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13 Best Highest Paying CBD Affiliate Programs in 2022

Are you looking to make money by promoting CBD oils o your blog, website youtube channel? If you have traffic on the Health niche, CBD oil affiliate programs are the greatest source to generate revenue.

Hemp is no longer an illegal substance, according to the new bill by the US Justice Department. And if you are aware of the benefits of cannabis, you will know how eager everyone is to get it to solve their problems.

CBD has no side effects, and as there is no ban, the industry is more likely to boom shortly by around $22 billion. Isn’t it amazing to invest your time in such a booming industry?

The CBD market has created a rise in financial opportunities for lots of businesses. You can not just get higher profits, but even good traffic for your website. As people are searching about CBD over the internet, then why not pave your feet?

Let’s Know more about the CBD affiliate program and how to earn passive income through our detailed review of the Best CBD Affiliate Programs of 2022!

How can you generate profits from CBD affiliate programs?

Now it’s quite apparent that you will be thinking about how I can earn money through CBD affiliate programs? But we have got your covered! As the CBD market claims to get higher returns in the coming years, all you have to do is identify the best CBD products. Once you have found a list of CBD affiliate programs, use it on your blog or website.

CBD Affiliate Programs

Once you have started promoting the product, you will earn commissions from the CBD offers. CBD products are in demand between millennials and young people. Hence know your audience and choose the product they will like the most, and you are all set to earn good profits quickly!

Top 13 Highest Paying CBD Affiliate Programs 2022

CBD Affiliate ProgramsCommission RateCookie DurationAff. program link
#1. CBD BioCare40%180 daysGet started now
#2. CBDPure40%90 daysGet started now
#3. Savage CBD35%60 daysGet started now
#4. HempMy Pet30% starting90 daysGet started now
#5. CBD EssenceUpto 40%180 daysGet started now
#6. PuraHemp30%60 daysGet started now
#7. Vape Bright30%30 daysGet started now
#8. CBD Sky30%30 daysGet started now
#9. Specktra30%30 daysGet started now
#10. Joy Organics25%60 daysGet started now
#11. CBDMedicUpto 20%90 daysGet started now
#12. Honey Stem50%30 daysGet started now
#13. CBD FX20%30 daysGet started now

CBD BioCare

CBD oil products are in high demand in the market. CBD Biocare uses hemp plants that are grown and manufactured in the US itself. They have a wide range of products of beauty care.

CBD BioCare

So if you have a blog, specifically in the beauty niche, then you can use full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD under eye cream, CBD apple stem cell representation cream, and a lot more.

As a sales representative of CBD Biocare products, you will earn a 40% commission of each product you sell. Moreover, the CBD Biocare team will train you to advertise their product effectively so that you can attract customers in a quick time. All you have to do is plan a strategy and locate the CBD products on your blog, and you are all set to generate high revenue!


The next high earning CBD affiliate program is by CBDPure. They have a wide range of pet products, CBD oil, Liquid soft gel, organically derived from the Colorado industrial hemp plant. CBDPure is famous for their gel products containing psychoactive ingredients that have high medicational benefits.

YouTube video

CBDPure is in the market for more than a decade, and it has been providing affiliate programs for a long time. You can earn a handsome amount of profit by this CBD affiliate program, as they will give you a 40% commission for each sale.

Just fill a form from the CBDPure official website, and they will give you a mail within 24 hours. All you need is a website under the medical niche and good traffic. CBDPure also provides a 90-day cookie duration.

Savage CBD

If you are in search of a popular CBD company, then Savage CBD is your destination. They have a broad range of products, be it wellness shots, drink powder, or lifter sauce.

Savage CBD

Savage CBD also has pet treats of top quality and are lab tested. If you have a dedicated pet blog, then you can make sales quickly.

All the products by Savage CBD are highly affordable; hence, you can attract customers quickly. You will get a 35% commission from each sale you drive, and the payment is made monthly, after every 30 days.

If you become an active affiliate of Savage CBD, then they will provide you special pricing, along with 60 days cookie duration.

HempMy Pet

If you have a pet blog and want to earn high profits from it, HempMy Pet has the best organic CBD pet products. They have different categories of products for pets, like hemp dog biscuits, hemp-infused coconut oil, CBD place oil, and a lot more.

HempMy Pet

Through the HempMy Pet affiliate program, you can get a 30% commission for every sale along with 90 days cookie duration. They are in the industry for a long period and serve more than fifty states. You will be paid monthly, and the best perk is Hemp My Pet offers free delivery!

CBD Essence

CBD Essence is famous for its CBD extraction techniques. Their product portfolio includes CBD pet treats, edible oils, vape liquids, capsules, oil tinctures, and a lot more.

CBD Essence

The commission for each product is different. You can join their CBD affiliate program through its official website. CBD essence will pay you commissions monthly, and it will be around 20% to 40%, along with 180 days cookie duration.


PuraHemp has a range of innovative hemp products to improve people’s health. They are among the best pharmaceutical nutraceutical companies. PuraHemp products are of high medical grade approved by doctors; they perform their manufacturing independently.


Through the PuraHemp affiliate program, you can make retail sales and get a 30% commission. Also, you get a 10% straight discount for your first sale. You can attract customers within the US instantly, as they provide free delivery.

