DMIEXPO 2019 Israel: Get Ready For Some Awesome Affiliate Tips

What you reap today will blossom tomorrow!

This is very correct for those who wish to follow their dreams and become successful as industrialist, entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers.

Today in this tech era everyone is so busy in their work or job (9-5) that they don’t get time to say even a Hi to their loved ones. We are living in a virtual world staring at our tablets and phones all the time without any interaction with our loved ones.

Sometimes it must be fascinating but mostly is serene. Just being busy in your work the whole day and not being in touch with anyone won’t help you live a healthy and prosperous life.

For that, you need to meet people more often and spend quality time with them.

So this is the reason we have conferences and meetings in the Affiliate Industry where you could find some of your best friends whom you haven’t met for a long time and suddenly you get surprised with their appearance.

 Human touch fades away every sorrow. The the energy that is created when meeting people cannot be compared with anything else. You meet people who wake up like you and live a common life with the common problems and when you get comfortable talking to them then you get solutions to all your problems.

DMIEXPO Israel, 2019: #1 Digital & affiliate Marketing expo in the Middle East.

At DMIEXPO in Israel, you will find industry leading professionals and entrepreneurs with hack of a knowledge that would give you awesome return for your investment trip to Israel. So when visiting Israel for this event never think of a waste of time and money instead it is one of the greatest investment of your life where you will utilize your precious time and Time Is Money💰.


This is the 12th anniversary of Digital and Affiliate Marketing International Expo 2019, and till now more than 30 speakers have taken part in this event. It has conducted 65 events till now and never exhausted. This is why this time the event is conducted in the historical place Israel known for its ancient architecture and beaches.

Who Should Attend DMIEXPO 2019 ?

Anyone who intends to gain knowledge in digital marketing/ Affiliate marketing Industry and has a hobby to spend his leisure time by spending it with curious yet amazing people can attend this Expo. Especially those who like to make new friends or increase their contacts list thereby growing their business and lifestyle.

You should attend DMIEXPO 2019, If you are a newbie in digital marketing in Israel or from any other place in the world, If you are an experienced digital marketing professional residing in Israel or other parts of the world, If you are an advertiser looking for dynamic professionals and affiliates to extend your reach to new customers, Affiliates, Ad Sales, Bloggers, Online Marketers and more.

In this event, you will find people involved in Digital Marketing, Ad Sales, Web Analytics, Blogging, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO/SEM, Online Recruitment, Digital Agency, Website Designing and more. Can you really afford not to join this event? Only someone who doesn’t have the zeal to learn and grow would not attend this event.

What to Expect When Attending This Event?

For the past 22 years, Digital Marketing International expo team has been relishing and devoted all its efforts for the betterment of digital marketers. Through this expo, they are sharing their vast knowledge collected by their team of professionals.

Since DMIEXPO has been in the industry for 22 years hence it has made several contacts some of which are unique. These contacts are made available to everyone through this expo internationally in Israel this year in June 2019.

DMIEXPO 2019, ISRAEL : Event Agenda

Check-In at DMIEXPO 2019, Israel will start at 7:00 AM on 2nd June 2019 followed by networking breakfast and opening ceremonies.

The event will be held in Three different Tracks: Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3

Below is the agenda listed for Track 1. Detailed Agenda on all different tracks can be found on its official website:

Track 1 of this event will then have sessions from Amazon for the future of eCommerce for Affiliate marketers followed by a coffee break and opening of the Exhibit Hall.

At 10: 15 am on June 2nd, The Organic SEM Panel will discuss styrategies, tactics and latest develeoopments and biggest issues in Organic SEO Industry. In my opnion, this would be the most knowdlege premium session for marketers.

The event will be continued with some more sessions like

  • Autobot generate conversions 24/7 : 10:45 – 11:15
  • Profiting from Facebook Ads from the first day, : 11:15 – 12:00
  • Traffic & Media Strategies & Tactics : 12:00 – 12:45
  • Lunch & VIP Lunch with Speakers : 12:45 – 14:00
  • Sessions of KeyNote Speakers : 14:00 – 15:00
  • Niche Finding: The Trend Marketing Strategy : 15:15 – 15:45
  • Link Building Secrets Revealed Sessions from 15:45 – 16:15 Hours
  • Networking Over Coffee, Snack & Cake Break : 16:45 – 17:45
  • The Famous Afternoon Closing Panel – DO NOT MISS!!! : 17:45 – 18:30
  • Mailers’ Exclusive Meetup : 18:30 – 22:00

After the closing of the Exhibit Hall at 18:30, There will be a special VIP Evening party with Cocktails and Dinner. The exclusive party is only for VIP attendees {VIP pass holders and delegates }

On the 3rd of June, There will be a grand DMIEXPO Official Networking p[arty which will be attened by all attendees. The Gathering would be the perfect place to discuss potential partnerships casually…


What to expect in this DMIEXPO 2019 Isreal?

No barriers, straightforward information:

This Expo does not promote ads or commercials, so when attending this event be sure to grasp vital information from every corner of the room.

Since this is an international event hence the speakers are selected based on their vast experience and the ocean of knowledge so they can impart knowledge to the attendees.

Since sponsors and partners are an integral part of this event hence they are chosen very carefully as they offer key information to the attendees.

