Are you a passionate gamer? Do you love to live streaming or love to have or dream of owning an excellent hardware collection for your game station?

This is the right place to know in detail about different ✅Best Gaming Affiliate Programs that will blow your mind away and give you additional opportunities and related information to make money out of your gaming passion.

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs [Updated 2024]

Gaming Affiliate Programs
Best Gaming Affiliate ProgramsJoin Now
1. Twitch Affiliate ProgramClick here to join
2. Leprestore Affiliate ProgramClick here to join
3. Razer Affiliate ProgramClick here to join
4. Glorious PC Gaming RaceClick here to join
5. CDKeys AffiliateClick here to join
6. G2Deal AffiliateClick here to join
7. Astro Gaming Affiliate ProgramClick here to join
8. GameFly AffiliateClick here to join
9. Video Games Pay My BillsClick here to join
10. Esports Affiliate ProgramClick here to join
11. FanaticalClick here to join
12. ModdedZoneClick here to join
13. Logitech Affiliate ProgramClick here to join
14. Jinx AffiliateClick here to join
15. Epic Games AffiliateClick here to join

#1. Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch affiliate program is a platform for streamers that help bring up qualified streamers. If you are passionate about being a streamer, this streaming platform is the best for you. This platform will help you to earn a living out of your passion. Imagine being so close to your dreams.

Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch affiliate program is a platform where the affiliates can start building up their audience and, along with that, begin making money out of it. As an affiliate on Twitch affiliate program, you can accept your viewers’ subscriptions to earn on this platform. Along with this, you will also have different options to access subscriptions.

These options are $4.99, $9.99, $24.99. Not only this but also a prime free subscription. On the twitch affiliate program, you also get different options like two additional subscribers. Along with this, you also get, for all the subscribers, one global subscriber emotes.

When you start using twitch, you can also enable BITS options, which are virtual goods that your viewers can purchase to cheer on your channel. These bits help get a fair share of the revenue. The more the bits are transported, the more is the share of the revenue. The bits are available to you in animated forms, i.e., Gem emotes or Cheermotes. Along with developing this program, i.e., Twitch affiliate program, you will also be introduced to affiliates’ tools for monetization purposes.

#2. Leprestore Affiliate Program

Are you a gamer who plays games like Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Wow classic, and more to count? Have you been spending long periods to boost your character stats?


Here is the solution to your requirements; Leprestore affiliate program is a platform that will help you increase your character stats without much effort and invest a lot of time in the same. The Leprestore affiliate program is here to do all this work for you, effortlessly and seamlessly. The Leprestore affiliate program offers you a high-end gaming experience. Now you can be a pro gamer and not even worry about spending hours and hours on farming. Also, the Leprestore affiliate program gives you a cookie duration of 15 days.

#3. Razer Affiliate Program

The Razer affiliate program will help you to get amazing commission marketing and gaming gear. It’s one of the largest gaming brands in the world. Not only this, but also it is an inspiration for gamers everywhere.


They have proved to be one of the best platforms, even in the game and in real life. It works with partners that are motivated and who want to introduce the gaming products that are the best. They want to work with partners who want to put these products in the hands of all the hardcore gamers all around.

#4. Glorious PC Gaming Race

For the gamer, this game wants to adorn their gaming station with elite and Glorious gaming products for PC. Amazing PC gaming race is a hardware company that works on lifestyle gaming hardware.

It is the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology that will surely enhance your gaming experience. Not only aesthetics and technology but also, it has an excellent performance, the best possible quality and it is available to the gamer at affordable prices. This is the perfect blend that every gamer has dreamt about.

#5. CDKeys Affiliate

Do you want to find out quotes that are the best of all for the hottest games ever? The most exciting part is that you need not pay the full price or wait for it whenever you play a game again.


This is a fantastic combination of providing you with digital services that are rapid and lowest prices too. With this, you can play your games superfast. Do you believe that CD has experience of over 20 years in this industry? They are passionate about games and have been providing us with services that are innovative and new.

They provide you a massive range of products at low prices like:

  • Xbox Live Points
  • Play Station network cards
  • Expansion packs
  • Subscriptions
  • PC games, and much more.

Nintendo fans need not worry because they also have a stellar range for you, including 3DS digital games and Wii U.

#6. G2Deal Affiliate

A platform established in the year 2008 that is professional and accountable to its customers. G2 Deal Affiliate is a platform that provides customers with game codes and keys. They have had the experience of over seven years in this industry.


Provide customers with a good variety of products and services on their online platform like:

  • Online gaming
  • Gamecards
  • Xbox
  • And other games.

The main field of specialization is the CD keys offered at reasonable prices and a super fast delivery system. This is possible through its automated delivery system, which is unique. It is a wholesaler of MMO games merchandise and also a retailer. You can consider it as a supermarket with direct sales. It launched its official game portal in the year 2010, and since the past years, they have been selling out their services to countless happy customers. They have excellent communication and quickness in work with their customers and business, which makes the whole process very convenient and super-efficient.

#7. Astro Gaming Affiliate Program

It is a revolution in the way we play games; it has set high standards for professionals. It has a product line which consists of a range of products like:

Astro Gaming
  • Wired and Wireless Headphones
  • Gaming backpacks
  • Ear Buds
  • Gaming apparel etc.

The best part of the Astro Gaming affiliate program is that it allows you to avail of a commission of 5% if you can get a sale of its headsets, audio systems, and accessories. If you are interested in this affiliate program, you can start earning right now.

#8. GameFly Affiliate

GameFly, a website, or you can say a mobile app that will bring a variety of video games in your hands. Accessible on all devices, both Apple and Android.