To join the CBD affiliate program by PuraHemp, go on to their official website and fill the registration form. You will get a revert from PuraHemp of a list of personal links to use on your website or blog.

Vape Bright

Vape Bright is in the CBD industry for a long period, and they have a good customer base. They have a wide range of CBD vape products, like vape cartridges. All the Vape Bright products contain some traces of tetrahydrocannabinol and are legal in more than fifty countries.

Vape Bright

Vape Bright offers a 30% commission for every new customer you make, and 20% for other customers.

But be sure about your traffic, because Vape bright looks after all the primary and secondary sources of traffic while filling the application form. You will also get a 30-day cookie duration with this CBD affiliate program.


CBD Sky has a broad range of high-quality products, like capsules, oil sprays, and drops. They have a professional customer base, and the products are becoming popular among social media influencers.


CBD Sky affiliate program can help you earn a 30% commission for each lead converted. You can attract your viewers instantly by showcasing the interest of influencers. As an affiliate, you will gain lifetime compensation by the CBD sky.

The payment is made monthly by the company through PayPal. You will also get a 30-day cookie duration!


Specktra is a famous CBD company that has a broad range of therapeutic relief products. They have organic essential oils for anxiety relief, along with terpenes infused. All the products by Specktra are lab tested and are available in tinctures, vapes, and transdermal patches.


Specktra provides commission according to your performance; you can earn up to 30% for every sale. If you hit the monthly target of 100 conversions, you can make a profitable amount of $2400.

Moreover, the Specktra affiliate program will give a 15% discount code that you can provide to your traffic. The payment is made monthly, as you get a 30-day cookie duration.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a leading and fastest-growing CBD company across the globe. They have a broad range of CBD products that are highly affordable and are of the best quality. Joy organics product portfolio includes skincare, THC-free soft gels, topicals, tinctures, and many more.

Joy Organics

As a joy organics affiliate, you will get a 25% commission after each sale you drive. They also offer a 60-day cookie duration. The aggressive bonus program by the joy organics allows affiliates to double their income.

To join the joy Organics affiliate program, you must open an account, and then the company will review your profile and offer you links.


If you own a blog dedicated to the medicinal purpose, then CBDMedic is the best CBD affiliate program for you. They offer different ointments and pain relief gels along with some skincare routines.


CBDMedic affiliate program will give you a 20% to 30% commission for each sale you perform. Also, your user can use some promotion codes along with free shipping service.

CBDMedic will also offer marketing materials to help understand different strategies to display their products. The payment is made bi-monthly along with a 30-day cookie duration.

Honey Stem

Honey Stem is a perfect choice if you are looking for a CBD affiliate program with a global reach. They have high quality and affordable products that are in demand for youngsters. The honey stem’s motive is not just selling their product but educating their customer about the benefits.

Honey Stem

Honey Stem is the highest paying CBD affiliate program; they give 50% commission for each sale you drive. Also, they train you about their products before joining their affiliate so that you can pass out the right awareness.

Honey stem pays its affiliates monthly, and they give 30-day cookie duration!


CBD FX manufactures high quality and certified CBD products. They have a broad range of products, including CBD capsules, gummies, tinctures, CBD chill shots, and many more. Till now, they have gained lots of positive reviews. If you have a large audience from the US, then CBD FX provides free shipping.


As a CBD FX affiliate, you will get a 20% commission for each sale you will make, along with a 30-day cookie duration. An affiliate manager will guide you throughout the process to help you generate a quick profit. You will get payments bi-monthly, and it is mostly done via Wire, Cheque, and square.

🌟 CBD Affiliate Programs FAQ

How to become a CBD affiliate?

It is very crucial for you to learn and become an affiliate. As we all know, Affiliate marketing is a broad term in which affiliates need to refer products to others. At the same time, you needs to have a platform to promote other’s products. Once you have users, you can search for merchants to team up with as an affiliate. The list of CBD affiliate programs on this page is a good start.

How do I market a CBD?

There are various strategies that you can easily follow to market CBD. The organic way to build awareness on the internet is to focus on SEO. You can also give attention to content marketing, email marketing, link building, etc.

How can I avoid CBD affiliate scams?

How can I avoid CBD affiliate scams?
An individual needs to be cautious with new businesses. Various firms create their own affiliate program with no intention. Therefore, it is highly recommended to join trusted affiliate networks like ShareASale, CJ, etc.

What are the highest paying CBD affiliate programs?

The following are the top picks for high paying CBD affiliate programs.
1. CBD BioCare
2. CBDPure
3. Savage CBD
4. Hemp My Pet
5. CBD Essence
6. Pura Hemp
7. Vape Bright


If you are a health blogger and looking for quick ways to generate profit, all the above programs can help you attain it. All you have to do is look after the traffic and niche, and choose an affiliate program accordingly. If you have an active blog on pets, then the pet affiliate program will work the best for you!

But it’s important to be active whenever you are getting into the profession of affiliate marketing. You have to provide the right support to your viewers to trust you and get you leads in the future.

Always choose more than one CBD affiliate program to maximize your reach and boost your revenue in quick time!🏅

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