The best afterparty for those who belong to the finance and business sector is to be held in Hong Kong on April 12. ECHOOO and Coinlive will be hosting their first-ever overseas event ‘The Great Web3er’ having Jinse Finance as their strategic media partner.

The party is believed to connect different sectors of society together and will be held at Mirage Bar & Restaurant in Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel. Continue reading our ECHOOO x Coinlive’s The Great Web3er press release to know more.

Event Details

Date: 12 April 2023 (Wed)
Time: 7-10pm
Venue: Mirage Bar & Restaurant @ Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel
Strategic Media Partner: Jinse Finance
Partner: EVT, Force, P1X
Co-hosts: ECHOOO x Coinlive

ECHOOO x Coinlive's The Great Web3er Banner

The world has already embraced Web3 advancements, and it is looking at the future. This technology has got potential that will transform every business model within various sectors. Technologies like blockchain and smart contracts have an image to provide transparency in business, increase the efficiency and at the same time also increase the security in operations.

This event will give its attendees an opportunity to have interactions with the like-minded people and build networking opportunities. Some of the brightest minds from various industries have already joined the event, and will definitely have everyone around them inspired.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or investor or even if you are a person who is simply interested in talking about business development plans and having a good network, this event is an exciting space to have an excellent conversation.

ECHOOO x Coinlive's The Great Web3er logo

Tickets of The Great Web3er by ECHOOO x Coinlive


As per the craze for the event, the tickets for ‘The Great Web3er’ have been sold out! Here’s the waitlist that you can join!

About the ECHOOO x Coinlive’s The Great Web3er Afterparty

The party is to be held in Hong Kong that will have various business sectors under one roof. This is an event that will work as a bridge to join many societies together.

An unforgettable experience with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and a party that will give a person an opportunity to connect and build a network with the already vast blockchain community.

The organizers themselves have claimed that this night will be a ‘Night of networking.’  You will also have great opportunities to connect and collaborate amongst different successors of various sectors.

The ECHOOO x Coinlive’s The Great Web3er event will be an excellent opportunity to mingle with, maybe your future business partners as there will be a lot of like-minded people around the party. If you are looking for a brighter future ahead in the industry, you are to join the event.

Have drinks, and have a vast chance with whom you have a bright future ahead. 

Previous Coinlive Events

With a lot of already successful events, Coinlive has made a top image of having the best inter-industrial events. It has stepped into a lot of fields which have had accelerated a lot of businesses. Looking towards digitalization, Coinlive events have had events that discussed blockchain, artificial intelligence, and a lot of other eye opening topics.

Talking about the investors, there have always been interested people who after each event had more excitement to have a collaboration with Coinlive. The events have tackled real-world problems faced by the industrialist, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

The events that have covered topics such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been the main agenda of hostings for Coinlive. These are the same sectors that have seen a real growth n the Web3 ecosystem.

The events hosted by Coinlive are known for their sustainable growth amongst people who want to build a network. One of such event was recently held on February 27 this year. The event that was held at the NTUC Business Centre, in Singapore happened to be a great hit as it attracted a huge crowd of blockchainers and those who have invested their time and money in NFTs.

One of the main topics which was covered during this amazing event was  ‘investment in blockchain technology to remote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.’ The Coinlive Web3 Trend & Forecast 2023- VC Edition had fulfilled the promise of being an exciting event having an attractive networking opportunity for VCs, investors, as well as entrepreneurs. This event did give a boost to the journey of these all people and made their businesses jump to a next level.

Read Coinlive Web3 Trend & Forecast Pre-event and Post-event Press Release:


ECHOOO is well known as a company that emphasizes very much on technical innovation and building the next-gen Web3 infrastructure. They are one of the leading companies in the crypto marketplace. Along with having a massive esteem, ECHOOO is also backed up by Skyview, A&T and DFJ teams who have invested and received million in multiples of tens of dollars from angel investments.

ECHOOO has combined its technical strength from both Web2 and Web3 worlds and formed one of the strongest technical teams in the Asia Pacific Region.

About Coinlive

An independent data portal serving the Asian market, Coinlive is also a one-stop news source that provides cryptocurrency-related updates from all around the world. They are known to constantly pursue timely as well as comprehensive, professional, and accurate information. They have been extracting data and behold a figure of being the most committed news services to provide a better product. Coinlive is also a source that provides better products and services for blockchain entrepreneurs and the digital currency investors.

About Jinse Finance

Jinse Finance who is the strategic media partner of The Great Web3er event was founded in 2016. It is a chinese leading integrated information service network that is leading on every platform. From blockchain to the crypto industry, they are known to cover more than 17 million users.

Along with this, they are also covering the integration of global information, market data of crypto and blockchain both, and industry trends, and at the same time have community activities,  business incubation, brand services, knowledge colleges, and more.

Places to stay near the venue of The Great Web3er

The venue Mirage Bar & Restaurant, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, is located at 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The location is a prime place to have such events and also has the best staying services around it,

Wan Chai is filled with superior 4 and 5-star hotels having a vast range of prices. You can check yourself into The Harbourview Hotel, which is 4 star, with bar facilities available. Then you also have got Brighton Hotel Hong Kong, again a 4 star hotel, where might also have a few deals going on during the period of the event. 

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