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ContentForge Review 2023: Top 5 Features & Pricing (ContentForge Coupons Included)

Still on a search for an honest ContentForge review? Confused about whether ContentForge is the right choice for you? Read out the ContentForge review ahead to explore whether this AI writing tool is best for you or not!

As content marketing agency owners, we literally spend hours generating content from scratch. Sometimes even a 2000-word blog takes days to write. And let’s not forget the time the whole optimization process takes – it’s terrific! 

But the advent of AI is amazing, and AI writing tools available out there are here to save your time, save your day, for good. One such AI writing tool best popular in the market for the use cases offered is ContentForge

With so many positive reviews across the internet, we literally wanted to try ContentForge, and we did it. Read out our whole ContentForge review ahead to explore what features the tool offers, how we used ContentForge for our content needs, and whether the output was really up to the mark. 

Quick Summary on ContentForge Review

ContentForge is a revolutionary AI content-writing tool launched a year ago but still used by thousands of marketers. The tool is best popular for the use cases it serves. And all of its pricing plans are super affordable as well, you can literally try ContentForge for free for 7 days to figure whether it’s THE AI WRITING TOOL for you or not. Read out our Contentforge review ahead to explore the specific features we liked the most about the tool, and even the ones we didn’t!

What is | ContentForge Review in a Nutshell

ContentForge Reviews

Writers struggling with writer’s block is a real thing now, Lars Koole and Allan De Wit did understand this struggle back in 2021, hence they launched ContentForge

ContentForge is an AI writing tool that can literally generate 1000 of words for you in just one click. The words generated by the tool are human-like and it doesn’t sound robotic at all. That being said, whether you want short and crisp blog outlines for your blog, or headlines that make people click your blog – ContentForge can do anything for you. 

It’s an AI powered assistant you never knew you or your business needed. Reason being, even though it generates human-like content, it never really takes as much time as a human may take. 

The best part about ContentForge is that it aces the ecommerce content creation game. So if you are someone who has just opened their ecommerce website and are looking forward to adding more products on your site, but are struggling with product descriptions, ContentForge can do it all for you. 

And, if you are someone who wants to explore AIDA and PAS for marketing, well this AI writing tool has got you covered with that as well. You simply have to describe your product to the AI, and it will quickly generate relevant AIDA steps for you, same goes with PAS. 

For like a year now, we literally have been playing around with ContentForge. And this is not your regular ContentForge review, instead we have made sure to attach a few proofs of the words generated by the tool, so that you can make a wiser decision for yourself, let’s get started!

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ContentForge Features at a Glance

1. Ecommerce Content 

ContentForge has got you covered with all your Ecommerce needs, from brainstorming product name ideas for you, building optimized descriptions, to generating listings, there are multiple tools available here for your store. 

You simply have to go to the ecommerce section available on the left hand corner, enter what your product does, pick up keywords, language options, and the number of outputs you want the AI to generate – hit the GENERATE button, to see the magic on your desktop.

2. Long-Form Blog Posts 

Yet another amazing ContentForge feature are the blog writer tools available within the software. There is a blog post idea section available for you to explore ideas that you might not have thought of. Next, there is a Blog post outline section, blog post title, and blog post intro available for you to craft your blog post just the way you want for your site. 

The best part about generating blogs through ContentForge is it can literally choose the tone of your blog, and the number of outputs you want the tool to generate. 

3. Website Content

Are you someone who is thinking of launching your website but unaware of what words you will have to add in to attract more visitors? Well worry not, ContentForge has got you covered with all the website content needs. Be it the SEO meta title, SEO meta description, or the micro copy of any pages on your website – the tool can literally do everything for you. 

For example, if you want to generate a Micro copy for your contact page, you simply have to enter the page name and what exactly you want to say to your audience, pick up one language from the options, number of outputs, and simply hit the generate button.

4. Digital Ads Content

Do you want to explore the virtual ad space but are unsure about what type of content works really well on which social media platform? With ContentForge you really wouldn’t have to think that much. From Facebook ad texts, Google Ad headline, to LinkedIn Ad descriptions – you can literally let the AI write the best words for you all according to what works best on which platform. 

For example, ContentForge knows this really well that audience type and tone matters more on Facebook, hence you can choose it for yourself. But for Google and LinkedIn the tool automatically generates professional and assertive copies that have high chances of conversion. 

5. Sentence Rewriter 

There is a sentence rewriter feature available within the tool. You simply have to write your sentence, choose the language option and the number of outputs you want the AI to generate, hit the GENERATE button, and check out the results quickly at the right corner of the site.

6. Sentence Expander 

Confused about what to write next on your blog? Have already written half the blog but are getting bored to write the other half?

Well, there’s a sentence expander feature available within the tool that can expand multiple sentences for you. And all the words generated over here are meaningful because the AI reads all the words you have shared before generating the newer ones. 

7. Marketing Tools 

By simply adding a little description about your product, ContentForge can create AIDA and PAS steps for you within seconds. In fact, you can generate these steps in multiple languages, and can get as many outputs as you want. 

8. Team Collaboration

The dashboard of ContentForge is super beginner friendly. Users can organize all their work at one place, in fact they can create unlimited projects within the tool. They can even collaborate with others in any specific project and save a huge amount of time. 

How to Use ContentForge? A Step by Step Guide! 

ContentForge Coupon

Using ContentForge for content generation is extremely easy. The best part is that the tool offers a free 7-day trial period to all its users to explore whether the AI assistant is the right fit for them. Users will simply have to click the Try ContentForge for Free option, enter their email address, choose a password, and then sign up. For content creation, they will have to: 

  • Go to the tools section located at the top of the website
  • Pick up any tool from the list – blog post idea, Facebook ad text, SEO meta description, sentence rewriter, expander, and more
  • Add details about your brand/blog name/product name/website page
  • Choose input and output language
  • Pick up the number of outputs (1-5)
  • Hit the generate button

Yes, that’s how easy it is!

