Have you ever bought something on AliExpress? Did you wish the platform to be more efficient?

Today we are going to provide you with ✅DSers Review. DSers is an ultimate dropshipping platform specially made for AliExpress. As compared to the other platforms that offer dropshipping, DSers is our top choice.

It enables you to place various orders on AliExpress, with just one single click. The additional features like the Management of Order and Suppliers make this platform top of the bar.

Dropshipping is fast becoming a new trend of business for many online marketers. The popularity behind dropshipping is that it does not require minimum investment money to get started. Anyone can start their business in dropshipping and can become a successful drop shipper with time.

DSers have comprehensively tried to match Shopify’s seamless integrations. As a result, the platform has assisted many suppliers and drop shippers worldwide in integrating their business. Of course, you might find many dropshipping platforms at this range of prices. But let us assure you, you will never find something this effective in online marketing.

Things to be noted: DSers is a robust tool that helps you with your dropshipping business. But other than this, DSers is AliExpress’s official dropshipping platform.

The best part about this tool is that it is cheap in price and very effective. The automated tracking feature has rounded out to be one of the miracles to all the busy dropshippers. They do not have to handle any query independently, as DSers will take care of everything on your behalf.

What are the other benefits that make DSers a hit in the Dropshipping industry? We will let you know that by explaining every use and feature in detail.

Detailed DSers Review

DSers Review

Created recently in 2018, DSers has proven itself to be an effective platform very fast. At current, it belongs to the list of well-known online order management platforms for drop shippers to manage their business.

As mentioned above, DSers has officially partnered their business with AliExpress to enable the users to safelist their businesses on AliExpress.

With DSers, you get access to several features. Some of its key features are:

  • Bulk order placing (100+ orders with a single click)
  • Place a limitless amount of orders without restriction
  • Trending product recommendations
  • Handle multiple stores from your single DSers account
  • Automatic sync of tracking numbers
  • Auto Update order status
  • Automatic updates on price fluctuations
  • Select your favorite shipping method according to order destination

The best part, in our view, is its forever-free version. Yes! You heard it right. You do not have to pay a single penny with DSers. It works without commission. It allows businesses to expand their horizons and increase their profit margin without investing a single penny.

Why Use DSers?

Just imagine this, you can place hundreds of orders in just one click! Wouldn’t you be able to save a lot of time and energy?

DSers Reviews

Well, that’s precisely what DSers offers. It provides much more than that. You can check and verify your orders before hitting the confirm button. After the process is done, you have to complete your payment process.

We have listed the key features before that have proven to be most effective in everything, including adding new products using the Chrome extension to processing bulk orders and syncing inventory lists.

The only problem in the past was that DSers only used to offer its integration services with WooCommerce. But at present, they have updated their module, and they offer WoCommerce Integration along with Shopify! So that part certainly gives over the edge to all its competitors.

Key Features of DSers | DSers Review

The best part about DSers is not you will not feel restricted when you are utilizing its services. Another fun fact is that DSers save upto 90% of your ordering time! With this, it is time to get to know about the basic features DSers offer to its customers.

#1. Inventory Monitor

With this feature, you can sync the AliExpress inventory to your account with no issues. This helps you keep track of your data and make sure that you never go out of stock and face any other issues.

#2. Multiple Languages

Do not worry if you have a multi-lingual customer base! With DSers, you get to have access to different languages like English, Portuguese and French. More will be added soon to the system.

#3. Supplier Optimizer

Supplier Optimizer

With this feature, you can reach out to the best suppliers in the market. That lessens your order of searching. And you can invest a similar time in other activities.

#4. Hide Products

Hide Products

If you have a product that you don’t want to put in the showcase anymore, it can get easily hidden with this feature. Also, if you got a product list that you don’t want to manage with DSers, it can be easily hidden.

That feature comes in handy when you are unable to design the proper showcase pattern for your store.

#5. Split Products

Split Products

With this unique feature, you can easily split your product list into multiples based on different aspects like color, price, and many other attributes.

#6. Auto-Messaging

DSers comes with an automatic message responder. That means you do not have to worry about getting back to any seller’s query.

All things will be taken care of from DSers on their end.

#7. Proper Tracking

Proper Tracking

Nothing can be said about a dropshipping platform if it is unable to offer proper tracking methods. Every buyer likes being able to track their order. And with WooCommerce integration, this part gets a little challenging.

But here also, DSers plays its magic. It automatically syncs the tracking URL in the emails sent to your buyers. So your customer can always keep an eye on their tracking progress, making them think of you as trustworthy.

#8. Price Monitor

Price Monitor

With this, all dropshippers get instant alerts from AliExpress about the latest fluctuations in the prices of the products.

This is a beneficial feature as you do not have to monitor the pricing fluctuations monitorial.

#9. Multiple Stores Manager

Multiple Stores Manager

Are you confused about handling all your accounts under one roof? Well, with DSers multiple store managers, you get to club all your accounts once.

