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If we speak about the online arena of push advertising, then a revolutionary push ad network tool is in huge demand nowadays. That tool is called and is now one of the most popular ones looking to start earning money through push ads? Then you have probably come to the right place.

Our ✅ Review will clear all your doubts, and you will be introduced to a new way of earning a lot more money through your online business.

You get to earn this much money with push ads because, once the user subscribes to the push notifications on your website, your pop-ups will automatically find a way on their desktop and social media channels.

And till they continue with the subscription, you rake good money. In this review, you will learn all about this unique global platform, which eventually helps you decide whether this platform would be an excellent fit for your needs.

So without further due, let us hop on to the real stuff! But first, allow us to begin with the basics.

Detailed Review Review has been there in the business since 2019 and is now one of the most popular and reliable networking tools in the industry. offers to push ad networks to monetize your website and start earning money with the help of push notifications. To get this, you have to register on as a publisher.

But you will have to wait till your account gets approved. Once it is done, you have to insert the code on your site, and the push ads will be visible to every user who visit your website.

If the user agrees to the push ad notifications, those notifications automatically get displayed on their desktop or notification panel until they decide to unsubscribe.

When the user clicks on the ads relevant to the search, the user will automatically get redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Push ad notifications have proven a lot more profitable an emails and other pop-ups. Because in this, the user has to get in touch with you via direct link. There is no hustle in the process, which makes it a great hit in the online community.

How does Works?

ClickStar is the medium that provides you a direct way to get in touch with your target audience. Through this platform, all marketers and advertisers can easily send notifications and ads to their desired audience. Reviews

These push notifications are in the form of coupon codes and offer that immediately grasp the person’s attention.

If a user has already installed any of your applications, you can reach them directly via the application. In this process, you can keep updating your users with the current updates. If you want your users to know some products, you can let them know through push ad notifications!

ClickStar assistance is not only for advertisers, but they are helpful for publishers as well.

If you are a publisher, you can send your service notifications through push ad networks, directly reaching your target audience.

Publishers/advertisers get paid whenever a person does the following things:

  • Install their application
  • Purchases a product
  • Visits the push notification

You can use push notifications to keep the idea fresh in your user’s mind. For instance, if you are planning to launch an event, you can make your audience aware of it with the help of push notifications.

If you plan to launch a new game, ads could be used to send the recent game links in push ad notifications to your users.

If you want to give a short message, you can make the notification engaging with an image or a message.

If that message is in video format, you can make the videos short and reach your target audience. You can also add an interactive button to have an additional benefit of the call-to-action process. In this way, your audience can also send feedback of any notification if they like.

How Much Money Can You Make?

This is the most common question, which everyone asks about ClickStar reference. But with the customization, it is pretty hard to give an exact figure.

The amount of money you will earn with this platform depends on the type of website or application. But in rough figures, a person can make $30 to $80 if they are getting 5000 visitors daily on their website. Ad Format

The visitor count starts when you have applied the code to your website and one month has passed. That process helps you to make much more money with ClickStar.

It would be best to avoid the optimization and web pages and the applications because the notifications are linked to that. If you keep up with the ongoing trend, you will likely receive more traffic to your website.

Having a powerful group of audience is a must when dealing with push ad networks. Because the more people visit your website, the more they could subscribe to the push notifications.

So, in short, you do not need to worry about earning money with ClickStar. Because usually, the amount is pretty significant if you follow the guidelines correctly.

Key Features of | Review

ClickStar has a lot to offer in terms of its features. In this section, we will highlight some of the essential benefits which ClickStar provides.

🏹 Extensive Targeting

With ClickStar, you get an option to reach precisely the point of your target audience. You can customize the notifications the way you want your customers to see them.

For instance, you are trying to get in touch with music lovers. You can determine their taste with the selection process. After that, you can send them push notifications related to upcoming music videos or audios.

With the help option, you can increase the engagement rate of your website. Your audience will feel that they are getting relevant notifications, and indeed, find them helpful.

🌌 Auto Conversion Tracking

The beauty of ClickStar’s push notifications is that they use an auto-conversion tracker. That option is great for keeping track of your target.

You could get the know the exact amount you will be making in that campaign by auto-conversion tracker.
You can easily track the impressions, click-through rates, open rates, and other metrics to check how well your campaign performs.

Through the process, you can determine how well your notification is performing as time passes. It is crucial to have this tracking feature, as it helps to:

  • Make Better Decisions
  • Optimize the Campaigns
  • Get More Conversions

So, in the end, it will be a win-win situation for all your ongoing and upcoming campaigns.

