You all might already know about DeadMau5, one of the world’s highest-paid electronic music professionals.

Joel Zimmerman, popularly called DeadMau5, is a well-established electronic music producer, DJ, as well as a musician who has performed for and worked together with various globally prominent musicians, DJs, producers, and many more, which has stemmed in the creation of some incredible pieces of electronic music. He already has had six Grammy nominations for his great work and a series of hits.

DeadMau5 is here with his masterclass to sprinkle his knowledge, strategies, and skills about the art of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to all his fans and enthusiasts.

Here, in this article, we have featured our honest ✅DeadMau5 Masterclass Review updated for 2024 that includes detailed insights about this platform.

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Detailed DeadMau5 Masterclass Review

DeadMau5 Masterclass Review

DeadMau5’s basic lessons on masterclass entail 23 lessons with around 6 hours of video broken into parts to describe and educate in you his talent in the highly professional along with an easy to grasp fashion.

Not only this, but all the registered students will also be given access to the DeadMau5 workbook, including extra material and assignments, in his masterclass.

It will also comprise:

  • A 100% limited content and a comprehensive course that you will not get anywhere else.
  • A workbook to download the covering lesson summaries along with additional materials.
  • Being able to ask DeadMau5 queries on your own and get an honest review of your work.
  • Admission to an extensive Masterclass student and master community.

Through the masterclass, you will learn about: The DeadMau5 Process, Mastering Case Study, Starting your producing career, Understanding the Music Business, and On Stage: The show.

DeadMau5 Masterclass Lessons

Here we briefly describe all the 23 lessons with multiple videos covered over more than 6 hours in DeadMau5’s Masterclass:

TIP: Do not miss on your assignments. These are some of the most important things to do while attending his masterclass as it will help hone your skills.

DeadMau5 Masterclass Coupon
  • Introduction

In the introduction part, DeadMau5 explains that you do not have to be a musician to create an Electronic Dance Music.

The first lesson is particularly important if you are not a trained musician. Of course, for non-musicians, it takes time and effort, but it is easier than you think.

DeadMau5 explains how to start using eight-bar loops and take things from there without having to spend a huge amount of money on pieces of equipment.

  • The DeadMau5 Process: Theory

The second lesson teaches you how to put together a music studio at your home. In this section DeadMau5, demonstrates the importance of experimentation along with the process on how to promptly assemble as well as set up the hardware and software you will be required to generate EDM.

  • The DeadMau5 Process: Practice

DeadMau5’s music takes shape in instantaneous by practically stepping into the studio along with the master himself.

In this class, you will learn in what manner you can produce a masterpiece from scratch to the beginnings of a track.

He teaches you the art of playing around with sound, building it up in layers, and then coordinating them into a pleasing order. Unquestionably, there is more to it than this. However, you can indeed get started in this way.

  • Building your Home Studio

Here he covers the method to set up your computer for EDM, DAWs, and whether you need one, Studio monitors, the procedure of setting up your speakers.

DeadMau5 demonstrates in this lesson the things you need to do to make your tracks. He also explains the do’s as well as doesn’t’s during the preparation of the music track.

  • Developing Melodic Structures

In this section of the course, DeadMau5 explains the method of how to work out in case your fundamental idea is a good one or not.

The initial point that DeadMau5 conveys is that the finest melodies are built with time. You need to begin with a primitive idea and then progressively mold it into something that makes it unforgettable and remarkable. You have to make sure that it sounds great.

However, this method can take hours to weeks or months too. It differs from the piece that you generate. As a result, the earlier you get started, the better it is.

You may also make use of the DeadMau5’s techniques to get started with drawing melodies no matter you have had musical training or not. Add together a masterpiece into your DAW and then form loops that resolve.

  • Turning Melodies Into Arrangements

In this lesson, DeadMau5 not only gives you a tick box process to follow rather gives you an insight on how DeadMau5 himself makes full compositions comprising of bass parts as well as leads by taking the basic chord structures and the method of spreading them out across different instruments.

  • Introduction To Synthesized Sounds

The synth is your instrument, so it is very important to understand how to work well.
DeadMau5, in this section, points out that all synths work more or less in the same way. So, the crucial part of getting the most out of a synth is experimenting along with practicing.

In this part, DeadMau5 also covers subjects like experimenting with modular synths, the difference between digital and analog synths, and the numerous synth options’ pros and cons.

  • Experimenting With Modular Synths

This lesson explains the methods DeadMau5 uses to build and tweak his patches from scratch. He also teaches how to experiment and play with the wall of knobs and flashing lights with the use of DeadMau5’s modular synths. These synths are all about messing around and consequently finding unexpected sounds.

