A famous proverb “Education begins at home” has been brought into existence again by Coursera. They have not only given the world an easy way to begin learning at home but also have made a provision to complete it.

In this post, we have featured the latest Coursera Review updated for 2024 which is the best e-learning Platform. Coursera has bestowed the course of education with several topics. This includes digital, business, and quite a few admired topics. Online education is the future and will make a huge difference in a student’s life.

As a matter of fact, a number of celebrities are into online education. James Franco, actor-writer-director, famous for the movies, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours and Spider-Man. He is so passionate about online learning that he is now interested in teaching an online course. Currently he is a professor at UCLA teaching graduate filmmaking and screenwriting classes. Franco says, “UCLA and USC are two best film schools and its hard to get in there and is quite expensive. So, he does it for the people who are for some reason not in there.

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA basketball player, got his MBA degree through an online course.

Hilary Duff, actor-singer, best known for her role in Lizzie Mcguire, while being in Los Angeles, she took online courses. She said, “online classes are really cool!“.

Arts and humanities, computer science, life sciences, business, digital education, etc,. Virtual education is the key to today’s world and Coursera seems to have an expertise in this area.

The most-handy thing in this busy and hectic day to day life is a mobile device. Can you imagine Coursera has made this small little invention into a study center or a classroom and the best thing about this is you can turn it off and on whenever and wherever you like? All you need to do is download an application on your mobile, it’s that simple. What more do we need?

This is a great help for the people who for some reason are unable to pursue their education in an ordinary manner.

Coursera – Company Introduction

Coursera Review

Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng from Stanford Computer Science has made this worthwhile contribution to the syllabus of education. Coursera was a vision for the betterment of the society in and was started in 2012. It has flourished rapidly since then in a very short span of time.

Isaac Newton once said, If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of a giant.” Coursera has never forgotten the fact that they are better than someone and there is someone better than them out there. To make the best of the online learning courses available, they work closely with the finest universities and government-approved agencies.

Their intellectual associates include well-known figures such as Stanford, Duke, Michigan, HEC Paris, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Penn, Princeton, and many others. Recently, Coursera got associated with technology giants such as Google, IBM, MongoDB, and PwC to catch the attention of industries to bring the best possible learning material.

Coursera exceeds four accredited degree programs, 250 specializations, and 2700 degree programs. Coursera does not charge for its courses. If you wish to access the assessed work or wish to acquire a graduation certificate, a financial contribution from you which will repay you by more than it’s value will be requested. 

If we talk about the numbers, Coursera has shaped the minds of 25 million students in over 2,000 courses. Coursera has spread its wings in over 29 different countries with a 150 institution of higher education.

Coursera helps learning individual and organizations to put together a panel. The courses offered are in several languages spoken in different parts of the world which include Spanish, English, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. So, Language does not bring you to a standstill situation for anybody. Coursera is a self-sufficient establishment like any other institute.

Video lectures and exercises are available for no cost. Courses taught without any cost won’t get you any college credit. If by any chance, a ‘Certificate of completion’ is a need, a legitimate fee must be paid. Certificates will be made available for some of the remaining paid courses very soon.

We suggest you to take up paid courses, so, in future you will be able to share your certificates with your chosen employers. However, there are still some courses which are cost free, qualified tasks including.

How To Get Started With Coursera? Pricing, Comments, and Compliments

Type Cousera.org in URL in Google search engine. Take a tour through the available options and choose the one in which you have interest and passionate about starting the journey online.

Coursera Coupon

A free of cost seven day trial pop up will appear if it is a specialization, or else, an approval will be required for the desired course, alternatively, you can opt in for a ‘Certificate of Completion’ by paying a one-time fee.

Another alternative will be presented to you for a number of courses stating ‘Full course, no certificate’. All the course related content will be available for you at no cost.

Make a note that the courses they have are synchronous, this means that they are only available at this time, whereas, asynchronous can work as per schedule.

If you need further information check out the course title by clicking it, answers all to your question is just a click away. Coursera provides you with the best reading material every week. Hit register if you would like to move forward with it.

Special Skill Sets: Certificates & Applications

Want to give all your attention to a special skill and be one of the finest of all the people in it. Bingo! Here it is, Coursera Specializations.

