Freshbooks Review: The Ultimate Cloud based Accounting with Abundant Features

Ever thought what would happen if you lose your invoice? The consequences would be no payment and you end up frustrated.

The antidote to all your malaise is to keep a software handy that keeps all your invoice safe and secured on cloud so you could access it anywhere from your pc or smartphone.

In this post, we bring you the ultimate accounting premium software that is not just a software but a complete book with amazing featured chapters that you will never stop reading. Freshbooks reshapes the accounting world by providing exclusive features to make your accounting life easy and headache free. Time to start fresh accounts with Freshbooks.

Introduction to Freshbooks (Ultimate Accounting for SMBs)

Freshbooks Review: The Ultimate Cloud based Accounting with Abundant Features 1

Freshbooks was founded by Mike in 2003 with an inspiration to keep the records of invoices safe. It is claimed to have more than 10 million customers around the world with over $60 billion invoices paid through Freshbooks. With Freshbooks, you can save ample amount of time that was previously consumed in complicated calculations. A dedicated team strives to ensure that you don’t waste your time on just accounting and focus more on your business.

Products and Services they offer:

  • Complete Invoice software that makes billing painless
  • Expenses and Receipts management for your business and employes.
  • Time tracking for your clients to automatically log their hours on invoice.
  • Complete project management which keeps all your files, feedback at one place.
  • Estimating and reporting interface with enhanced features
  • Online payments support via carious payment gateways and API's
  • Completely cloud based so no worry to access it anywhere.
  • Financial Reports management with detailed analytics and
  • FreshBooks mobile app to enable accounting anywhere.
  • High Volume Billing




FreshBooks review & features at a glance:

Abundant of features have been provided by Freshbooks to make your accounting and other works easy so you could invest your time in what is important for your business and generate huge revenues. Once you go through all the features, you will find it revering and fascinating. Let us sneak a peek in to some of the features.

Customized Invoices
To make your invoices attractive and elegant, you can edit the colors, font, add your own designed logo and pick up a template that best describes your business. Make your invoice awe-inspiring with FreshBooks easy cloud based interface.
Regular Payment reminders:
Sometimes you face a client that regularly forgets to pay its invoices. For these type of clients, Freshbooks takes the responsibility to remind them about their due payments without worrying you. So, instead of you calling your clients regularly for payments, Freshbooks does it all for you.
Automatic Late fees:
To make sure that your clients pay their invoice before the due date, Freshbooks automatically reminds of the payment and still if the client does not pay the invoice then automatically extra charges are deducted.
Online payment services
Payment via credit cards and online gateway gives you an opportunity to receive payments on your invoices 11 days faster than other payments.
Schedule invoices
Instead wasting your time on creating same invoices you can schedule invoices for the same clients. The time saved in creating similar invoices can be spend for leisure or other business deals.
Due dates for payments
Automatically set due dates for your clients to make sure you get paid on or before time for your invoices.
Receive Invoices for better accounting
You can keep all the invoices received from vendors and invoices send to your clients on the same desk. This allows to keep track of credit/debit more better and generates more powerful reports. It also enabled you to check which payments are due on you and also the same for your clients.
Add Discounts on invoices
For special clients or regular ones, you can add discounts to your invoices to keep a healthy relation with your premium clients.
Advance Deposits for Invoice
Indeed you should get paid for the work done and Freshbooks ensures that your request is being heard by the client.
Invoice Preview:
Before you make a decision to send any invoice to your clients, you can preview it. This ensures that your clients see the same invoice as you do.
Manifold Currency:
Accept payments in whichever currency your client is feasible with. Choose the currency country-wise and send the invoices for more flexible payments
Diverse Language Invoices:
You may have expanded your business in other countries around the world and to make your client comfortable you can select a language that is preferred by him. This gives a better understanding about the invoice.
Replicate Invoices:
If you want to send the same invoice again to your client then that is easy. Duplicate the invoice and send it on one click.
Automatic Calculations:
No more headache! Get the right amount of tax calculations on each invoice automatically. All the math work is in the safe hands.
Mobile App:
In the era of Smartphone and tablets it is always better to manage business from mobile nowadays. To add an extra ease in your business accounting, FreshBooks have crafted special mobile app for Android and iOS. It enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

FreshBooks Mobile APP

The FreshBooks mobile app allows you to crate professional looking invoices in second and send to your clients right instantly. It also allows you to scan and update your expenses receipt to capture your day to day expenses in seconds. The app also features conversion with your clients instantly via its state of art business conversion center in app itself. Moreover you can track your business, see reports,manage clients and much more from its super powerful APP.

Wrap it up:
It is better to wrap up the overdues, hence a summary will let you know if any invoices are pending to be paid. Clear all the outstanding overdue at the end of the month.

These were just the invoicing features that are incorporated with the fresh and updated Freshbook software. Just imagine what more could you get with this amazing accounting software. It allows you to collaborate your projects and keep all your conversations at one place.

It helps you synchronize your team and schedule your projects with pace. The reports generated in the tool are simple to understand but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. Don’t get the wrong idea about its power, the tool might be simple to understand but solves all the complex issues without any paper work required.

Apart from the invoice features you can access expenses features, time tracking features, projects features, payments features, reporting features, client features and add-ons. Not just your pc but you can access to all the features on the mobile app. Create your invoices on the go on android and iPhone. This ensures that you never miss the opportunity to reach your clients and close the deal even when you are flying high in the air.

Plans and Pricing:

If you are thinking that this tool will charge you a lot for automation then you are completely wrong. The plans are affordable and the prices are cheap.


There are three plans to choose from viz. Lite plan that costs $15/mo, Plus plan that costs $25/mo and Premium plan that costs $50/mo. All the plans can be used on trial period of 30 days and if you find that the tools is not what you expected then you cancel it within 30 days and get your money back.

All the data in stored in cloud that ensures safety and security of your data 100%. When you choose annual plan you get higher discounts and which enables you to save over 10% as compared to monthly plans.


FreshBooks Free Trial Promo
FreshBooks is offering free trial to everyone for 30 days. The Free trial can be increased to 60 days later. The best part is you don't need to submit any credit card info or payment details to start this free Trial. So try it before you buy this best cloud based accounting tool for your business. Click the button above to activate the free trial offer.


Freshbooks – The Best  Simplified Accounting Tool:

Freshbooks allows you to customize your invoices, accept online payments via credit cards, compatible with any device (computer, tablet or smartphone), get update when your client receives or view or pays the invoice, schedule your invoices and setup reminders for late fees. Get all the insights on the dashboard and analyze your business to reach pinnacle. It allows you to integrate unlimited apps that you already use for your business making your business run hassle free. Without any headache, it allows you to keep a track on your spending effortlessly. It is simple yet effective tool that saves your paperwork and showcases your business professionally to wow your clients. If you are worried about the bad guys who could hack or manipulate your data then Freshbooks ensures nothing sort of that happen.


It keeps all your data in cloud so you could access it from anywhere with any device hassle free. Cloud is the best solution to keep your data secured and far from the reach of bad guys. The support team comprises of experienced professionals ready to assist you live with faster troubleshooting.

Its award winning customer support ensures that you are in safe hands and are ready to work with you hand on hand in a friendly manner. Freshbooks does not encourage you to learn accounting but makes your accounting life easier by providing innovative product to execute your ideas.

Start Fresh Life, Headache Free with Freshbooks Accounting Tool!


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