Are you looking for a powerful, high-converting Shopify theme? Then, my friend, you have come to the right place. This is our latest ✅eCom Turbo Review, and the real question is, is it a suitable choice for dropshippers? The biggest challenge for a Shopify dropshipper is why your shop looks still awful with no desired profit despite investing a LOT in the previous Shopify theme; your shop looks still lousy with no desired profit?

As a dropshipper, you have spent countless hours on your laptop and any other system trying to make your shop look perfect. When a customer visits a website through their mobile (which almost every customer does), the shop seems unstructured and unattractive?

It is sincerely advised that you use a Shopify theme to customize to your store’s needs. That makes it simpler to build a user-friendly store that blends various sales funnels, giving the user all the confidence they have to convert into a sale!

eCom Turbo is an extensive Shopify theme for eCommerce stores. It’sIt’s bound with features that allow you to customize your store’s various aspects to improve conversions and sales. But with so many premium Shopify themes available, what is eCom Turbo meriting your money? If you’re likely to opt for eCom Turbo and are on the fence, this detailed eCom Turbo review will give you the edge you need to make your decision.

Let us start by knowing what is eCom Turbo theme and how does it work?

Detailed eCom Turbo Review

eCom Turbo Review

eCom Turbo is a Shopify theme created by Franklin Hatchett, an aspiring drop shipper behind Ecom Elites. It’s similar to other themes such as Booster Theme, Shoptimized, Jetpack, and many others. These themes are composed with mobile optimization in mind, so they look great on mobile and desktop. The specific piece should have the title, photos, price, and add to cart button above the fold, i.e., no scrolling wanted. They also propose potent features to add value, boost conversion rates and options.

eCom Turbo also works as an all-in-one solution for Shopify store owners, with the most intuitive, cutting-edge applications built already into the theme. This permits store owners to save over $2500 per year in the same app fees that they would pay otherwise.

Unlike most other Shopify themes, eCom Turbo was created by a businessman who has spent years growing his ecommerce businesses — someone who has an idea of what he is doing. You don’t just see a theme and are left dangling, though; you also get access to the other private Facebook groups, video training on how to set up the theme, lifetime theme support, and even some bonus eCommerce training. With this, it is time to know about the extensive features of the eCom Turbo. Here is a breakdown of all the features this Shopify theme offers.

Key Features of eCom Turbo

Here are the main reasons for you to go with this Shopify theme. The reasons are in the form of the features, and they are as follows:

eCom Turbo Theme Free Download

🌌 Prompter Loading

While not a feature, one of the most focusing aspects of using eCom Turbo is that it can substantially affect your site loading times. With an average default load time of 2 seconds (3 seconds is the minimum recommendation), you ensure that users aren’t left waiting to access the site, which is a sure-fire way to have people never revisit it.

Prompter Loading

It helps make load times faster because adding Shopify apps slows down the site because they’re hosted externally, whereas eCom Turbo features built-in apps. This means the site doesn’t need to query those extra domains and URLs like other apps, helping keep load times fast and efficient.

🔐 Trust/Security Badges

Security Badges

Adding logos or badges can help you establish credibility and reassurance with your customers and page visitors. When you get your customers’ trust, it’s much easier to build consumer confidence and make them understand your vision. Try to figure out how to go with trust badges into your page design without having trouble with any other codes? eCom Turbo makes you add trust badges or trust seals code-free. It’sIt’s already integrated into the theme, so you will have to worry about nothing.

Upload trust badges that change site-wide, so you won’t have to add them to your products often! You can upload a trust bar with various badges or one badge; it is ultimately your choice. Trust is known to be a maximized conversion booster and will get those visitors converting!

Scarcity Timer

Scarcity Timer

Fake timers are a renowned tool for eCommerce stores, and this one lets you create a scarcity timer, which is a phony countdown indicating that a product or deal is ending. The idea is to fit the user an edge to buy now if it’s now available later. However, more people are getting on to the process due to the max prevalence of Facebook ads that show this isn’t reliable.

You benefit more from a timer to create a limited stock countdown, as this tends to be more believable and may encourage some users to buy as soon as possible. You can customize the timers, too, including font, colors, text size, and the benefit of leaving a comment.

💻 Upsell Popups

Upsell Popups

With eCom Turbo, you can now set up a popup that emerges after the cart and before the checkout process, which is the time when visitors are most demanded to purchase an upsell. This popup can promote related or complementary products. Analyses have shown that this upsell popup can increase profits by up to 25% or more.

💸 Profit Arising Cart Buttons

Profit Arising Cart Buttons

Cart buttons make it simpler for your customers to affix items to the cart and then check out. This helps you expand your revenue as your customers will reach out to check out a lot quicker. That will also enhance the shopping experience of every user. You are trying to find out how you are going to install this on your Shopify online store? eCom Turbo has combined this feature into its theme also. Modify the size and color of your buttons for the ultimate trial! Get complete control over your stores’ sales funnels and stop missing sales! Did you notice there is also a fine short-timer in the cart? Boost those sales!

