Are you ready for the gaming event of the year?

Mark your calendars for July 10th to 12th, 2024, because the Games NexTech Convention is coming to Bengaluru, India, and it’s going to be epic!

Hosted by Nascent Edge, this inaugural event promises to be a thrilling showcase of the latest trends and innovations in gaming technology. The Games NexTech Convention 2024  will offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and explore the future of gaming.

Join us for three days of excitement, inspiration, and cutting-edge tech!

About the Games NexTech Convention

Games NexTech Convention 2024

India’s gaming industry is on an upward trajectory, rapidly emerging as a global leader in video game development. With a young and tech-savvy population, increasing smartphone and internet penetration, and agrowing middle class with more disposable income and leisure time, the country has become an attractive destination for video gaming companies seeking to tap into this burgeoning market.

The Games NexTech Convention 2024 aims to capitalize on this momentum by providing an exceptional business opportunity for gaming industry professionals. Through a diverse array of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and product demos, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of video gaming. Industry experts and thought leaders will share their expertise, offering a unique chance to connect with potential business partners and investors.

Venue of the Event

The prestigious Paul Bangalore, located at 139/28 Intermediate Ring Rd, 13th Cross Rd, Challaghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071, India, will serve as the epicenter of this gaming extravaganza. This state-of-the-art venue promises to provide an immersive and engaging experience for all attendees.

Agenda of the Event

The Games NexTech Convention 2024 boasts an insightful and engaging agenda crafted to address the latest industry needs and propel businesses to new heights. Here’s a glimpse of what attendees can expect:

Day 1 (July 10, 2024):

13:00 – 17:30: GNT Workshop

Day 2 (July 11, 2024):

08:30 – 17:15: GNT Convention

Day 3 (July 12, 2024):

10:00 – 16:00: GNT Convention

Speakers of the Event

Games NexTech Convention 2024 Speakers

The Games NexTech Convention 2024 boasts an impressive lineup of industry leaders and innovators. Hear from Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO of Trinity Gaming India, and Bapusaheb Patil, Founder and Head of Design at Primobots. Kartik Sabherwal, Founder of Upthrust Esports, and Mallikarjun Reddy, Founder & CEO of Moram Napu, will share their insights. Ninad Chhaya, Senior Vice President at Reliance Games, and Rakesh Eligapalli, Co-founder & CEO of Primecraft Games, will also be speaking.

Don’t miss Sagar Nair, Co-founder & CEO of Qlan, and Satya Mahapatra, iGaming Consultant at ROI Internet Marketing.

Exhibition and Networking Opportunities

At the Games NexTech Convention 2024, attendees can explore an exciting exhibition showcasing the latest products and services available to help boost their businesses. From cutting-edge gaming tech developers to top console manufacturers, the convention will bring together industry players from all corners of the globe, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking and collaboration with some of the brightest minds in gaming technology.

By fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth, the Games NexTech Convention 2024 aims to elevate the industry to new heights and position attendees for success in this dynamic gaming arena.

Who Can Benefit from the Games NexTech Convention 2024?

Benefits of Joining Games NexTech Convention 2024
Games NexTech Convention 2024: Headstart for the Indian Gaming Industry 4

The Games NexTech Convention 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the gaming industry. Game developers, publishers, and designers will find invaluable insights and networking opportunities to drive their projects forward.

Tech enthusiasts and hardware manufacturers can explore the latest innovations and trends shaping the future of gaming. Investors and business leaders will discover new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Additionally, marketing professionals and legal experts can gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

Passes for Games NexTech Convention 2024

The Games NexTech Convention 2024 offers several pass options to cater to attendees from different regions and with varying requirements. Here are the details:

VIP Delegate Pass

  • Inclusions: 3-day access to the conference, networking & exhibition, airport pick-up (one-way), buy-in for a poker tournament, entry to the after-party, and 3 nights of hotel accommodation.
  • Pricing: Asia Delegate (Living in Asia): US$1995
  • Local Delegates: US$1795
  • International Delegates: US$2195

3-Day Delegate Pass

  • Inclusions: 3-day access to the conference & exhibition, daily networking lunch, coffee breaks, and refreshments.
  • Pricing: Asia Delegate (Living in Asia): US$795
  • Local Delegates: US$595
  • International Delegates: US$995

2-Day Delegate Pass

  • Inclusions: 2-day access to the conference & exhibition, daily networking lunch, coffee breaks, and refreshments.
  • Pricing: Asia Delegate (Living in Asia): US$595
  • Local Delegates: US$395
  • International Delegates: US$795

Affiliate Networking Pass

  • Inclusions: Access to affiliate networking and GNT Breaker pre-event.
  • Pricing: Asia Delegate (Living in Asia): US$295
  • Local Delegates: US$195
  • International Delegates: US$395

The Games NexTech Convention 2024 will be held from July 10th to 12th, 2024, at The Paul Bangalore, India.

End Note

Don’t miss out on the gaming event of the year! The Games NexTech Convention 2024 is your ticket to the future of gaming, offering unparalleled opportunities to learn, network, and innovate.

Join us in Bengaluru from July 10th to 12th and be part of a community that’s shaping the next generation of gaming.

Secure your pass today and get ready to be inspired, connect with industry leaders, and explore cutting-edge technology.

See you there!

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