Including algorithms, business creation, data structure and advanced machine learning, graphic design, MysQL, Cousera gives 250 more special skills.

A combination of quite a few related courses, generally 4 or 5 courses, into groups. The time period for these specializations varies depending upon the courses. Three courses set which is a short specialization skill set takes around 6 months. Alternatively, a specialization can last up to a year consisting of 10 courses.

Capstone projects cannot be over and done until and unless the other courses are completed. A fee would be required for all the courses included in the special skill set in order to obtain the certificate. Coursera partners lend a helping hand with data specializations, case studies and conferences. Additionally, incredible performances are not left unnoticed and are rewarded by them.

After the 7 day free trial, you can opt in by subscribing the specializations with a fee of between $39 and $79 monthly. Once paid and the course has been finished and a certificate will be issued. Alternatively, you can cancel the subscription.

Coursera has now started giving out full time degrees in some areas for the students to get further.

Back in 2012 this was just a few online courses with an outstanding reaction. Daphne koller and Andrew Ng from Stanford, then decided and Coursera came into existence.

How Do They Work?

The courses are split into humanities, social sciences and quite a few courses. The courses are classified like any other established institute providing higher education.

Coursera gives you a span of 180 days to finish the work. Some courses require much lesser time to be completed. You can get into a discussion with students from around the world. Also, you can watch videos and get done with your home work. A ‘certificate of completion’ will be issued if it was a paid course and then you can move on with the new course.

Coursera Python & Machine Learning

Currently, the Video tutorials classes are watched by a whopping 22 million students. The points worth noticing are:

  • Countless courses have above a million students pursuing them. Over 1600 courses and 700 advanced subjects are being taught.
  • Courses offered are available in 8 different languages.
  • Other than Biology, medicine, humanities, engineering is also a very popular topic with Coursera.
  • Coursera has certified approximately 600,000 students. Over 4000 highly trained and accomplished instructors. Above 145 industries have joined hand with Coursera.

🌟 Coursera FAQ

How do I set up my account on Coursera?

If you are looking to start your classes on Coursera, then it becomes essential for you to set up an account. Kindly follow the below steps to make an account on Coursera.
1 Go to coursera.org.
2 Click Sign up, which is at the top of the page.
3 Provide all the vital information to complete the registration process.

Does Coursera offer a free trial?

Yes, Coursera offers a 7-day free trial. Your trial period begins once you start with your first subscription.

What browsers and devices does Coursera support?

One can run Coursera on desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphones, etc. It supports various browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

What payment methods does Coursera support?

Coursera supports various methods like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express. But Coursera does not accept payment through PayPal, or a pre-paid card.

Conclusion: Coursera Review Updated 2024 | Should you join?

Coursera is growing day by day and the number of people joining is also increasing on a large scale. In spite of the increasing numbers, the user interface is designed in an uncomplicated way for fast and effective service. It is as easy as ABC even for the first-timers. It is easy to learn things, however, it is not easy to remember them for a long time, until it is repeated in very short intervals.

The video tutorials at coursera, not only teaches you but also tests your learning in midst by questioning you about the tutorial or course till that very moment. This keeps the student involved and helps the brain to understand and grasp things.

In today’s full of activity and tiring life, education is one of the most difficult yet a necessity for a place in the society. Coursera has made e-learning real easy, free of cost (almost) and convenient. As mentioned earlier, e-learning is the future of the education system.

I don’t remember the name precisely, David Merrill (I may be wrong) says in an article “with on the increase recognition of e-learning, if we are calling it as electronic-learning, shouldn’t we call it efficient, effective or empowered?”

Who is wiser, the wise man or the one who comes to him for advice? Make a wise decision and go for Coursera.😊

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Coursera Review
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Coursera is the leading learning platform in online education! Coursera is a platform where you learn from top Universities and companies. The courses offered by Coursera are affordable, relevant and flexible. Whether you’re interested in business, medicine or computer science, sign up on Coursera.

  •  It is partnered with 200+ leading universities.
  •  Courses are available at affordable prices.
  •  One can also learn offline.
  •  Offer world-class professional certificates.


  • Confusing pricing subscriptions.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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