🏅 Sales Popup Notification

Sales Popup Notification

The following feature is a popup notification that you can set to appear in the bottom left or right of the screen. That doesn’t combine with proper orders; however, your customers don’t need to apprehend that. You can customize the text and colors.

🚀 Sales Ticker

Sales Ticker

Nothing can create urgency more than a sales ticker! Show people that things are marketed on your site and people are satisfied with the service, and it will boost conversions real quick.

The fear of missing out on the deal will always increase sales. This feature is 100% customizable! You can modify the border, colors, and whatever you like. Again, like the scarcity timer, the sales ticker does quite the same purpose. This technique is used to lure the customers in making their purchasing decision quicker. It’s not just influencing.

For example, the phrase “Hurry up! Only 2 tops left” tells the customers to purchase the product as soon as possible. While it’s a pretty bold and intuitive move, it works primarily. That works great if you have dead stocks and want to sell them; you can use this feature to help you with sales quickly.

Benefits of Using eCom Turbo

eCom Turbo Reviews
  • Cheaper than other Shopify Themes

The typically paid theme you get on the official Shopify store costs $180, and this is only for one site license. eCom Turbo receives just $97 for one charge and $147 for unlimited support, so it’s not even a contest. Then you look at other conversion-focused Shopify themes like Booster and Shoptimized, and they’re also considerably more expensive than eCom Turbo. Different themes include only six months of customer support.

When you consider all of the built-in conversion apps, lifetime access, lifetime support that combines up eCom Turbo, you realize that it fails pretty much every other paid Shopify theme out there.

  • Faster Loading

Do you hate navigating a sluggish site? In this time, people can leave your site and end up on the site of another store in a beat. How unpredictable is that? That’s not an issue with eCom Turbo: it loads in a blink when all is said and done. In our experience, the average load time is about 1.5-2 seconds, which is what most users see.

Studies show that load times should be 3 seconds for best conversion results, and eCom Turbo easily meets this criterion. An additional benefit of not installing separate apps is that your site will be faster because it doesn’t have to query other URLs.

Disadvantages of Using eCom Turbo

The list for not liking this theme is minimal. The benefits are so much practice that we do not get any firm effects of this Shopify theme.

However, there is only a single concern in using this theme.

  • Limited access to Customization

There are some features in eCom Turbo that have limited access to them. By limited, we mean that the customizing part has a tiny little room to experiment with. But, that does not make this theme any less than other premium themes available in the market.

eCom Turbo Pricing Plans

eCom Turbo is for everyone looking for a theme with manageable features, lifetime support, updates, money-back guarantees, and, finally, cheaper than the other premium themes.

eCom Turbo Pricing Plans

From basic or standard to the unlimited plan, you get many features and customization options to help you make the most of your eCommerce business. The Basic or Standard program starts at $97. The special pricing is generally at $147, which you can use for one Shopify store.

The Unlimited Plan only costs $127, and you can use the theme for 3 Shopify stores. Get $147 where you get to use eCom Turbo in unlimited Shopify stores. If you are managing multiple eCommerce businesses, you might need this Pro plan. Plus, there’s free training on eCommerce in addition to getting access to the Facebook group.

🌟 eCom Turbo FAQ

What is eCom Turbo?

It is a Shopify theme that does not require any coding skills to create highly converting beautiful online stores. This customizable Shopify theme is created to boosts conversion and increase profits.

How do I install the eCom Turbo theme?

You do not need to worry about the installation of the eCom Turbo theme. Once you purchase their subscription plan, you will get access to all the training videos that easily install the theme.

Can I use the eCom Turbo theme on multiple sites?

Yes, with a one-off payment, you can use this eCom Turbo theme on your multiple websites. You will get your theme license in a week.

Are there any working eCom Turbo coupons and discounts?

Yes, Currently, we have one 100% active eCom Turbo coupon code that helps you to get upto 30% discount on all plans.

Conclusion: eCom Turbo Review 2024 + $100 OFF Discount Coupon

Well, from where should we start? We know! The most important thing we look at when considering going for a theme for our eCommerce store is how that theme will benefit us in any way? eCom Turbo is here to answer that question on our behalf of us. It is true that there are many premium themes available in the market at the same price as eCom Turbo, but do those themes are equally beneficial as eCom? The answer will be a big No here.

The reason is, the integration of a laptop and a mobile phone is completely different. Some themes will look good on your computer, but when a customer looks into your website through their mobile phone, the result is often disappointing. The quality of the theme is entirely different there, and the integration seems awful.

Therefore, to save your reputation in dropshipping, you should go for that kind of theme, which looks equal on both laptop and mobile phone. Other than that, some extensive features of this theme are tough to ignore. If you ask us, then we would recommend this Shopify theme to every drop shipper. You will not get anything better than this at such an affordable price! By this, it is time to wrap up our article. We hope that our detailed eCom Turbo review will help you boost your eCommerce sales. What you think about our article, we will love to know in the comments sections below.

Till then, Keep Selling!🚀🚀

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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