Sharing ideas:

This platform is made in such a way where attendees get plenty of time to share their ideas with different panels having multiple speakers. The road to successful affiliate marketing starts from this event so never miss this opportunity and get on the ✈ flight to reach this year most awaited digital marketing event in Israel.

Absolutely Effective Management:

Since there are multiple Pro speakers with each one having the rarest knowledge in digital marketing and other areas of marketing, hence panelists personally manage the time schedule for each one of these speakers.

Senior management officials are personally present to manage each panel based on the panelist’s knowledge each one is given a chance to represent themselves and present their ideas in front of the attendees in a compelling way.

Each speaker is given plenty of time to share their ideas and careful pre-session discussion ensures that the presentations don’t overlap each other instead complement each other. When attending this event you won’t find anything mismanaged so you will enjoy your time instead of messing it up and not knowing what is going on where.

One important aspect of this event is to let the audience ask their doubts and questions. When you have a ready panel to answer your queries then the audience is always attracted towards the panel discussions. This is what makes this event a unique one apart from other boring events.

When Is This Event Conducted?

Already excited for this event? Only a few days left and you can join this international event and take home some excellent experience without wondering a bit.


DMIEXPO will be held on June 2nd & 3rd ,2019 in Israel at the Luxury Lago conference & events center in Rishon Lezion. It is a 30,000 sq ft conference just 8 minutes away from Tel-Aviv.

You will be welcomed with a fine dining experience and business activities that you wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else.

Registration at DMIEXPO 2019, ISRAEL: Get your Tickets NOW!

As its a Premium Affiliate marketing event, the registrations are getting filled very fast, You can simply visit its official website to buy tickets at a discounted price for now.

There are two options Regular and VIP Ticket. For now Regular Ticket costs $545 $259 VIP Ticket costs $645 $295. The prices will go high from 16h May 2019, Hence it is recommended to grab your entry to Digital & Affiliate Marketing International expo NOW. These are final prices included VAT and taxes.


There is very little fare difference in Regular and VIP Tickets, The VIP pass gives you exclusive extra benefits like VIP badge, VIP lunch with speakers, VIP lounge, Express VIP check-in, VIP Cocktail party on June 2nd and access to all sessions and presentations in downloadable format after the event

How to Reach This Extravagant Destination?

If you are traveling from abroad to Israel then you can reach this place on 31st Mayor at the most 1st June. You will reach the Ben-Gurion Airport and take a taxi from the Airport to  Luxury Lago conference & events center at Tel-Aviv. The distance from the Airport to Tel-Aviv is approx. 20-40 minutes.


Other modes of transportation are train station located at Moshe Dayan, Rishen Lezion or Buses: Egged Lines 6, 7, 8, 21A, 71, 95.

We recommend everyone to stay at the hotels in the city of Tel-Aviv at any of the popular hotels like Dan, Hilton, David Intercontinental and many more. The reason we ask you to stay in Tel-Aviv is that the official party will be held in Tel-Aviv on June 3.

Once you reach Tel-Aviv you can easily reach the conference which is just 8-10 minutes away.

If you need an official invitation letter for this event then you can fill up the contact form to get it.

Leisure Is Pleasure at DMIEXPO 2019 Isreal

This event is full of pro knowledge, fun, and a full course meal. It’s not just about sitting in a corner or listening to the speakers and feel boredom. The environment is enthusiastic and full of positive energy. Take a look around and you will find happy faces talking about their personal life apart from the business activities.

Variety of meals, snacks and water bottles to keep your hunger and thirst away so you feel energetic and more focused on what you came here for.

Goodies and carry bags specially designed to carry your important documents and other stuff.

Special Networking events so you don’t miss a chance on this live conference and get together well with every individual from any place or any culture.

If in case you miss out on some presentations then you can always look back into the sessions by grabbing one of the digital copies of the live conference.

In the whole process of this Affiliate Marketing Expo in ISRAEL, the prime factor is the feedback taken from every attendee that helps improve the event by minimizing the loopholes. Attendees can email on the official email address of the DMIEXPO and your feedback will be listened carefully and will be worked on keenly so you can enjoy the future events and bring along some of your fellow colleagues or friends along with you.

The Benefits of Attending Affiliate Marketing Events/ Conferences…

Affiliate Conferences are not just meant for knowledge but for taking out your time and making new friends as you never know which friend can be helpful at what time.

Affiliate Events

Events and Summits are the places where you can share your ideas with others and get some new ideas for your business. You never know what could be a great idea in the future. Sometimes even gossip turns into an effective idea and slowly you know where you are lacking behind and what areas you need to improvise.

All this and one expo could change your life. The Digital Marketing International Expo (DMIEXPO) is one such event that makes it possible in any place worldwide and this time it is in Israel.

So pack your bags and get ready for some thrilling experience in Israel at DMIEXPO.C

Conclusion: Its time to Scale your Digital Marketing Knowledge..

DMIEXPO 2019 t has all the excitement and fun along with serious business aspects. You get networking with top Industry professionals, breakfast, a coffee break, lunch, and VIP lunch with speakers and everything that we have discussed in this exclusive Press Release.

Can you miss a chance to meet the most happening event of this year in Israel?

Atleast I can’t and would like to make sure that even you don’t. 😊

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