Games NexTech (GNT) Convention by NascentEdge, is set to happen in Bangalore from 20-22 of September this year, bringing forth the best innovations and the latest trends in gaming technology.

Games NexTech Convention 2023 will focus on the current state of the industry and also explore new opportunities around it. To discuss this, the organizers have invited the best local as well as international gaming experts, gaming enthusiasts, developers, publishers, software as well as hardware manufacturers, and even the stakeholders.

Attendees will be intrigued, gaining insights about the future of gaming. Not just that but one can grasp vast knowledge about designing, developing, and exploring more diversified games.

This convention will be an excellent business opportunity for the ones belonging to the gaming industry; providing an arena to grow their network and business.

Games NexTech Convention 2023

20 SEP

Unleashing the Future of Gaming: Games NexTech Convention 2023 ignites a revolution in the Indian gaming industry, uniting international experts, developers, and stakeholders in Bangalore for three days of breakthrough innovations and opportunities.

Brief about Games NexTech Convention 2023

Games NexTech Convention 2023

The gaming convention, GNT has been set to accelerate the industry growth in gaming, not just in India but also globally. The attendees will gain insights into the latest growth, research, and development taking place in the gaming sector.

As its primary topic of discussion, the Games NexTech Convention 2023 will brief the attendees about new ideas and trends circulating in the said niche, with a promise to boost the gaming industry beyond expected limits.

Along with all of that, this event will even give the visitors an opportunity to enhance their skill set, set clear and rigid goals, and will also provide new occasions of having their business to grow. Games NexTech Convention 2023, at the same time, will help the attendees contribute as well as be a big part of the future of gaming.

The Gaming convention will even have the pioneers of this said industry who have been recognized to have a positive impact in the gaming sector. And yes, the most needed kick start to a fabulous event, a pre-party has also been arranged for all the attendees as well as the invited guests of the event.

The GNT 2023 gaming convention is more than just a gathering of enthusiasts. It’s a platform for businesses of all sizes to showcase their products and services to a captive audience of gaming industry professionals.

With the Indian gaming industry estimated to reach USD 5 billion by 2025, the convention presents a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into a rapidly growing market with enormous revenue potential.

Talking in an exciting tone, Yudi Soetjipadi, Founder & CEO of NascentEdge said “GNT 2023 is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest trends in gaming.”

He further added “With a diverse range of topics and speakers, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the future of gaming and how to stay ahead of the competition. This is a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and explore the latest gaming technology,”

Games NexTech Convention 2023

The Games NexTech Convention 2023 will have a number of industry leading speakers who will be guiding the attendees about the best possibilities that could take place in the gaming industry.

Here are a few esteemed speakers who will share their experiences and thoughts on the future of gaming.

  • Anurag Khurana, Founder & CEO, Penta Esports
  • Kartik Sabherwal, Founder, Upthrust Esports
  • Khushbu Jain, Managing Partner, Ark Legal
  • Nikita Sundaram, Ambassador, Women in Games
  • Ninad Chhaya, Senior Vice President, Reliance Games
  • Ravi Kiran, Founder, GoLive Games
  • Rohit N Jagasia, Founder and CEO, Revenant Esports
  • Salone Sehgal, Founding General Partner, Lumikai
  • Sidharth Kedia, Chief Executive Officer, Nodwin Gaming
  • Soham Thacker, Founder & CEO, GamerJi
Leading Speakers at Games NexTech Convention

Who should attend the Games NexTech Convention 2023?

If you are a gaming enthusiast this event should definitely be in your bucket list. The Games NexTech Convention 2023 is the best place for Games Designers, Game Publishers, Game Programmers, Indie Creators, UI and UX designers, Programmers, Coders as well as the ones who belong to the visual art industry.

Along with those from the gaming industry, Business & marketing directors, App publishers, producers & team or studio managers, are also amongst the list of targeted audience of the event.

The Games NexTech Convention 2023 also desperately awaits people who are writers and storytellers, independent developers, sound designers, engineers, and composers, and also the ones who have an interest in virtual and augment reality.

Key Benefits of Games NexTech Convention 2023

This event is set to be on a global scale, with guests from all over the world invited. And now that the Indian gaming industry is already exposed to a number of diversified technologies, the Games NexTech Convention 2023 will act as a boon for future growth.

These are the benefits that the Indian gaming industry will achieve through GNT:

  • Growth and Potential of the Indian gaming industry
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming
  • Gaming and social media
  • The impact of cloud gaming on gaming
  • Influence of Web3 on gaming technology
  • Advancements in multiplayer technology
  • Advancements in the Game engine and Game Development

Schedule of Games NexTech Convention 2023

Schedule of Games NexTech Convention

The event will begin on the 20th of September and will have a series of Workshops (A and B), meanwhile, it will also have a few networking breaks. The ‘Workshop A’ will have a discussion over the industry’s most valued topic ‘Game business, marketing, and monetization.’

Similarly, the ‘Workshop B’ which will happen after a brief networking break will have ‘Game art and design’ as its prominent topic of discussion. The first day will end with a Pre-Event Party, giving the attendees of the event to informally meet the delegates invited for the Games NexTech Convention 2023.

The second day of the event will begin when the chair will give their opening remarks, after which an opening keynote speech about Games and Design will take place, leading to a panel discussion over diversity and inclusion in gaming: ‘Create a more inclusive environment for players of all backgrounds and identities.’

One more pre-event party will happen right before another panel discussion over the impact of 5G networks on mobile gaming and game streaming. A presentation on the topic of ‘Gaming and social media: how are gaming companies using social media platforms to promote their products and engage with players?’ will be conducted on the second half of the second day.

