to a 2-day visit to the conference halls and exhibition area.

Standard Ticket: This ticket can be purchased at a price of $58. This gives you the same feature as Base Ticket. Additionally, attendees will get gifts and goodies from sponsors that can be carried in their bags.

Attendees will get video recordings of all the panel discussions held at Blockchain Life Moscow 2019. And will also get access to 2 coffee breaks that is a great place for networking.

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10% Extra Discount on Blockchain Life 2019 Tickets
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Business Ticket: All features of Standard Ticket are included in this package.

This ticket can be purchased at an affordable price of just $137.

This ticket additionally gives you access to the Afterparty which will be held on October 17. It also includes transfer from the forum to the Afterparty.

VIP Ticket: This includes all the features of the Business package.

You can buy this ticket right now at just $456 before the price increases to $1363.

This ticket gives you the 1st and 2nd rows in the conference halls, 2 days lunch buffet, access to the VIP/Speaker lounge, cars to transfer you from forum to Afterparty, and a designated area at the Afterparty.

All this at a reasonable price of just $454.

10% Extra Discount on Blockchain Life 2019 Tickets
10% Extra Discount on Blockchain Life 2019 Tickets
Get Extra 105 OFF on all blockchain life 2019 Moscow Tickets. The offer is valid for a...Show More
Get Extra 105 OFF on all blockchain life 2019 Moscow Tickets. The offer is valid for a limited time. Show Less

Payment for the tickets can be made via Bankcard/ e-money, Cryptocurrency payments and Cashless payments.

Blockchain Life Forum 2019: The Largest Cryptocurrencies Event 3

Update: Microsoft, Huawei and Venezuelan government at Blockchain Life 2019

It is just a week left for the event and we have some very good news coming up. More than 4000+ tickets have already been sold and a lot more delegates are confirmed attending this mega blockchain event.

The speakers for blockchain life are founders of top blockchain companies, startups, crypto traders, developers, investors, and some famous businessman.

Here are the leading companies and government coming at the event

  • Leading technology expert at Microsoft in Russia: Konstantin Goldstein;
  • CTO of Huawei, Mr. Jorge Sebastiao.
  • Venezuelan delegation El Petro h.

World-renowned IT companies, including Microsoft, have strived to develop the blockchain ecosystem around the globe. Konstantin Goldstein fro Microsoft has 16 years of experience in the IT industry and will speak about “Blockchain Consortiums – New Paradigm of Enterprise Collaboration” at Blockchain Life 2019.

Blockchain Life Forum 2019: The Largest Cryptocurrencies Event 4

The forum’s program and the full speakers’ list are available at is a global sponsor for Blockchain Life: Russia

Why Should you attend Blockchain Life 2019 Forum?

This conference is not only limited to people working with crypto or blockchain technologies But Its a vast event will also be filled with affiliates, technology providers, solutions providers, digital marketers, Payment solutions providers, Legal solutions, Government organization and much more.

Here are some key features of the event which tell you, why you shall attend this event!

  • Crypto World

Meet the heads of international companies in Crypto and blockchain industry and establish mutually profitable relations with them. The event brings together the world’s crypto industry at once place soy ou can learn new trends of 2019 and beyond and new ways for earing form this conference.

  • Meet the investors

If your startup is looking for huge investment or funding round, Then Blockchain Life is sure-shot one of the best marketplace to find potential investors. In the expo zone and lobby, you can interact with hundreds of Investors and companies and exchange your business card with them.

  • Business Owners and Startups

Trading companies, exchangers, Business are always looking for new startups and business owners to market their products, services, and make new partners. The Blockchain life enables you to learn how to earn by investing free money in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Business owners can be the first to implement blockchain into the business and scale it to the next level. Staryips can learn how to place token quickly into the world largest crypto exchanges and adequately manage the value of the tokens.

