The CPA club had it all planned, that this year should be the one that a businessman should remember. He should remember it as his life-changing year. With inspiring speeches and with super knowledgeable experience, the CPA club had one of the best meet-ups set in Dubai. Continue reading about the event in our CPA Club Connect Recap.

CPA Club Connect Meetup

The event which was held on March 12, 2023, had a combination of events that one couldn’t miss. Along with having a better opportunity to expand their network, the attendees were also the ones who discussed their knowledge and experience with one another. Along with all of this, they had a blast at Dubai’s most happening bar – SKY 2.0, where the after-party was held.

This was a connect meetup, by the CPA Club organized right before the SiGMA Dubai expo. With having over 700 representatives under one roof, the CPA club connect meetup became the most inspiring gathering.

The attendees held some of the greatest experiences and the ones who had their minds filled with a lot of knowledge. These people then shared the latest news of their specific industry and even had the current prospective project discussed.

Guest Speaker at the Event | CPA Club Connect Recap

One of the greatest attractions the night had was Jordan Belfort. Belfort is the marketing prodigy, who had his eventful life story portrayed in the Martin Scorsese movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. He became the limelight of the evening and inspired a lot of people during his speech at the CPA Club meet-up.

The star is famous for his straight-line system, and compromising phases from opening and closing deals. According to him, the seller must have good communication, earn the trust of the people he is talking to, and at the same time the seller must be clever enough to collect the data to retain his customers.

While having everyone inspired by his words, Belfort later presented his system to the attendees and also highlighted some tips for business and marketing. With his life hacks for a successful sales strategy, he encouraged everyone to boost their business performance. The participants also had a chance to have a one-to-one session with Jordan Belfort. This is where they had a chance to ask him questions, either live or through the Telegram chat.

The After-Party | CPA Club Connect Recap

The after party which was one of the prime attractions for the CPA club meet up was held at a prominent location in Dubai, Sky 2.0. A nightclub with a variety of drinks to enjoy and the most finest delicacies that one could enjoy while having a blast at the night. Besides all the beverages and soothing dishes varying in taste, the nightclub even gave the attendees of the CPA club a captivating dance show along with great music by a world-class DJ.

The after-party thrown by the CPA club during March 2023 meet-up had one of the most fabulous and unforgettable experiences. To be precise this wasn’t just an after-party where the guests could drink and dance, but in fact, it was also a platform given to them by the CPA club where they could share their thoughts about Belfort’s speech. A program where they brainstormed and got newer derivatives from what Jordan Belfort explained earlier during his speech.

What did the Attendees get out of the CPA Club meetup?

The event gave them a chance to the attendees to build a connection with the industry leaders, build business relations, make stronger contacts, reach out to newer networks, and plan a collaboration that will help them in the future.

With all of this already on the plate, the visitors even had a chance to explore and build a few potential contacts with international advertisers. They were introduced to gain knowledge of the international markets, have an idea about current marketing trends, and all this while learning about successful business techniques.

They even had a chance to swap their ideas and gain knowledge about what was about to happen at Sigma 2023. The attendees were mostly Entrepreneurs and Investors in Affiliate marketing, Business owners, C-Level management, and Media Buyers.

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BloggingEclipse thanks for being the Media-Partner of CPA Club

Bloggingeclipse is very much inspired by the event that the CPA club held. Not just by the opportunities they gave to their attendees but also by the facilities they provided. The level on which the event was held was something totally new which we can’t even explain through simple words.

One should actually be part of such a meetup organized by the CPA club and see for themselves what the word ‘mind blowing’ actually means. We feel pleased that we had a chance to be the media partners of the grand event. And not just that but we definitely look forward to having ourselves associated with the CPA Club in the near future as well.

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