  • Digital Vs. Analog Synths

In this lesson, DeadMau5 demonstrates how Analog synths make an excellent way to add creative elements to your productions. DeadMau5 also plays some of the patches on digital and analog pieces of equipment himself, so you hear the disparity yourself.

  • Shaping Sounds With Effects And Processing

In this lesson, you learn how DeadMau5 makes use of his plugins along with his effects processors to put life back into tired pre-sets. Through this, he also creates wide stereo images and flattens up his basses.

  • Beats: Part 1

You will also learn the tricks and techniques of handling kick drum, deemed as the heartbeat of an electronic music track.

  • Beats: Part 2

Here you get a closer look at Snowcone’s drums tracks on catch sounds and Joel’s rhythmic techniques.

  • Structuring Songs

DeadMau5 shows you the method to merge all the aspects of the chord structure, electrifying the synth sounds as well as the drum patterns into a thrilling song.

  • Remixes

You here learn what DeadMau5 likes listening when different artists remix his work and how he works while remixing other artists.

  • Mixing

Some important and essential techniques DeadMau5 himself utilizes for writing original music merging it to sound great.

  • Mastering

DeadMau5 is known to master all of his music. In his masterclass, you learn all the basics of his approach to gain structure, EQing and limiting.

  • Mastering Case Study: Snowcone

Joel directly explains to you how to go plugin by plugin through Snowcone’s master chain. Learn and understand the software step by step, and hear how each piece affects and hones the track’s sound.

  • Starting Your Producing Career

Through DeadMau5’s Masterclass, you also get a close as well as personal ideas about the factors he considers while signing up EDM artists. He also talks and advises on ways of developing your brand and promoting it in the right manner.

  • Understanding the Music Business

He also gives necessary guidelines about how he individually learned about traversing the logistics of a recording career.

  • Closing

This chapter includes DeadMau5’s last advice on the methods to commence putting his lessons to use after learning the skills taught by him.

DeadMau5’s Masterclass: Perks of signing up!

The entire masterclass created by DeadMau5 is of top-notch quality, so it isn’t easy to find the topics that would displease you.

DeadMau5's Masterclass Discount

Here we have provided you the reasons why DeadMau5’s Masterclass is best and not something that should be missed.

  • Being able to create an EDM track from the scratch
  • Learning to develop melodic structures
  • Converting your melodies into full arrangements
  • Introduction to synths as well as synthetic sounds.
  • DeadMau5’s approach to creating beats.
  • Understanding how to start your music production career.
  • And being able to perform live as well as on stage.

DeadMau5 Masterclass Workbook

DeadMau5’s masterclass also comprises a class workbook intended particularly for students to sharpen their skills and take their learning further. The workbook includes recaps of every lesson, along with the supplementary reading materials or assignments.

Signing up for the DeadMau5 Masterclass will provide you with various benefits. The course gives you spontaneous access to the background material, downloadable worksheets, reading lists, and the additional reading materials with spaces to type out your notes.

The Masterclass All-Access Pass

You may either opt for the individual pass or the all-access pass. If you take up the individual pass, you will be allowed to access only one course at a time, and every course would cost you $90.

However, with the all-access pass, you will have to pay $180 in a year, and it also permits you to browse through all the website content with zero restrictions.

It does not cost too much and is definitely worth the money you spend.

Masterclasses have also created mobile apps for both IOS and Android, allowing you to access the lessons anywhere you want. This app is obtainable for free on the App Store as well as the Play Store.

So Hurry Up! And get your passes now itself for the DeadMau5 Masterclass by the master himself!

🌟 Deadmau5 Masterclass FAQ

🙄What is MasterClass?

It is a streaming platform that allows anyone to watch and listen to amazing video lessons. MasterClass delivers an online lesson in various categories, including photography, cooking, acting, music, writing, sports, and more.

🚀Does Deadmau5 Masterclass offer a free trial?

Yes, Deadmau5 Masterclass provides a free trial to their users. You can easily explore all their features during the free trial, including 85+ instructor classes, workbooks, audio mode, etc.

🔎Who is eligible for their free trial?

If you are new to the MasterClass All-Access Pass, then you are eligible for their free trial. If you have already experienced their All-Access Pass or signed up for a free trial, you will not be eligible for their free trial.

💻Which systems are supported by Deadmau5 Masterclass?

With Masterclass, you can use your personal computer, smartphone, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming media players to learn and get inspired.

Conclusion: DeadMau5 Masterclass Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

The masterclass lessons have been designed so that you can learn your chosen art anywhere, anytime, whether at home, school, or office, with a very neat and simple course structure.

Some masterclass videos are short and self-explanatory documentaries, where the instructor works with their students in front of the camera. Whereas, some videos are longer than the others where DeadMau5, the master himself, is speaking straight to the camera.

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