If this is exciting you and making you add this event to the priority list, let us inform you that another presentation about the impact of cloud gaming on the industry will also be happening on the same day. This gaming presentation will brief the visitors about ‘What are the benefits and drawbacks of cloud gaming and how will it affect the gaming market in the future?’

The day will end with one more panel discussion over the role of artificial intelligence in gaming, and a closing remark from the chair.

An after-event party as well as the gala dinner and awards will take place on the night of September 21.

The third and the final day of the event, which will happen on September 22 will witness a set of presentations on ‘Web3 and next Gen Gaming’ as well as discussing the ‘advancements in the multiplayer technology and the impact on game design.’

After a short period of networking lunch, Games NexTech Convention 2023 will begin again with panel discussions over crafting effective monetization strategies for the game industry. The second-panel discussion will end the day as well as the whole event talking over assessing the emerging technologies and the future of gaming technology.  

All three days will have a registration desk open as well as an afternoon tea and coffee break.  

Pre Party Games at NexTech Convention 2023

Giving an end to the business talks, let us tell you a bit about the pre-party that would take place around this event. The pre-party is happening for sure. And will be a great opportunity to build a network in an unofficial manner.

This is where both the participants, as well as the prominent invited guests, will have a moment to build their contact in person. The attendees will get an endless amount of time with like-minded people to talk about the future or their ongoing business ideas over a drink.

Get in touch with the best decision-makers from the industry and discuss what you have been holding back until now.

A word from NascentEdge about Games NexTech Convention 2023

Yudi Soetjiptadi, Founder & CEO of NascentEdge, expressed his excitement about the convention, saying, “We are thrilled to bring together the best minds in the gaming industry to share their knowledge and expertise with our attendees. Our aim is to create a forum where industry players can connect, learn from each other, and collaborate to drive innovation in the Indian gaming industry.”

Ruark Jacob, Event Producer at NascentEdge, added, “We’re building the ultimate gaming-tech convention for anyone who loves gaming and wants to be a part of the exciting changes happening in the gaming space.”

Further stating about the Gaming market in India, Soetjiptadi added “India is poised to become a major player in the global gaming industry, and GNT 2023 will provide a platform for industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the sector.”

The Founder & CEO of NascentEdge also said, “With the rise of new technologies, the gaming sector is evolving rapidly, and events like GNT are important and necessary for the industry to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on new opportunities.”

NascentEdge, the organizer of the Games NexTech Convention 2023

India is regarded as one of the fastest-growing video game markets in the whole world. And as the rising global leader in the video gaming industry as well as its development, Games NexTech Convention 2023 had to be part of this young and growing Indian Gaming market.

Currently, India has got a crowd which is young as well as tech savvy at the same time. The region also does have an increase in the rate of use of smartphones and the internet. There is a growing class of gamers with more time to spend and have sufficient disposable income along with also having plenty of leisure time.  And so India has become a great attraction for video gaming companies who are looking to expand their business or are trying to tap into a new business potential.

The country has also been introduced to new technological advancements. With the latest and high performance PCs and cloud gaming, the industry has become more easily accessible to a broader audience. Along with all of that, the social media integration has connected gamers, fans, and the whole industry together.

The NasentEdge gaming development industry has a great view for India, and with a fresh approach, they are focusing to deliver a number of similar events in the future. They invite the decision makers and executives from the gaming industry for their upcoming event.

Along with the team members who have great experience of at least over a decade, NascentEdge is confident enough to provide a platform for the industry leaders, gamers, and all the people visiting the event to exchange their ideas and explore the latest development in the gaming industry.

NascentEdge is committed to delivering some high-quality events globally, that have always brought value to the attendees, sponsors as well their partners.

The upcoming gaming event, Games NexTech Convention 2023 by NascentEdge is witnessing a great response and has already seen a positive approach from many industry experts who will be attending the event. From product managers to managing directors of various industries along with chief marketing officers, chief design officers, UI/UX developers, and game developers are already on the list of attendees who are coming for the gaming event Games NexTech Convention 2023.

Games NexTech 2023 presents a unique opportunity for gaming tech providers, developers, and service providers to showcase their latest products to a diverse and highly engaged audience.

The Games Nextech Convention 2023 is looking for sponsors and giving them a chance to position themselves at the forefront of the industry standard event and also showcase their commitment by driving the gaming sector and growth. By becoming a sponsor you can have a great opportunity to connect with a room full of decision-makers, industry trailblazers, and also the visionaries.

Sponsors can choose from an array of sponsorship and exhibiting packages, gaining a competitive advantage by participating in panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions. 

Exhibitors at Games NexTech 2023 will have a dedicated space to showcase their cutting-edge products and services to hundreds of gaming executives and industry professionals. 

The exhibition hall will be a hub for interaction, allowing exhibitors to engage with attendees and demonstrate their offerings firsthand. Additionally, exhibitors will benefit from substantial brand exposure through the convention’s website, social media posts, and other marketing materials.

With over 500 attendees expected from across India and around the world, GNT2023 will provide an excellent platform for gamers and industry professionals to connect, fostering international relationships and partnerships.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions on various topics, including gaming development in India as well as globally. The impact of new technologies on the gaming industry, the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality in gaming, and the future of the global gaming arena.

Do not hold yourself back and get along amongst the list of these attendees right away. 

You can contact the event organisers on their official website, fill out a form and book your spot as an attendee, or a sponsor. Even if you wish to be a speaker at the event you can register yourself from the same query form available on the website of NascentEdge events. 

Tickets for the convention will soon be available for purchase on the event website:

“We are thrilled to bring together industry leaders and luminaries at GNT 2023 to drive the conversation on the ever-evolving gaming tech landscape,” said Yudi Soetjiptadi Founder & CEO of NascentEdge. Yudi further adds, “This conference will serve as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, shaping the future of gaming.”

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