  • Developers and Miners

If you are a developer then you can find customers for blockchain development and discover the innovative solutions in this industry. You may get advice from the world’s best mining companies and private miners to get the latest equipment right at the exhibition

Blockchain Life Forum 2019 – Event MAP

Blockchain Life Forum 2019: The Largest Cryptocurrencies Event 5

Sponsorships @ Blockchain Life❗

Do you want to promote your business?

Sponsorship is the best way to attract visitors to your website and increase traffic. By sponsoring in Blockchain Life you will get many customers that will increase your conversion rate and your revenue will boost like a tsunami.

There are two categories of sponsorship viz. Branding and Basic Packages.

Branding: There are multiple branding options available in Blockchain like registration sponsor, VIP lounge sponsor, networking sponsor, coffee-break sponsor, hall B sponsor, Wi-Fi sponsor, press center sponsor, Startup Pitch sponsor, lunch sponsor, Afterparty general sponsor, Big banner, Package sponsor, notepads sponsor, pens sponsor, Ribbon sponsor and Individual package.

This type of branding has a great impact on your business as your brand logo is published on the products and therefore the audience remembers your company.

Basic Packages: These types of sponsorships allow you to display your products/services to the attendees. You can give a hands-on demo to audiences eager to learn about new technologies and also you can find affiliates to grow your business by partnering with them.

🏆 Blockchain Life Awards 2019

This will be the 3rd annual award in the field of cryptocurrencies and startups. A Blockchain Life 2019 Forum selects its a complete independent award and winners. Only registered participants {Who purchased the tickets} are eligible to vote.

Blockchain life Awards

Awards are necessary for an international conference, and hence Blockchain Life 219 forum has launched their award modules to increase the level of public confidence in the crypto industry.

Click here to apply for participation in Blockchain life awards.

The awards also represent leading Russian and international companies in crypto and blockchain industry. It also helps in the Consolidation and popularization of the global crypto community.

Blockchain Life Grand Afterparty 🥳

Blockchain like every year will organize Afterparty this year also. This year on October 17th you can have all the fun at GIPSY, the elite Moscow club.

This is not only fun but the best way to end the forum with networking on Blockchain Life.

Block chain life grand after party

Blockchain Life Afterparty will have 2500+ attendees, 50 kinds of drinks, 8 hours of networking and many international faces.

The afterparty will start at around 20:00 and will continue the whole night. You can hear music and dance all the way you want with hot & beautiful girls all around you.

Afterparty is organized so you can relax and comfortably network with anyone you want. There will be guest appearances and shows that you have never experienced before.

You can try as many alcoholic drinks and hookahs along with exotic dishes. Sitting around the round table gives you a feeling that you would have never imagined.

Why Should You Attend Afterparty?

This is the best place to feel comfortable and network with experts to create strong connections and fascinate you with their presence.

Afterparty gives you inside information into the market and the latest news & trends that are going to take place. Often attendees grab maximum information and convert it into money-making strategies. Don’t miss your chance to be an insider.

Every year the best shows in Russia are present in the Afterparty to fascinate you so you when you go back you take wonderful memories of the shows and people you meet.

Special guests are invited in the Afterparty to make it more memorable and happening. You can selfie with the guest that includes artists, models and famous bloggers.

You have all the networking time till 03:00 when the party sadly ends.

10% Extra Discount on Blockchain Life 2019 Tickets 10
10% Extra Discount on Blockchain Life 2019 Tickets
Get Extra 105 OFF on all blockchain life 2019 Moscow Tickets. The offer is valid for a limited time.

Conclusion: Blockchain life Forum 2019

Moscow is known for its beauty and business center. Don’t miss out the opportunity to visit Moscow by attending Blockchain Life Forum 2019.

Numerous fo blockchain and Crypto Conference are being held over the globe. However, To be honesty this Blocvkcauibn life is the most significant event which comes with the highest participants from over 70+ countries and beautiful location of Russia.

See you in Moscow🤞.

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