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Best 25 Highest Paying Credit Card Affiliate Programs 2022

Are you looking for a top paying credit card affiliate programs or other fintech affiliate campaigns?

This is the time, don’t lose it, because it won’t happen again! As many of us are going cashless because of ease in an online transaction, the global payment industry saw a sudden and a profitable boost. The two trillion-dollar sector has a lot to offer unless you know how to make the best out of it.

Many markets have already seen more than 100% increase in their value, but some are yet to flourish, as the Indian credit card industry. By 2025, the growth is estimated up to $200 billion.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

But let’s not forget the existing competition in the field of affiliate marketing. Starting with a niche where everyone is already making well, and just a beginner won’t give you many profits. Whereas the credit card affiliate program is new and yet to flourish shortly.

We are here to help you with your dream of affiliate marketing; hence below are some ✅Best 25 Credit Card Affiliate Programs and their features to help you make the right decision and upgrow.

How can you Make Money from Credit Card Affiliate Programs?

Credit Card Affiliate Programs
Best Credit Card Affiliate ProgramsCommissionOfficial Link
#1. American Express (Payment Gateway)UndisclosedGet started now
#2. Bankrate Credit CardsVariesGet started now
#3. Indigo Platinum MasterCard$35Get started now
#4. TransUnion$20 flatGet started now
#5. Discover$40 flat (Consumer card account)
$20 flat (Student card account)
Get started now
#6. American Express CanadaUp to CA$200Get started now
#7. Credit Assistance Network$1.25Get started now
#8. Capital Bank$25 flatGet started now
#9. ExperianUp to 20% revenue shareGet started now
#10. Petal Visa Card$36Get started now
#11. Credit Karma$0.25 per sign upGet started now
#12. CommissionSoupUndisclosedGet started now
#13. Avianca LifeMiles Credit CardUp to $200Get started now
#14. BankAffiliates.comVaries by programGet started now
#15. Credit StrongVaries by productGet started now
#16. CardRatingsUndisclosedGet started now
#17. TransferWiseUndisclosedGet started now
#18. USAA$20 flatGet started now
#19. FlexOffersUndisclosedGet started now
#20. CreditCardBroker.comUndisclosedGet started now
#21. Luxury CardUp to $405Get started now
#22. Credit Repair$95 per sale, $1.25 per leadGet started now
#23. ScotiabankCA$99Get started now
#24. Upgrade$60 flatGet started now
#25. Viabuy€25, €50Get started now

There are several ways through which you can make profitable money through credit card affiliate programs. One of the potential ways is by cross. Many people search nowadays for the best credit card for travel or the best credit card to get travel discounts.

You can get hundreds of dollars by single conversion. All you have to do is pick up the best credit card affiliate program and list down on your blog or website.

Additionally, you can upsell or cross-sell programs and products related to the same industry. You can even market credit repair products as it is easy to sell and an excellent way to earn profits.

American Express (Payment Gateway)

Being in top credit card companies, American Express is popular and our best choice for the credit card affiliate program.

American Express

They have several campaigns, but the cost per lead is undisclosed from their end; however, we assure you that you will get profitable income quickly.

American Express provides business with portals to enable them to accept payments online. The portal is popular in 120 countries and processes more than 20 different currencies.

Bankrate Credit Cards

Our second highest paying credit card affiliate program is the Bankrate. It gives you a 45% revenue share as a commission with varied cookie duration, and nobody else in the market provides the same!

Bankrate Credit Cards

The Bankrate affiliate network is popular among the top players in the credit card industry. Through the Bankrate affiliate program, you will get access to popular credit card offers, which can help you boost conversion rates instantly.

This network is a must join if you are a beginner or professional!

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

This card has many benefits to attract your visitors like 24/7 mobile account access and chip card technology for extra protection.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard comes with the easy signup and pre-qualification process making it easier to attract and convert any leads. It comes with attractive Annual fees and has a huge selling point.

Although we are a bit disappointed by the commission Indigo platinum MasterCard affiliate program offer, that is just $35; you can quickly get good customers because of the brand name and the perks.


TransUnion company is in the credit card industry for the last 50 years. They are popularly known for moving their traditional Record-Keeping to digital Record-Keeping and staying updated with the technology.

TransUnion has an excellent customer base. They are among the best-known credit reporting Agencies across the globe by providing affordable services to the customers. They not only monitor them but also protect their credit in every way.

You can earn high commissions by using the right strategy and opting for the correct marketing material. You will get $20 for all the products you sell along with 45 days cookie duration.


Who won’t choose a company for affiliate marketing that is popular since the 1980s and is among the top 5 credit card brands in the US?


There are several reasons for the popularity of Discover. The most popular of all is lower credit card rates, tiered performance increments, and cashback rewards to their customers who join using the affiliate program.

