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17 Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers to Make Money 2023

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all prohibited cryptocurrency advertisements. However, there are ✅Crypto Ad Networks that target millions of people all over the world. As a result, if you are a publisher, you will most likely earn a lot of money with the most exemplary crypto ad networks.

You can earn money online by monetizing your crypto site visitors. If you are a publisher, you should sign up for the leading Crypto ad networks.

You may make money by marketing these ad networks on your site through reviews or banner placement. Any crypto ad network will love to collaborate with you if you have targeted traffic. Several cryptocurrency advertising networks also offer referral commissions. So, if you join a network, you will receive a set percentage commission for the rest of your life.

List of 17 Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers

Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers
Best Crypto Ad NetworksOfficial Links
#1. AdDragonClick here to start
#2. CoinZilla Click here to start
#3. BitMedia Click here to start
#4. Adconity Click here to start
#5. Adshares Click here to start
#6. Click here to start
#7. Coinverti Click here to start
#8. BitrafficClick here to start
#9. CoinTraffic Click here to start
#10. CoinAd Click here to start
#11. AdEx Click here to start
#12. Mellows Ads Click here to start
#13. AdBit Click here to start
#14. CoinBound Click here to start
#15. MonadPlug Click here to start
#16. PropellerAds Click here to start
#17. Token Ad Click here to start

1. AdDragon

Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon is the world’s first DeFi advertising platform. It is a Blockchain advertising network that caters to both advertisers and publishers. It is a network of peer-to-peer advertising. There are no contracts to sign and no rigorous coding to include in your website.

Using smart contracts and Ethereum ensure you get paid quickly. Set your rates and have total control over CPM rates. For your sales, you will be charged a 0% commission. There’s no invasion of privacy at all.

 2. CoinZilla


The CoinZilla crypto ad network helps you obtain the exposure your project needs. By showing crypto and financial adverts on their website, publishers may earn more money. A variety of ad types, such as native, banner, and others, are available to help you monetize your website. Regardless of traffic location, a 99 percent fill rate is assured.

Multiple payment options are accepted, including bank transfers, bitcoin, and Ethereum. The CPM model is supported. High-quality banners to ensure that your users do not fade away. Payments are made daily, ensuring that cash is always available.

3. BitMedia


Bitmedia is a Bitcoin advertising network that is both safe and adaptable for publishers and advertisers. It is compatible with high-performing ad formats such as display advertisements, video ads, and rich media.

Publishers can easily withdraw funds at any time. Conversion-focused ad types assist you in increasing income. Earn a lot of money by promoting bitcoin advertising. After registering, you may begin monetizing your website immediately. CPC and CPM models are both supported.

4. Adconity


Adconity is a Bitcoin and Blockchain advertising network that offers reasonable pricing. Adconity is the best option for quickly monetizing your website. Earn money for each legitimate click from your specialty website. Obtain the highest-bidding advertising to boost your earnings.

Create text or banner ad codes and easily display them on your website. With Bitcoin, you can get paid instantaneously. Get the most out of it by filtering out competition advertisements.

5. Adshares


Adshares uses ADS Blockchain technology to link publishers and advertisers. Publishers may monetize their websites by displaying any content on any device. With Adshares’ decentralized ad servers, publishers may monetize adblock traffic. It is an open ecosystem that eliminates the need for a mediator between advertisers and publications.

As a result, commissions would be reduced. Payments from advertisers to publishers are processed every hour. Even if your website has little traffic, you may join Adshares’ decentralized advertising network.



A-Ads is the first cryptocurrency and bitcoin advertising network that allows you to customize your advertising bundle. Integrate HTML code into your website with ease and earn up to 10% referral commissions if you recommend others. Every ad is manually moderated. 

7. Coinverti


Coinverti is one of the most influential cryptocurrency ad networks. It provides publishers and advertisers with a range of ad types. Since 2017, over 500 websites have relied on Coinverti’s services. Attract visitors’ attention with a variety of ad styles such as Native, In-feed, and Pop-under.

Anti-fraud protection that aids in the prevention of bot traffic. Real-time reports to track and assess your progress over time

8. Bitraffic


Bitraffic is a cryptocurrency tracker that displays the price, market value, and other information for bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It displays accurate and precise live pricing for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Get complete information on over 2100 coins.

Check out the most recent bitcoin and Blockchain-related events to stay up to speed.

9. CoinTraffic


Cointraffic is a significant crypto and bitcoin advertising network since many large crypto organizations trust it. Leading cryptocurrency advertising network with a focused audience. Drive a specific audience with various ad styles such as banner, native, and press release distribution.

