Are you looking to impress your clients and visitors with a compelling logo?

If yes, designing a custom professional logo for your website or any other purpose is easy and requires only minutes with DesignEvo.

But how to design an attractive and stunning logo that would attract millions is a big brain question?
You might pay a designer for designing a logo, and even after paying, you might not get what you expected. Better to design a logo yourself by drag & drop rather than paying a designer depending on the designer’s ability.

Moreover, a designer would ask you for some time to design a logo, and if he has loads of work, then the chances are that your logo might take a long time to be furnished and delivered to you.

DesignEvo Review: 100% Free most convenient online logo maker


Why waste your money and time designing a logo when you can do it on your own. It is simple and easy and saves your time and money. The place where you can get exclusive custom logos for your website is DesignEvo.

In this post, you can see how DesignEvo helps you design custom logos with ease within minutes. Let’s take a world tour of what DesignEvo offers to its customers.

About DesignEvo (Company Info)

DesignEvo is a product of PearlMountain, which has always focused on providing graphic design software since 2006. It strives to provide photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to millions worldwide.

Its software is designed with blood and sweat and spreads across 200 countries worldwide.

With so much trust from millions of users worldwide, it started to think about launching software that makes designing a logo online easier for startups, small and individual businesses.

A logo symbolizes a company’s stature, position, 1st culture and gives them brand recognition.

Hence, utmost care should be taken when designing or choosing a logo. Crafting a logo is not as easy as it seems and requires spending a lot of time. Sometimes when you start designing a logo manually but are not satisfied with your efforts, you pay a huge amount to a third party or a designer.

Simplified logo Designing:

DesignEvo has made your logo designing life easier by consuming less time and requiring only a little effort to edit a pre-designed logo. With a design team working with dedication over the past 10 years on this software, you are ensured to get the right logo for your company in less time and also cost-effective.


Whether you are a novice with no expertise in designing a little logo or an experienced designer, DesignEvo has pre-built logos tailored to everyone’s needs.

DesignEvo is one of a kind that provides more than 4000+ ready-made templates to design a logo of your choice by customizing it accordingly and feeling tranquility.

Reasons to Choose DesignEvo for your logo Designing needs

There are several reasons to choose DesignEvo for selecting a logo for your brand. Let us take a roller coaster ride for the reasons that would lead you to choose DesignEvo the next time you plan to change your brand logo or design a new logo for redefining your company.

#1. Abundant Templates

Using keywords, you can find specific logos that suit your needs and meet the requirements of symbolizing your company with a professional-grade logo. There are numerous categories available to choose from over 4000+ custom-built logos. Select the right type and start customizing to meet the results in minutes.


There are over 34 different categories with popular choices like restaurants, technology, blogging, fashion, etc. Easily browse any group with the keyword and choose the right logo with the quality theme for brand exposure.

#2. Stylish fonts and icons

Be one step ahead of others by choosing beautiful icons and fonts to give an elegant look to your logo. Choose from over 100+ stylish icons and compete with the millions to stay one step ahead of your competitors.


A vast collection of vector icons, shapes, and word art allows you to customize your logo in 1-click. Make a unique identity by choosing the right options and making your day blissful.

#3. Customize your way

All the professionally appealing logos are customizable and ready for you to be touched by bringing out the inner creator within yourself. Customize any logo as you want it to look like or resemble anything that you like the most.

With a comfortable editor, WYSIWYG editor, you can quickly change the color, size and shape of the logo, change the background and generate layouts automatically. Giving a unique look to your logo requires just one click and mojo! It’s like the para of unimaginable logos.

#4. Free Usage

Unlike other designing software, it does not require you to register yourself or pay first. Use it for free without wasting any time downloading the software. Customize it online and then download it to save on your laptop or desktop. This saves a lot of time and also your wallet.

Where can DesignEvo be used?

DesignEvo can be used for designing & developing professional logos for multiple streams by anyone for any purpose. Following are the areas where DesignEvo can be used to create unique logos and make them awe-inspiring.

  • Company & Organization logo

Stand apart from your competitors with a stunning logo. It has tons of premium templates and designs for numerous business categories. Apart from the pre-defined templates, you can always start from scratch to build unique logos by using vectors, shapes, fonts and in-house icons.

  • Website & Blog logo

The website has become essential for every business nowadays, and hence a logo on the website is necessary as it signifies its culture and brand value.

If you have a blog, coupon website, eCommerce portals or Affiliate website, There are dozens of premium Logo templates for this category. I am sure you will fall in love with the stunning design collection.

  • Profile Logo’s for Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms have become a unique part of everyone’s life to stay connected with friends and promote business.

A unique logo set as a profile for different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and more can create a good impact and help you grow your connections.

  • Logo’s for Software & Apps

If you have designed your own software or an app, then that app or software will be recognized by others in the form of a logo. Users will click on the logo and then download it for personal or business use. Designing a unique logo for your software or app can make it famous and recommended.

  • Fashion logo

One of the unique ways to promote one’s products is offering t-shirts and backpacks. Displaying a logo on the t-shirt or a bag will attract visitors and expose your company brand.

  • Travel Logo

Creating a beautiful logo for your travel or tour business is much easier with DesignEvo. With tons of travel logo templates and beautiful icons like Airplanes, Voyage, globe, beaches, Your logo will surely attract travelers to your business.

DesignEvo Plans & Pricing:

Although the online cloud-based tool is free, the free version has some limitations like low resolution and PNG with a background. You need to upgrade your plan and go for the paid programs to get more features. There are two paid plans viz. Basic & Plus.


Basic Plan: This plan costs $19.99 with features that include high resolution of 5000 x 5000 px, PNG with transparent background, print-ready, edit multiple times and re-download and free lifetime support.

Plus Plan: This plan costs $39.99 with more advanced features, including the Basic program features. Some of the advanced features included in this plan are Vector pdf and SVG files and copyright ownership.


DesignEvo can be used for multiple purposes with easy and fast service. A logo once designed can be immediately downloaded once purchased, and in case you are not satisfied, you can request a refund.

Copyright logos can be used for the business card, website, social media, etc. Both the paid plans require only a one-time fee to be paid, and after that, the software can be used for a lifetime. You can also re-edit your purchased logo and re-download it to implement better ideas.

Design your logo today with the super jet logo designing service at DesignEvo.

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