Are you new to the blogging and still exploring the niche to work on? Then, my friends, you might find this post useful as we will be exploring a new emerging niche that is working wonders for new bloggers. Well, that is event-based niche blogging that focuses on specific events and promote them through articles, piece of news, or information.

It is strange that many fresh bloggers have tried their hands on event-based niche blogging and earned quality income in a short time.

Event blogging is indeed the quickest and inexpensive way to make money, spending less time, and putting in fewer efforts on maintenance.

Why quickest and cost-effective? Because you don’t’ have to spend much time on finding related or seed keywords. And by spending the same amount on the building major niche blogs, you can generate a whole years’ income in just a few days

It is a type of micro-niche blogging as you pick up a specific or upcoming event, festival, or special day like New Year, Black Friday, Christmas, ThanksGiving, Valentine’s Day, affiliate conferences, etc. The blog will be live for a few days, say before or after that specific date. It will be really beneficial to work on such micro niches as the bloggers can make high income in their starting years only.

But how to do event-based niche blogging? What are the exact steps to follow, and how we need to progress with content creation and other stuff carefully? Event blogging does attract massive traffic, but one has to work vigilantly for 30 to 40 days. Well, we will help you with that throughout this in-depth guide for event-based niche blogging in 2024. So let’s start with your success journey with us by following the steps below.

In-depth Guide for event-based niche blogging in 2024

Event Blogging

Here are some proven methods and tips for event blogging which actually works in 2024 and beyond.

Purchase a domain name and create a blog

First things first. If you have decided to work on the event niche blog, then purchase a domain name and web hosting services from a reliable partner like A2Hosting. Remember that the domain name must be related to the event or have the name of that event or festival.

You can select a country-specific domain name like, Your domain name must be focused on that event only so that you can distribute relevant news, info, and discount offers. You can make use of TLDs for global events like cricket, football, or hockey events.

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Now create a self-hosted blog on WordPress or (WordPress is easy to use yet powerful for beginners). Now choose suitable themes and plugin for your bog to make it attractive and able to grab attention. You can go for the GenreatePress WordPress theme as it is the lightweight fastest WordPress theme built for speed.

Creating a blog is not everything as you have to work on the content and also decide whether it’s going to be an information blog, or a blog containing only affiliate offers. There can be an amalgamation of both so that readers don’t get bored only with heavy theory or many discount images.

Search for an event

Now its time to search for an upcoming event. Some believe that the event must be finalized before creating a blog. But we say that creating a blog is a little challenging, and you don’t know how much time it takes to deal with the technical stuff and getting the content ready. The event you have targeted might not be left with enough days to begin. So taking a hasty decision will put you in a big hustle.

How to start Event Blogging in 6 Easy Steps (Updated 2024) 1

Any event requires at least 30 days of proper planning with the content, images, offers, and other configurations to take place. Try to target an event by keeping in mind all aspects. You might think of targeting black Friday as it has lots of potential among the US people. You can for Diwali event as Indian go crazy with shopping all kinds of stuff, whether its clothes or home decors.

There is an end number of choices when it comes to selecting an event. Every country has its own way of celebrating special dates or festivals, and even the target audience differs. For a cricket league, you cannot target women or children, while on the new year and Christmas, everyone is focused irrespective of gender and age. Some other events that you can think of are: Easter day, IPL, Oscars, FIFA, Barclays Premier League, and many more.

Finding the right keywords

Now again, selecting an event is not all you have to do. You also have to find the most searched keywords online. For this, you can either do the needful yourself or take the help of keyword research tools like KwFinder,, GoogleKeywordPlanner, SEMRUSH, or Bing Webmaster tools to find the top searched keywords for your event blog. Some of them are free, while others have a subscription plan.

It is always advisable to choose the keywords with the least competition. Using less competitive keywords will show your blog more often whenever one searches for it. It will improve your blog ranking too. This is indeed a simple and effective technique for fetching natural traffic.

