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CPV Lab Review + 20% OFF Discount Coupon 2021 (Free Trial Offer)

To create successful selling campaigns, we need to track, test, and optimize our marketing campaigns. But the question arises, “How We Do It?

That's the exact problem, as tracking and optimizing marketing campaigns is not that simple. We need to take the help of many tools to track all the aspects effectively.

But what if we tell you that there is an all-in-one tool that can help track, test, and optimize marketing campaigns without putting that much effort.

Yes, that's CPV Lab. It is one of the most reliable and best tracking and optimization platforms available out there in the market to help track and optimize PPC, CPV, Organic Traffic, Social Ads, and much more.

Check our complete ✅CPV Lab Review, which includes its detailed featured analysis. Also, do not forget to use our exclusive CPV Lab coupon code that helps you to get a 20% discount.

With CPV Lab, track, test, and optimize all of your marketing campaigns right across multiple traffic sources with complete on-the-fly control and unlimited flexibility.

Detailed CPV Lab Review

CPV Lab Review

CPV Lab is one of the current self-hosted tracking tools specially designed to help track and optimize your marketing campaigns. CPV Lab generally runs on your server that genuinely indicates that you will have complete control of your data's privacy.

It's an ensured self-hosted web-based platform. It has a user-friendly visual interface that enables you to manage the entire database right without server knowledge.

Campaign settings can quickly be adjusted based on the early results and decisions too. CPV Lab also offers customizable execution enhancements for the high-traffic users and ultra-fast redirects valid during peak usage.

To set up CPV Lab requires no programmer or a developer. The set-up is effortless that can easily enjoy all of the CPV Lab functionalities with comfort. And set up your first operations just within a matter of time.

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Key Features of CPV Lab

CPV Lab offers many different components that you will find very useful once set up. And that's quite impressive as with such great features. You can take your selling campaigns to a whole new level. Let's find out what traits does this fantastic platform offers.

CPV Lab Reviews

#1. Comprehensive Reports & Lab Stats

With this feature, you will be making all campaigns includes Ads, Keywords, Pages, and presentations, fitting with the complete revenue data so that you can easily optimize gains and ROI.

#2. Limitless Ads & Creatives

Just set up an endless number of ads and then quickly find the view stats for any of the unique Ads for any sequence of keywords, pages, offers, and more.

#3. Endless Page & Offer Rotation

You can easily add new or edit pages and offers in rotation with no coding skills required. Everything will be done on the campaign set-up page.

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#4. Click Redirects

You can also quickly segment and redirect visitors based on various forms like the ISP/Carrier, Geography, simultaneously with user agent and usability requirements.

#5. Trends With Heatmaps

With this innovation, you can instantly drill down right into the most successful aims in keywords, pages, and offers as well. As here, you can see your trend achievement Heatmapped and much more.

#6. GEO-Stats & Details

Now, you can observe and filter campaign data right to spot the most profitable visitor locations, and other GEO stats and data reports are just one click on.

#7. Compressed Pixel & Postback Management

The best part is that all pixel and support back formats are typically approved. Like the image, iFrame, Script Based, and many more.

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#8. Campaign Dashboard

View all of your campaigns, clone existing drives, or export campaign setups as CSV files simply for offline editing.

#9. Live View

Quickly view all the information about your visitors suitable for any or all of the campaigns easily by examining click, conversions, as well as the GEO referrers and income data.

#10. Customizable Stats View

The multi-view stat page usually lets multiple orders display all of the essential data for you. Just save your favorite and most used to get the data you needed.

#11. Report Builder

CPV Lab offers a template-based method right for simple to repeat and use. And you can quickly determine your custom templates and maintain updates suitable for many campaigns right at once.

#12. Use Tokens

Add up to ten custom tokens established by the traffic references, CRM, cart, and autoresponder claim for the easy pass and cross-reference data.

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#13. Opt-in & Lead Tracking

Track opt-ins and the leads right when using the double opt-in, single opt-in, and more.

#14. Mobile Audience Overview

Here, you can quickly identify all of the top-performing mobile abilities like video support, data rules along with the mobile OS, and more. All will hit right on your campaigns.