It is super accessible and user-friendly. You can purchase for rent to play games and watch the movies that you want to. It has a youth variety of games available for the following:

  • Xbox one
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PS Vita
  • Wii U
  • Wii
  • 3DS

You can run these games without any hassle. As an affiliate, you can use different online channels for comparison, content, or loyalty sites. To earn revenue from this, you can do so by generating sales and leads. You can generate these leads and sales from either the existing visitors or the new ones. Joining the affiliate program is super easy and free of cost.

You have to send your new customers to game fly for signing up for any of their prepaid subscriptions. On this signing up, you will receive about $15, and you can expect much more. These rates can go up to $20 if you can deliver rental membership sign-ups of 500+ every month. Not only sending customers for signing up, but you can also earn through the 5% commissions that you can get if you bring sales on their console games.

#9. VideoGamesPayMyBills

Sounds interesting, right? Do you want to learn methods to turn your gaming passion into a career to make money out of it? Video games are websites that pay bills and provide passionate gamers tips and methods for the same.


They tell you about a wide variety of ways to make money through gaming at the ease of your home. We all have heard about people who have been earning so much out of gaming. They talk about different methods like:

  • Building up your gaming site
  • YouTube Channel
  • Live to stream
  • Selling vintage video games.
  • Writing a blog
  • Video game tester
  • Selling gold, items, etc.

They have useful guides that teach you step by step how to achieve your goal. The step-by-step guide includes marketing tips, tactics, and techniques to promote your gaming content. They provide you with the tried and tested methods that can prove to be the best for you to gain much traffic, views, and followers to your content.

#10. Esports Affiliate Program

If you are searching for opportunities to earn some extra pennies, you can indeed join the Esports affiliate program. This program will not only help you make money but also so get your rewards. You can earn them by using your different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, etc., for promoting furniture by Esports.


You can also commissions too for or every purchase by your referral link for coupon code on their website. To make this process simple for you, you are provided with a dashboard to track sales, tracking links, marketing materials, and a coupon code. This is beneficial to you and your audiences because this coupon code gives them a 10% off on their orders.

One more exciting part about this affiliate program is the possibility of getting free gaming products, desks, and accessories. The more sales you make, the more is your affiliate level and the more generous or chances to get more free products.

#11. Fanatical

Fanatical has been working on this mission to provide excellent games to gamers worldwide at reasonable prices. You can find out your favorite game from about 7000 games available from a used number of publishers. The publishers officially license all these games.


If you are a gamer who enjoys deals, licensed games, or you have a gaming website, the fanatical affiliate program is here for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a considerable number of subscribers; you can still build a successful partnership with them. Also, it gives you a 5% commission for every sale, just like other affiliate programs.

#12. ModdedZone

They are people with excellent knowledge about the gaming industry. They have a creative desire to give the best services to their customers. The modded controller that they offer you is made with the best quality available and is customizable. You can add on on a lot of exclusive mods like:

  • Rapid-fire
  • Drop shot
  • Jitter
  • Sniper Breath
  • Quick scope
  • Auto-aim
  • Auto Spot
  • Jump Shot

These modes are compatible with all the latest shooter games and have been appropriately optimized and tested. The products that they offered to you have a warranty of 90 days. This warranty can be extended up to 12 months also with a purchase of each ModdedZone controller.

They trust in providing their customers with the utmost satisfaction, which they are known for. The process of setting up the controllers is straightforward, and even if you find some difficulty, you can refer to their support page. They provide step by step instructions for every mod.

#13. Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech is the one that provides people with memorable digital experiences through their Products. In this industry of gaming; it is a leading brand as well as a business. They have an innovative mixture of superb design and unrivaled next-generation technology.


They have scientifically designed and engineered gear that gives the best performance possible. They have also tried the best to maintain the high standards of gamers.

Logitech has been one ethical and moral company that has the sole purpose of developing a community of active people who believe in acceptance. This acceptance is the acceptance of All The gamers bi not considering their sexual orientation, age or gender, etc. Like other affiliate programs, the Logitech affiliate program also offers its affiliates a 5% commission on their gear’s sales.

#14. Jinx Affiliate

Have you heard of a clothing brand that is influenced by gaming? Jinx is one such brand. Not only gaming but also geeky interests. If you love gigantic robots, ninjas and Eskimos, etc., you must surely visit them.

Jinx Affiliate Program

Also, if you enjoy having stuff like blinking lights and technical capability, this is the right choice – Jinx. If you’re a Jinx member, you can get a commission of about 7% on sales. This is one great opportunity for you to make money out of your passion.

#15. Epic Games Affiliate

Epic Games is a program for creators to help them make money from games in the epic games store and Fortnite. The creators who are accepted in Fortnite get some amount of money in their currency.

Epic Games

Further, if the creator can generate support from their fans, the greater can enter the creator’s Epic tag and get many advantages through it. These creators also can use their referral links on the different social media platforms and use their creator tags to get credit for sales. The commission is just the same as the above affiliate programs; the 5% commission, the minimum rate. The supporters of the creator can use stays referral links during checkout while purchasing these games.

Final Verdict:

Gaming industries are booming day-by-day and giving a great chance to the publishers to earn a huge amount of money by promoting products and services related to gaming. If your website is based on gaming and technology niche, join the different highest paying gaming affiliate programs to make top-earning. Also, joining various gaming affiliate programs helps you to create informative and interesting content for your audiences.🤞

Even if your audience may not have any interest in gaming, you can still promote or offer them some fantastic apparel and accessories deals, which they might find interesting.

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