Discover credit card affiliate program offers two card types; consumer card account and student card account, for which you will get a commission of $40 and $20, respectively.

It is easy to attract customers because of Discover’s benefits, and you will get quick money as well!

American Express Canada

This brand is from Canada since 1853 and has an extensive customer base.

American Express Canada

American Express Canada can help you earn a profitable commission of up to CA$200 for a lead. But the cookie duration is just for seven days.

You will get excellent marketing materials from the affiliate program, which will help you convert super easy. American Express credit card affiliate program is hosted on several bottles, but it won’t hamper your progress in any way.

Credit Assistance Network

Because of the increasing use of credit cards, the Credit Assistance Network’s demand has surged. Hence it’s the right time for you to join such a program and upgrow.

Credit Assistance Network

They have lots of other features lined up like credit repair, security clearances, home loans, etc. The credit assistance network affiliate program is quite attractive. You get $1.25 per lead just for action and $95 for the conversion, and they even offer 365 days cookie duration.

You can make a fair amount of money as they have many marketing materials that will help you convert any lead quickly.

Capital Bank

If you are aware of the OpenSky secured credit card, you should know that it is by the Capital Bank itself.

Capital Bank

The card is quite popular because of its offerings and benefits to the users, specifically to those looking for travel and car insurance.

You will get an attractive amount of $25 Commission per lead along with a 30-day cookie duration.

If you want to make the best use of this credit card affiliate program, you can use email marketing offered by the bank itself!


If you are looking for a popular credit card affiliate program with high commission rates, then Experian is our choice for you. It provides a 20% revenue share as a commission, which is the best deal ever. Along with it, you will also get a 30-day cookie duration.


Experian is popular among small businesses that are looking for good credit to stay in the market. As an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is market their premium card reports and help a business get a better credit score and manage their financial background.

Petal Visa Card

If you run a blog dedicated to other niches, and you want to sell credit cards to new people, then Petal Visa Cards are our choice for you. You can sell the Petal Visa Card quickly because of their unique selling proposition.

Petal Visa Card

Petal Visa Card offers services like credit cards, credit scores, and security deposit along with a cashback offer for up to 1.5 % to every new customer you will get by the affiliate program.

All you have to do is plan the right strategy for a person who plans to get their first credit card and suggest them the services. There are several ways to join the Petal Visa Card affiliate program, and one of them is via Impact radius.

After each conversion, you will get a commission up to $36, but the cookie duration is not displayed from their end.

Credit Karma

If you have a blog relating to financial services, Credit Karma is among the popular online platforms that provide useful financial services like a credit card, reports, free credit scores, and many more.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma has lots of customer base because they provide users or website owners with information for free to control their credit.

You can join the Credit Karma affiliate program through yazing. We promise you that you will get a high volume of conversion through this program; however, the commission is a bit low, $0.25, along with 45 days cookie duration.

Credit Karma also offers monthly newsletters to get the latest information about the website, which can boost your sales.

CommissionSoup Network

This affiliate program is not as popular as other programs, but its offerings are exciting.

CommissionSoup Network

CommissionSoup offers a credit card affiliate program and different finance-related affiliate programs to you. Hence, if you have a personal blog related to finance, this can be the best affiliate program.

They have lots of campaign types; hence there is no commission disclosed from their end. However, the Milestone MasterCard and Amex Gold card are some of the popular types of cards you will get when joining this network.

Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

If you own a travel blog and have lots of traffic, then the Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card affiliate program is the best choice for you.

Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

The annual percentage rate is 0% for 12 months for the users, and after that, they will introduce the variable one’s. Also, the user will be protected against unauthorized charges, which can be the USP for you.

You will get $200 for every conversion along with a 30-day cookie duration; hence this credit card affiliate program is a must join!

This affiliate program hosts some profitable credit card affiliate programs like the personal capital affiliate program and Lexington law.

BankAffiliates also host the best credit card affiliate programs offering lending, Retail Banking, and Insurance services. The cost per lead varies depending on the program, but we are sure to provide the best commission to all the affiliate marketers.

There are several contests and monthly bonus surprises available for the affiliate team; hence, you should surely try bank affiliates if you are a beginner.

Credit Strong

Lots of businesses use Credit Strong to improve their credit scores. The program offers attractive plans through which a person can get bank loans.

Credit Strong

Any user can track the progress and unlock their savings to improve their credit score.

The cookie duration is for three months, and the cost per lead is different for varied programs depending on what you choose.


If you are looking for a customer base website that regularly posts reviews and guides related to credit cards, CardRatings is your search.


The website is very user friendly as they use parameters to filter cards according to the credit score. CreditRatings allow independent affiliates to get a percent of the profits you will make through the affiliate program.

The commission amount is not yet available because they have different campaigns and credit cards, but you can make a handsome amount of money as it is quite popular and flexible.


