An annual B2B and B2C event, Crypto 306 is set to happen in Dubai on 8 and 9 May 2023. This event will be a bearer of great networking in the industry, especially in the UAE financial and business industry.

The event aims to bring together new users and enthusiasts to build strong networking, have great investors in it, and even have crypto companies participate from all over the world. Crypto 306 Dubai will be happening at the most renowned hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai.

Explore Crypto 306 Dubai: Crypto World Revolution

Crypto 306 Dubai

You might have seen and attended a lot of networking events previously in your life, but you definitely have not visited an event as serious and as dedicated as this one. The Crypto 306 Dubai is said to be the premier annual event that will have its focus on the business sector and will boost the B2B as well as B2C networking in and around Dubai.

It aims at bringing new users amongst the clan of already well-based industry experts. This collaboration will be the forthcoming of a new era where both the Crypto experts will have their business led as they will be having a strong network built in the event. The crypto community which is growing fast and has a vast reach will be focused on during the event.

Along with having dignitaries from the crypto community, the event will also have investors who will be sharing their ideas and at the same time discussing upcoming trends. They will showcase their projects and inspire the attendees with their groundbreaking expertise.

To explain more what this event is about, it is an annually organized event which takes place in 3 different countries. Here, crypto companies are exposed to newcomers in this field, and with that, they are also introduced to well-known investors. The event has proven to be the best networking hub for everyone, the crypto companies, the newcomers, and even the investors.

A lot of businesses have been built and started from such events organized previously. The traditional companies and corporate companies have met their counterparts from various nations, and have then forwarded with their projects. The crypto project founders are the ones who are the main attraction of the event and have always shared industry insights with the attendees of the event. The executive of most of the leading Web3 companies has also shared their projects and also the stories that made those projects happen. They have inspired a lot of people about how cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide, in the previous events.

What will Crypto 306 Dubai Present for Attendees?

With over 25 stalls, specially meant to attract and entertain crypto users, the Crypto 306 Dubai event will have global crypto industry experts talking on the business agenda. The event is set to attract a minimum of 7000 plus attendees and has over 60 sponsors.

The event will even focus on the topics such as the future of cryptocurrencies on this earth. A one-stop hub, Crypto 306 Dubai will have everyone under one roof, from entrepreneurs, investors, and developers, to enthusiasts in the crypto industries. All the visitors to the event will have an amazing panel to attend, which is going to carry more than 50 keynote speakers from various industries and niches.

Covering the whole event, the world media will promote more of the strategies and businesses present at the event. This time the event will talk about the Crypto Universe as a whole, and how can one push the boundaries of perception.

One can also learn about the unique and comprehensive view of the global crypto market as well as the prospects that it holds and the future opportunities it has on a greater scale.

The businesses that will be present during the event are BabyDoge, CLS, Gotbit, LBANK, KUCOIN, BitMart, and many more.

Speakers at Crypto 306 Dubai

The speakers who already hold prominent positions have been invited to be a part of the super panel Crypto 306 has. They are from various backgrounds including WEB3 and have a high level of authority.

From Bharat P. Ramani, who is the CEO of Startbiz Global, the panel will also have Jude Ozinegbe, founder of Cyberchain, David Lolaev, founder of Sal’Ads Labs, Emre Durmaz, CEO of Solverse Digital, along with Rudy Shoushany, CEO of DXTalks and more of such great speakers will be present during the event to have the panel acquired with their inspiring speeches.

Crypto 306 Dubai Schedule

Starting from day one, 8 May the event will have a welcome ceremony at 10:30 AM. And the speeches will begin at 10:50 AM. The first speech is set to be by Rauf Khan, followed by Koumbou Jaffe, who will be talking about Vitalex, then Samuel Chong will be talking about Coinstore. The first day will end at 5:45 PM with the last speech being conducted by Sarthak Bakshi, who will be talking about the NFT Market, RORO Wallet, and Dimo Studio. The second day will again begin at 10:50 AM and have speeches and discussions by prominent speakers till 12:30 PM

A discussion panel will then begin which will focus on the topic of Traditional Vs Crypto VC at 2:25 PM. The event also has a Pitch Competition scheduled at 3 PM on the second day of the event. And following this will be the Award Ceremony starting at 4:30 PM.

Pitch Competition at Crypto 306 Dubai

The pitch competition is something like the Shark Tank show, where the participants can present their projects and innovative ideas on the panel to the VCs and Labs Partners. These will also be the judges who will then select the most convincing project and have their investment sponsored it. The selected project will also receive marketing and development assistance from the judging panel at the event.

Tickets for Crypto 306 Dubai

Currently, early bird passes are available for the event which will cost you $96. The ticket is called Basic 306 and will cover 2-Day Access to the event and 1-on-1 networking opportunities with exhibitors.

Another pass which is called Angel 306 is available for $408 and will cover 2 Day Access to the event, 1 Lunch Pass, and 1-on-1 networking opportunities with exhibitors, Partners, as well as speakers. Then the ticket holder can also have an interview with the Crypto 306 Team, which will be published on all social media platforms of Crypto 306 and on the present 100 Media Outlets as well.

Crypto 306 Dubai Venue

One of the most luxurious experiences in Dubai, the Ritz Carlton has been selected to be the venue of the event expo, Crypto 306. They have got three separate hotels in Dubai. The hotel where the event will be taking place is Dubai International Financial Centre, Executive Residence. The hotel is equipped with luxurious wellness facilities and an amazing restaurant with delicious flavors of regional as well as international cuisine.

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