Anti-fraud technology for combating spam and bot traffic. Performance reports that may be accessed daily.

10. CoinAd

coin ad

You may run adverts for a specific audience by joining the CoinAd crypto advertising network. You may monetize your website by displaying ads from the top bidders. In less than two minutes, you can launch an advertising campaign.

CPC and CPM models with online help are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Target your audience using any platform, including desktop and mobile. You may reach a specific audience by sharing your PR story as a guest article.

11. AdEx


AdEx, unlike other advertising networks, generates income immediately for publishers. You may begin earning money from the very first impression. A safe platform that removes intermediaries and fraudulent advertisements. Set your inventory with no fees and increase your earnings. There is no withdrawal limit so that you can take funds immediately. You have total authority over your advertising area.

12. Mellows Ads

Mellows Ads

Mellow Ads is a straightforward bitcoin banner and pop-under ad network. With over 8.2 billion impressions supplied in a month, it is a massive bitcoin advertising network.

There are no contracts or setup costs. Geo-targeting allows you to target a specific audience in any country or region. Get real-time information on variables like views, clicks, pops, and more. Campaign models based on CPM and CPC.

13. AdBit


AdBit is a high-efficiency Blockchain-enabled advertising network. Its sophisticated bidding mechanism, among other distinguishing qualities, distinguishes it. Account activation and high-quality ad distribution are both instants. You may manage your advertising by using filter settings. Payments are made automatically depending on current market pricing.

14. CoinBound


Coinbound is an advertising network that goes further than your typical ad forms, such as display advertisements. It also focuses on influencer marketing.

This means you may promote your cryptocurrency project using celebrities from YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Coinbound also offers SEO, social media marketing, and blog management.

15. MonadPlug


Monad Plug– a rapidly growing online platform launched in 2015 that offers the highest possible revenue via creative and clever ways of working. They want to significantly increase your monthly earnings with Web Push Notifications, Native ads, and numerous inventive ways.

MonadPlug’s experienced staff is constantly researching to develop new and better profitable strategies. They are always looking for methods to provide more and more cash options to marketers, bloggers, and publishers.

16. PropellerAds


The firm was created in 2011 and has quickly become well-known in the advertising market. It is mainly developed to address advertisers’ and publishers’ concerns about Crypto Ad sites. It has a vast publisher network that offers them real-time traffic from numerous sites and devices. They generate over 1 billion impressions every day and hundreds of campaigns each month.

The PropellerAds network offers a variety of ad formats, including Popunder, native push notifications, and Native Interstitial 2.0. The minimum deposit is $100, a meager amount to begin working with an efficient network. Real-Time Bidding is accessible for both mobile and desktop platforms.

17. Token Ad

token ad

TokenAd is one of the most excellent Crypto Ad networks for Publishers, driven by the RTB advertising industry, and is heavily focused on promoting Crypto Network Ads and goods. It helps publishers and marketers monetize their marketing platforms and websites, blogs, cryptocurrency exchanges, and ICO rankings. It also supports a variety of ad forms, including banner advertisements, standard and native banners, all of which are geared to promote your website.

Accept payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat cash. The price you pay for traffic is determined by your targeted parameters, namely the GEOs you choose instantaneously. To join the Token Ads network, a $10,000 deposit is required. It is available in 25 different languages.

🌟 Crypto Ad Networks FAQ

👉What is crypto in networking?

A cryptocurrency is a digital/virtual currency protected by encryption. Many cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, a distributed ledger enforced by a distributed network of computers.

👉What are the main crypto networks?

There are 4-types of blockchain networks: 
➤Public blockchains
➤Private blockchains
➤Consortium blockchains
➤Hybrid blockchains

👉Where can I advertise my crypto?

Top Crypto Ad Networks :
Ad Dragon
AdEx Network

👉What is Bitmedia?

Bitmedia is a crypto ad network that provides advertising solutions.

👉Is Bitcoin the same as cryptocurrency?

The most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is the one for which blockchain technology was created. Like the US dollar, a cryptocurrency is a digital means of exchange that uses encryption techniques to manage the creation of monetary units & verify the transfer of funds.

Conclusion: 17 Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers 2023

Bitcoin is digital money that is rapidly increasing in value. According to some analysts, it is expected to reach $100,000 by 2025. Thus it is worthwhile to invest. Bitcoin is increasing in value year after year; therefore, join the best Blockchain and crypto ad networks if you want to profit from it.

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