#10. Supplier Management

With this, you can include various suppliers for a single product. But you do not have to get worried about ordering different products each time.

So the other suppliers can only reach you when you are running out of stock. This feature is great to know that your inventory can never go out of stock.

#11. Shipment Settings

Shipment Settings

You can modify the shipment settings and transportation mode and create a detailed billing amount based on the country charges. Thus, you do not have to conduct a separate search for all the shipment charges.

#12. AliExpress Whitelist

With DSers, you do not get any limit on the number of orders. Therefore, there is no way that any of your bulk orders could face any shipment issues.

You can go on and place all your orders without getting into any legal issues.

#13. Order Management

Order Management

This feature matters the most. With one click, you can handle an array of orders without wasting excess time. That means that you can save all the time and energy you invest by placing individual orders.

DSers Pricing Plans

Yes, you read it right. The basic version is free! With DSers, you get to access the lifetime free subscription of the basic plans. The basic plans comprise all the standard features necessary to run a store.

DSers Pricing

However, the are other 2 pricing plans which require payment. So, let us have a look at the pricing plans in detail:

Free Lifetime Basic Version

This plan includes all the standard features like Chrome Extension, Multi-language support, Automated Pricing, Import Lists, Bulk Orders, Automated Tracking Number, and many more.

The only con is, you can only manage three stores in the basic plan. But this option is great for beginners who do not have the knowledge to run a store.

Advanced Plan: $19.9/month or $190.8/year

In this pricing plan, you can manage upto 10 stores.

Pro Plan: $49.9/month or $478.8/year

In this, you can plan upto 25 stores. This plan is perfect for all the dropshippers who want to run a large-scale business.

DSers Customer Support

The customer support system of DSers is available 24*7. You can reach up to them via ticket, call and even chat!

DSers Coupon

We tried to contact the DSers team on live chat with a query. As soon as we said hello, there was an immediate response from the other side of the screen. We presented our query, and the customer service executive was able to solve it in minutes.

After that, we also tried submitting a ticket. But unfortunately, the support team did not get back to us until 24 hours. So, that part was a little disappointing.

Advantages & Disadvantages of DSers


  • Cost-effective: You can choose from 3 different pricing plans. If you are into basics, you can opt for the lifetime free version of the basic plan. However, if you want some additional benefits, you can look into the other paid plans.
  • Automated: Everything from placing an order to handling customer/seller’s queries is automated. You do not have to waste your time in the manual process anymore.
  • Ability to Tracking: You will be notified of every purchase step. From a customer placing an order to getting your feedback, DSers will handle everything on your behalf.
  • You can choose different shipping methods.
  • The interface is user-friendly. Even the first-time user will find it easy to handle. Also, every feature comes with guidelines that make the integration pat even more straightforward.
  • You can order as much as you want. There is no restriction or limit on the number of orders.
  • Users can control all the steps in less time. Just a few clicks and everything from your part is already done.


  • No Bulk order edit option
  • Supports Limited e-commerce platforms

🌟 DSers FAQ

🙄 What is DSers?

DSers is an AliExpress dropshipping solution for dropshippers to manage and grow their business. With DSers, you can import products from AliExpress and start your own dropshipping business within minutes. You just connect your Chinese suppliers with the lowest production costs with our system, import products from them as a “Dropship,” check orders status on demand and fulfill customer orders in 24 hours or less. Create a free account at DSers today and take your business to the next level.

🔎 Does DSers offer a free plan?

DSers offers a free plan and AliExpress dropshipping solution for dropshippers to manage and grow their business.

🤔 Can I use DSers with Woocommerece?

Yes, one can use DSers with Woocommerece as Woocommerece provides a DSers plugin that makes it very suitable for you to take benefit from both platforms.

What can I do with the DSers tool?

You can manage your suppliers and order placement with efficiency. Place 100s of orders at the click of a button from any device, track shipment status in real-time with batch tracking numbers and automated notifications for quick management. Click here to view all our features of DSers!

😎 Does DSers offer customer support?

Maintaining a powerful relationship with customers is essential for any business seeking to grow long-term. A high-quality customer service team will help maintain this relationship, provide solutions to problems as they arise, and identify potential concerns before they become major issues. DSers’ support team strives to offer high-quality customer service while maintaining a sense of humor in tough situations.

🔥 Can I get any working DSers coupon codes?

If you are looking for an active DSers discount coupon that helps you save money, use the above-mentioned DSers coupon code and get an attractive discount.

Conclusion: DSers Review 2024 | Is this dropshipping platform worth going for?

Yes and Yes! DSers is a win-win deal for all the newcomers pr experts who are figuring out to expand their horizons. Especially the beginners who do not know squat about dropshipping can get started with the forever free plan of DSers.

Just the limited e-commerce store integration could be a problem for some users. But with time, there is a hope that DSers will come soon into this issue and tries to get rid of it.

With this, we will put a brake on our DSers review. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to the article, please mention them in the comments section down below.

Until then, happy dropshipping!

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