After getting the suitable keywords, now you have to insert them at various places n the post so that the search engines can pick it up. You have to put the keyword in the title, in H1, H2, H3 headings, meta description, and in the images alt tag.

Work carefully on the SEO part

You have to work diligently on the on-page and off-page SEO. Competently designed SEO will be the deciding factor for your blog, as to whether your blog will be successful or not. It is because new bloggers rely on organic traffic than the traffic acquired from other sources.

On Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO is related to creating optimized website content with SEO tags, internal links, long-tail keywords, great design, images, videos, permanent monitoring, quality links, structured data, and user-friendliness. On-page SEO optimizes individual web pages to rank higher in search engines and attract traffic

Off-page SEO refers to link building which consists of blog posting, guest blogging, external linking, Social sharing, RSS pings, etc. Basically, it relates to external activities that affect your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlinking is important

Backlinking has a simple rule- the more you do, the more are the chances to get penalized from Google updates. So you don’t have to overdo it, and quality matters over quantity. Many bloggers forget about this fact and start aggressive backlinking to increase the website’s traffic.


For positive backlinking, you must follow authorized blogs and gust posts or comment on them, sharing your personal view along with little details of your blog. This way, you will get more organic traffic. For event-based niche blogging, SEOPower suite is a recommended tool to build backlinks, track rank and audit the webiste completly.

Make backlinking a healthy practice for your event blog. And also, don’t create backlinks for the same keywords as it might drop your ranking on search engines. There must be a few no-follow links also in your post.

Time for Monetization

If you have cautiously followed all the above steps, its time to start making money from your event blog. If you search how to monetize your blog on Google, you will scratch your head badly as you will be bombarded with hundreds of options. Some will ask you to sell a book, do webinars, sell coaching or courses and other services, etc.

But my dear friend, you have to understand that it is not a typical service providing blog; it is an event blog with a different aspect. Here, customers are coming to get info, involve themselves in some event or festival. The approach will be different from those selling software or physical products.

You can take advantage of Google Adsense, or affiliate marketing. Google Adsense is more common among event bloggers as it renders more income, but if you are not accepted, then go for, which is the second-best option. Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest review sources for event blogging. All you need to do is find relevant affiliate programs and join them. You can place links in their posts or banners in the sidebar of a particular affiliate product or service.

Some of the recommended affiliate networks to join are ShareASale, Rakuten LinkShare, CrakRevenue, impact radius, cpalead, etc..

🌟 Frequently asked questions on Event blogging

Does event blogging still works in 2024?

Yes! There are numerous occasions in the world and different events or programs which are in trend. You need to research on it and choose some low competition events to create a game based webiste. This technique requires fewer skills and less hard work. Most of the internet marketers are still caching out form their events blogs.

Is event blogging a black hat SEO Practice?

An event blog is created for short time purposes and is not a great term business usually. This is not a black-hat technique or make money fast method. It is based on the research and skills of a blogger.

What is the best source for making money in the Niche-based Event blogging?

Indeed affiliate marketing is the top source for all events and short term blogs. When you get a tsunami of traffic on these events blogs, there will be huge sales or conversions, and you can make a high profit from affiliate programs.

What is the proven method for ranking event based niche blog?

It consists of Massie sturdy link building, PBN’s, boosting of links, and a lot of social media shared competent domain authority, and wholly optimized webiste wit proper on-page optimations of keywords.

Final Verdict

If you follow the above steps and start working on your event blog well in advance, you will succeed undoubtedly. Just be sure about quality content, link building, indexing post with google search console and monetizing it via reliable sources. Creating an event blog or website is not too tricky like other reviews, top 10 lists, or how-to blogs.

Niche-based Event blogging in 2024 will reach greater heights than before as now bloggers are more vigilant about the methodology to be adopted. It will surely make you earn $$$$$ in a short period.

So, are you also ready to experience niche-based event blogging in 2024? In case, if you have more suggestions for our readers, please comment in the section below. Experienced bloggers are always welcomed to enlighten the beginners.

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