Currently, TransferWise is one of the popular currency exchange platforms in the market. People can use multi-currency from ATMszw Zealand to have access to a MasterCard debit card that enables them to withdraw from ATMs.


They can also pay with the card in the local currency that allows them to take full advantage of far better rates as compared to the traditional high street banks.

One can easily join the TransferWise affiliate program, which only takes 2 minutes to sign up, and you will get your tracking links and affiliate resources.


USAA is one of the most popular financial services providers from over 90+ years. It majorly provides benefits to young and elderly retired US military officials.


We have lots of reasons behind us suggesting you USAA for the best credit card affiliate programs, and the importance of all is the lack of annual fees and penalty APR.

Moreover, you will get a chance to hit into a military personnel community, which is quite impossible either way out.

But there is a drawback of this program, the cost per lead is a bit low; however, you can make good money if you implement the right strategy at the correct time.

The cost per lead is just $20, along with a 30-day cookie duration. If you are a big fan of the military, you can make the most out of this credit card affiliate program.


Being one of the popular affiliate networks for beginners and professionals, FlexOffers has over more than 12000 affiliate programs, and they are constantly adding up more to the list.


They have skilled publishers who are experienced in affiliate marketing and are doing well in promoting several campaigns.

FlexOffers have reliable tracking features that keep an update of conversion and commissions. You won’t need any technical knowledge to use the program as it is user friendly.

Check: Detailed FlexOffers Review

There are several campaign types; hence the commission is undisclosed by the officials, but they have an exceptional line up of credit card affiliate programs that can help you attract visitors instantly.

They also have a credit reporting affiliate program and credit repair affiliate program; you can choose any of it and make a handsome amount of money.

You can join a easily as they host programs in this particular niche. All you have to do is make an account on their website and start marketing their credit cards through the affiliate program.


You can give your visitors attractive offerings through this credit card like gas rewards, balance transfer, secured cards, and student cards. You can easily connect to lots of affiliate marketing programs.

We are still unsure about the program’s offerings after every conversion of a lead because it’s undisclosed.

Luxury Card

If you have premium visitors on your website who would like to invest their money without thinking twice, then the Luxury Card is the best affiliate program for you.

Luxury Card

If you have a travel blog, then using this credit card affiliate program can give you the best lead as it offers up to 2% cashback. There are different versions of this card available, and each has its USP.

The 24/7 easy customer service makes the card more accessible to the users and for you to sell.
The Luxury Card offers exciting commission for every lead you convert, that is up to $405 with 30 days cookie duration.

Credit Repair

Credit Repair is one of the famous and top providers of credit repair services. They are continuously developing and refining their process and helps many customers in the US. They have qualified credit repair experts that will help you to meet your credit goals.

Credit Repair

They have run their affiliate program for the last ten years. It uses Commission Junction to avail of all the resources and tools which are required by affiliates.

Credit Repair not only help affiliates to earn great commissions, but they also help people to achieve their financial freedom.


Public banks attract lots of visitors and viewers because of the credibility it offers. Scotiabank is serving people for two centuries, and it has millions of customers and branches in more than 50 countries.


This program will give many benefits as they offer different credit cards for people with different lifestyles.

They have lots of customer base. Hence they provide travel rewards cards, cash back cards, student cars, and low APR cards.

You can grab a handful amount of commission with this credit card affiliate program as the cost per lead they provide is $99.

Moreover, you will get a 30-day cookie duration. Hence it’s perfect for both beginners and professionals.


Upgrade cards have the best lower-cost traditional credit cards, and it offers credit lines from $500 to $20,000, which is quite impressive. There aren’t any high-interest rates, and this attracts lots of visitors.


Often many people look after credit cards with a low-interest rate and less expenditure, thus upgrade is the right choice for them. And being an affiliate marketer for the upgrade, you can build up a large audience base quickly.

It has the best USP, and the commission you will earn is too good. The cost per lead or conversion you will get is flat $60, along with 30 days cookie duration.


Viabuy offers master cards, and since these cards are more in demand nowadays, we would like to suggest this program to gain profits.


You can sell this to people going through bad credits because when your selling process is attached to emotions and finances, it’s more likely to sell.

If you sell this to a person, you will get a commission of €25, but it will increase as per your performance.

Some people often get €50 because they have been hitting high and performing well. There isn’t any information available regarding cookie duration from their end.

If you want to join the program, all you have to do is send an email with all the details. You will get to know more about their program by the dashboard itself; it’s entirely in detail. Viabuy is the best credit card affiliate program in the long run.

Final Verdict:

So, as we have listed all the best credit card affiliate programs across the world along with the best features, it’s now your decision to choose the right one. With the increasing competition, it’s important to choose high paying programs that can help you earn good profits.

Prepare the right marketing strategy, and put your step ahead in such a flourishing industry, and get ready to earn six-digit profits!🤑🤑

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