For example, over here we asked the writing tool to generate Facebook Ad text for Content Forge itself:

  • We entered the product
  • We described what ContentForge is all about
  • Kept the tone friendly
  • Hit the Generate button 

The tool generated five outputs for us, and each came with word and characters count. The generation part hardly took a second, and the words generated are truly human-like!

ContentForge is not for you, unless you are: 

As we say, all AI writing tool is not truly for everyone, hence to help you make a wiser decision, you must give ContentForge a try if you are: 

  • Copywriter 

Managing multiple projects at the same time can be a daunting task, we understand and even ContentForge does. There is a document section available for copywriters to manage all their work at one place. The advanced AI comes with multiple tone options as well, so that no matter who your client is, you can always generate variations within seconds.

  • Marketing Agency Owner 

From blog generation to social media copy creation, the needs of marketing agencies are endless. And ContentForge has truly got the agency users covered with all the marketing tools they will ever need. In fact, agency owners can stay organized a better way by collaborating with their team within the tool to generate content faster.

  • Business Owner

If you are a business owner thinking to build a website from scratch or you are someone whose business is all about ads and content creation, ContentForge can really help you a lot more. 

ContentForge Pricing Plans – Can I Use ContentForge for Free? 

ContentForge Pricing Plans

ContentForge offer all its users a free 7-day tool access that comes with extreme limitations. For example, with the free plan users can just generate a 1000 words which is very little when you are someone who wants the AI to generate long-form articles. Hence, by that being said, if you are not so heavy on your budget, we would highly recommend you to go with the ContentForge paid plans, you will just have to pay: 

ContentForge Standard Plan – $29 per month

  • $24, if paid yearly
  • Generate 20,000 words per month
  • Access to every exclusive ContentForge features
  • Unlimited projects
  • Manage unlimited documents
  • Allow unlimited people to generate content (best for teams)

ContentForge Unlimited Plan – $99 per month

  • $83, if paid yearly 
  • Generate unlimited words per month
  • Access to all premium ContentForge features
  • $49 per month for additional seats
  • Access unlimited projects and documents 

ContentForge Customer Support Review – How to Reach Out to ContentForge Team? 

Not just affordable pricing plan options, ContentForge even offers excellent customer support service. The team is super active on their social media channels. Every user is asked to join the community just after they have signed up for their services – and whenever any new feature drops in, the tool readily informs the existing users through the community groups. 

Apart from this, there’s a feature request section available within the tool for existing users to request any feature they want the team to add. There’s a blog section available on the official dashboard, and even the team’s email official id so that any user can reach out to them, if they got stuck anywhere.

Top FAQs on ContentForge Review 2023

Is Articleforge and ContentForge the same? 

No, Articleforge and ContentForge are two different AI writing tools, each serving different use cases and offering different features.

Is ContentForge the best AI writing tool? 

Yes, ContentForge is not just the best AI writing tool available but even the most inexpensive one. From blog posts, social media posts, to Facebook and Google Ads, the tool can do everything for you.

Does ContentForge offer a free plan? 

Yes, ContentForge offers a free seven day trial period to its users, but doesn’t offers a free forever plan.

Can I generate plagiarism-free content with ContentForge? 

Yes, ContentForge never scrapes content from the web, instead it generates content from scratch by the help of AI, hence the output is always plagiarism free.

What can I use ContentForge for? 

You can use ContentForge for blog post generation, website content creation, and social media post generation.

What are the best ContentForge alternative? 

ContentForge is the most affordable AI writing tool but some other best ContentForge alternatives are Article forge, Rytr, Jasper, and Writesonic.

Conclusion: ContentForge Review – Is ContentForge Worth Trying? 

If you are an online marketer and are looking to boost your online presence and content marketing efforts, then Contentforge is the ideal AI writing tool for you. ContentForge is an AI content writing tool that offers unique AI-powered content writing tools for your business. It works by analyzing the online content you create and automatically generates new content on your given input. It is similar to other AI writing tools like textcortex, Articleforge, and Rytr, however, comes with some unique features like workflow management and cost-effective pricing as compared to its Competitors.

We have used ContentForge personally, and we are truly loving its UI. The whole SAAS tools are divided into two sections – tools and documents. With the help of the tools, users can generate content for their specific needs in more than 24 languages. And the documents tool is quite similar to Google Docs, but over here instead of you writing anything, the AI will write for you. 

All in all, we are quite amazed by the use cases the tool covers. And even the content generation part is quite quick, it just takes a few seconds. To the last, how can we miss out on pricing? The AI writing software is a lot inexpensive compared to other writing tools available out there. 

We tried and tested ContentForge for you so that you make a wiser decision, give the tool a try, step into the world of AI, and speed up your content game like never before!

9.5Expert Score
ContentForge Review – Generate all the content you need in just 1 click!
ContentForge is the leading AI writing tool that helps copywriters, marketers, business owners, etc., to create content for a website, blog, social media, and more. This AI tool enables you to generate all kinds of content, starting from short-form content to blog posts. 🚀Try ContentForge for free today!
  • Beginner friendly and intuitive UI
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Generates content in 24+ languages
  • 20+ Use cases
  • Sentence rewriter and expander available
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • In-built document section available
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Doesn’t offers free forever plan
  • Lacks a few features
ContentForge – Forge Your Next Piece of Content with AI
Start your ContentForge free trial and generate up to 1000 words!

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