Coinlive Recap: Coinlive, the Singapore-based independent cryptocurrency news outlet, hosted its first event of the year on 27 February at NTUC Business Centre, sponsored by LBank Labs and Jinse Finance as the strategic media partner. Titled “Web3 Trends and Forecast 2023 ─ VC Edition”, the event saw a turnout of over 150 attendees and featured moderated English and Mandarin roundtable discussions, as well as networking opportunities. Attendees gained valuable industry-related insights from distinguished VCs (venture capitalists), investors, and entrepreneurs, and made valuable connections in the field. Continue reading the Coinlive recap to know how successful did the event go.

Coinlive Recap 2023

How the Evaluation Criteria for Crypto Investment took place?

Moderated by Tristan Lee, Head of Southeast Asia at Zokyo, the event kicked off with the first English roundtable titled “Evaluation Criteria for Investments in Crypto Projects”. This roundtable featured an esteemed panel, including Joash Lee, Advisor at 4WARD.VC; Stan Low, Investment Analyst at QCP Capital; Marcus Eng, Product Architect and Head of Growth, BD at Starboard Ventures; Elias Tan, Web3.0 Investor; and Goh Seh Harn, CEO at Trigger Asset Management. This roundtable offered an insightful look into the criteria used to evaluate the potential of crypto projects.

Blockchain Industry Outlook 2023

Blockchain Industry Outlook - Coinlive Post Event Press Release

Moderated by Venture Capitalist Arthur from LBank Labs, the roundtable titled “Outlook of the Blockchain Industry in 2023” featured five esteemed guests who discussed a range of topics that would shape the future of the industry.

The impressive lineup included Zhu Feida, Associate Professor at SMU; Simon Li, Founding Partner at Chain Capital; Zhu Zixi, Investor at Matrix Partners; Francois Zhang, Advisor (Web3 & VC) at Seedefy; and Sistine Chen, Head of Ventures at M-Ventures.

After an enlightening round of self-introduction, the speakers went into greater detail on the various aspects of blockchain technology and their development over the coming years, such as DeFi, GameFi, wallets, exchanges, Layer2, SAAS, SocialFi, digital assets, privacy, middleware, and more.

It was an insightful event with valuable contributions from all the speakers – a must-attend for anyone interested in blockchain technology.

According to Simon, the gaming industry is gaining traction with the rise of Layer2 projects and native games. Magic Beacon has become one of the more popular games of late, but one of the main challenges is having a small player base. To address this issue, the industry is looking towards Web2 for expansion and becoming more native.

Sistine pointed out that, when it comes to exchanges in 2023, centralized exchanges (CEXs) will still be the major players with 95% of users still on them. Currently, the market is split into eight: two (CEX: decentralized exchanges [DEXs]), but this will be reversed in the future with a two: eight split.

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Difference Between Web3 Venture Capital and Web2 | Coinlive Recap

Moderated by Yuzu Venture Partner’s Co-founder Amie Lin, the virtual roundtable “How Web3 Venture Capital Differs from Web2” concluded successfully.

Goh Sim Aik (Archer), Secretary and Founding Member at Romanian Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) ─ RoCham; Chew Min Wei, Partner at Arcane Group; Ong Jielun, Senior Director, Ventures APAC at Plug and Play Ventures; Faisal Abdul Karim, Co-founder at Equoria & Circe Blockchain; and Mackenzie Chng, Investor at Blockchain Founders Fund, discussed the differences between investing in Web2 and Web3, and shared their insights on why big tech Web2 companies like Amazon, Twitter, Meta, Tesla, and others, are interested in Web3 investments.

The speakers addressed questions on market risks, key factors, and more. It was an engaging and informative roundtable, providing valuable insights and perspectives into the Web3 venture capital space.

Crypto Winter is Here: Hold the Door

Faisal believes that the Web3 space is going through a “crypto winter” and funding has dried up, but Web2 and Web3 investments are moving in the same direction. To him, the key factor in determining the success of any project, regardless of whether it’s Web2 or Web3, is whether it delivers value to the customer.

According to Mackenzie, the differences between Web2 and Web3 development communities lie in the coding fundamentals. With Web3, the focus is on interoperability, whereas Web2 is more centralized. As the market consolidates, it’s important for developers to think of ways to bridge the two worlds and facilitate better communication between them. This is something that Faisal keeps in mind when considering investments.

Job Cuts in Web2 & Web3 Ecosystem

The panel discussed job reductions in the Web2 and Web3 spaces, as well as the impact of AI on the industry. To conclude the roundtable, each speaker was asked to answer in three words what projects they would invest in for personal interest if they had no mandate. The answers provided a unique insight into the minds of the industry leaders and set the stage for future investments.

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