🏅 Monetization Process

This ClickStar feature is quite impressive because you can monetize your website, blogs, or application to the ClickStar dashboard.

This handy feature lets you know how much money you have made in a particular campaign. That could inspire you to shift your business online.

Thus, it can be an excellent source of earning a few more bucks because ClickStar lets you monetize any good-performing website to the dashboard. Therefore push notification advertisements could benefit the people who want to generate heavy traffic on their websites.

Why ClickStar is the Right Choice for You?

This section is critical because it will help you know why ClickStar could be beneficial for the long run of your online business. Push Notification
  • Automated Bidding

Automated bidding sets the best price for your conversion. With active budding, you can certainly earn more than in manual bidding.

Because in manual bidding, you chose the rate, and sometimes the rate does not match the market rate. But with automated bidding, everything is done by artificial intelligence, and they try to offer the best conversion rates.

  • Ease of Use

ClickStar is a platform that is very easy to use. You need to register on their website as a publisher. After applying the code given by them to your website, you get on board with them. So easy, right? We thought so too.

  • On-time tracking

With on-time tracking, you can keep track of the performance of your campaign every time. If you ever want to discontinue your ongoing campaign, you can do that with just one click from the ClickStar dashboard.

Campaign optimization also enables you to keep track of your campaign’s ongoing activities and let you know any changes needed.

  • Excellent User Base

ClickStar also provides an excellent user base from all top-premium publishers.

Whichever networks you receive to campaign already belong to the top-tier.

  • Integrate any Website

It does not matter if your website is HTTP or has HTTPS; ClickStar easily integrates with any form and starts providing results right away.

Now, there is a list of advantages for all publishers who are likely to receive maximum benefit if they choose to go with ClickStar.

Advantages for Publishers

If you are a publisher, then you might want to focus on this part carefully. This section tells you why ClickStar would be a great fit to fulfill your money-earning need.

  • A large group of publishers.
  • Payments are made regularly with famous platforms like Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Paxum, Bank Transfer, and more.
  • You can easily integrate all the push notifications which do not require any additional space on your website.
  • There are no irrelevant penalties on any push notifications because all the ads are bot-free and clean for your target audience.
  • You can monetize all the blogs and websites, which fits in the space of rules and regulations.
  • You get an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard, which keeps a real-time track of every conversion.
  • You get a larger pool of target audiences. It does not matter if your user uses a desktop or a mobile phone; your push notifications can always find a way to the user screen.
  • There is no limit or restrictions on how much money you get to earn from ClickStar. With a decent amount of visitors, you can easily make upto $100/day. Pricing

The pricing plan depends on the number of services you use from their panel as an advertiser or a publisher. for Publisher Support

At present, there is no option of live chat or call option on their home page. But, they do have got two contact options. One is for the advertisers, and the second is for the publishers. So unless you are a publisher or an advertiser, it will be a little tough to get in touch with them.

For Publishers

For Advertisers

Right now, we do not have the information on the response of their customer support executives. Whenever we get the information, we will update this section for sure.

Pros & Cons


Below is the list of all the possible pros and cons associated with ClickStar, if you consider using it.

  • Easy sign-up process and fast approvals.
  • Offers push traffic to monetize your website and starts earning money with push subscriptions.
  • Real-time Tracking with Advanced Targeting.
  • Easy To Use Platform and Exclusive UserBase.


  • There is no live chat option available on their home page for daily website visitors.
  • Other than this, we have no information about the cons of this network. If possible, let us know in the comments section below.


🙄 What is is the leading push notification advertising platform that helps you to make money by simply monetizing your website traffic. As a publisher, one can use to advertise their products. To start earning money as a publisher, you need to register on

🔎 What are push notifications?

Push notification is nothing but the small pop-up or message that will appear on the desktop or mobile.

🔥 How much money can I make through

If the person has around 5000 visitors on their website, then the approximate amount he will make is $30-100 a day by placing the advertising code a month before.

😎 Can I buy push traffic on

Yes, allows you to purchase traffic on their platform. To buy traffic, you need to register on and create a campaign.

Conclusion: Review 2023 | Should you go for this advertising network?

So, if we have to say one word for ClickStar, then the word would be ‘Perfection Yes, the platform is perfect in every term.

The most terrific part that we found in the tool is how much easier it makes to earn a few more bucks in our online businesses. Either you are a publisher or an advertiser, you will get benefits from using them. But the only condition is, your website should have immense traffic because the more people visit your website, the chances of engagement increase.

With this, we will wrap up our take on review. If you have any suggestions or doubts related to the article, please mention them in the comments section below.

Until then, Sayonara🖐🖐

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