#15. Mobile Content Supported

You can quickly identify the content that your visitors can watch or read right on their device, including the file types and messaging options supported. You can also know how to optimize all of your landing pages based on the visitors and attributes.

#16. Mobile Browser & Features Supported

View the profitability by all of the popular browsers, and then you can drill down in your stats to identify the potential performance segmentation opportunities.

Who Can Use CPV Lab?

CPV Lab is for you to have products or offers on the business or if you want to develop products and offers from other dealers, and then you can track all the conversions and sales.

Just test and optimize arriving pages, keywords, Ads, creative, and offers as well. Let's see who can use CPV Lab to follow and optimize their selling operations:

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  • Merchants

It doesn't mean whether you trade the physical or digital product, a single product, or a complete catalog. Here with CPV Lab, everything is quickly traced.

  • Affiliates

With CPV Lab, any affiliate can set up campaigns and validate new campaigns properly for the latest traffic experts. Increase sales and commissions by promoting the targets.

  • Dealers

We all know that lead production and direct answer always offer a perfect fit. You can effortlessly set campaigns directly with a few clicks and then optimize full conversion paths efficiently.

  • Agencies

Any business and network can quickly unite with a tracking platform right into their business and receive discounts right on the bulk license.

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What Campaign are Available with CPV Lab?

CPV Lab Pro Discount
  • Direct Link and Landing Pages

You can rotate unlimited landing pages and offers. You can also test the landing pages' effectiveness right vs. the direct linking from the no one campaign.

  • Landing Page Sequence

Build funnels and leadership paths. You can build multi-page visitor chains that feature in opt-in and multiple offers as well.

  • Lead Capture

Test the multip-numerous capture pages simply by using only one autoresponder, and then you can see the subscribers' subscribe rate along with cost per subscriber rate in real-time.

  • Multiple Option

You can quickly test numerous offers from 1 landing page. That is great for review-style landing pages to add upsells and downsells to any introductory offer.

  • Email Follow-Up

You can track campaigns right in your email follow-ups and then track assign revenue to the initial “option” campaign to quickly determine all the importance of your email marketing campaigns.

What to Track in CPV Lab?

Righ with CPV Lab, you can effortlessly track your traffic sources becoming with an open platform. CPV Lab offers lots of data that can help you in your business. And also, you can place simple links. You can easily track them.

CPV Lab Pricing Plans

Pricing given by CPV Lab is honest, and here they don't confuse with various pricing plans.

CPV Lab Pricing

And once your permission expires, you can still run your current CPV Lab connect right at the current version. But there anyhow, you will not be able to work with any software updates and restrict access to the user range.

The best part about CPV Lab is that you can try CPV Lab Pro right for a full 30 days, and here, you have nothing to risk. If, due to any reason, you wanted to cancel your subscription, then you quickly go for that and cancel your agreement. And in return, you will be making your 100% refund, and there will be no problems asked.


🤔What is CPV Lab Pro?

CPV Lab Pro is a web-based platform that helps users easily test, track and optimize all their marketing campaigns in a single place. Start CPV Lab free trial if you want to test all its features for free.

🧐Does CPV Lab Pro offer a refund policy?

In order to test CPV Lab Pro then you can sign up for its free trial. But in any case, if you are not satisfied with the marketing result, then you can send them an email or ticket for a refund.

🔎Does CPV Lab Pro provide a free trial?

Yes, CPV Lab Pro provides a 30-day free trial to all its new customers. One can easily sign up for the CPV Lab Pro 30 day free trial that helps you to review all its features.

🤑Can I get a working CPV Lab Pro coupon code?

Yes, currently, we have one CPV Lab Pro discount coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 20% off on all its plans.

Conclusion: CPV Lab Review + 20% OFF Discount Coupon 2021

As of now, you have got all the detailed insights about CPV Lab pricing, features, functionality, and more. It's your turn to take any action and just track and optimize your marketing campaigns right with CPV Lab.

You are getting started with CPV Lab, no need to be a programmer or a developer. The set-up is effortless that you can easily enjoy all of the CPV Lab functionalities with ease.

CPV Lab also offers a 30 day free trial. If you are not sure about choosing CPV Lab, then give it a try. And if you somehow don't like its services and functionality, then you get your refunds without a single question being asked. We hope this post helped to fulfill your purpose well.🙂

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